Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Shattered Hope
Chapter 345: Shattered hope
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Chapter 345: Shattered hope

Initially, True Monarch White Crane was planning to use the excuse of the accomplished mission to bolster its courage and come to meet Venerable White. As long as it could say a few words to Venerable White, that would be enough for it.

However, it hadn't expected that such a joyous event would suddenly take place. Not only did Venerable White still remember it, but he also gave itself a gift! Although it didn't know what this 'surprise' inside the box was, as long as it was something from Senior White, it was something to treasure with great care. Even if the box were empty, it would still treasure it!

True Monarch White Crane held the small box tightly, its face delighted.

On a side.

Doudou gently patted Song Shuhang's shoulder. "Did you see? This is what you call a 'hardcore fan'..."

"..." Song Shuhang.

After seeing True Monarch White Crane's delighted expression, Song Shuhang got a scare. His sixth sense was telling him that this guy was trouble!

...Not just trouble, super trouble! Therefore, he didn't want to have anything to do with this True Monarch White Crane.

Cultivators had a very keen sixth sense. Therefore, if the sixth sense of a cultivator was telling them something, they would follow their intuition without any second thoughts.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quietly withdrew, planning to return to the tent.

Venerable White gazed at the delighted True Monarch White Crane and said with a smile, "You want to help me out?"

"Yes! Senior White, if you need help with something, you just have to tell me. The tasks you gave me earlier, fixing the space station and that matter about the switched astronauts, were perfectly dealt with!" True Monarch White Crane patted its chest and conveniently boasted about its achievements to gain Senior White's favorable impression.

"It was you who helped me deal with those matters? In that case, you saved me a lot of trouble," Venerable White repliedsuch being the case, should he change True Monarch White Crane's disposable meteor sword 001 edition to a normal disposable flying sword?

This proved that getting a favorable impression was something very effective.

Just as Venerable White was in deep thoughts...

"There is no greater happiness for me than to give Senior White a helping hand. I almost forgot, all those pictures with different hairstyles were really dazzling. I carefully saved each of those seventy or so emotes. I'm planning to enlarge them and hang them in my palace so that I can look at your beautiful appearance every day," the nearby True Monarch White Crane said with a happy expression on its face.

Perhaps because it was over-excited, True Monarch White Crane blurted out some of its secret desires!

White Crane was currently entranced by the sudden outburst of happiness caused by the gift and had no idea that it had said something it shouldn't have said.

"..." Venerable White.

Perhaps the strength of the disposable meteor sword 001 edition is not enough... maybe I should increase it a bit. After all, this crane is a Sixth Stage True Monarch.

Hmm still, it helped me deal with those matters in the West related to the space station and the astronauts I can return the favor by adding it to the first batch of fellow daoists that would enter the ancient ruins.

After thinking this much, Venerable White shot a glance at the gift boxes piled up on a side. Then, he turned his head toward White Crane and said, "Did you say you wanted to help me? I just happen to need help with a matter."

"Senior, do tell. I'll complete the mission without a hitch!" True Monarch White Crane patted its chest.

"I need to deliver these gifts to the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. If you have time, can you help me deliver them? Another thing, all those gifts have a seal upon them that will untie itself after five days." Venerable White smiled and pointed at the pile of gift boxes.

"Those are all gifts?" True Monarch White Crane swallowed a mouthful of saliva and had a strange ideashould it keep the gifts for itself? After all, these were gifts from Senior White! With Senior White's handwriting on it! It really wished to store them away in its palace.

However, Senior White had told itself to help him deliver them. If it were to take all of them for itself, wouldn't Senior White become angry?

In that case I should first deliver each gift. Five days later, when the seal unties itself, I'll visit those fellow daoists again and retrieve the empty boxes. After all, Senior White's handwriting is on them. The boxes themselves are a precious treasure!

"Senior White, leave it to me! As long as those fellow daoists aren't closing up, I'll surely deliver the gifts! I can assure you that I'll complete the task within three days!" True Monarch White Crane guaranteed.

"You can take your leave then. After the mission is completed, I'll give you another pleasant surprise," Venerable White said calmly.

"Senior, you're too good!" True Monarch White Crane said with tears streaming down its face. It stretched out its hand and waved it in the air. Next, all the gifts started to hover in the air and gathered beside its body.

"Senior, I'm going. I'll swiftly deliver these gifts. I'll call you once I'm finished with the mission!" True Monarch White Crane said loudly.

Afterward, it flapped its six wings and soared into the sky with the gift boxes it went away as quickly as it came.

While flying in the sky, it suddenly remembered another matterit forgot to inquire about that fellow daoist named Song Shuhang.

Although he had been staying together with Senior White, he wasn't affected by his charm. It was something inconceivable and extremely wrong!

Forget it I'll give him a free pass this time.

It was planning to have a good talk with this fellow daoist the next time they met. It had to let him understand just how charming and beautiful Senior White was!

All living things in this world should submit to Senior White's infinite charm... no exceptions were allowed!

At this time, Song Shuhang was in the tent, trembling.

I almost forgot, all those pictures with different hairstyles were really dazzling. I carefully saved each of those seventy or so emotes. I'm planning to enlarge them and hang them in my palace so that I can look at your beautiful appearance every day. This sentence True Monarch White Crane said was still echoing in his mind.

Although he had more or less guessed that Senior White's strange behavior was possibly due to the contents of the file Soft Feather sent in the group chat, he still hoped in his heart that the expression package had nothing to do with Senior White's pictures. Or perhaps, that there were only one or two of Senior White's pictures inside.

People were always like this. Whenever they faced a hopeless situation, they would bury their heads underground, hoping that things would get better by themselves

But now, True Monarch White had shattered the last hope Shuhang had left.

An expression package with seventy or so pictures of Senior White.

Song Shuhang knew that he had f*cked up!

He cautiously turned his head and shot a glance at Venerable White. He wanted to see how his current mood was.

Venerable White was patting his white clothes, and as though he felt Song Shuhang's vision, he turned his head and looked at him.

Afterward, he faintly smiled at Shuhang. This smile was very gentle, enough to warm one's heart.