Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 360

Chapter 360 From Today Onwards I Wont Swear An Oath So Easily
Chapter 360: From today onwards, I wont swear an oath so easily!
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Just when did I say my thoughts out loud? Song Shuhang felt things had taken a wrong turn; being 'straightforward' was one of his merits that he had been trying to change, but he didn't expect that apart from being straightforward, he also had the tendency to accidentally spill things he had on his mind?

Song Shuhang stiffly turned his head around and made a hollow laugh. "Senior White, could it be possible what did I exactly say earlier?"

"Hehe." Senior White did not answer Song Shuhang's questionhe smiled and sipped on his tea before calmly saying, "In the midst of your dream, didn't the ghost spirit in your Heart Aperture want to get closer to the four canvases in the Chu Family's secret room? That should be because you inherited Li Tiansu's karma such being the case, you should look for an opportunity to go to the secret room and personally come in contact with the four canvases. And if you want to get closer to the room, then wouldn't it be a good idea to transform into Miss Chu Chu's appearance? I remember you have a brooch that can transform one's appearance."

So I've indeed spoken out loud earlier! At this time, Song Shuhang really wanted to slap his face as hard as he couldwas Senior White saying that he should transform into Miss Chu Chu and infiltrate the Chu Family?

Then wouldn't he have to become Miss Chu Chu for a long period, even imitating her when eating, drinking, and going to the ladies' bathroom?

No way, he definitely didn't want to do that. The topic of being a woman and living life as a woman was too perverted for his tastes.

Hence, Song Shuhang resisted for the final time and said, "Senior White, the brooch can only change one's appearance, but my aura and that of Miss Chu Chu are entirely different. If others were to sense it carefully, they would be able to tell. Hence, isn't it useless?"

"Don't worry, I will help you resolve the issues pertaining to the aura and bloodline," said Senior White as he lightly blew on the steam above his tea.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and continued looking for loopholes, "Senior I think that my build is very different from Miss Chu Chu's. Even if I look like her, when someone she is close to gets near to me, he or she would definitely notice the difference!"

"Don't worry, I can teach you a bone-shrinking technique, which is what Immortal Master Copper Trigram used to change his physique when changing appearancethere is definitely no problem." Senior White looked at Song Shuhang with a tranquil expression and said, "Do you have any other issues?"

"Senior" Song Shuhang opened his mouth, but he could not think of any other problems despite using all his brain cells.

"If there aren't any problems, then you should sleep early. It's late," Senior White said in a gentle voice. "Also, let me give you an advice do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Song Shuhang had nothing to say to that.

Song Shuhang's face was filled with tears as he ran back to his tent.

In the still of the night, most people were already asleep, but there were still some people who were working hard.

For example, extremely fast-typing internet writers, who got more inspiration at night.

Or such as a lot of present-day Chinese journalists, who had to work overtime all the time.

That was because whenever there was good news material, they had to rush to publish it first thing in the morningthe case of the airplane that was lost three days ago while flying towards the island resort in the East China Sea finally saw a new development!

It was said that the entire crew of the plane safely landed on some small island in the Pacific Ocean after the aviation accidenteven though it was not known why the passengers landed in the Pacific Ocean when the plane was headed toward the East China Sea. However, this wasn't the problem; the problem was that everyone was safe and sound!

The passengers, captain, and flight attendants all landed on a private island owned by a 'mysterious nouveau riche' in the Pacific Ocean.

Yesterday, all the passengers and flight attendants one by one contacted their family members through a private communication facility on the island and reported their safety.

They had a great time on the private island. Also, that 'mysterious nouveau riche' had guaranteed them that in a month, his luxurious private cruise would arrive at that mysterious little island.

By then, that luxurious private cruise ship would transport all the passengers and crew members back to China!

It was a piece of news that stirred up a lot of emotions.

When journalists from every big news outlet, newspaper company, and news platform made inquiries, a luxurious cruise ship had indeed started heading in the direction of the Pacific Ocean after all relevant formalities were settled the night before in Shanghai.

Evidently, that luxurious cruise ship was the one that belonged to the mysterious nouveau riche

Statements such as 'meeting a benefactor, who sent charcoal in the snowy weather', etc., were all used by reporters to describe that mysterious nouveau riche!

And on the other hand, all the relatives of the passengers and cabin crew of that plane heavily heaved a sigh of relief; the great burden resting on their shoulders had been lifted.

At this time, on the primitive island in the Pacific Ocean.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman calmly crossed out an 'oath' written in his small notebook: [I want to rescue the passengers that met with the misfortune in the vast ocean and safely send them home.]

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman remembered that entry from over twenty years agoback then, he was watching a western movie named [The cruise in the Pacific Ocean] in a theater that revolved around the plot of a sinking cruise ship and swore an oath when his brain wasn't thinking straight.

Goddammit, I was just watching a movie, why did I swear an oath? F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!!!

"Phew. Luckily, I managed to conveniently fulfill my oath in one go. There is no end to virtuous achievements, hehehe." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman put his small notebook into his cosmos bag and chuckled.

Finally, he thoughtlessly added, "I swear, I will never swear an oath so lightly again!"

After the end of his statement Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman suddenly went into a daze. Thereafter, his eyes began tearing up slightly he took out his small notebook once again and wrote a new oath: [From today onwards, I won't swear an oath so easily!]

Once again, he closed his small notebook with a lot of strength and tightly clenched his fist as hot tears trickled down his face

Inside the tent.

Song Shuhang fell asleep again...

Thereafter he entered his sweet dreamland once more.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was in the small room again. At this moment, he was making funny faces at the mirror the reflection in the mirror was little Chuchu's adorable loli face.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

The dream about 'Miss Chu Chu' has not ended? The dream even has a self-pause function!

The dreamland started again.

As the little Chu Chu understood the mysterious 'sword technique' from the hidden room, she became the treasure of the Chu family; her family poured in all kinds of resources to help her in her cultivation.

And in the later part of the dream, Song Shuhang got to know a lot of peoplehe got to know all the people Chu Chu came in contact with through the dream

Something felt amiss...