Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Shuhang How About Going Against The Stream 2 In 1
Chapter 339: Shuhang, how about going against the stream? (2 in 1)
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Gao Moumou secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He dared to bet that regardless which era they lived in, no Chinese man would be able to recognize the characters of this Three-Character Classic if written in such illegible handwriting!

If even recognizing these characters was so hard, one could imagine how much mental energy and willpower was required to learn them in the first place. These primitive men really had it difficult. Unexpectedly, most of them could write down these illegible characters from memory.

They must have suffered a lot of during this period...

Tubo held his chin and muttered, "If I'm not mistaken, that person wearing a windbreaker said earlier that he hit the palms of the natives if they made mistakes while reciting the Three-Character Classic from memory. And he would hang them up on a big tree and whip them if they were to make mistakes while writing it down from memory."

After hearing this much, all the passengers became silent.

Gao Moumou's girlfriend Yayi said, "In this case, were all the primitive men hung up and beaten by that person wearing a windbreaker...?"

The old professor said in a grave tone, "I think it's very likely. Unless they were pushed into a hopeless situation, how could they have memorized and wrote down from memory those magical runes?"

The scene of the natives reciting and writing down from memory the Three-Character Classic while trembling in fear appeared in the minds of the passengers. If someone were to recite the wrong verse, the windbreaker-clad man would hit their palms with the disciplinary ruler until turning them red.

And if someone were to commit mistakes while writing down the text from memory (with that illegible handwriting), he would hang them up on a tree like drying clothes and whip them mercilessly, making them weep in a sad way...

After thinking this much, they felt sad for what the natives had gone through. Having to study the Three-Character Classic written with that illegible handwriting had increased the difficulty of the learning process by several times.

The old professor held the examination papers and sighed with emotion. "We should do our best to teach the natives how to teach and write; using real Chinese characters should make things easier."

"They are a rather pitiful bunch. We should help them as much as possible before leaving the island," Gao Moumou said. "Moreover, if we can teach them the Analects of Confucius ahead of time, maybe we can also leave the island earlier?"

When the topic of the conversation changed to leaving the island, all the passengers became silent.

For some unknown reason, they ended up on this island with primitive men living on it after boarding their place. As if that wasn't enough, there was no signal here, making it impossible to get in touch with the external world.

If they wanted to leave the island, they could only wait for a rescue team to come here. Or, although unlikely, if a ship were to pass by, they could hitch a ride.

Perhaps... that all-powerful man wearing a black windbreaker also had the means to let them leave the island.

But if they wanted his help, they needed to help him teach the natives the Analects of Confucius.

Therefore, not only to save the natives from this torment but also to get away from this place, they needed to work together and let the primitive men memorize the Analects of Confucius as soon as possible.

The old professor said in a grave tone, "Things are even worse than what we expected we have to change our plans. We have to make them forget about those rune-like characters and start teaching them the basics of Chinese characters."

There was a long way to go if they wanted to teach the natives how to read and write!

"Let's go!" Gao Moumou made a fist and said.

"Let's go!" Yayi said.

"Let's give it our all!" Tubo said.

"We can do it!" Lu Fei and her elder sister said.

The other passengers also made a fist and clenched their teeth, ready to try their best.

At this time, in Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's dwelling.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had a delighted expression on his face as he was grinding the red-colored inkstick in his hand. In the next moment, he suddenly stopped.

"...So, there was a problem with the characters I taught the natives?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman put the inkstick down and lightly clapped his hands in realization. "No wonder my oath to teach ten thousand illiterate people how to read and write wasn't completed after I taught the natives the Three-Character Classic that must have been the reason! At first, I thought that the Three-Character Classic was too simple and wasn't enough to satisfy the conditions of my oath. Therefore, I started to teach them the Analects of Confucius but in hindsight, there seemed to be something wrong with the characters I taught them, huh?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was watching what the passengers were doing through a secret camera. After all, his oath was at stake here!

After putting the inkstick down, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman headed toward Gao Moumou and the others. To complete the oath, he needed to personally participate in the teaching process.

"After this oath is completed, I'll be ready to advance to the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm. And when I manage to obtain the Blood God Crystal from little friend Song Shuhang, I'll finally start the breaking through process," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said softly.

He had stayed in the Fourth Stage Realm for far too long but after so much preparing, as well as with the help of the Blood God Crystal, he should be able to condense a Golden Core with at least seven dragon patterns, obtaining a first-class Golden Core!

In the meantime, on a lone island in the East China Sea.

Song Shuhang finished his daily cultivation session and practiced all the cultivation techniques he knew at least one time.

After completing his practice, he returned to the nearby tent.

At this time, Doudou and the small monk were shrinking inside the tent, revealing their heads from time to time, taking a stealthy look, and retreating inside the tent again.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples and quietly approached Doudou, asking, "Is Senior White still manufacturing those 'disposable meteor swords 001 edition'?"

"Yes." Doudou turned his head and spat out his tongue. "Woof, this is the 16th sword already"

Song Shuhang secretly shot a glance toward the woods.

Venerable White peeled a tree branch and stretched his finger out, starting to engrave formation runes on it. On a side, there were already fifteen 'disposable meteor swords 001 edition' piled up. That scene was enough to scare all those present out of their wits.

Song Shuhang's heart twitched. "Is Senior White really planning to create a meteor shower?"

If Senior White really wanted to create a meteor shower, amongst the meteors, there would be surely one surnamed Song, right?

"That seems to be the case." Doudou spat out his tongue.

The small monk Guoguo lowered his voice and asked, "Who offended Senior White? Did we do something that made him angry?"

After saying this much, Guoguo stared at Doudou.

"Don't look at me. I've been very obedient for the past few days. Woof, how did I exactly anger Senior White?" Doudou immediately rejected the idea.

Afterward, the small monk looked at Song Shuhang in puzzlement.

"I'm not sure but the cause might be a file Soft Feather sent in the group chat," Song Shuhang said in a low voice.

"A file? What was inside?" Doudou asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang was just about to tell Doudou when a ray of light flashed through the sky.

Saber light descended from the sky, and a tall and big man leapt down from it. It was Su Clan's Seven.

Seven arrived beside Venerable White as the heavenly saber automatically returned to his back. "Senior White, I'm here!"

Venerable White raised his head and looked at Seven, revealing a gentle smile, "You came very quickly."

"Sixteen urgently needs those skeletal dragon's withered vines. Therefore, I came over as soon as possible." Seven sighed with emotion.

"It seems that you're in a hurry, eh?" Venerable White tilted his head and asked, smiling.

"Yes, yes! I'm indeed in a hurry!" Seven nodded repeatedlyhe had to make haste and get the hell out of this place after securing the withered vines!

Venerable White nodded. "In this case, I'll not waste your time. It was little friend Song Shuhang who obtained the skeletal dragon's withered vine. You can make a deal with him."

"Little friend Song Shuhang? Where did he found it?" Seven was somewhat surprised.

The skeletal dragon's withered vine was a rare medicinal herb. A natural treasure of this level would be protected by sentient beasts and monster beasts, making it very difficult to obtain. So, from where did little friend Song Shuhang obtain these sixteen withered vines?

"On the mysterious island," Venerable White said softly.

"On the mysterious island? Then, did he lose his memory?" Su Clan's Seven said, somewhat alarmed.

Venerable White nodded. "Therefore, you must properly compensate him for these hard-won withered vines."

"Naturally! After all, little friend Song Shuhang helped Sixteen several times already, how can I possibly treat him unjustly?" Seven nodded and after pondering for a moment, replied, "From what I remember, little friend Song Shuhang just opened his Eye Aperture and should be trying to open his Nose Aperture, right? As soon as I return to the clan, I'll look for several types of medicinal pills that are best suited to open the Nose, Ear, and Mouth Apertures. I can guarantee that the quantity would be enough to let him open all his apertures. Afterward, he would only have to jump through the dragon gate! Additionally, as soon as little friend Song Shuhang breaks through the Second Stage Realm, I'll bring him to the first layer of our Spirit River Secret Realm and allow him to practice there for at least ten times. Senior, what do you think of this proposal?"

Venerable White smiled. It seemed that Su Clan's Seven was ready to go all-out to obtain these withered vines.

Enough medicinal pills to let him open his Nose, Ear, and Mouth Apertures considering that Song Shuhang had already missed the best period to practice and didn't have that innate true qi inside his body, the value of these medicinal pills could be already compared to six withered vines.

As for that possibility to practice in the first layer of the Spirit River Secret Realm, it was even more precious.

The Spirit River Secret Realm was the root of the Spirit River Su Clan. According to legends, there was a huge spiritual river in the depths of the secret realm. All the cultivators that practiced in the waters of the spiritual river would have their bodies strengthened, and their cultivation speed would be five to ten times faster compared to the outside world. It was a very good place to close up.

Allowing Song Shuhang to practice in the first layer of the Spirit River Secret Realm for ten times completely exceeded the value of the remaining ten withered vines.

"The reward you offered is indeed comparable to those sixteen withered vines but there is a problem," Venerable White said calmly.

"?" Su Clan's Seven.

"Little friend Song Shuhang has already opened all his apertures and is about to jump through the dragon gate he just needs to accumulate enough qi and blood and wait for the right opportunity to jump through it," Venerable White said with a smile.

"Eh? Little friend Song Shuhang is about to jump through the dragon gate already?" Su Clan's Seven thought he had misheard. "What kind of cheat is he using? This speed is just too exaggerated!"

"Little friend Shuhang had several fortuitous encounters lately, and he encountered several life-and-death crises too. Anyway, given the current situation, your reward isn't suitable. Since you're in a hurry, how about taking the withered vines from Shuhang first? As for how to reward him, you can calmly think about it after you return to the clan," Venerable White said with a smile.

As he was speaking, he gently caressed the 16th disposable meteor sword 001 edition; it was finally complete!

Su Clan's Seven laughed heartily. "What a headache. I'll need to rack my brains to think of a proper reward for little friend Shuhang."

Then, he headed toward Song Shuhang with a smile plastered all over his face.

"Little friend Shuhang, we meet again." Seven stopped in front of Song Shuhang and tried to sense the strength of Shuhang's qi and blood as well as the number of apertures he had opened.

F*ck, he really opened all his apertures and is about to jump through the dragon gate!

The last time we met, he had just opened his Eye Aperture! And now, in a mere month, he is about to jump through the dragon gate? Is being together with Venerable White such a cheat-like experience?

"Indeed. Senior Seven, we meet again!" Song Shuhang said while passing the withered vines wrapped in paper to Seven. "There are sixteen withered vines in total. Senior Seven, take them."

Seven cautiously received the paper with the withered vines and said, "Little friend Shuhang, I can't thank you enough for this."

Su Clan's Seven didn't excel at expressing himself. Therefore, even though his heart was full of gratitude, he could only say 'I can't thank you enough for this'. However, no words were needed to see that he was truly grateful, looking at his face was enough.

"Senior, did Sixteen's condition improve?" Song Shuhang asked.

Song Shuhang hadn't gotten in touch with Sixteen since the day she had mailed herself over (June 18th) and spent an entire afternoon shopping with him. He didn't know anything about her current condition.

Seven heaved a sigh and said, "Her life isn't in danger but the extent she can recover to depends on her own strength. I'm powerless, and the best I can do is get my hands on a few withered vines to help her recover."

After hearing that her life wasn't in danger, Song Shuhang calmed down a bit he had also done everything in his power. Now, he could only hope that Sixteen would successfully recover from her injuries.

"Little friend Shuhang, I'll accept these vines first. As for how to compensate you, I'll carefully think about it once I return to the clan. Sixteen urgently needs these vines. Therefore, I cannot stay here for too long." Now that he had obtained the withered vines, Seven wanted to return to the clan as soon as possible.

Song Shuhang nodded. "Senior Seven is too polite. Let meet us again, then."

Seven waved his hand and turned around, saying to Venerable White, "Senior White, I'll take my leave then. Time is running out, and I really need to go."

The earlier you die, the earlier you're reincarnatedwait, what the hell I'm saying! I have to get away from the island as soon as possible as to avoid Senior White recalling that matter of the 'profile picture' and giving me a 'pleasant' surprise in return.

Therefore, Seven wanted to leave the island as soon as possible.

Venerable White was currently fiddling with his phone he seemed to be checking the map.

As soon as he heard Seven's words, he turned his head around and revealed a radiant smile. "Fellow Daoist Seven, if you're in such a hurry, let me personally send you off!"

Seven thought that Venerable White was just being courteous. Therefore, he brightly smiled and waved his hand. "Senior White, there is no need. I can ride my saber and return to the clan very quickly. After all, it isn't too far from here."

"I fear I must insist on personally sending you off. The speed of my flying sword is unmatched." Venerable White narrowed his eyes, and his smile got even brighter.

After saying this much, he stretched his hand out, and a disposable meteor sword 001 edition started to hover midair...

"?" Su Clan's Seven felt that there was something wrong with this atmosphere.

In the tent, Song Shuhang, Doudou, and the small monk didn't have the heart to look at the scene and covered their eyes.

"This is my newly developed disposable meteor sword 001 edition. Compared to the previous editions, it uses the most advanced, quickest way to take offthe coiling flight feature. It has the very enjoyable zigzagged flight pattern and even the unprecedented 'parachute style landing' feature that can let you enjoy a bungee jumping-like feeling while descending. Of course, for safety reasons, the flying sword will automatically protect the user when the height from the ground reaches 0.1 meters, allowing the user to feel free from worries. There is also an additional meteor-like effect that makes the flying sword look like a meteor streaking across the sky when launched, absolutely pleasing to the eye! All these cool effects are united in a single sword. Cool, isn't it?" After saying this much, Venerable White held his thumb up in approval.

The more he was hearing, the more Seven felt that there was something wrong with the situation.

What was this coiling flight feature?

Or this zigzagged flight pattern?

Or again, that parachute style landing...

And that meteor-like effect just what was going on?

This whole matter was so weird that Seven didn't know where to start...

However, there was no time for useless thinkingat this time, he had to absolutely stop Senior White from using that disposable meteor sword 001 edition to send him off. Even if he was a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor, he was sure he would die if he were to travel on that fearful flying sword!

"Senior, you're too polite. You don't have to bother seeing me off! I can go on my own. See you!" The heavenly saber on Seven's back moved on its own and fell beneath his feet.

He didn't wait for Senior White's reply and immediately stepped on the saber, rising in the air and preparing to quickly leave the small island.

"Too late! I've checked the position on the map earlier and locked down the destination's coordinates already. Therefore, let me send you your way. I can guarantee you that this flying sword will deliver you to the Spirit River Su Clan." Venerable White laughed and activated the sword art. "Go!"

With a whizz, the disposable meteor sword 001 edition drilled beneath Seven's feet, picking both him and the heavenly saber up.

In the next instant, it finally took off!

The coiling flight feature was extremely fast and efficient!

Su Clan's Seven spun like a drill and ascended to the sky.

"Uwaaaaah" Seven cried out strangely as he flew high into the sky while still spinning since he was spinning too quickly, his body literally became a tornado, resembling the Blade Master from World of Warcraft when he was using his 'Bladestorm' skill.

And just like a tornado, he was madly spinning while continuously moving forward!

After he was 'Bladestormed' into the sky, the second feature of the disposable meteor sword, the meteor-like effect, also activated. The sword started to emit a dazzling light, turning Seven into a meteor that streaked across the sky.

However, the trajectory of this meteor was a bit strange. While streaking across the sky, it would often go up and down, and then left and right...

"Aaaaah" Seven was still crying out when his scream was suddenly cut off, and his figure disappeared from Song Shuhang, Doudou, and Guoguo's sight.

Compared to the disposable flying sword 005 edition that sent off Immortal Master Copper Trigram, this sword was at least two times faster!

What a fearful gadget. Even a powerful Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor like Seven was unable to resist the power of the 'disposable meteor sword 001 edition' and could only scream at the top of his voice.

Moreover, he couldn't get away from the attraction field of the disposable meteor sword even though he was already riding his own flying saber.

Senior White had developed a fearful flying sword!

Song Shuhang turned his head around and secretly shot a glance at Venerable White. At this time, Venerable White was using his phone to take pictures of the madly spinning Seven.

"Damn, the speed is too fast. The pictures are all blurry. I'll need to strengthen the camera of the phone," Venerable White muttered.

Or perhaps I should leave an imprint spell on the flying sword that would record the whole scene and transmit it over here?

Moreover, the zigzagged flight pattern becomes monotonous after a while. Perhaps it would be more interesting if many disposable meteor swords were flying together? For example in the shape of a windmill or a V-shape like wild geese?

I'll make a few changes then...

Another twenty disposable meteor swords should suffice, but I should make a few more just in case. After all, the number of fellow daoists in the group chat that want to try them is getting higher and higher.

Or so Venerable White thought to himself.

"Right, Shuhang!" Venerable White put his phone away and turned his head.

Song Shuhang's heart sped up. "Senior, is something the matter?"

"No need to be scared. I just recalled that you're about to jump through the dragon gate, and closing up isn't really going to help you with that step," Senior White said with a smile on his face.

How did the topic of the conversation change to cultivation? Senior White's train of thought has also started to randomly jump from subject to subject?

Anyway, as long as we're not talking about disposable flying swords, it's all good!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang replied, "Senior, what should I do in that case?"

"Jumping through the dragon gate is literally like jumping through the dragon gate as a fish. During this process, you have to go against the current, and if you don't advance, you'll fall behind! What you need is an opportunity to experience with your body the feeling of 'going against the stream'. The more you get familiar with this feeling, the easier it will be to jump through the dragon gate!" Venerable White said with a serious expression on his face.

"I have to experience with my body the feeling of going against the stream?" Song Shuhang thought for a moment, and his eyes suddenly lit up. "Senior White, are you saying that I should look for a waterfall and get such an experience there?"

"Although there are some differences, you got the basic meaning right!" Venerable White said with a bright smile.