Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 342

Chapter 342 It Feels Quite Good To The Touch
Chapter 342: It feels quite good to the touch
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When the sharp dog claws pricked his skin, Song Shuhang felt a piercing pain.

Afterward, the huge mouth of the dog opened, revealing a row of sharp teeth with some vegetables still left in the gaps between its teeth. Anyway, the dog bit his body and chewed a few times. The pain was so intense that it shook both his mind and heart.

It was such a painful experience that he was unlikely to forget it for the rest of his life! On the other hand, it was likely that it would appear in his nightmares for a very long time!

I will get rabies, right? I was bitten so hard, it's almost certain that I will get rabies...

Soon after came a gulping sound. The young Song Shuhang, who had transformed into a small golden fish, was gulped down by Doudou.

Song Shuhang felt the world going black afterward, his body slipped through a slimy passage and kept going downwards, directly into a bottomless abyss.

Is this Doudou's stomach?

Doudou, I won't forgive you for this, even if you cry and beg for mercy! Woah! Are these gastric juices? So painful! It feels as if my body is melting!!

Song Shuhang felt like crying. But after turning into a fish, it seemed he didn't have enough salt to produce tears.

It was a tearless grief!

"Senior Doudou, spit the fish out! Spit out Senior Brother Shuhang, quickly!" The small monk ran on his short legs and arrived beside Doudou. Then, he hugged him tightly.

Next, he held his back legs and turned him upside down, starting to shake him.

"Wait wait for a moment! What I ate was a fish! What are you doing!" Doudou was swayed until he started to feel dizzy. Moreover, he couldn't stretch his legs and get away because if he were to put too much strength in them, he might injure the small monk. Therefore, he could only allow Guoguo to shake him.

"That small fish was Senior Brother Shuhang! Senior White transformed Senior Brother Shuhang into a small fish because he wanted him to experience the feeling of going against the stream, helping him jump through the dragon gate! Senior Doudou, you just ate Senior Brother Shuhang! You have to spit him out, quickly! If you don't spit him out and he gets digested, it would lead to a huge problem! In that case, he would be able to come out only in the form of feces!" the small monk called out in alarm.

Come out only in the form of feces This sentence reached Song Shuhang's ears in Doudou's stomach. Song Shuhang tilted his head. When he thought about turning into excrements, he wished he could die. Death was a better alternative!

"S-stop shaking me! Put me down, and I'll spit out the small golden fish," Doudou called out.

The small monk quickly put Doudou down.

Doudou had a bitter expression on his face as he opened his mouth and put a paw inside.

In the next instant...

"Retch!" Doudou threw up, spitting out that small golden fish full of cuts, bruises, and blood.

Although there was the saying, 'nothing nice comes from the filthy mouth of a dog', this fact proved that dogs could indeed spit out small golden fishes!

After spitting out the fish, Doudou muttered, "No wonder this fish was so hard to chew down. It was originally Shuhang!"

On the ground, the small golden fish slowly moved its tail. It was worthily Song Shuhang, his vitality was extremely high. If Doudou were to chew and swallow a normal fish, there was no way the fish would be still alive.

The fish edition Song Shuhang shot a sour look at Doudou...

He would never forget for the rest of his life about Doudou swallowing him and vomiting him out!

"Senior Brother Shuhang, are you all right? Please, don't die!" the small monk cried out as he held Song Shuhang. After calling out a few times, he turned his head towards Venerable White and said, "Senior White, take a look! Senior Brother Shuhang seems on the verge of death!"

Song Shuhang weakly moved his tail and opened and closed his mouth Guoguo, put me in the water, quick! I'm dying!

"Don't panic. Let me take a look." Venerable White quickly arrived beside Guoguo and carefully examined Song Shuhang's wounds.

There were wounds from claws, teeth, and also gastric juices he was in a rather pitiful state.

Venerable White stretched his hand out and revealed a ring. It was Song Shuhang's ancient bronze ring. Before turning him into a fish, Venerable White took all his belongings.

Venerable White activated the ring and used the healing spell on Song Shuhang.

The small golden fish bathed in the radiance of the healing spell, and its wounds started to slowly recover.

Venerable White received the ring with a satisfied expression on his face. "Good, it's all good now."

The small monk heaved a sigh of relief and asked, "Senior Brother Shuhang, do you feel better?"

Song Shuhang weakly moved his tail and opened and closed mouth. Senior White, Guoguo, put me in the water! Quick! Shiet I'm dying...

The small golden fish made a final effort to move its tail. In the next moment, Song Shuhang felt the world going black.

The small golden fish edition Song Shuhang passed away!

The mouth of the stiff fish was still open, as though its soul had flown out of its body from there.

"..." The small monk was stunned and called out in alarm, "It's bad! Senior White, Senior Brother Shuhang died!"

"..." Doudou.

Venerable White held his chin and used his other hand to poke the body of the small golden fish. "Hmm, it really died. It seems we couldn't save it."

The small monk said, "What should we do now...?"

"You don't have to worry. If it died, it died." Venerable White quietly shot a glance at Doudou and said, "On the contrary, you should start to mentally prepare yourself. Since you chewed and swallowed him down, Shuhang probably hates you now."

"..." The pekingese Doudou.

Why am I the only one getting the blame? Who knew that Song Shuhang had suddenly turned into a small golden fish! Venerable White, you also have some responsibility in this matter!

"Once you're done mentally preparing yourself to withstand Shuhang's wrath, you should think of a way to apologize to him. Maybe you should throw yourself to the ground before Shuhang explodes with anger. Given his disposition, there is a high chance that he'll forgive you," the nearby Venerable White suggested.

Doudou scratched his head in puzzlement, should he really throw himself to the ground and beg for mercy?

"Get ready, we're leaving," Venerable White said with a laugh and snapped his fingers.

Afterward, everyone's vision blurred.

The waterfall, the small golden fish, everything disappeared~

In the next moment, they had all returned on that small island in the East China Sea.

Venerable White rubbed his temples; he was somewhat tired at this momentthe real illusion consumed a lot of energy, and it wasn't an ability that a Seventh Stage Venerable should possess. Therefore, it was only normal that Senior White consumed a lot of strength while using an ability above his rank.

The nearby Doudou furrowed his brows and tried to think of the best way to apologize.

The small monk was absent-mindedly standing in place, holding the fainted Song Shuhang in his arms.

"Senior Brother Shuhang! Good, he reverted to his normal state!" The small monk quickly put him down and checked if he was breathing. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief. "Good, good Senior Brother Shuhang is still alive!"

"Grind, grind~" The fainted Song Shuhang ground his teeth in his sleep. It was unknown whether he was extremely angry or just terrified.

"Senior Brother Shuhang, wake up! Quickly wake up!" The small monk rubbed Song Shuhang's cheeks.

Soon, Song Shuhang slowly opened his eyes.

"Even today, I somehow managed to survive..." Song Shuhang muttered.

The small monk joined his palms together and said solemnly, "No, Senior Brother Shuhang. You already died once today."

"I died once?" Song Shuhang corner of the mouth twitched.

Those sharp dog claws, that huge dog mouth with sharp teeth, and that fearful stomach...

"Doudou!" Song Shuhang bellowedhe was absolutely not going to forgive him! He chewed him several times, making him feel so much pain that he wished he could die!

"I'm sorry!" Doudou said loudly. "It was my fault Shuhang, it was all my fault. I shouldn't have gotten greedy after seeing that small fish, and I shouldn't have eaten it before making the situation clear! As a punishment, I won't eat any fish for the next month. What do you think?"

"..." Song Shuhang.

You already took care of apology + punishment, what is even left for me to do? Doudou, you stole my lines!

"Forgive me, Shuhang!" Doudou shot a charming look at Shuhang, trying to act cute.

Song Shuhang stretched both his hands and hammered Doudou's head with his fists. "Aaaaaaah!!!"

Then, he ground Doudou's head with his fists.

At first, Doudou was stunned what was Shuhang trying to do?

After all, Song Shuhang was a cultivator of the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm while Doudou had cultivated until becoming a monster dog and was now at the peak of the Fourth Stage Realm. He was only a step away from condensing his Monster Core and breaking through the Fifth Stage. Even if Song Shuhang was using all his strength, he could tickle Doudou at best.

Doudou quickly understood what was going on.

After seeing Song Shuhang's angry expression, he coordinated and screamed, "Aaaaah~ so painful~ Forgive me, I won't eat fishes anymore~ I'm dying~ I'm dying!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Instead of faking this scream, he could have not screamed at all...

Song Shuhang withdrew his fists and faintly sighed. Dammit, my fists are hurting. Doudou's head was too hard!

"Are you still angry?" Doudou blinked and asked.

"Sigh..." Song Shuhang deeply sighed. He felt that he would explode if he kept mulling over it.

"Everyone, you should get some rest," Venerable White said at this time.

"Senior, are we going to try it again later?" Song Shuhang asked with tears welling up in his eyes.

"Don't worry, this is enough for today. We'll continue tomorrow. Although something unexpected happened today, I promise that nothing will happen the next time," Venerable White said with a faint smile.

"Fine." Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh of reliefat least he had managed to delay things for one day! Dying tomorrow was better than dying today!

"Rest well. Moreover, coming in contact with 'death' isn't necessarily a bad thing. It will help you strengthen your mind and willpower." Venerable White gently patted Song Shuhang's head.

Next, he caressed Song Shuhang's bare and smooth head with his palm Hmm, it feels quite good to the touch.

In the tent.

Chu Chu regained consciousness once more. At this time, the wounds on her chest and rest of the body had gotten better and weren't as painful as before. Even her chest that had been pressed flat was showing sign of recovery.

According to what that handsome senior in white clothes said, she would need around a month to recover from her injuries.

But she couldn't wait for a month.There was no way she would make it in time for the matches on the Grievance Settling Platform.

Without her help, it was very difficult for the younger generation of the Chu Family to beat the younger generation of the Illusory Sword School.

Who could she ask for help...

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