Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 356

Chapter 356 A Beautiful Reverse Mermaid
Chapter 356: A beautiful reverse mermaid!
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Below the 'shapeshifting dragon gate', the spectatingSong Shuhang was extremely anxiousbased on his experience, whenever one was the closest to success, it would also be the most dangerous and difficult position to be in. Regardless of whether it was a movie, a novel, a television series, or even a game, the last step would be the most dangerous hurdle.

Perhaps when Yu Jiaojiao was about to step into the 'dragon gate', the two dragons that formed the dragon gate would suddenly attack her? Or perhaps some heavenly tribulation attack would suddenly appear within the dragon gate and send Yu Jiaojiao flying back to the starting point?

'Keep going, you must hang in there!' Song Shuhang was extremely anxious, but he did not dare to make any sound for fear of distracting Yu Jiaojiao. If Yu Jiaojiao were to return to the starting point, she would have to start all over again. Wouldn't the pain he went through via the shared senses be for nothing?

Below the dragon gate, Yu Jiaojiao let out a cry once again. In the next moment, her right claws aimed at the dragon gate, seizing it! At the same time, she used her last ounce of strength to push her enormous body and shot into the dragon gate like an arrow.

Water splashed.

Succeeded? Yu Jiaojiao successfully jumped through the dragon gate!

Below, Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide and stared at the dragon gate; he was still afraid to make any sound.

About three seconds later, the water gushing out of the dragon gate suddenly stopped! In the next moment, 'pow pow pow', the sound of crackling lighting was heard. Lightning-like light exploded from the bodies of the two dragons forming the dragon gate.

A moment later, it was as though a petrification spell was cast on their bodiesstarting from their heads, they completely turned into stone. During the process, all their energy was channeled into the gate, and then into Yu Jiaojiao's body, who was at the other end of the dragon gate.

Song Shuhang finally heaved a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, she had successfully jumped through the shapeshifting dragon gate!

In the air, Venerable White smiled and lightly tapped on the petrified dragon gate. The dragon gate broke into fragments and fell from the sky.

Yu Jiaojiao, who was supposedly on the other part of the gate, was nowhere to be seen.

"Eh? Senior White, where's Yu Jiaojiao?" Song Shuhang was puzzled.

"Don't be anxious." After saying this much, he snapped his finger once again.

Thereafter, with Venerable White at the center, a small desert started expanding, engulfing Song Shuhang within it.

It was the illusory reality!

After stepping into the familiar desert once more, Song Shuhang raised his head and looked around in an attempt to find Yu Jiaojiao.

"Over there, do you see it?" Venerable White pointed toward a certain place in the desert.

Song Shuhang immediately turned his head to look at where Venerable White was pointing at.

Thereafter, he saw itthere was a figure standing over there, beautiful yet still.

That figure had two fair jade-like legsalbeit not as slender as that of Soft Feather's, that pair of legs had the same luster as pearls and were perfect in their own way. Above those legs was a short skirt that was made of fish scales, completely covering those parts of her body that should be covered.

After seeing this much Song Shuhang did not have the heart to continue looking upward.

After monster fishes jumped through the shapeshifting dragon gate, they would be able to transform into a half-fish and half-human form... when talking about half-human and half-fish, people would immediately think of the legendary and beautiful mermaids. The top half of their body was that of an incomparably beautiful woman, and the lower half would be a lovely and colorful tail

If Yu Jiaojiao had a pair of fair, flawless jade-like legs as for how the top half of her body looked like, there was no need for guesses.

Shuhang's gaze continued to shift upwards. Indeed, Yu Jiaojiao's upper body was that of a pink fish that would look very adorable if reduced in size.

There was still a pair of sharp claws on the side of her fish body.

Just by looking only at her lower body, it was very beautiful. Her upper body, on the other hand, was very adorable. But when both were combined together it would have a forceful impact on one's eyes.

As it turned out a half-fish and half-human form did not necessarily have to be in the form of a 'mermaid', being a 'reverse mermaid' was also possible! Such being the case, was it possible that there were cases where the left side of the body was that of a fish and the right side that of a human?

Song Shuhang looked at Yu Jiaojiao worryinglyif her current form looked different from what she expected, would she be traumatized?

Yu Jiaojiao seemed somewhat stunned. She reached out with her claws and looked at them before bending her body and seeing her legs, not uttering a word.

Something seemed amiss; it looked different from the 'human-fish hybrid' she had in mind.

As she was thinking, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around and saw Venerable White and Song Shuhang.

"Senior White, did I successfully jump through shapeshifting dragon gate? Or was it a fail?" Yu Jiaojiao asked in puzzlement.

"You succeeded. Your current physical form is undoubtedly that of 'half-fish and half-human'," Venerable White replied assuringly. "If your current physical form is different from what you thought it'd be, don't worry. After you get to the Fifth Stage Realm and condense your Monster Core, your transformation would be complete."

"Ooh, I succeeded? Haha, I got scared for a moment!" Yu Jiaojiao laughed, her mood lightened up.

Afterward, she took a few steps in the desert using her legs. Using her legs to walk instead of four claws to crawl made her very happy.

After taking a few steps, Yu Jiaojiao happily waved at Song Shuhang and said, "Song Shuhang, quickly come over. Didn't you say you wanted to take a picture with me? Why don't we take one in the desert now!"

Seeing how Yu Jiaojiao did not look traumatized due to her physical appearance and state, Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

It made sense as well after all, Yu Jiaojiao did not belong to the human race, so her perception of beauty would be different, too. Perhaps to her, she looked extremely beautiful right now, just like a flower.

"Alright!" Song Shuhang took out his phone. Even though there was no signal, there wasn't a problem with taking a picture. At the same time, he was thankful that he'd learned the battery charging technique.

It was because of this little spell that his mobile phone could work for several days without being switched off.

However, just as Song Shuhang took two steps forward with his phone in hand, his body suddenly stiffened. While running, he realized that the qi and blood energy inside his five apertures was crazily revolving, finally rushing to his lower abdomen.

Even the ghost spirit within his body was constantly channeling the extra 'qi and blood energy' into Song Shuhang's Heart Aperture, and then channeling it into his lower abdomen via the Heart Aperture.

Such a feeling was akin to downing a hot boiling drink when one was thirsty during the cold winter. The heat was felt all the way to his abdomen area.

Song Shuhang remained frozen in place, not budging a single bit. He called out to Senior White, "Senior White, I feel that my condition right now is somewhat weird."

"Don't worry, there isn't anything weird or strange." Venerable White turned around and smiled. "Congratulations on overcoming the bottleneck of the First Stage, the 'dragon gate' and in a while, I can start calling you Second Stage True Master Song Shuhang."