Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 366

Chapter 366 It Looks Like A Missile
Chapter 366: It looks like a missile!
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"Hehehehe. Old Chu, as I told you a while ago, the battle on Grievance Settling Platform is no child's play. I hoped that the Chu Family could send a couple of participants out to fight, saving some of its dignity. But in the end, some of your disciples still got a stage fright and didn't show themselves," the school head of the Illusory Sword School, Xu Zheng, said as he inserted his hands in the sleeves of his daoist robe and squinted at the leader of the Chu Family.

The leader of the Chu Family looked grave.

A thin and tall man from the Chu family went next to the family leader and asked in a low voice, "What is your decision, family leader? Do you want to replace Chu Chu with someone else?"

Replace Chu Chu? The family leader sighed once again.

Just who would be able to replace Chu Chu in the Chu Family now? Without Chu Chu, they had not a single chance of winning the first category where cultivators of the age of sixty or below were battling.

And if they were to lose the first category, then they wouldn't be able to ensure victory in the third category even if they won in the second one. That elder of the Illusory Sword School that was at the Fourth Stage Innate Realm was an opponent the Chu Family couldn't hope to defeat.

As far as their strength was considered, the cultivators who could ride a flying sword and those that couldn't were simply worlds apart.

On the Grievance Settling Platform, the two Spiritual Emperors from the Eternal Sword Sect furrowed their brows slightlyfrom the looks of it, it seemed that one of the disciples of the Chu Family that was to take part in the first round had yet to arrive...

Both of them knew the ins and outs of the current conflict. As for who was right or wrong, everyone was well aware.

However, as the supervisors of the Grievance Settling Platform, they had to be fair and square, following the rules and regulations that was to say, if the disciple representing the Chu Family was late, the Chu Family would have no choice but to replace her with another disciple.

"Hehehe. Old Chu, if the talented female disciple from your family isn't here yet, I can give you a chance." The school head of Illusory Sword School laughed. "We can start the matches of the second category first and if she successfully gets here during the battle, we can then proceed with the first category. Besides, it doesn't really matter whether we start with the first or the second round, does it?"

The leader of the Chu Family looked at the school head of the Illusory Sword School, suspicious of his goodwill. He actually took the initiative to suggest starting with the second category first? What kind of scheme was he plotting?

On the Grievance Settling Platform, the two supervisors exchanged glances and silently nodded.

Thereafter, the Spiritual Emperor on the left said, "If the Chu Family agrees, then there is no harm starting with the second category first."

Starting with either category posed no problem.

As long as the two parties of the battle on Grievance Settling Platform agreed to it, the change in order would not affect the result in any way.

The leader of the Chu Family furrowed his brows under such circumstances, it was to the Chu Family's advantage if they started the battle of the second category first, but being led by the nose did not feel good at all. Especially when they did not have a single clue as to what that guy from the Illusory Sword School was plotting.

But at this time, the leader of the Chu Family had no other choice but to agree to it.

For now they had to concentrate and obtain victory in the second category!

"Alright," answered the leader of the Chu Family with a heavy voice.

"Hehehe." The head of the Illusory Sword School laughed.

On the Grievance Settling Platform, one of the Spiritual Emperors from Eternal Sword Sect pierced the ground with his sword and channeled his spiritual energy into it.

A defensive formation was arranged above the entire Grievance Settling Platform, allowing the participants to fight to their heart's content.

The other Spiritual Emperor announced, "Well then, let the matches of the second category begin! May the disciples from both sides that are participating enter the arena one after another!"

After finishing his sentence, the Spiritual Emperor from the Eternal Sword Sect glanced at the Illusory Sword School camp, paying close attention to the two unknown Spiritual Emperors according to their intel, the treasured daughter of the Spirit Butterfly Island who came as a guest of the Chu Family should be the only outsider present; the Fifth Stage guests on Illusory Sword School's side were an unexpected factor.

This battle on Grievance Settling Platform was not as simple as they thought. It was a major headache hopefully, there wouldn't be any chaos.

In the camp of the Chu Family.

"Chu Xiong, go into the arena in the third battle and get us a victory!" said the leader of the Chu Family to a figure behind, lowering his voice.

That figure sat silently within the Chu Family camp, dressed like a monk and with a shiny bald head. At this moment, the monk was silently reciting his scriptures, dispelling the effect created earlier by the two Spiritual Emperors from the Illusory Sword School, returning to his best condition before the battle.

After hearing the words of the leader of the Chu Family, Chu Xiong raised his head and nodded, saying, "Yes."

The leader of the Chu Family nodded his head. Thereafter, he said to the other two participating disciples, "Chu Tie, Chu Yong, both of you go into the arena in succession and destroy the small fries from the Illusory Sword School."

"Yes." The two disciples stood up. They were both Second Stage cultivators with their fifth dantian, the Dragon Palm dantian, opened.

Even though there was another elder in the Third Stage Battle King Realm apart from the leader of the Chu Family himself in their camp, he was already way past the age of 150 and hence ineligible for participation in the second category of the Grievance Settling Platform.

Fortunately, the same was true for their opponent, the Illusory Sword School. Apart from the school head, Xu Zheng, they had another vice school head and a protector. However, the three of them were already past the age of 150 and were unable to take part in the second category.

This was advantageous to the Chu Family.

Under such circumstances, Chu Xiong of the Chu Family, a newly promoted Third Stage Battle King, would definitely emerge victorious!

Chu Xiong was similar to Chu Chu; he was another talented disciple.

However, the nature of his talent was different from Chu Chu'she did not have much talent when it came to sword techniques. When he was little, his talent was recognized by a buddhist expert, and he was brought to the Furious Buddhist Sect to practice.

This year, Chu Xiong was only over eighty years old, and he had already stepped into the Third Stage Realm. If no accident occurred, based on his talent, there was hope for him to reach the Golden Core Realm!

Even though Chu Xiong was the disciple of the Furious Buddhist Sect, he was also a member of the Chu Family.

Based on the rules and regulations of the Grievance Settling Platform, he was considered as part of the Chu Family camp and was naturally eligible to compete!

The moment the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School decided to battle it out on the Grievance Settling Platform, both Chu Xiong and Chu Chu were chosen as the Chu Family's trump cards.

In the camp of the Illusory Sword School.

"Indeed, the Chu Family has their methods." The school head of the Illusory Sword School, Xu Zheng, smiled. "However we have our methods too. Jian Xiao, deal with those two guys from the Chu Family first. Then, probe the strength of that 'trump card' of theirs."

Behind him, a young man stood up. He was holding a broadsword, and his right arm was solid and strong much stronger than his left.

"Yes, Teacher," answered Jian Xiao.

"Right, don't kill any member of the Chu Family yet." Xu Zheng laughed. "Break their limbs and cripple them permanently."

"I understand," replied Jian Xiao calmly.

Thereafter, he carried his heavy broadsword and stepped onto the Grievance Settling Platform.

At the same time, he started to stir the true qi in his dantian.

The true qi traveled up his body and formed the faint image of a dragon behind his back except that the true dragon was lacking a pair of horns.

A cultivator of the Second Stage with seven dantians opened. After condensing the horns of the dragon and opening his eighth dantian, he would be on his way to become a cultivator of the Third Stage!

The foundation of the Illusory Sword School was superior to that of the Chu Family by a notch!

On the Grievance Settling Platform, the two Spiritual Emperors from the Eternal Sword Sect leapt up, floating midair.

One of them was observing the duel on the Grievance Settling Platform. He was the judge, and if either party surrendered, he would have to immediately protect them.

The other one was focusing his attention on the camp of the Illusory Sword School; if the two Fifth Stage cultivators from the Illusory Sword School dared to pull anything stupid, he would deal with them immediately.

Then, an entrance opened in the defensive formation above the Grievance Settling Platform.

Chu Family's Chu Tie and Illusory Sword School's Jian Xiao stepped onto the platform at the same time.

When Chu Tie saw Jian Xiao entering the arena, he furrowed his brows slightlyJian Xiao should be the strongest cultivator amongst the younger generation of the Illusory Sword School; logically speaking, he should be fighting in the third match, the match that would decide victory or defeat in the second category.

Why did Jian Xiao get on stage first? Could it be that the Illusory Sword School assumed that Jian Xiao himself could defeat all three cultivators from the Chu Family?

How arrogant.

Chu Tie gritted his teeth. His condition was negatively influenced by the oppressive aura of the two Spiritual Emperors earlier, and he was unable to return to his optimal state. Additionally, he knew that he wouldn't be able to defeat Jian Xiao even if he recovered. During this period of time, the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School were constantly in conflict, so Chu Tie had encountered Jian Xiao once. Thus, he was aware of his might.

However, even if he was no match for Jian Xiao, he had to do his best to deplete the other party's energy in the first match.

The battle began.

Chu Tie ferociously pounced towards Jian Xiao and frantically executed a set of moves he comprehended from the 'sword technique'.

Based on their different comprehension abilities, the members of the Chu Family would comprehend different types of moves from the 'sword technique'.

If one's comprehension ability were bad, he would not be able to derive any sword techniques at all however, as long as one succeeded, the resulting technique would be the one that suited that person the most.

The sword technique that Chu Tie comprehended focused on speedit was as fast as lightning; its attacks were akin to howling wind and torrential rain. Since he knew about the difference in strength between Jian Xiao and himself, he immediately employed his unique skill.

Facing Chu Tie's fast sword technique, Jian Xiao's face remained calm. The hand that was holding onto the broadsword gripped tightly, his body slightly bent and his muscles from head to toe were flexed.

His gaze was fixed on Chu Tie's quick sword, looking for a weakness in the midst of the chaotic howling wind and torrential rain.

In the Chu Family camp.

Chu Chunying lightly caressed her belly; her eyes fixed on the Grievance Settling Platform showed anxiety. "Soft Feather, does Brother Chu Tie have any chances of winning?"

Soft Feather shook her head lightly.

Chu Chunying sighed softly.

Soft Feather took out her phone and sent another message to Venerable White: "Senior White, where are you guys right now, please reply. You haven't arrived yet? It's urgent!"

Beep beep beep... this time, Venerable White replied very quickly with a voice message. "I'm sorry We met with a small accident. Right now, we are"

"Boom, boom, boom~ Thump, thump, thump~ Uwaaaaaaah~"

"Ah! Senior White, be careful! There is something flying in front of us! It looks like a missile!" Soft Feather could faintly hear Senior Song's voice in the background.

"Boom, boom, boom~"

The voice message ended.

Soft Feather broke out in a cold sweat Venerable White and Senior Song seemed to have embroiled themselves in a rather scary situation?