Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Do Not Be Embarrassed Reply To Me Loudly
Chapter 35: Do not be embarrassed, reply to me loudly!

North Rivers Loose Practitioner suggested: Therefore, I suggest that you stealthily let people close to you consume this only after you have reached a certain level of strength, and have more than enough for your own use. Furthermore, during this process, I need to emphasize a few points.

Before you have enough strength to protect yourself, try not to let your identity as a cultivator be discovered, to avoid misfortune to you and your family. These arent just empty words to scare you, because the number of people who were harmed by this issue from ancient times till now is large enough to form a circle around the earth. Therefore, before you let your family and friends take the Body Tempering Liquid, you need to first find a rational excuse to conceal the source and medicinal effect of the Body Tempering Liquid.

Song Shuhang nodded, he understood this point. The heart to harm somebody mustnt be owned, yet the heart to guard mustnt be lacking in vigilance.

Furthermore, Body Tempering Liquid isnt something that just anybody could consume. Before consuming the Body Tempering Liquid, the persons body must have adequate amounts of qi and blood. If one is too old, and have declined in qi and blood, they absolutely must not consume the Body Tempering Liquid, otherwise they might forfeit their lives. In ordinary circumstances, even when sects give this to their disciples to consume, they would first let the disciples work out for several months or even half a year, increasing the qi and blood in their bodies to reach its peak before consumption. North Rivers Loose Practitioner patiently explained.

Song Shuhang heard what was said, and couldnt help but feel at a loss. Daddy and Mommy Song had already passed their years of youth and vigor, their qi and blood had already begun to decline, in that case, wouldnt they be unable to consume Body Tempering Liquid in any fashion?

Come to think of it, little friend Shuhang, you consumed the Body tempering Liquid, yet youre completely fine, you exercise often dont you? North Rivers Loose Practitioner suddenly thought as he asked.

Erm I used to maintain a certain intensity of training. However, due to various reasons, I havent been training regularly for the past year. Song Shuhang was a bit ashamed to admit.

Didnt exercise for over a year? Did you feel unwell in any way when you took the Body Tempering Liquid? North Rivers Loose Practitioner was a little shocked. If that was really the case, then Song Shuhangs body was either ridiculously gifted, or

Song Shuhang: I didnt feel unwell at all, other than the burning feeling in my throat at the start, all I felt was comfort and abundance of energy.

Interesting, little friend Shuhang, I want to ask you a question, dont be embarrassed and answer me loudly. North Rivers Loose Practitioner said, Have you had a girlfriend before?

This change of topic was really quick, what does consuming Body Tempering Liquid have to do with having a girlfriend?

Furthermore, theres nothing embarrassing about this question, right?

Song Shuhang replied: Ive just entered university a short time ago, and havent found one.

Which means youve never used it(broken your body)? Youre still a virgin? North Rivers Loose Practitioner asked bluntly.

Song Shuhang: Why is it that the way you ask questions makes me feel as if youre mocking me?

Yo, youre indeed a virgin. Hahaha, I was just being a little crude, seems like you prefer the more tactful way of enquiry? Then Ill ask you again. North Rivers Loose Practitioner chuckled: Have you been like King Kong, striking airplanes at the summit of the Empire State Building for the woman you like?

[TL: Striking airplanes = wank]

This is not tactful at all!! Thats an old joke from twenty years ago, any ordinary person would be able to understand it from a glance! Song Shuhang uttered vulgarities: Also, why is it King Kong? Senior North River, are you so free to go watch movies?

Well, Im one of the more progressive ones in the group. Answer me, dont dodge the question, have you been striking airplanes? North Rivers Loose Practitioner said: Youngster, do not be shy, loudly speak out the answer.

No. Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and typed out a single word. Because of a shameful dark history, it had led him away from imitating King Kong till today. That dark history should not be mentioned, the moment he thinks of it he would feel like rolling on the floor.

Yo, this young man has a great future. North Rivers Loose Practitioner laughed out loud: The last question, in your dreams, have you dreamt of grasslands?

What? Song Shuhang was unable to keep up with North Rivers Loose Practitioners rhythm of changing topics. Previously he was still asking if Im a virgin, in the next moment he asked about dreams and grasslands, what does this have to do with having taken the Body Tempering Liquid?

You see? If I really turn tactful, you arent able to understand, right? Its better if I give it to you straight, have you been having wet dreams? Youre no longer young, youre at the appropriate age for this arent you? North Rivers Loose Practitioner was actually still playing crude jokes.

Song Shuhang truly didnt want to answer this question, but he still summoned up the courage to reply, Alright, I dont think Ive experienced a dream of grasslands. However, my body is definitely healthy, Im also only eighteen, having that whatever from sometime between sixteen to twenty is normal. Even if I have it a little later it wont be a problem!

What are you dragging on and on about? I didnt say your body isnt healthy. North Rivers Loose Practitioner said, All I wanted to say is, as I expected, you have yet to discharge your original Yang, and still have a pure and untainted body. Therefore, even if you hadnt engaged in physical activity for over a year, by relying on your pure and untainted body, you managed to overcome it. You should be glad that you hadnt learnt from King Kong before, and didnt discharge your original Yang. Otherwise, your rash action of swallowing the Body Tempering Liquid might have caused your body to explode and then, death. Its a real exploding body, blood will pour out of the body, and bang the body will explode open yknow! North Rivers Loose Practitioner laughed as he said.

All Song Shuhang felt at this time was that he really wanted to strangle North Rivers Loose Practitioner.

Geez. Copper Trigrams Immortal Master popped out, and deeply sighed, Actually, little friend Shuhang, although I find it very interesting to watch this fella North River lead you by the nose to reveal all kinds of embarrassing things, I cannot help but to advise you something.

Dont you know that the chatting software has a function called private message?

Song Shuhang felt like crying very much.

After that, Song Shuhang chatted in the group for a little longer, then bade farewell to the Seniors in the group and went offline.

At this time, Copper Trigrams Immortal Master sent a private message to North Rivers Loose Practitioner, North River, why did you recommend little friend Shuhang to cultivate in the way of loose cultivators? You and I are both began as loose cultivators, as to how difficult the path of cultivation is for loose cultivators, you should know this very well!

He was fully aware of the difficulties of being a loose cultivator, so he couldnt understand why North Rivers Loose Practitioner recommended Shuhang the way of loose cultivators. Isnt it better if he directly recommended Shuhang to join one of the group members sect?

North Rivers Loose Practitioner sighed, Of course, I cannot be more clear about it, being a loose cultivator is as difficult as going to heaven. If it were possible, I also wouldnt want to recommend little friend Shuhang the way of loose cultivators.

Copper Trigrams Immortal Master creased his brows, Then why did you still recommend it? In our group there are numerous sects. Besides, many daoist friends in the group possesses high standing in their sects, if they were to recommend him, it wouldnt be difficult to find a suitable place for little friend Shuhang.

Because of his age. North Rivers Loose Practitioner explained, Dont forget Song Shuhangs age. He is already eighteen, to ordinary people, this is still the starting point of life. But to us cultivators, it is already way past the optimal age for foundation building.

In present day, the publicly accepted optimal age for foundation building is between four and five years old. At that age, the childs muscles and bones are still soft, more importantly, that mouthful of Xiantian true qi from the fetus would still be there. Once the child succeeded at foundation building, they would be able to absorb this mouthful of Xiantian true qi, laying down a firm foundation for cultivation. With this mouthful of Xiantian true qi, before they hit the 3rd Stage, they practically wont encounter any bottleneck!

But children of that age range have weak bodies, and their total amount of qi and blood arent enough. Therefore, even among the cream of the crop disciples chosen by sects, not every single person will be able to complete foundation building between four to five years old.

Four to five years was the best period for foundation building, while the maximum age cannot exceed eight years old.

Once one passes eight years old, the Xiantian true qi brought out from the fetus would completely dissipate. Once this chance is missed, there will never be a chance to get it back again. Without this breath of Xiantian true qi, even if one builds ones foundation, cultivation would be fraught with difficulties. The required amount of time and resources spent on every advancement would be fifty percent or more than those who completed their foundation building before eight.

And Song Shuhang being eighteen years old means exceeding eight by a whole ten years!