Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Senior White Lets Shoot A Movie
Chapter 351: Senior White, lets shoot a movie!
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Song Shuhang had finally understood what the sentence 'tears flying in the wind' meant.

Although the coiling flight feature was scary, the rocket-style feature wasn't inferior to it at all. Shuhang felt as though he had a missile in his butt that was continuously pushing him upward, higher and higher.

The fearful thing was that the speed he was flying at wasn't fixed. The speed of the 'disposable Song Shuhang 001' was 'fluctuating'!

In other words, after he had flown for a certain period of time, the speed would start decreasing until reaching the minimum threshold. After reaching the threshold and having accumulated enough energy, it would propel Song Shuhang once more, making him speed up again.

Slow~ fast~ slow~ fast~ it was a beautiful cycle of never-ending happiness.

Song Shuhang was even thinking of using Lady Onion's signature move, the 500 Ways to Surrender to a Human Cultivator You're Unable to Defeat, to beg for forgiveness from Senior White. Too bad he didn't get the chance. Soon after, Shuhang had flown so high that he was about to touch the clouds I won't directly fly into space, right?

He would surely die if he were to go into space! He was currently in a defenseless state and had nothing to protect himself with. Wouldn't he die if he were to catch fire due to the friction? Or perhaps he would directly freeze due to the cold air?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang saw a sword light approach from below with a 'pew~' sound. Next, it arrived beneath his feet and supported his body.

At this time, the energy of the 'disposable Song Shuhang 001' also seemed to have been used up, stopping Shuhang from going any higher.

Song Shuhang immediately calmed down.

The flying sword supported Song Shuhang, and since it was already high up in the sky, it didn't make use of its coiling flight feature. However, it still diligently used its meteor-like effect and slowly brought Song Shuhang downward toward Venerable White's position.

The fact that there was no 'parachute style landing' made Song Shuhang heave a sigh of relief.

But when he thought that he was going to land next to Venerable White, Shuhang started to get somewhat uneasy after all, Soft Feather had sent in the group chat seventy or so emotes of Senior White! If he were to land next to Senior White and Senior White was still angry, wouldn't he develop very soon a disposable Song Shuhang 002 edition, or even 003 edition?

No, I mustn't resign myself to death!

I'll gain the upper hand by seizing the initiative! Should I apologize to Senior White as soon as I see him? No, perhaps it's already too late for that I should try to divert his attention, then!

But how should I divert his attention?

Song Shuhang operated his brain at full speed until he suddenly got an idea.

That's it!

When he returned home for summer vacation and Papa Song discovered all those certificates, didn't he tell him that they were stage props for a small movie he was going to shoot?

Moreover, he said that he was going to shoot it before the end of the year.

...At first, Song Shuhang was planning to ask the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group if there was someone with a movie or television-related business amongst them.

There was no need for it to be a professional production. He just needed the seniors to send over a minor director to shoot a casual movie where he and his friends could act as the main characters. After they were done with the shooting, he would show it to his family members and make them happy, that was it.

Therefore, Song Shuhang had a sudden epiphanywould Senior White be interested in shooting a movie?

After this epiphany, his mind was full of ideas.

If Senior White was willing to act in the movie, whether or not he was playing the role of the main character, didn't he just need to stand in front of the camera and smile to sell billions of tickets?

Moreover, if they were really shooting a movie, they could let Senior White play all kinds of different roles.

Perhaps this idea could really work.

Therefore, as soon as he was going land next to Senior White, Song Shuhang was planning to take the initiative and ask him to shoot a movie together!

Below, on the small island.

Yu Jiaojiao blinked her lovely little eyes and asked in a soft voice, "Senior White, what condition do you have? Please, do tell."

Venerable White said calmly, "I want a drop of your blood essence, as well as let another person experience the 'shapeshifting dragon gate' together with you. Of course, he won't influence you in any way. He'll just stand below the gate and try to comprehend the entire process."

Yu Jiaojiao hesitateda drop of blood essence wasn't a big deal, but letting someone else experience the 'shapeshifting dragon gate' with her made her anxious.

Although Venerable White said that it wouldn't influence her, just the fact that an unrelated person was experiencing the shapeshifting dragon gate with her was enough to increase the difficulty.

The shapeshifting dragon gate was indeed an extremely good opportunity, but it wasn't devoid of dangers. Moreover, Yu Jiaojiao would also have to face the heavenly tribulation while trying to jump through the gate!

The heavenly tribulation was a very personal matter, and if someone were to interfere in the process, the might of the tribulation would increase severalfold.

It was precisely because of this that Seven didn't dare to help Sixteen when she was facing the heavenly tribulation, and only when there was no other choice did he disperse the heavenly tribulation and saved Sixteen's life.

Yu Jiaojiao's life as a cultivator was at stake here, and a single mistake could lead to a lifelong regret. Therefore, she had to carefully decide and not make haste.

Venerable White faintly smiled. This was precisely what he wanted to see. The fact that Yu Jiaojiao didn't choose immediately proved that she was a meticulous girl. Therefore, he felt even more relieved in letting Song Shuhang experience the shapeshifting dragon gate with her.

Venerable White smiled and continued in a gentle voice, "Of course, I know that letting him experience the shapeshifting dragon gate together with you will slightly increase the strength of your heavenly tribulation. Therefore, as an extra, I can give you another guarantee."

"A guarantee?" Yu Jiaojiao blinked and asked out of curiosity.

Venerable White raised his index finger and said, "I can guarantee that even if your attempt to jump through the shapeshifting dragon gate were to fail, you would come out unscathed! Your realm and strength won't drop even after failing. Once you've rested enough, I can give you another opportunity to experience the shapeshifting dragon gate. Of course, I'll provide the materials for the second try!"

These conditions were truly generous!

"Senior White this proposal of yours seems impossible to refuse," Yu Jiaojiao saidshe was basically getting an extra opportunity to experience the shapeshifting dragon gate. If she could jump through the gate, it would be awesome. If she were to fail, she could try a second time for free.

Wouldn't she be stupid to refuse such good terms?

"In that case, it's settled." Venerable White stretched his hand out and waved it. The flying sword carrying Song Shuhang quickly descended and arrived next to them...