Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Song Shuhang Will Reach The Battleground In Ten Minutes
Chapter 367: Song Shuhang will reach the battleground in ten minutes!
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Very soon, Venerable White sent another voice message.

"Ahem, I got slightly distracted and ended up flying to a very strange place. But it's ok, within thirty minutes eh, no, within ten minutes, we will arrive at the Chu Family!" said Venerable White's calm voice.

If not for the continuous "boom, boom, boom~" in the background that were similar to those from war movies, those words would have comforted Soft Feather a lot more.

Moreover, Soft Feather seemed to have faintly heard Senior Song's panting voice in this voice message.

However, she was only paying attention to Venerable White's voice and the war sound effects earlier, hence she did not manage to catch what Senior Song was saying.

Thus, Soft Feather played Venerable White's voice message once again out of curiosity and listened to it carefully.

Indeed, it was really Senior Song's voice. It was anxious and fast... "Senior White, that's a missile! It will explode, you should have seen it online before. Its might is extremely scary this is not a souvenir, we can't bring it home!"

"..." Soft Feather.

Missile? Souvenir? Bring it home?

Venerable White caught a missile and wanted to bring it home?

Come to think of it it does feel somewhat exciting!

She had never seen one of those gadgets from close up. There was clearly quite a number of them hidden all around Spirit Butterfly Island, but her father would not allow her to approach any of them

I want to see it! I want to see a missile from close up!

Hence, Soft Feather quickly sent Senior White a message. "Senior White, my current coordinates have changed. The battle on Grievance Settling Platform has already started, and we are currently at the location. Senior White, please hurry, I'm sending you the coordinates!"

As soon as Soft Feather thought about Venerable White making an entrance with the booming missile, her eyes lit up!

It definitely would be very fun!

"Roger that, adjusting the coordinates... Song Shuhang and I will arrive in approximately ten minutes." Venerable White's calm voice once again echoed from the phone.

Soft Feather was very content and shut her phone.

"Was it a good friend?" asked Chu Chunying with a smile. Speaking of which, did she mishear? She seemed to have heard the word 'missile' from the message Soft Feather received earlier...

"Yes, the very kind Senior Song and the almighty Senior White! They will arrive at the battleground in ten minutes. I mean, they will arrive at our location!" said Soft Feather happily.

After Senior Song was here, she would be able to take her shapeshifting brooch back and transform into one of the disciples of the Chu Family and join the matches on the Grievance Settling Platform. Just thinking about it made her feel excited.

Just as Soft Feather and Chu Chunying were conversing, the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform was coming to an end.

Although Chu Tie was attacking at an insane speed, Jian Xiao managed to block every single one of his attacks with his broadsword!

"Is this your fastest sword attack? It's not much. Quick Sword Chu Tie is only so-so," said Jian Xiao coldly. Even though the offensive power of the quick sword did consume quite a bit of his energy when he was blocking, he could easily recover it after a short rest.

On the other hand, Chu Tie's frantic attacks had consumed a large amount of his true qi and stamina.

Hmph, it's still early. Chu Tie snorted to himself.

In the next moment, the sword in his hand shook, and its speed got faster and stranger.

In the blink of an eye, it forced Jian Xiao to continuously retreat.

Blow after blow, Chu Tie's power and momentum reached the limit.

"Dragon God Sword Technique!!" Chu Tie roared loudly, releasing all his strength along with this cry!

Prior to the battle, the two Spiritual Emperors used their power to suppress the members of the Chu Family. Now, Chu Tie had used the momentum to get rid of the negative effects!

Although Chu Tie shouted 'Dragon God Sword Technique', the power of his sword did not assume the shape of a dragon when attacking. The myriad afterimages of the sword changed into a rain of swords. Lastly, they assumed the shape of an enormous cage that engulfed Jian Xiao.

The names of sword techniques cultivators called out in battle mostly did not correspond to reality it was only a tactic used to increase one's momentum and adjust one's condition, and at the same time, confuse the opponent.

A lot of stupid names of techniques were all conceived at the last minute.

For all you knew, if a cultivator shouted the name 'Raging Waves' Heavenly Sword Technique', in the next moment, you might see a crescent moon-shaped slash heading toward the opponent's head instead!

Momentarily, Jian Xiao was surrounded by the afterimages of the sword. Unable to dodge, he could only face it head-on.

However, Jian Xiao, who was within the sword qi cage, maintained his composure and said, "It's over."

"Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!"

Countless sword qi crashed against Jian Xiao's body, but his stocky right arm lit up, and his whole body was shrouded in a layer of dull flickering golden light that protected his entire body.

Even if Chu Tie's countless sword qi attacks were fast and sharp, after slashing through the protective golden light with much difficulty, they only managed to leave a couple of superficial wounds on Jian Xiao's body.

A Second Stage cultivator could completely heal such scratches in a couple of breaths.

"A buddhist body protecting technique? The Golden Body of the Buddha?" Chu Tie cried out in shock.

"Hehe." Jian Xiao lightly laughed and struck ruthlessly with the broadsword in his hand.

Chu Tie had consumed all his energy and had yet to recover any of it. He could not dodge and got struck on his shoulder. The right hand holding the sword was cut off.

In reality, even if Chu Tie had been in his peak condition, he would not have been able to avoid Jian Xiao's attack.

That attack might have looked clumsy, but its speed was alarmingly fast.

"Aaaah!" Chu Tie cried out in pain, repeatedly moving back as blood gushed out from his right shoulder.

Below the platform, Chu Chunying similarly opened her eyes wide and asked, "The Golden Body of the Buddha?"

"No it's not the Golden Body of the Buddha. It's a special constitution that cultivators can obtain in the Second Stage. Jian Xiao must have experienced a fortuitous encounter and managed to refine his right arm, obtaining a special constitution arm." Soft Feather furrowed her brows.

"A cultivator with a special constitution?" Chu Chunying asked out of curiosity, wondering why she had never heard about it before.

"Elder Sister Chu, I can explain it in detail after the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform ends. It's a complicated topic after all. Anyway, long story short: after a cultivator reaches the Second Stage, they can strengthen their body via certain means, refining it into an 'immortal body' that can have various attributes. According to the rumors, there are more than a dozen different immortal bodies. Likewise, demonic cultivators have their demonic bodies, buddhist cultivators their seed of buddhahood, scholars their scholarly root, and monster cultivators their monster bodies... moreover, they all yield different characteristics. However, it is hard to attain an immortal body. The consumption is very great and the failure rate is more than 90%," Soft Feather briefly explained to Chu Chunying.

It was unknown what methods Jian Xiao used to refine his right arm into a 'special constitution', and it was also unknown if his right arm was actually an 'immortal body' or a 'seed of buddhahood'.

But his method did not look ordinary at all there definitely would be a serious backlash.

On the Grievance Settling Platform, after Jian Xiao slashed off Chu Tie's right arm, he did not follow up with another attack.

He merely stood still on the Grievance Settling Platform, silently staring at Chu Tie.

"Chu Family's Chu Tie admits defeat." The leader of the Chu Family surrendered on behalf of Chu Tie, and at the same time, he shot a glance at Chu Xiong behind him.