Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Even If Were A Bit Late Shall We Still Inaugurate The Event
Chapter 368: Even if were a bit late, shall we still inaugurate the event?
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Chu Tie suffered a complete defeat. But even if he lost an arm, he was still alive at least. As for the lost arm, there was hope to reattach it back. His face was deathly pale as he picked up his right arm and the sword, staggeringly jumping down from the platform.

The medical cultivators of the Chu Family immediately rushed toward Chu Tie. They stopped his bleeding and sealed his right arm as to avoid deterioration.

The leader of the Chu Family said in a grave tone, "Immediately bring Chu Tie back to the clan and try to reattach his severed arm."

The nearby specialized personnel was already prepared; they got Chu Tie into the vehicle and sped up toward the clan. They were planning to reattach his severed arm through a surgery.

After seeing Chu Tie off, Chu Yong deeply sighed and grasped his long sword, ready to go on stage.

His strength was almost equal to that of Chu Tie. Therefore, he had next to no chance of winning against Jian Xiao. Just like Chu Tie, his objective was to consume Jian Xiao's strength and true qi as much as possible.

"Senior Brother Chu Yong, wait a moment. Let me go on stage first." Chu Xiong, who had his eyes closed the whole time, stopped chanting scriptures and stood up.

Chu Xiong had a strong build. After standing up, he was half a head taller than all the people in the Chu Family's camp.

"But" Chu Yong looked at the family leader.

"Family leader, leave it to me." Chu Xiong turned his head toward the family leader and said, "I'm in the right state of mind to go on stage!"

Soon after, he opened his eyes; flames of fury were burning in them, making him resemble a wrathful Buddha. It was the reason his sect was named 'Furious Buddhist Sect'. Being angry would negatively influence other cultivators, but it was a powerful buff for the disciples of the Furious Buddhist Sect.

"Fine, but try to preserve your strength." The family leader said.

"Don't worry." Chu Xiong slowly walked forward, and a vajra scepter slid into his hands.

The true qi inside his body was surging at each step, just like a big and wide river.

While marching toward the platform, he took off his monk robe and revealed his steel-like muscles.

After shedding his robe, he wrapped it around his waist. This increased his resemblance to those furious Buddhas you see in paintings even more.

"Eh? A disciple of the Furious Buddhist Sect?" Soft Feather discerned Chu Xiong's origin with just a glance.

If he was a disciple of the Furious Buddhist Sect, the winner of this match was already decided. Although it was only a middle-rank school amongst buddhist schools, if we were to take into consideration fighting capacity alone, the disciples of the Furious Buddhist Sect were comparable to those of first-rank buddhist schools.

The angrier they were, the stronger and more fearless they would be!

As soon as Chu Xiong stepped onto the stage, Jian Xiao's expression got serious.

"The second match of the second category will now commence," the Spiritual Emperor from Eternal Sword Sect proclaimed.

As soon as his voice faded...

Jian Xiao raised his right arm toward the sky. While raised, his right arm had a length that was comparable to half of his body. Then, he slashed toward Chu Xiong with his broadsword, sending out a blow of slashing light!

The sword qi was extremely sharp and almost comparable to the attack of a cultivator of the Third Stage.

While facing the powerful sword qi, Chu Xiong didn't retreat or evade; he stood still and activated a sealing technique while holding his vajra scepter. "Break!"

Soon after he yelled 'break', a big golden fist exploded from the vajra scepter in his hand.

The glittering golden fist slammed against the sword qi, smashing it into pieces.

The power of the fist didn't diminish as it clashed against Jian Xiao's body, sending him flying against the defensive barrier set up by the Spiritual Emperors of the Eternal Sword Sect.

After crashing against the barrier, Jian Xiao slowly fell downward, spitting out a big mouthful of blood. The deep mark of a fist was left behind on his chest.

This blow had broken more than half of Jian Xiao's bones, as well as damaged the majority of his internal organs. It was unknown how many months or years he would need to recover.

Is the difference between cultivators of the Second and Third Stage so big?

Jian Xiao looked at the towering Chu Xiong with a confused expression on his face. The difference between the two was like that of heaven and earth.

"Illusory Sword School's Jian Xiao admits defeat," Xu Zheng said in a hurry, making Jian Xiao forfeit the match.

"Is there so much difference in strength between cultivators of the Second and Third Stage?" Chu Chunying was also curious about this point.

Jian Xiao was a cultivator of the Second Stage, with seven of his dantians open, and as Soft Feather said, he possessed that special arm too. Nonetheless, he wasn't even able to withstand a single blow from Chu Xiong?

"Although the difference between the two stages is quite big, it's not insurmountable. The real difference between Chu Xiong and Jian Xiao lies in the techniques they practice," Soft Feather said calmly.

Jian Xiao was practicing the technique passed down within the Illusory Sword School. This technique was only slightly better than the ones commonly found in the word of cultivators.

On the other hand, Chu Xiong was practicing the techniques of the Furious Buddhist School. If we were to take into consideration fighting capacity alone, they were ranked amongst the strongest. Moreover, the move he used just now was the signature move of his sect, the Seal of Buddha's hand.

Comparing the two was like comparing a 12-year-old boy holding a wooden sword to an adult holding a peerless treasured sword.

It was clear who would win.

Soft Feather shot a glance toward the people of the Illusory Sword School how were they going to deal with someone like Chu Xiong?

In the camp of the Illusory Sword School, Xu Zheng wasn't shocked by this development and was as calm as before.

At the same time, the two Spiritual Emperors in the rear were frequently shooting glances at the disciples of the Chu Family. Although they didn't use their spiritual pressure this time, their gaze alone was enough to apply a lot of pressure to the people of the Chu Family.

The Illusory Sword School was taking advantage of the fact that the Chu Family didn't have any powerful experts in their camp. Therefore, they were relying on their two Spiritual Emperors to gain more and more advantage.

"Tsk. At first, I was even planning to have the Chu Family last an extra match and allow them to retain some of their honor. Too bad they didn't appreciate the kindness." Xu Zheng faintly smiled and shot a glance toward his back. "Junior Brother, go on stage and bring an end to this round. Make the Chu Family despair."

"Hehe" A giggle transmitted from Xu Zheng's back.

Soon after, a man with a foolish smile plastered on his face stood up. His smile was so bright that saliva was leaking from the corner of his mouth.

This was Xu Zheng's junior brother he was 142 years old, and his strength was in the later stage of the Third Stage Battle King Realm. He received a severe injury forty years ago, and all outsiders thought he'd died already. However, he unexpectedly survived and turned into a carefree blockhead; that wasn't all, he even profited from the misfortune that befell him and his strength increased by a notch.

In the meantime, somewhere above China's coast. A ray of light that only cultivators could see was covering thousands of kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Doudou, Chu Chu, and Guoguo were wrapped inside the sword light, their faces deathly pale. They weren't only scared of the terrifying speed of the flying swordthe thing beneath the sword also scared them to death.

Song Shuhang called out in alarm, "Senior White, quickly throw it away! It's going to explode! It's going to explode!"

Beneath Meteor Sword was a five meters long white-colored guided missile; its form was aerodynamic and suitable to ignore the resistance of the air. The fearful thing was that this gadget was currently active and could explode at any moment!

But what was even more fearful was that Senior White was strangely eyeing the missile and had the face of someone that was ready to cause trouble; he seemed intent on disassembling it.

Song Shuhang didn't know how advanced the control system of this guided missile was and if it could track how much distance the missile had traveled after its launch.

If the control system was modern, the guys tracking the missile would be shocked. Their missile suddenly disappeared while flying in the sky, and if they were lucky enough to get a signal, they would discover that it had already traveled a distance comparable to of the equator and was quickly approaching China. Perhaps the guys that launched the missile were already scared sh*tless by this sudden development?

Venerable White turned his head around and said disgruntled," You guys are making too much noise. You'll distract me."

Next, with a face full of confidence, he said, "Don't worry. With me here, it won't explode."

Song Shuhang was very familiar with this confident expression of Senior White because he had the same confident expression when he tried to reassemble the disassembled electrical equipment in the house.

I'm sure the missile will explode!

And we'll all die if it explodes!

"Senior White, please study something else! Perhaps we can contact True Monarch Yellow Mountain and have him deliver a guided missile that has yet to be launched. Afterward, we can look for an isolated place where we can safely study it!" Song Shuhang tried his best to persuade Senior White.

"I agree! I remember that there are many interesting things buried near one of stupid Yellow Mountain's overseas immortal caves. Senior White, if you want to have some fun, I can bring you over there!" Doudou also tried to convince Senior White.

"..." Venerable White.

Sigh none of them had even a little faith in his abilities~? In the end, he was still a Seventh Stage Venerable! It was just a missile, even if it were to explode, he could easily keep the explosion under control!

"Don't panic. Everything is under control! The missile won't explode for the time being." Venerable White patted several times on the missile with his palm, leaving behind numerous strange runes. "You should have more faith in my skills!"

Song Shuhang and Doudou forced a smile.

"Alright. From the looks of it, we are about to reach the Grievance Settling Platform," Venerable White informed everyone.

After saying this much, he added some spiritual energy to Meteor Sword Wait, wasn't one supposed to step on the brake if they were about to arrive at the destination?

Nope! Venerable White had great confidence in his abilities. He would skilfully stop the flying sword when they were a few centimeters away from the ground! Therefore, they had to do only one thing for now: accelerate, accelerate, and accelerate!

Their current speed was extremely fast; Song Shuhang and the others felt the surrounding scenery 'skip' at high speed.

With much difficulty, Song Shuhang used his eyesight to look ahead. There, he saw a huge platform and two groups of people. They were probably the members of the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School.

"Get ready, I'm about to land," Venerable White said.

After saying this much, Venerable White recalled another matter the gifts he sent to the fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group were about to activate, right?

I've decided. I'll activate all the gifts after reaching the Grievance Settling Platform.

Aren't people always making plans for joyous occasions nowadays? Like setting off firecrackers to congratulate someone?

It wouldn't be bad having a meteor shower inaugurate the matches on the Grievance Settling Platform. It might be a bit late but it's the thought that counts!