Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 363

Chapter 363 Hmph Ill Pass By The Doors Of Home Three Times Without Entering
Chapter 363: Hmph, Ill pass by the doors of home three times without entering!
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"It would be such a disgraceful sight if the participating members of your Chu Family were too scared to show themselves," the school head of the Illusory Sword School said enigmatically.

The leader of the Chu Family snorted and secretly clenched his fists.

"Anyway, your Chu Family decided to fight us on the Grievance Settling Platform. Are you relying on that talented girl to oppose us?" The school head of the Illusory Sword School laughed and said, "Do you really think you can win just by relying on her? Or do you have another ace up your sleeve? Or perhaps, are you leaving everything to luck?"

The leader of the Chu Family snorted again and didn't reply. They didn't have many chances of winning the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform. But even if their chances of winning were low, they wouldn't let the Illusory Sword School have their way with them.

After the duo signed the contract, the Spiritual Emperor from the Eternal Sword Sect received it, then coughed lightly and said, "Such being the case, the Illusory Sword School and the Chu Family will settle their resentment on the Grievance Settling Platform three days later!"

The school head of the Illusory Sword School heartily laughed and put both his hands inside the daoist robe, returning to his own camp.

The leader of the Chu Family also returned to his camp.

Both sides were glaring at each other.

On a lone island in the East China Sea.

Song Shuhang put away the tents and the other things inside his rabbit-shaped purse. But why did this size-reducing purse have the shape of a rabbit? Song Shuhang had wondered about this point several times.

Next, Doudou changed into a five meters long monster dog and put Chu Chu on his back together with the small monk.

Chu Chu asked weakly, "Where are we going?"

Song Shuhang looked at her and smiled gently as he said, "We're going to the Chu Family."

After experiencing Chu Chu's life in the dreamland, Song Shuhang felt very close to her. He knew everything about her hobbies, life experiences, temperament, and friends.

If Chu Chu were to find out about this matter, she would surely get a scare.

"We're going to the Chu Family?" Chu Chu immediately became happy.

Song Shuhang also added, "The battle between the Illusory Sword School and the Chu Family will start in three days."

Chu Chu faintly sighed the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform would start in three days. There wasn't enough time for her to recover. How wonderful would it be if they could delay it by a month? At this point, she had no choice but to act as a spectator.

At this time, Venerable White waved his hand at Song Shuhang from afar.

Song Shuhang approached his position, somewhat confused.

"Shuhang, give me your phone," Venerable White said with a smile.

Song Shuhang took out his phone and handed it to Senior White, still confused My phone can't get any signal in this place. Why does Senior White need it?

Venerable White took the phone and gently waved his hand, making it disappear. Apparently, he received it inside his space ring or another treasure of similar type?

"Leave the phone to me for now. I'll modify it and allow you to get signal anywhere in the world," Venerable White said in all seriousness.

Song Shuhang nodded and replied, "I'll leave it to you then, Senior White!"

"You're welcome. In that case, let's go!" Venerable White took out Meteor Sword and activated a sword art. Soon after, a layer of light started to spread from the body of the sword.

The sword light changed its size and became big enough to accommodate the big-sized Doudou, Song Shuhang, and Venerable White.

The group stepped on the layer of light, and Venerable White activated the sword art, saying, "I've set the coordinates of the Chu Family as the destination. We'll head there at full speed!"

Full speed?

Song Shuhang immediately recalled the event of July 16th. That day, Senior Copper Trigram and Senior Seven shot up in the sky with a 'pew~'.

When the two senior 'pewed~' away, their speed was fast to the point of being unstoppable. Even though he was merely a bystander, he'd felt his legs going soft. He dared to bet that that speed wasn't even close to the 'full speed' Venerable White mentioned just now.

Now then what speed would Venerable White reach if were to give his all?

No, I can't let Venerable White head there at full speed!

"Senior, wait a moment!" Song Shuhang resolutely suggested, "There are still three days left until the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform. Therefore, we don't really need to hurry over there. We can head there at normal speed. With that, we can also enjoy all the beautiful sceneries we will encounter on our way there."

Doudou backed Shuhang. "I completely agree. Song Shuhang's suggestion is very good."

"I also think that Senior Brother Shuhang's words are reasonable," Gougou said with a serious expression on his face. After experiencing several high-speed flights on flying swords, he was somewhat traumatized by the words 'full speed'.

Venerable White looked at Shuhang, Doudou, and Guoguo, somewhat baffled. But since they asked him to lower the speed, he had no other choice.

"Sure. If we're to head there at normal speed, I don't really need to set the coordinates of the Chu Family as the destination," Venerable White replied. On the other hand, he felt he would get somewhat bored if he were to fly at normal speed...

"Perfect!" Song Shuhang gave the thumbs up and said, "Looking at China's painting-like beautiful sceneries will be a wonderful experience!"

Venerable White forced a smile and activated the sword art. In the next moment, Meteor Sword sword carried everyone and rose into the sky.

Senior White restrained his flying speed to the limit, reaching a speed of 100 km/h.

Moreover, he made Meteor Sword fly at a low altitude to let everyone properly enjoy the scenery below.

The flying sword carried everyone and flew over the boundless East China Sea.

If one were to see the boundless sea the first time, they would find it very interesting. But after flying over it for a while, they would quickly become bored.

Therefore, Venerable White's eyes started to gradually lose focus as they were flying.

They kept flying until they reached Mainland China. Below was a huge sign with the following words written on it: 'The people of Dongding welcome you!'

Song Shuhang and the others regained their senses; they had finally left the sea!

As they kept flying, another sign appeared'The people of Wenzhou welcome you!'

Oh, they were flying above Song Shuhang's hometown.

They kept flying and flying'The people of Lishui welcome you'~

After Lishui was 'The people of Longyong welcome you'~

Next was 'The people of Huangshan welcome you'~

Eh? Huangshan? Was this True Monarch Yellow Mountain's hometown? 1

"Well, we haven't arrived yet?" Song Shuhang asked. They had flown for so long that he had started to feel a bit bored.

Song Shuhang didn't know the exact position of the Chu Family. Although he had experienced Chu Chu's life in the dreamland, some parts were skipped or fast-forwarded. As a consequence, he had no idea in which part of China the Chu Family was located.

Chu Chu was lying on Doudou's back and couldn't see the land below. Therefore, she asked, "Where are we now?"

"We're in Huangshan, my hometown," Doudou replied. "If I were to jump down right now, I could see stupid Yellow Mountain. But I won't. I want to pass by the doors of home three times without entering and let stupid Yellow Mountain understand how serious I am! Serves him right for ignoring me for so long!"

Song Shuhang forced a smile.

Chu Chu nodded and replied, "Huangshan? We're almost there in that case."

After hearing this much, Song Shuhang stretched himself one would get tired after riding a bus for a long time, the same was true for a flying sword. Luckily, they had almost arrived at the destination!

The flying sword kept flying and flying... after flying for a long time, another signboard appeared 'The people of Hefei welcome you'~

Eh? Even after all this time, we haven't arrived?

After traveling for some more distance, the speed of the flying sword seemed to have increased a little'The people of Xuchang welcome you'~

No, it wasn't a little. The speed of the flying sword had increased quite a bit!

"Ah? We're already in Xuchang. We're still not there?" Song Shuhang asked, somewhat confused.

"We're in Xuchang? In that case, we're almost there," Chu Chu replied with a nod.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Miss Chu Chu, there is a distance comparable to almost half of China between Huangshan and Xuchang. Is half of China 'almost there' for you? It seems that the sense of distance is really too different between cultivators and ordinary people!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang shut his mouth and didn't ask anymore how much was left until they would arrive at the Chu Family.

The flying sword kept flying and flying.

It was unknown how much time passed, but Shuhang even took a nap.

After waking up, he shot a glance downwards and discovered that buildings had a different style than Chinese ones; they weren't in China anymore!

Even the people below were mostly foreigners.

Eh? Wait, those types of buildings are from!!

Soon after, Song Shuhang discovered why the style of the buildings was different, because he and the others had arrived in'The people of Moscow welcome you!'

"..." Song Shuhang blinked a few times. Although he didn't remember the precise position of the Chu Family, he was sure that it was somewhere in China!

Therefore, he quickly said to Venerable White who was standing in the front, "Senior White, didn't we already pass our destination?"

In the front, Venerable White had his hands crossed behind the back and looked like a celestial being. "Zzzzzz"

Is Senior White sleeping?

F*ck, the driver fell asleep!

"Senior White, Senior White, wake up!" Song Shuhang called out.

But Senior White didn't react at all usually, given Venerable White's cultivation, calling out his name would be enough to wake him up.

On the contrary, it was Doudou, Guoguo, and Miss Chu Chu that suddenly woke up and looked at each other, somewhat embarrassed.

While Venerable White in the front... "Zzzzzz"

The corner of Song Shuhang's mouth twitched, was it possible that...

He took out a small emerald green bamboo flute and blew into it.

"Buzz hello. This is the place where 'White' is closing up. I'll be out in 2 days, 15 hours, and 9 minutes; please wait patiently!" Venerable White's gentle voice transmitted from the green bamboo flute.

Venerable White was in secluded meditation.

"Senior White!" Song Shuhang's eyes became wet. You could have set the right destination before going into secluded meditation! That way, Meteor Sword could have brought us to the Chu Family!

Song Shuhang turned his head around and said to Doudou, "What now? Senior White is in secluded meditation."

"We don't have much choice. Let's jump down from the flying sword and head toward the Chu Family first. As for Senior White, he knows the coordinates and can catch up with us once he comes out of secluded meditation," Doudou said.

Next, Doudou jumped from the flying sword...