Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Venerable Whites Mass Express Delivery
Chapter 343: Venerable Whites mass express delivery
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Suddenly, Chu Chu thought of that good-looking senior.

Maybe I can seek help from that senior? That senior seemed very strong. Perhaps he is a Fourth Stage cultivator or even a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor.

But soon, she sighed.

What did she have to offer to acquire that senior's help to save her family?

It was already out of extreme benevolence that the senior personally saved her. If she took it for granted and asked for more by requesting him to help the Chu Family, it would seem as though she was ungrateful. After all, he was neither a relative nor friends with the Chu Family, why should he help them?

Of course, if she could come up with some form of remuneration that could pique that senior's interest but she knew that even with the help of every single member of the Chu Family, they still might not be able to come up with anything that would be of interest to that senior. Even if she were to give him the 'sword technique' that the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School were fighting over, it might be just an ordinary 'sword technique' in that senior's eyes.

Chu Chu forced a laugh; her arm slightly budged and her little finger picked up the small dagger next to her. Venerable White took the dagger back from Whale Eight and placed it next to Miss Chu Chu.

While she was holding onto the dagger lightly, Chu Chu was deep in thought for a long, long time.

Suddenly, she laughed at herself. If she was ungrateful, then so be it. Right now, the Chu Family needed all the help it could getif the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform ended up in defeat, given the Illusory Sword School's despicable conduct, such as attempting to murder her when the battle had not even started, they would definitely destroy the entire Chu Family after the fight.

Her family was facing the danger of extermination.

At this time, they really required a strong senior cultivator to lend them a helping hand.

If she requested the senior to help them perhaps the senior might reject her without any hesitation. But there was a small chance that if that senior was in a good mood, he might choose to help them, right?

If I ask for help, there is still a small chance; but if I don't ask at all, there is none.

Let's just give it a shot.

For the sake of the Chu Family, she was going to be ungrateful for once. Perhaps it might cause him to loathe her, or perhaps it could be the turning point for the Chu Family.

He didn't need to do too muchall he had to do was make an appearance in the Chu Family and express his intention to protect them. That would do.

Chu Chu's small hand gripped the hilt of the dagger tightly, and she took deep breaths while thinking about how she was going to ask that senior for his help.

At this time, the entrance of the tent opened up, and a tall figure stepped inside.

"Senior, if Chu Chu may be so bold as to ask you a favor!" Chu Chu subconsciously opened her mouth and blurted out the beginning of the speech that she had been crafting in her head for a while.

At the entrance of the tent, Song Shuhang touched his bald head. As the rays of the sun shone on his head, it reflected a blinding light.

"Erm, I'm not a senior," said Song Shuhang, feeling rather embarrassed.

He just wanted to take a look at Miss Chu Chu's wounds. He did not expect Miss Chu Chu to suddenly raise her voice, catching him off guard and giving him a scare instead.

Chu Chu tilted her head and saw the figure who walked in clearly. So it was the young man who fell from the sky together with the huge whale at that time

Chu Chu sighed softly. Her fighting spirit was strong at first; then it decreased, and finally, it disappeared completely. She had mustered up all her courage to seek help from the senior, but little did she expect the person who entered to be Song Shuhang. Her enthusiasm was immediately greatly diminished.

"Miss Chu Chu, what kind of request do you have? Why don't you tell me about it?" Song Shuhang walked next to Chu Chu and covered her with a blanket so that she wouldn't expose her skin even though given her current condition, there was nothing much for her to expose anyway.

Chu Chu's little face was full of hesitation, but she still told Shuhang about her request. "I would like that strong senior to help my Chu Family originally, our family did not stand much of a chance to win the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform. And now, before the battle even began, the Illusory Sword School used underhanded tricks to harm me. My wounds are rather serious, and out of the nine matches in the three categories, we are likely going to lose the matches of younger generation category now that I'm injured. As for our chances of winning the remaining two categories, they are rather small. Hence, I thought about asking that senior for help."

Song Shuhang pinched his chin and smiled. "So you're thinking of asking Venerable White to help and attend the event on the Grievance Settling Platform?

"Ven Ven Venerable?" Chu Chu stuttered. That good-looking senior is actually a Seventh Stage Venerable?

A Seventh Stage Venerable was a scary existence. She initially thought that Senior White was a Fourth or Fifth Stage cultivator at most if that was the case, it might still be effective for her to ask for his help. But if he were a Seventh Stage Venerable... Why would any Seventh Stage Venerable be bored enough to interfere in a feud between a mediocre school and a tiny aristocratic family? It almost sounded like a joke.

Song Shuhang laughed. Miss Chu Chu's worries were unfounded since Soft Feather was already overseeing the matters of the Chu Family...

And the person supporting Soft Feather was similarly an experienced Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable. With Soft Feather around, the Chu Family would not get taken advantage of.

"Miss Chu Chu, how does one compete on the Grievance Settling Platform?" asked Song Shuhang out of curiosity.

Chu Chu once mentioned to him that the fights on the Grievance Settling Platform occurred when cultivator schools or families were in conflict yet not hostile toward each other to the point where they'd fight to the death. Hence, both parties would take part in the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform to resolve their feud, but a set of restrictions and limitations would be imposed, and the Cultivators' Alliance would oversee the event.

But Song Shuhang was curious about how the competition worked.

Was it a big battle royale where a couple of people from each party went up and fought it out? Or was it a one-on-one fight in the ring? Or else, was it a competition where participants had to enter some secret territory and seize a treasure?

"The Grievance Settling Platform..." Miss Chu Chu laughed bitterly, but she still continued to explain it to Song Shuhang, "The Grievance Settling Platform is also separated into different levels according to the strength and power of the participants. As for the higher level ones, I'm not too sure myself. The battle on the Grievance Settling Platform between the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School is done in an open tournament fashion, with three categories, and three matches per category.

For the first category, the members of both parties that belong to the young generation, aged sixty or below, will fight in a one-on-one open tournament to determine the winner. Thereafter, for the next category, both sects will send out members that are aged 150 or below to fight in a one-on-one competition. If it's a tie after the first two stages, then for the last category, both parties will send out their strongest member to the arena, and the winner will be determined by winning two out of three rounds."

"So in a nutshell, it is an open tournament amongst cultivators," said Song Shuhang.

"Yeah," said Miss Chu Chu softly.

"Interesting." Song Shuhang asked once again, "Then, can you invite external help to take part in the competition? For example, the way you wanted to invite Venerable White to take part?"

Miss Chu Chu shook her head. "On the Grievance Settling Platform, no one can be blamed for any deaths. Additionally, the people who can enter the arena are restricted to the Chu Family members and the members of the Illusory Sword School. Any form of external help is not allowed. If at the last moment, one looked for an external help to represent his own sect to join on the Grievance Settling Platform and got found out by the guards, they would be directly disqualified."

"Then what kind of help do you want from Venerable White?" Song Shuhang was puzzled. Could it be possible that she wanted Senior White to kill off every member of the Illusory Sword School?

"No one can be blamed for any deaths on the Grieving Settling Platform; the members of the Illusory Sword School will definitely take the opportunity to kill the strongest member of our family. After the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform ends, based on the Illusory Sword School's way of handling things, they are definitely not going to let the Chu Family off that easily." Chu Chu forced a smile and said, "Therefore, if possible, I would like to ask that senior to be a guest at the Chu Family. With the presence of that senior, the Illusory Sword School might possibly back off."

"There are so many problems and trouble amongst schools too." Song Shuhang touched his big bald headapart from it being cold, it felt pretty good.

After pausing, Song Shuhang asked once again, "When does your battle on the Grievance Settling Platform start? If we can make it, perhaps we can go take a look?"

Song Shuhang was very interested in the 'open tournament amongst cultivators'. He wanted to see what a proper duel between cultivators was like.

When Chu Chu heard that, her eyes lit up. She replied, "It should be very soon; as for the specific time, it depends on when the supervisor of the platform arrives."

"Miss Chu Chu, recover from your injuries in peace. If time permits us, for all you know, we may be able to rush there and watch the open tournament," consoled Song Shuhang.

After saying a few more lines to Chu Chu, Song Shuhang turned around and left the tent

It was almost noon.

In order to make up for his earlier mistake, Doudou took the initiative to go in the depths of the small island to hunt for animals.

The small monk headed out with Doudouhis main purpose was to look for some edible wild vegetables and fruits. He was a vegetarian.

Venerable White was very busy; the number of disposable meteor swords 001 edition had surpassed forty now!

Afterward, Song Shuhang saw that Venerable White had already chopped down quite a number of trees, after which he cut them into flat pieces of wood before assembling them into a long and narrow box.

Thereafter, Venerable White placed every single 'disposable meteor sword 001 edition (improved version with an additional video recording function)' into each long box.

One box after another, till they were accumulated into a huge pile.

"Senior White, what are you up to?" Song Shuhang was very puzzled, he did not understand what Venerable White was trying to do.

"Yeah, the quantity seems about right now." Venerable White didn't reply, but stretched his body.

After that, he fished out his cell phone and swiped on the screen. After swiping a couple of times, Venerable White took out a permanent marker and started writing on the wooden boxes.

Song Shuhang's eyesight was very good; hence, he could read the words that Venerable White had written there even though he was standing at a distance.

[For Fairy Lychee]

[For True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple]

[For Thrice Reckless Mad Saber]

[For Dharma King Creation]

[For Fairy Dongfang Six]

[For True Monarch Fallout]

Song Shuhang immediately broke out in a cold sweat. Is Senior White sending out express delivery? Giving each senior a gift box containing the 'disposable meteor sword 001 edition'?

As he was thinking, Senior White wrote another name on a box, [For Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather]...

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