Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Twin Dragons Shapeshifting Gate
Chapter 353: Twin-dragons shapeshifting gate!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"A very rare opportunity? The shapeshifting dragon gate?" Song Shuhang's body unknowingly shivered. Lately, he was quite sensitive toward the words 'dragon' and 'gate'. In the last two days, these dragon gates made him experience things he wouldn't forget for the rest of his life.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quickly tried to change the topic of conversation, asking, "You said you could assume a half-human and half-fish form? Like a mermaid?"

"Correct, a half-human and half-fish form," Yu Jiaojiao said self-satisfied. Just like monster snakes, half-human and half-fish monsters were also very famous in old Chinese stories.

"Cool, I'll look forward to it," Song Shuhang said. "At the time, we must take a group photo!"

He felt that taking a group photo with a mermaid would be rather cool.

"Sure," Yu Jiaojiao saidsince she had the opportunity to experience the shapeshifting dragon gate twice, she would use the first opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, and the second one to break through!

"You two seem to be in pretty good condition." Venerable White stretched his hand and revealed two medicinal pills, which he gave to Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao.

Song Shuhang took the pill in his hands. It didn't seem to be a qi and blood pill. What kind of medicinal pill was it?

Venerable White explained, "Yu Jiaojiao, give a drop of your blood essence to Shuhang first. Then, eat the medicinal pill to replenish the consumed physical strength and mental energy. I want the both of you to prepare and be in your optimal condition."

Yu Jiaojiao stretched her small claw and poked it with her other claw, her look distressed. Afterward, a drop of pale-golden blood essence dripped from the tip of her claw.

Venerable White gently flicked his finger, stopping the gold blood essence in midair.

"Shuhang, open your mouth," Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang subconsciously opened his mouth. Soon after, the golden drop of blood entered his mouth, directly sliding into his belly.

Is this the same as Lady Onion's tender shoot? A powerful tonic? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However, he didn't feel any earth-shaking change in his body after swallowing the drop of blood down. His body didn't increase in size, ripping his clothes apart, and he didn't obtain dozens of years' worth of knowledge about cultivation techniques either.

After swallowing the blood essence, he felt that there was a strange connection between him and Yu Jiaojiao nowit was a familiar feeling.

There was a similar connection between Song Shuhang and the ghost spirit in his Heart Aperture. The only problem was that the connection between Shuhang and the ghost spirit would often get interrupted. But as time went on, the duo had almost completed their synchronization, and once it was complete, his ghost spirit would get upgraded.

"Good. Now, take the pills and adjust your condition. Yu Jiaojiao, bring all the materials, offerings, and spirit stones needed here. I'll immediately create the shapeshifting dragon gate for you," Venerable White said self-satisfied.

Yu Jiaojiao's eyes lit up. She waited for this day for decades!

After taking the pill, she said, "Senior, I'll go take the materials for the shapeshifting dragon gate. I'll come back immediately."

In the next moment, she leapt with all her might and changed into a ten meters long red-colored huge fish while in midair. Her four small and cute claws enlarged and changed into the claws of a flood dragon, sharp and dreadful.

After seeing Yu Jiaojiao's sudden transformation, Song Shuhang almost choked on his pillthere was just too much difference between her previous cute self and her new form!

Do all cute creatures have ferocious and dreadful true bodies?

After swallowing the medicinal pill with much difficulty, Song Shuhang sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, starting to contemplateonce he heard about the 'shapeshifting dragon gate', he couldn't help but connect it to the fish jumping through the dragon gate.

Therefore, he was sure that it wouldn't be a joyous experience since he had no leeway to refuse, he could only prepare himself and face the challenge with everything he had.

On a side, Venerable White shot a last glance at the sandy beach.

Wolf One and company were still lying on the sandy beach like corpses. That huge tsunami had consumed all their strength. After the monster energy that Yu Jiaojiao mixed within the waters of the tsunami penetrated their bodies, it was difficult for them to recover within a short period of time.

Venerable White called out softly, "Doudou~"

Doudou yawned and came out of the ten, heading toward Senior White together with the small monk.

"Help me keep an eye on these guys. Don't kill them and don't let them escape," Venerable White said with a smile. "I need them to bait the big fish hiding in the shadows."

After hearing Venerable White's words, Wolf One's heart twitched.

"Senior White, don't worry. With me here, none of them will be able to escape," Doudou said as his body inflated, changing into a five meters long monster dog. The monster energy inside his body was unleashed and exploded with all its might.

Wolf One and company secretly cursed in their hearts. This pekingese is absolutely a monster beast of the Fourth Stage or above!

It was over, they had no way of escaping.

The small monk squatted beside Doudou with a curious expression on his face, staring at Rabbit Twenty-Eight.

After Guoguo stared at her for a while, Rabbit Twenty-Eight started to feel nervous.

After seeing Guoguo's appearance, Doudou teased him, "Guoguo, do you like that girl?"

The small monk joined his palms together and said, "Senior Doudou, don't speak irresponsibly. Buddhist monks aren't like this. I was just curious."

"Curious? About what?" Doudou asked in puzzlement.

"Although that benefactor is dressed up like a woman, and resembles one too, how come they have no swelling around the breast area? Therefore, I started to wonder if they were one those legendary 'transvestites' that people talk about on the net. This is what got me curious," the small monk explained to Doudou with a serious expression on his face.

Doudou shot a glance at Rabbit Twenty-Eight's chest. Yeah, it was indeed a bit flat.

"You might be right. Hey, you. Are you a transvestite?" Doudou asked.

Rabbit Twenty-Eight closed her eyes with a bitter expression on her face. Transvestite your sister! Transvestite your eighteen generations! I became like this due to the technique I practice, ok? It's already a sad story, so stop poking at my sore spot!

Around three minutes later.

The sea started to churn once more, and the huge fish version Yu Jiaojiao emerged from the water. She was carrying a large number of materials on her back.

If she hadn't changed into this ten meters long form, she wouldn't have been able to bring all the materials back!

"Senior White, all the materials needed for the shapeshifting dragon gate are here," Yu Jiaojiao said as she placed the materials on the ground.

After hearing Yu Jiaojiao's voice, Song Shuhang opened his eyes, ending his meditation. Thanks to the medicinal pill, he was now in perfect condition.

The nearby Senior White faintly smiled and nodded. "You two, get ready."

After saying this much, he stepped into the void, ascending to the sky step by step. All the materials Yu Jiaojiao had brought along started hovering and followed Venerable White into the sky.

While flying toward Venerable White's position, the materials started to slowly merge together.

After merging together, they gave birth to two lifelike dragons in the air. The two dragons faced each other and bent their bodies, forming a gate.