Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 355

Chapter 355 One Step Away
Chapter 355: One step away!
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"A package?" Fairy Lychee had a confused expression on her face. Recently, she hadn't bought any treasure or another article from the 'cultivators' marketplace'. As for the things bought in the world of mortals, they would be delivered to her residence in a small town 50 km away from here. She entrusted another person to accept the deliveries in her stead.

Although confused, Fairy Lychee still went to the door to receive the package.

After opening the door, she saw a six-winged angel with a face shrouded in holy light.

As soon as she saw White Crane, she got the impulsion to throw a Lightning Palm in its faceFairy Lychee had a very bad relationship with western aboriginal deities. When the two parties met, they would immediately start fighting.

"So, you're Fairy Lychee. Senior White asked me to deliver you this gift. Please accept it." True Monarch White Crane took out an exquisite wooden box with the words 'Fairy Lychee' written on it.

"Senior White?" Fairy Lychee received the wooden box, her confusion even greater. After hearing 'Senior White', the first person she recalled to mind was the most handsome person in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Venerable White.

However, why would Venerable White suddenly send her a gift?

"Right, Senior White said that there is a seal on the wooden box, and it will untie itself five days later. Wait, it should be four days now! The seal would untie itself in four days, and you'll be able to enjoy the super big surprise inside the box!" True Monarch White Crane explained.

Fairy Lychee blinked a few times. "The seal will untie itself in four days? And there is a super big surprise inside?"

"Yes! A super big surprise!" True Monarch White Crane faintly smiled and said, "Fairy Lychee, I need to deliver the gifts to the other fellow daoists in the group too. See you!"

After saying this much, it looked inside its cosmos bag. There was still a big pile of undelivered gifts inside.

Most of the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group lived in secluded places, and some of them had their immortal caves in independent secret realms. Therefore, it was quite the task to deliver the gifts in time. Being a courier wasn't easy these days!

"You have to deliver gifts to other fellow daoists too?" Fairy Lychee tilted her head and asked, "Are you saying that Venerable White prepared gifts for several fellow daoists in the group?"

"Yes! Many fellow daoists got their share, myself included. It's such a joyous occasion," True Monarch White Crane said with a satisfied face while pointing at the box hanging around its waist.

After seeing the gift hanging around White Crane's waist, Fairy Lychee quietly noddedit seemed that Senior White had decided to send gifts to the fellow daoists he was familiar with after coming out of secluded meditation.

In the past, there had been other cases where seniors sent gifts to their juniors after coming out of secluded meditation. It wasn't any different than an elderly person giving money to kids on New Year.

Next, True Monarch White Crane cupped its hand and said, "Fairy Lychee, I'll take my leave now. I still have many gifts to deliver!"

"Fellow Daoist White Crane, I wish you a safe trip!" Fairy Lychee also cupped her hands and gazed at the leaving True Monarch White Crane.

After it disappeared on the horizon, she took her phone and went into the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

After two days of unrestrained flooding, the fellow daoists in the group had somewhat calmed down and weren't spamming Senior White's emotes as much as before.

But although the spam had decreased, emotes would frequently pop out during conversations.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Now then, the 'flying sword competition' is about to start, isn't it? :senior_white_smile:"

Northern River was still using the :senior_white_look_down: emote as his profile picture.

This picture gave him a really good feeling while chatting with Immortal Master Copper Trigramtoo bad that Copper Trigram was also using the same profile picture. While chatting, they would continuously feel as though the opposite party was looking down on them. After a while, the atmosphere would tense up, making him wish that he could beat Copper Trigram to death without waiting for the battle at the summit of the forbidden city.

Moreover, it seemed that Copper Trigram was busy acting as a matchmaker for True Monarch Yellow Mountain's subordinate, 'Heaven Shrouding Hook' Zhou Li. Although fortune telling and matchmaking were closely related since ancient times this shady fortune teller was giving everyone a bad feeling! He wasn't going to ruin everything, was he?

Just as he was in deep thought, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber sent a message. "Is there any fellow daoist in the group that wants to participate in the flying sword competition for some extra fun?"

In the group chat, there were fellow daoists of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Stages. Therefore, there was always someone that would participate in the three categories of the flying sword competition.

And although it was called 'flying sword competition', there were no restrictions on the weapons you could ride.

Sabers, rods... even hammers were fine. As long as you were fast enough and using something akin to a sword controlling technique, you could participate in the competition.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "There should be many fellow daoists participating. Unfortunately, I'm busy with work lately, and I won't be able to join in the fun."

Fairy Lychee scrolled through the chat logs and wrote, "I'll participate. This time, I'll participate in the 'sword flight competition' reserved for people of the Sixth Stage Realm and compare my speed with the seniors!"

"In the 'sword flight competition' for people of the Sixth Stage Realm? " Northern River's Loose Cultivator opened his eyes wide and wrote, "Fairy Lychee, when did you exactly break through the Sixth Stage Realm? :senior_white_surprised:"

How come there wasn't any sound or other trace of the heavenly tribulation in the sky if she broke through from the Fifth to the Sixth Stage? Fairy Lychee had clearly the same cultivation realm as him before!

Fairy Lychee replied, "After I went to the West to kill that aboriginal deity, I got a sudden enlightenment while in its special dimension and broke through in there. Since I spent quite some time abroad, I continuously stayed in secluded meditation after returning to China in order to consolidate my realm. :senior_white_shy:"

"..." Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

"Right, I almost forgot. I came here for another matter." Fairy Lychee took a photo of the wooden box Venerable White sent and uploaded it in the group chat.

"True Monarch White Crane just delivered this gift from Venerable White. This gift is quite mysterious, and it seems it will open only after four days. Venerable White said that there is a surprise inside. What gift do you think it is? And is there any other fellow daoist that received it?" Fairy Lychee asked.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "Oh, Fairy Lychee also received that gift. I got one as well."

True Monarch Fallout: "I also got the gift and the seal on my gift will also disappear in four days."

Fairy Dongfang Six: "Same here!"

Great Master Profound Principle: ""

Additionally, the number of people that were receiving gifts was continuously increasing.

"So many fellow daoists received a similar gift?" Fairy Lychee felt relieved. It seemed that Senior White was giving gifts to everyone; there seemed to be no other meaning behind it.

In the meantime, on a lone island in the East China Sea.

Yu Jiaojiao emitted a long dragon cry. At this time, blood was dripping from all over her body, and there were tens of wounds on her body that had reached the bones.

Currently, she was only one meter away from the dragon gate!

It was a distance she could cover with one step. After taking this step forward, she would be able to pass through the dragon gate and assume a half-human and half-fish form!