Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 358

Chapter 358 A Wonderful Dream
Chapter 358: A wonderful dream
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There is something wrong with the bodies of these guys? Is it possible that they are not normal human beings?

"Right! I forgot that I could use my blood too," Song Shuhang said as he patted his forehead. Eyes could easily see others, but they would often fail to see oneself.

After saying this much, he said to Riverly Purple Mist, "In that case, can you apply the medicine to Miss Chu Chu while I drip some blood on the materials to active their medicinal properties?"

"Sure." Riverly Purple Mist nodded. After all, it wasn't that much of an effort.

Venerable White added, "I need to mark the bodies of these test subjects. After she's done treating Miss Chu Chu, fellow daoist Purple Mist can bring them away."

If one wanted to obtain the lost technique of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect, they needed to start from the bodies of these test subjects. Venerable White already had a plan.

"Sure." Riverly Purple Mist nodded.

...The number of test subjects had increased all of a sudden. Luckily, she brought a flight-type treasure along that would allow her to bring them back in one go!

Inside the tent, Chu Chu was gazing at the ceiling in a daze.

Earlier, Song Shuhang assured her that he would mention the matter about the Grievance Settling Platform to Venerable White. With his help, the Chu Family would be able to stay alive even if they were to lose the battle on the platform.

It was a pity that she couldn't help with the battle. If she had the strength, she would have crawled up from this bed and gone theredying in battle was way better than staying here and helplessly lying on the bed!

Just as her imagination was running wild, the tent opened and two figures stepped inside.

One was Song Shuhanghis shining bald head was very eye-catching amidst the sunlight.

The other was a petite girl. Her short purple hair and the red light flickering in her eyes made her resemble a demonic spirit.

Song Shuhang faintly smiled and said to Chu Chu, "Miss Chu Chu, we've come to apply the new medicine."

"New medicine?" Chu Chu gazed in puzzlement at Shuhang, and her eyes lit up a moment later. "Can this new medicine allow me to recover at a faster pace?"

Song Shuhang forced a smile and comforted her, "It won't let you recover at a faster pace, but it will eradicate potential hidden injuries that might otherwise remain. Anyway, you don't have to worry. The battle between the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School will not go as badly as you think. Don't lose hope." After all, Soft Feather was there!

Chu Chu forced a smile and said, "Sorry, I was being impatient."

Riverly Purple Mist shot a glance at Chu Chu and said, "Tsk, these injuries are quite serious. Even worse than what Medicine Master said."

"Shuhang, quickly drip some blood here. My time is limited," Riverly Purple Mist said as she unwrapped the new medicinal pasteshe wanted to return to Medicine Master's side as soon as possible!

"Sure," Song Shuhang said as he extended his arm. Then, he grabbed Broken Tyrant and made a cut on his wrist; he looked very valiant while doing so!

It was strange though. He should have felt nervous since it was his first time doing something of the sort, and yet, he made the cut skillfully and without hesitation. Had he already done something like this earlier?

After his wrist was cut, blood spurted out, falling on the medicinal paste in Purple Mist's hands.

When the blood of the male cultivator came in contact with the medicinal paste, there was a sudden change. The originally dark-colored paste became deep-red, and bubble-like things appeared on its surface. It seemed as though the whole paste had started to boil.

"Miss Purple Mist, is it enough?" Song Shuhang asked.

Riverly Purple Mist nodded and said, "It's enough."

"In that case, can you stop the bleeding?" Song Shuhang asked. He felt that he cut too deeply, blood was quickly gushing out.

Riverly Purple Mist blinked a few times. "I have no idea how to stop a bleeding."

"What?" Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide Aren't you Medicine Master's disciple? How come you don't know how to stop a bleeding?

As though she had realized what Song Shuhang was thinking, she said innocently, "I just recently switched to this profession! Moreover, I'm Medicine Master's disciple in name only. If we compare our cultivation realms, I'm slightly stronger than him."

Song Shuhang had tears streaming down his face. He covered his wrist and ran out of the tent, heading toward Venerable White as he shouted, "Senior White, save me~"

"..." Chu Chu who was lying on the bed.

Riverly Purple Mist shrugged. "And here I was wondering why he cut his wrist so deeply. I even thought that it was to act cool in front of a sick beauty."

After saying this much, Purple Mist raised the quilt and looked at Chu Chu's chest. "Heh, it's completely flat."

The corner of Chu Chu's mouth twitched.

Purple Mist started to treat the injury on Chu Chu's chest. She quickly removed the old paste and started to apply the new one. Although she had become Medicine Master's disciple not too long ago, she could easily do something as simple as applying a medicinal paste.

After the new medicine was applied, Chu Chu opened her eyes wide. A hot feeling spread from her chest, and soon after, she felt a piercing painso painful that even her eyes turned red! She could only emit a pigeon-like cooing sound.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you that the new medicinal paste would cause some pain. Endure, endure!" Riverly Purple Mist heartily laughed and even carefully covered Chu Chu with the quilt.

Chu Chu clenched her teeth. What's the point of saying it now! I already know it!

Riverly Purple Mist smiled and added, "If it's fate, we'll meet again. I have other matters to attend to and I can't accompany you any longer. If you need someone to comfort you, I can call little friend Song Shuhang and the two of you can have a heart-to-heart talk."

Little friend Song Shuhang was after all a good person, and like every good person, he had the innate talent to comfort young girls. After he had comforted the heartbroken girl, he would be conveniently added to the friend zone.

Chu Chu gasped for breath and slowly shook her head.

"In that case, rest well and try to recover from your injury. No need to overthink stuff. Things will work out by themselves. If you don't have the strength to change some things, you should let them take their own course." Before leaving, Purple Mist consoled Chu Chu a bit and stretched.

Chu Chu resisted the pain with much difficulty and heaved a sigh. "Things will work out by themselves, huh...? But wouldn't things have changed a bit if I had participated in the battle? Now, I can't even do that"

Riverly Purple Mist summoned a huge rosy cloud and put Wolf One and company on it, leaving the island.

This rosy cloud was a flight-type treasure. Although its speed couldn't be compared to that of a flying sword, its cargo capacity was much greater. One was like a racing car, the other like a big bus.

After Riverly Purple Mist left, Venerable White and the others didn't leave the small island immediately. For some unknown reason, Senior White decided to spend some more time there.

Night approached, and the moon and the stars shone brightly in the sky.

Since Venerable White decided against leaving the island, Song Shuhang and others could only pass the night there.

After saying goodnight to Doudou, Senior White, and Guoguo, Song Shuhang returned to his tent. Perhaps because he had experienced too many things today, exhaustion got him as soon as he lay on the bed. He quickly fell asleep.

After he closed his eyes and fell asleep he made a strange dream.

In the dream, he had changed into a cute and adorable little girl and was standing in the middle of the room all by himself. The room was decorated with simple things, but if you were to look carefully, you would notice that these things were somewhat old. For example, the TV was as big as a cupboard and had a black and white screen; it was currently broadcasting a stupid advertisement.

After experiencing it a few times, Song Shuhang was already used to it. As soon as he saw this lifelike dream, he knew that he had carelessly entered another dreamland and was going to experience someone else's life experiences.

Although he didn't know why he kept dreaming about other people's life experiences, he had gotten used to it by now.

Now then, after experiencing Altar Master, Li Tiansu, and Lady Onion's lives, whose life would he experience next?

Did someone curse him lately? Or did something happen on the mysterious island?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, the gentle voice of a woman echoed in his ear, "Chu Chu, it's getting late. It's time to rest."

"Teacher's wife, I just finished practicing. I'll go to sleep after I watch the TV a little." In the dream, Song Shuhang replied with the lovely voice of a little girl.

Chu Chu?

Chu Chu from the Chu Family? Does it mean that I changed into the flattened Miss Chu Chu from the nearby tent?

Why am I dreaming about her life?

I dreamt of Altar Master's experiences because he 'cursed' me...

I dreamt of Li Tiansu because the ghost spirit swallowed some of his energy and also due to the ancient bronze ring.

I dreamt of Lady Onion because I ate her green onion shoot.

But why am I dreaming of Miss Chu Chu? I don't think we have such a close relationship... and I didn't receive any 'gift' from her either.

Forget it regardless of the reason, I'm already in her dreamland.

Then, what will I experience this time?

"Take a good rest. Tomorrow, you'll start practicing the 'sword technique' handed down in our family. You must be in good condition," the woman said with a smile.

I'm going to practice the sword technique? The same sword technique that the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School are fighting over?

And Chu Chu will start practicing it tomorrow?

"Teacher's wife, I understand. I'll try to be in my best condition. I'll surely learn the sword technique and bring glory to our Chu Family!" the small Chu Chu said full of confidence as she clenched her fists.

"Ahaha, I believe you." The woman with a gentle voice patted Chu Chu's head. Chu Chu was the most outstanding disciple of the family in the last 200 years. Perhaps the family would really flourish under her leadership.

"However, let me watch some TV first. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep in peace." Chu Chu acted like a spoiled child.

The teacher's wife didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She patted Chu Chu and said, "Sure. But you aren't allowed to watch for too long go to sleep soon. If it affects your practice tomorrow, I'm sure your teacher will directly throw the TV away."

"I understand. I'll pay attention to my condition." Chu Chu made a fist.

Although I know that it's just a dream, being in the body of a little girl and using that cute voice to speak is rather creepy! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In the dream, the teacher's wife seemed to have a lot of faith in Chu Chu. After that last warning, she left Chu Chu alone in the room, not fearing that she would be mesmerized by the TV program.

The screen of the TV was somewhat dim, and the small Chu Chu was watching attentively.

Half an hour later, the TV program ended. Chu Chu switched the TV off and climbed onto the bed, quickly falling asleep.

Sleeping inside a dream...

That was a rather peculiar feeling.

In the dream, the next day.

Chu Chu got up very early in the morning and meditated to strengthen her mental energy. Afterward, she started to practice a small fist technique in the middle of her room, moving her body around and activating her qi and blood energy.

Next, her teacher's wife came over and spoiled her with a very rich breakfast.

Soon after, a man with a dignified face arrived in front of the small Chu Chu. He explained to her some matters with a serious look on his face.

This portion of the dream was all in fast-forward mode.

Unlike Lady Onion's hellish dream where he stayed as a green onion for years, Chu Chu's dream seemed rather succinct. All the daily routine matters were quickly skipped This is how these dreams should be! More content and less fillers!

Otherwise, wouldn't it be embarrassing if he had to continuously eat, drink, pee, and poop while in Chu Chu's body?

As the story went forward, Song Shuhang saw the scene change.

Finally, the dignified middle-aged man brought the small Chu Chu to a tightly guarded basement.

"Chu Chu, this room contains the greatest secret of our Chu Familyinside lies a mysterious sword technique! The origin of this sword technique is very mysterious, and even we of the Chu Family don't know its real name. Its power is incredible, and according to the senior member of the Chu Family that obtained it, it's a sword technique that can allow you to reach even the Fifth Stage Golden Core Realm! Once you enter the room, make sure to calm yourself and carefully comprehend the technique. As for how much of the technique you'll be able to comprehend, it depends on your ability. Chu Chu, go inside," the dignified man said in a grave tone.

He didn't bother to tell Chu Chu about the details of the sword technique because there was no point to it. This sword technique wasn't like those ordinary techniques that were passed down in written form!

Chu Chu silently nodded and entered the secret room.

Inside the secret room, two golden crystals were emitting light and illuminating the whole room.

After entering the room, she took a look around. Inside were only four huge canvases that were hung on the walls.

On the canvases, a green-robed cultivator was standing with his hands crossed behind the back and a short blue-colored sword on the back of his hand. Although he was only standing still, he was emitting the aura of a noble person; he was surely someone out of the ordinary.

"What?" After seeing the man in the painting, Song Shuhang was stunned for a long time.

A green daoist robe and a short blue sword...

And also that familiar look.

If he wasn't mistaken the person in the painting should be surnamed Li and named Tiansu. A loose cultivator of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm. Song Shuhang remembered that he also had a seriously ill daughter.