Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 349

Chapter 349 Change Of Plans Change The Distance Of The Tsunami To Fifty Meters
Chapter 349: Change of plans, change the distance of the tsunami to fifty meters
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Very soon, Venerable White found out why Tyrant Flood Dragon's daughter was named Yu Jiaojiao.

A very adorable pink fish, about the size of a palm, climbed next to Venerable White yes, she climbed next to Venerable White.

On the sides of this very adorable fish were four small cute claws. At the top of her head, she had a tiny flood dragon horn. On the whole, she looked like an 'axolotl', but her body was that of a real fish her tail was wrapped around a similarly small and exquisite phone.

'Is she a flood dragon with fish bloodline? Or a fish with flood dragon bloodline? Oh, no wonder she's named Yu Jiaojiao. She was actually a fish with a flood dragon bloodline.' 1

That was also to say, Yu Jiaojiao's mother should also be a monster fish? From the looks of it, fellow daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon's wives were of different species and in order to get eleven sons and establish a football team, fellow daoist Tyrant Flood Dagon really did his utmosteven the boundary of species was unable to stop him.

After climbing next to Venerable White, Yu Jiaojiao asked in a cute voice, "Excuse me, are you Senior White?" Her voice was very soft and gentle, which was perfect for the voiceover for small and cute animals in animated cartoons.

Venerable smiled and nodded his head, reaching out the palm of his hand.

Yu Jiaojiao climbed onto Venerable White's hand and intimately rubbed her face against his palm.

Before she came, her father had briefly introduced certain unique aspects of Senior Whitesuch as his irresistible charm, his irresistible charm, or his irresistible charm

In any case, according to what her father said, no living or sentient thing could resist Senior White's charm. Therefore, he told her to mentally prepare herself before meeting him.

She'd indeed managed to mentally prepare herself, but the moment she laid her eyes on Venerable White, she subconsciously developed a desire to be intimate with him and instinctively got closer to him. For an instant, she felt as though the warm feeling she was getting from Senior White was far stronger than the one she used to get from her father.

Luckily, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon wasn't like a certain other Venerable, or else he would have cried himself to sleep.

When Venerable White held her, he sensed the realm she was atthe peak of the Third Stage. From the looks of it, she was only a step away from reaching the Fourth Stage.

Yu Jiaojiao was born in the past 100 years. The lifespan of monster cultivators was extremely long, but comparatively, their cultivation speed before they got to the Fifth Stage Golden Core and gained the ability to transform into human form was several times slower than that of human cultivators.

For Yu Jiaojiao to raise her power to the peak of the Third Stage within a mere 100 years meant she wasn't inferior to the geniuses of the Nine Provinces Number One Group such as 'Su Clan's Sixteen' or 'Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather'.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, "Senior White, may I ask what are your requirements for the size of the tsunami and the affected area? Also, would you like it to sweep underwater as well?"

Although Yu Jiaojiao was in the Third Stage Realm, she had the bloodline of a flood dragon, and flood dragons could innately overturn the seas and the rivers. Even a mere small First Stage flood dragon could create huge waves upon entering a river or sea.

A normal tsunami was usually caused by an underwater earthquake or from the eruption of an underwater volcano. Its speed could reach up to 600-1000 km/h with waves up to fifty meters in height. Its enormous power could flatten all the things in front of it.

However, Venerable White needed a powerful tsunami with huge, tall waves affecting only a small area. He was obviously targeting something or someone.

"I want the tsunami to be at the maximum strength you are capable of controlling, and as for the affected area as long as you stop the tsunami a hundred meters away from the small island, it will do Oh right, avoid damage to the environment," advised Venerable White.

"Senior, when do you need the tsunami to start churning huge waves?" asked Yu Jiaojiao.

Venerable White looked at the nearby island. "Hm, let's do it after a few interesting people make their appearance."

His gaze penetrated through the layers of sea water and saw the scene of Song Shuhang swimming happily under the sea as well as a submarine that was silently waiting in the area behind the reef, a hundred meters away from Song Shuhang.

Good, they are here.

"Jiaojiao, you can start your preparations. Wait for my cue oh." Halfway through his speech, Venerable White suddenly smiled and said, "Change of plans, change the distance to fifty meters and make it as big as possible, till everything gets swept up onto the island."

The distance of the tsunami suddenly changed from a hundred meters to fifty... Song Shuhang was done for.

On the submarine.

Wolf One, Bull Two, and the others anxiously looked toward a faraway place.

Yesterday, Snake Twenty-Three stayed up all night to devise five plans, including several ways to lure Song Shuhang or the small monk out of the island.

Thereafter, he also tried to figure out a way to avoid bumping into the powerful pekingese, or that other cultivator decked in white that was the scariest of all.

As for capturing Song Shuhang or the small monk, he had come up with around fifteen different methods.

On the whole, Snake Twenty-Three had already inferred and thought about the all possible changes they might face when capturing their targets.

The five plans seemed to be perfect and without flaws!

But little did he expect that the plans did not adjust to the changes fast enough.

Song Shuhang had already swum out of the island by himself this was something outside of Snake Twenty-Three's expectations.

However, this unexpected change was a good one. At least it would save them the trouble of using one of their tactics to lure the young man or the small monk out.

"Go, follow Snake Twenty-Three's earlier plan to surround and capture him. Take the tranquilizer with you and make sure to dose it correctlythe young man is a First Stage cultivator after all. Directly use the dose you would use for an elephant. Erm actually, multiply it by five. Cultivators don't die that easily anyway," said Wolf One.

Snake Twenty-Three added, "Make sure you surround him properly and don't let him escape. If needed, you can use the tranquilizer immediatelyas long as you keep him alive in exchange for Whale Eight and Shark Nine it's all good."

Their tranquilizers were personally crafted by Hawk Six; the firing range would decrease by a lot underwater, but its power remained as impressive as ever.

Hence, Wolf One led the way. Apart from Snake Twenty-Three and Sheep Seven who needed to hold the fort and oversee everything on the submarine, the rest of the members followed Wolf One and set out.

Wolf One and the rest were pretty successful at first; they managed to hide their tracks and stealthily surrounded Song Shuhang. Since they were in this line of work for a long time and had a lot of experience, their ability to cover their tracks and scent was impressive!

The next moment, Song Shuhang, who was originally chasing a sea turtle, suddenly stopped even though he did not see or sense the presence of Wolf One and the others surrounding him, Song Shuhang felt a strong foreboding that several pairs of eyes were fixed on him, spying on him and following each and every one of his movements.

Peeping toms?

Hence, Song Shuhang swam in the direction of the island without any hesitation.

"We must not let him escape, shoot him with the tranquilizer!" Wolf One shouted loudly!