Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Quick Let Me Wake Up From This Goddamn Dream
Chapter 361: Quick, let me wake up from this goddamn dream!
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After getting to know so many members of the Chu Family and becoming familiar with Miss Chu Chu's long life experience Song Shuhang could confirm that when the sun rose the next day, he would be the person who knew Miss Chu Chu the best. Even more than her own mother!

The word 'real friend' was really fitting in this case!

Tomorrow onwards, there would be no secret between him and Miss Chu Chu!

Just thinking about that seemed pretty scary!

The dream continued.

Chu Chu was a very self-disciplined young girl. She did not fail to live up to the Chu Family's expectations. No matter how tough, she never skipped her practice, working hard every day.

Finally, after she turned eighteen, she successfully jumped through the dragon gate. The qi and blood in her body transformed from illusory to real, changing into true qi that gathered within her dantian. She thus stepped into the Second Stage True Master Realm, becoming the youngest Second Stage True Master in the history of the Chu Family!

"..." Song Shuhang.

Wait a moment, becoming a Second Stage True Master is so difficult?

Chu Chu had been practicing since she was young, completing her foundation when she was seven years old, and the 'innate true qi' within her body that came from her mother's womb did not dissipate. Under such circumstances, she still had to continuously train till the age of eighteen before successfully breaking through to the Second Stage?

Song Shuhang started counting the time he had been practicing with his fingers this year, on June 4th, 2019, he accidentally made his first 'body tempering liquid'. After that, he officially stepped into the world of cultivation with the help of the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

And today, it was currently the wee hours of July 18th. Taking everything into account, he had been a cultivator for about a month and a half

If Senior White hadn't stopped his promotion yesterday he would have already become a glorious Second Stage True Master!

A month and a half

A month and a half!

As for Miss Chu Chu, she required over ten years' worth of time to get to the Second Stage!

Unless one compared it, they wouldn't know how shocking it was!

Miss Chu Chu was a super-rare genius, and someone like her hadn't appeared in the Chu Family for centuries. Nevertheless, she still had to spend more than ten years to become a Second Stage True Master. What was up with him taking only one month and a half?

"Did I cheat?" Song Shuhang had a sudden 'enlightenment'.

Speaking of cheats, he surely cheated. But we weren't talking about small-scale cheats like the middle-rank ghost spirit and the enlightenment stone we were talking about something far scarier Song Shuhang himself was a living cheat!

After I leave the small island, I must ask the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One group if promoting to the Second Stage True Master within a month and a half is normal , Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Right, the first thing I have to do when I leave the island is to send a message to Soft Feather and tell her that she mustn't open Venerable White's gift. That gift would send Soft Feather flying up into the sky with the coiling flight feature, and additionally, getting her to land with a parachute style landing with an incorporated bungee jumping-like joyful feeling... but for all I know, Soft Feather might even like it? I seem to remember she mentioned before that she wanted me to accompany her to bungee jump?

While Song Shuhang was letting his thoughts run wild, he was still experiencing Chu Chu's life experiences.

After Chu Chu got promoted to Second Stage True Master, she continued to practice hardnever once did she slacken.

After reaching the Second Stage, her five apertures continuously produced qi and blood energy at all times, channeling it into her dantian. Thereafter, like fuel, her qi and blood energy transformed into strong and powerful true qi within her dantian.

Her true qi was nurtured and accumulated in her dantian. After her true qi was sufficiently accumulated, it would flow upwards, following the body's vertebrae, allowing her to open her second dantian and then the third and fourth dantian, and so on. The aforementioned 'dantians' weren't referring to the three upper, middle, and lower dantians, but to the nodes in the body where true qi converged.

In the Second Stage Realm, cultivators could open seven dantians in total.

The second dantian was known as 'Dragon Tail'.

The third dantian was known as 'Dragon Claw'.

The fourth to the seventh dantians were known as 'Dragon Body', 'Dragon Palm', 'Dragon Neck' and 'Dragon Head', respectively. Also, the eighth dantian was known as the transforming 'Dragon Horn'.

Once the eighth dantian was opened, with the first dantian as the starting point and the eighth dantian as the final point, all eight dantians would connect and form an enormous dragon made of true qi.

During this period, when true qi was channeled into the eighth dantian, it would not return to the first dantian, because the Second Stage cultivator's body could only accumulate this amount of true qi at most.

The additional true qi would leak out of the eighth dantian, the transforming Dragon Horn, triggering changes in the external world, leading to the heavenly tribulation.

That was the heavenly tribulation cultivators of the Second Stage faced.

After surviving the thunder of the tribulation, the Second Stage cultivator's body would be greatly strengthened. The true qi within the body would not flow outside, but begin to flow backward from the Dragon Horn dantian, following the dragon made of true qi and returning to the first dantian, circulating continuously, transforming into a dragon-shaped large river of true qi.

At that time the 'true qi' would undergo a qualitative change, transforming into its second form, 'true liquid'.

That would be the Third Stage Battle King Realm, which was also Soft Feather's current realm.

After Chu Chu opened the first dantian, she spent months nurturing it, consolidating her cultivation.

Past the Second Stage Realm, even though she continued to practice diligently without any breaks, the results of meditation practice worsened.

She hadn't undergone any near-death experiences and lacked stimulations. Without inspiration and support from a sufficient number of natural treasures, the pace of her cultivation slowed down.

Hence, with the aid of her family, Chu Chu spent five years traveling around different parts of China.

However, she did not have any fortuitous encounters during that timeshe even barely met fellow cultivators and did not take part in any big cultivator holidays and festivals. Ultimately, after five years, she opened only her second dantian, the 'Dragon Tail' dantian. Her cultivation speed was not slow, but it was definitely not fast, either.

Hence, Chu Chu chose to risk leaving China and enter a more vast world.

Four years later, in the East China Sea, she did have a few small fortuitous encounters.

She spent four years and successfully opened her third dantian, the 'Dragon Claw' dantian. She used less time despite the higher difficulty, which showed that her travel was indeed fruitful.

Hence, Chu Chu's became a lot more determined, bold, and unconstrained; she prepared to travel somewhere further to take greater risks in search of opportunities.

But one day Chu Chu received news about the Chu Family.

The news she received briefly mentioned the recent developments of the Chu Family, causing her to rush back as quick as she could, preparing to participate the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform with the Illusory Sword School.

Eh? The storyline reached this part already? That was quick, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Wait a moment, if it reached this part, there seems to be a huge problem!

Song Shuhang had a bad premonition.

He recalled somethingafter this part, it should be the assassination attempt on Miss Chu Chu by Wolf One and the rest.

Lastly... Miss Chu Chu would be almost killed by Whale Eight's deadly hug, flattening her mountain peaks until turning them into plains.

That day, Song Shuhang saw the entire scene with his own eyes. Just by watching from the side, he felt the pain.

Did it mean that he would experience Chu Chu being flattened next?

No, I don't want to! I am currently possessing Miss Chu Chu's body, experiencing everything from first person's point of view! I would have to experience the anguish of being squeezed into a tablet as well!

I have to stop it... this ending is too cruel!

Quick, end it! Stupid dream, end quickly! Cmon, end! Let me wake up! Song Shuhang's soul struggled.

But all the struggle was for nothing. Even though dreaming about someone else's life experiences was very useful, the only downside was that he could not control when to wake up his ghost spirit didn't react either, not bringing him out of the dream.

No matter how unwilling Song Shuhang was, the dream continued to progress.

Very soon, in the dream, Chu Chu was on a small island, and encountered Wolf One, Bull Two, and Ape Four's ambush!

Ultimately, Chu Chu struggled with all her might to escape the clutches of those three experienced Second Stage True Masters and leapt into the vast sea. She was as agile as a mermaid, and rapidly disappeared, leaving behind Wolf One, Bull Two, and Ape Four on the island, saluting with their eyes.

On the surface, Chu Chu had narrowly escaped. But Song Shuhang knew that Whale Eight and Shark Nine would catch up with her later and that she'd be squeezed till becoming flat.

Such a prophet-like ability could really cast one into despair! Especially when one knew what kind of 'tragedy' he was about to face but couldn't do anything about it!

Let me wake up, let me wake up! Somebody, please wake me up... Doudou, Guoguo, Senior White... no matter who it is, please wake me up! Give me two slaps! Song Shuhang roared in his heart.

Unfortunately, the night was still long...

Regardless of who it was, they would not wake him up at this timeadditionally, was there really a point in waking him up? Perhaps when Song Shuhang fell asleep the next day, he would directly dream about Whale Eight's loving embrace.

Hence Song Shuhang was utterly in despair.

He could only clench his teeth and tense up in preparation to receive the pain from the incoming deadly hug.

Eh speaking of which, what is this feeling of dj vu?

When he dreamt of Lady Onion's life the last time, Song Shuhang also struggled as hard as he could to wake up from the dream.

No matter how unwilling Song Shuhang was, the storyline continued to progress.

Ultimately, in the dream, Whale Eight and Shark Nine caught up with Chu Chu.

After a short fight, Chu Chu scattered Shark Nine's instant kill move, the Hundred Sharks Palm, and when she was preparing to run for her life she bumped into a thick wall of meat.

"I really enjoy hugging girls with soft bodies like you. Now, I'll hug you until you are reduced to a meat pulp." A loud and deep voice was heard, bursting into an evil laugh.

Immediately after, two muscular arms embraced Chu Chu's body tightly; the strength of the muscular arms was formidable.

Chu Chu felt as though the bones in her body were about to break into pieces.

Song Shuhang who was possessing Chu Chu's body also experienced the same intense pain, as though his ribs were about to be broken and his internal organs about to be crushed.

Although Chu Chu had two twin peaks, they could not cushion Whale Eight's deadly embrace at all.

So painful

I can't breathe

I'm dying...