Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 344

Chapter 344 True Monarch White Cranes Arrival
Chapter 344: True Monarch White Cranes arrival
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Even Soft Feather is included on the list? Song Shuhang imagined the scene where the cute Soft Feather was picked up by the 'disposable meteor sword 001 improved edition' and sent into the sky with the coiling flight feature while screaming in fear.

I can't let her get involved in this mess. After all, it's my fault if she sent the 'Senior White's expression package' in the group space Although she was also doing her best to seek death, Song Shuhang felt that he had a lot of responsibility.

Therefore, he needed to do something.

After we leave the island, I have to contact Soft Feather as soon as possible and tell her not to open that package if I can get signal on my phone! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Venerable White finished writing the names on the wooden boxes and wrapped them up, creating a small mountain.

"Done! I'll take advantage of this opportunity to gather the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group." Venerable White nodded satisfied.

After coming out of secluded meditation, Venerable White made up his mind and decided to have a get-together with his fellow daoist. After reuniting, they would hold a 'hand-guided tractor competition', as well as form a team to explore a new dungeon he had discovered.

Senior White had discovered this dungeon before going into secluded meditation the last time.

At the time, Venerable White had gone treasure-hunting to the North Pole and was on his way back to China. After getting distracted while flying above the surface of the sea, he bumped into the warship of an unknown country. And just in this fashion, Venerable White ended up in the depths of the sea. PS: The warship ended up at the bottom of the sea as well.

Venerable White's luck was as heaven-defying as always. After finding himself at the bottom of the sea, he stumbled upon an ancient ruin. This ancient ruin was very old and seemed like something that came from the era of the previous Wielder of the Will.

But right at that time, Venerable White's closing-up-disease flared up and he wasn't able to enter the ruins to explore them; he merely left a seal behind to mark their position. Afterward, he returned to China and found a good place to meditate in peace.

Once he was done having fun with Song Shuhang on the resort island in the East China Sea, Venerable White was planning to send a message in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and gather everyone. At the time, they would first participate in the 'hand-guided tractor competition' as well as in the 'flying sword competition' held every ten years which happened to fall right at the same time, making it even better.

After the hand-guided tractor competition, they would form teams and go to explore this newly discovered ancient ruin.

But he didn't expect that the majority of the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group would seek death so blatantly. Thereupon, he pondered a moment and decided to send a special 'vehicle' to each of the blacklisted fellow daoists.

"Senior Brother Shuhang, why are you stealthily standing in there?" The voice of the small monk suddenly echoed. At this time, he was holding many edible vegetables and fruits in his arms.

Behind him, huge version Doudou was dragging along a fawn.

With the island in the middle of the sea, catching fishes or other sea animals would be more convenient but after Song Shuhang turned into a fish and got eaten by Doudou, they decided to temporarily exclude seafood from the menu so as to avoid making him recall those painful memories.

"Cough. There is nothing stealthy about it. I just went to Miss Chu Chu's tent to take a look at her condition, and when I came out, I carelessly stumbled. Therefore, I stretched my hand out and used the edge of the tent to prop myself up," Song Shuhang said earnestly.

The small monk nodded silently. Afterward, he had a sudden realization and said seriously, "Senior Brother Shuhang, were you staring at Senior White in a daze? Senior Doudou and I came from afar and saw that you propped yourself up for quite some time."

"Pfff~" Doudou.

"..." Song Shuhang.

One day or the other, I'll definitely spank this small monk until I make him sh*t all over the place! Aaaah!

After hearing Doudou's laughter, Venerable White turned his head around and smiled at the dog and the monk.

Next, he raised his head and looked at the sky.

Song Shuhang, Doudou, and the small monk also looked at the sky out of curiosity.

In the sky, a figure was quickly approaching the small island.

The face of this figure was emanating holy lightit was completely different from the fake holy light that Song Shuhang's bald head emitted after refracting the sunlightreal pure and holy light was emanating from the face of this figure.

On its back were three pairs of snow-white wings that were gently flapping, elegant and beautiful.

"Eh? It's an angel!" Song Shuhang said while pointing at the figure in the sky.

There were really angels in this world? Those angels that would often appear in western novels and the Bible appeared before his very eyes. Now then, if angels existed, did those western dragons with huge wings also exist?

The nearby Doudou patted Song Shuhang and said, "Calm down and don't make a fuss about it."

"Oh" Song Shuhang noddedsince even cultivators existed, why couldn't angels exist as well?

"Moreover, it's not an angel," Doudou continued. "It's a huge white crane. If you can't even tell this by looking, your eyesight as a cultivator is still pretty bad."

"..." Song Shuhang.

A white crane? Bullshiet! How can you even connect that six-winged creature emanating holy light to a white crane?!

Just as they were speaking, the six-winged angel descended from the sky, landing near Venerable White.

The fake angel had an excited expression on its face. Only Senior White existed in its eyes, and it didn't even bother glancing at Song Shuhang and the others. "Senior White, we finally meet again."

It controlled its excitement with much difficulty and said, "This time, you meditated for a whole 150 years. I didn't have news of you for such a long time"

On a side.

Song Shuhang asked Doudou in a low voice, "Ah? Is it an acquaintance of Venerable White?"

Doudou nodded and said, "It's True Monarch White Crane. If we use a modern term, it's Senior White's hardcore fan."

"You're that little white crane," Venerable White said with a smile.

"Senior White!" True Monarch White Crane was extremely excited, and tears started to well up in its eyes. "You still remember me! That's great!"

"Of course I remember you." Venerable White nodded. True Monarch White Crane was one of the fellow daoists in his friends list that had changed their profile picture!

While speaking, Venerable White started to rummage through the nearby pile of wooden boxes and took out the one with the words 'White Crane' written on it. "You came just in time. Here is a gift for you. Don't open it immediately. I've engraved a seal on it, and it will automatically open five days later. You'll find a small surprise inside."

After saying this much, Venerable White handed the gift box to True Monarch White Crane.

True Monarch White Crane was immediately delighted Senior White had given itself a gift!

"Senior White, thank you!" True Monarch White Crane said with tears streaming down its face. "Not only did you still remember me, you even gave me a gift! I'm so moved, Senior White! For you, I can go through fire and water! Senior White, is there any matter you need help with? You can leave it to me, I'll accomplish it without a hitch!"

True Monarch White Crane felt its body brimming with energy. Every task was fine; it just wanted to be of use to Venerable White!