Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Careful A Missile Is Rushing Over Here
Chapter 369: Careful, a missile is rushing over here!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

An hour before Song Shuhang and Venerable White were about to reach the Grievance Settling Platform...

On the border between China and Korea, beneath an ordinary private residence was concealed an immortal cave reserved for secluded meditation.

At this time, Immortal Master Copper Trigram's disciple, Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram, was hiding there. The reason was his teacher's extremely auspicious, lucky, and super, super, super good divination. That divination really scared him to death.

After hiding in the immortal cave, he didn't dare to take a single step out. Even True Monarch White Crane, who came to deliver the gift, had to push the box in from the crack in the door.

This morning, he even had a nightmare. In the dream, his teacher's super, super, super good divination came true, and all sorts of fearful things happened to him. In the next moment, he was startled awake by the nightmare.

After waking up, Iron Trigram switched on his phone and placed the :senior_white_bless: emote on fullscreen.

He made the phone stand vertically and took out the incense burner, starting to burn some incense.

"Senior White, give me your blessings! Let me avoid this tribulation! If I can survive this calamity, I'll make a golden statue for you and worship it day and night!" Iron Trigram muttered.

After burning the incense, he cautiously grabbed the wooden box lying on the bedside. The name 'Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram' was written on this box.

This was a gift from Venerable White two days after downloading the 'Senior White's expression package' file, Iron Trigram received this gift. He firmly believed that this box was a long-distance blessing gift from Venerable White.

I must always keep this gift with me. I mustn't separate from it even for a second, Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram thought to himself.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, his phone suddenly rung. It was a call from his teacher, 'Immortal Master Copper Trigram'.

Iron Trigram's hand slightly shivered, but he still picked the call up.

"Teacher, hello. Is something the matter...?" Iron Trigram asked cautiously he was scared that his teacher would suddenly say that he performed another divination.

Sometimes the world would kick you when you were down.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram's voice transmitted from the other end. "Iron Trigram, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Iron Trigram replied.

"Good then." Copper Trigram heaved a sigh of relief. Next, he added, "Iron Trigram, I performed another divination today."

As soon as he heard these words, Iron Trigram felt his knees going soft, and he almost fell to the ground!

He took a deep breath and asked resolutely, "Teacher, how was the divination?"

"The same as before. A super, super, super good divination." Copper Trigram heaved a sigh.

Is this calamity not over yet?! Iron Trigram roared inwardly.

"However, the situation might turn for the better according to today's divination. Within this super, super, super good divination was concealed a hint of bad luck," Copper Trigram continued.

After hearing this much, Iron Trigram's eyes suddenly lit up. "For real? Teacher, was there really a hint of bad luck? Aren't you deceiving me?"

Immortal Master Copper Trigram said hoarsely, "It's true. I'm not deceiving you."

After saying these words, Copper Trigram felt his heart twitch even his beloved disciple didn't trust his divinations! It was such a tragic thing for someone that had to rely on performing divinations to make a living!

But Iron Trigram was very happy at this moment. "I'm saved! I'm saved! For the past few days, I used Venerable White's emote as a screensaver and burned incense daily; as expected, it was a success!"

After hearing these words, Immortal Copper Trigram was dumbfounded.

F*ck, this brat actually downloaded the 'Senior White's expression package' file? Does he want to die?!

Hmm? Wait! Did he say that he burned incense daily?

So, burning incense really works? The rumor about offering prayers to Venerable White to get miraculous effects was real?

"Teacher, I'll get going in that case! I have to prepare a few things, but don't worry; I'll surely survive this calamity!" Iron Trigram said excitedly.

Without even waiting for his teacher's reply, Iron Trigram hung up.

Next, he started to pack his things.

He was planning to change his immortal cave!

This immortal cave on the border between China and Korea was ranked fifth in regards to defensive power amongst the immortal caves in his possession.

The immortal cave with the strongest defensive power was located in Korea, beneath a huge mountain.

"I'll move to that place, wahaha! Today, I'll risk my life and fight against this tribulation! If I'm still alive tomorrow, I'll be in a very safe place!" Iron Trigram took along the phone, as well as Venerable White's gift, and flew toward his secret immortal cave.

Very soon, he reached the secret immortal cave and successfully managed to enter.

But soon after, he was dumbfounded.

"Eh? How come there is such a mess on top of my immortal cave? What's the deal with these tunnels? Who created such big holes midway up the mountain? Did they start to mine or something?"

Moreover, next to the huge mountain where his immortal cave was located were many strange construction works going on.

"Perhaps I should go back?" Iron Trigram muttered to himself.

Three minutes before Song Shuhang and Venerable White's landing, on the mysterious Spirit Butterfly Island on the border between the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly put down his teacup and beckoned with his hand. A huge multicolored butterfly landed in front of him, gently flapping its big wings.

"Go to the 888th storehouse and bring me a flying sword. I need to send something to Jianyi," Venerable Spirit Butterfly explained.

The butterfly flapped its wings and quickly went toward the 888th storehouse.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly smiled and stretched his hand out, making a grabbing motion from afar. The wooden box with the words 'Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather' written on it directly flew into his hand.

"Since Soft Feather has yet to return, I'll use a flying sword to send her the gift," Venerable Spirit Butterfly muttered to himself.

While he was holding the gift, Venerable Spirit Butterfly's hands started to get itchy. He was curious as to what gift fellow daoist White sent to Soft Feather.

Curiosity was a strange thing. Once you became curious about something, it was difficult to ignore it.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was a strong-willed man and could easily restrain his curiosity if he wanted to but whenever it was something pertaining his beloved daughter, his curiosity would become particularly strong.

"Perhaps I should take a peek? The seal fellow daoist White used isn't too strong. Should I untie it a little, take a look inside, and tightly seal it again?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly muttered to himself.

I only want to take a peek I won't lift the whole seal, I'll just lift a small part and see what's the content!

Thereupon, Venerable Spirit Butterfly slowly stretched his hand, positioning it on top of the gift.

"No, I can't. This is a gift that fellow daoist White sent to Soft Feather. What would I do if the surprise inside were to lose its effect after I lift the seal?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly gritted his teeth and stopped himself from opening the gift.

I can't risk ruining my daughter's gift Venerable Spirit Butterfly deeply sighed.

However, he still wanted to know what was inside! What should he do now?

Inside Fairy Lychee's immortal cave.

Fairy Lychee was wearing the new silk nightgown she bought online and was currently sleeping. She recently became a Sixth Stage True Monarch and stabilized her realm with much difficulty; she was exhausted. Therefore, she overslept a little.

The gift Venerable White delivered was calmly lying on the bedhead.

In the Ancient Lake Temple.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple was holding a writing brush and licking his lips while quickly writing on the high-quality paper.

At this time, he was using Venerable White's gift to press down the white paper he was writing on.

Inside Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's immortal cave.

Since he inadvertently offended Scholar Drunken Fruit two days ago, Thrice Reckless secretly moved to another immortal cave wait, was 'Drunken Fruit' really his name? Anyway, you know who we're talking about. After getting offended, Scholar Drunken Sea said he would look for Thrice Reckless and have a good chat with him.

Thrice Reckless was no fool. He knew that Scholar Drunken Heaven had ill intentions. Thereupon, he hid inside his secret immortal cave and was currently enjoying the hot spring inside. Venerable White's gift was thrown on a side together with his clothes.

"Life is truly wonderful!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

Dharma King Creation, Fairy Dongfang Six, True Monarch Fallout, and the other fellow daoists that received Venerable White's gifts were currently bustling about in their immortal caves.

All of them had placed the gifts not too far away from them.

At this time, on the Grievance Settling Platform.

"Aaah!" Chu Xiong called out pitifully. His opponent pressed him to the ground.

At this time, that muddle-headed guy had a hideous expression on his face. After throwing Chu Xiong onto the ground, he pounced toward him like a wild beast and bit his neck.

Although Chu Xiong had a body protecting technique from the 'Furious Buddhist Sect', he was unable to block the bite of this beast-like man. Those sharp teeth bypassed the defense of his true qi and body, tearing away a big piece of flesh from his neck.

Next, the beast-like man opened his mouth and swallowed the piece of flesh down.

His strength was incredible. Although he was fighting like a madman and wasn't using any strategy, Chu Xiong had no way to deal with this man. What was the real identity of this person?

"Hehehehe" After swallowing the piece of flesh, the beastly man cupped his hands and ruthlessly smashed them against Chu Xiong's head, fracturing his skull.

The leader of the Chu Family tightly clenched his teeth and squeezed out a few words, "We surrender!"

This meant that the Chu Family had lost in the second category.

On the platform, Xu Zheng's junior brother was in a frenzied state and seemed to have no intention to stop biting Chu Xiong.

"Are you deaf?!" the supervisor from the Eternal Sword Sect bellowed as sword qi shot toward Xu Zheng's junior brother.

At last, the beastly man got away from Chu Xiong and evaded the sword qi.

But in this short period of time, he left wounds on Chu Xion's face, neck, and shoulder, badly mangling him.

"That bastard went too far!" the people of the Chu Family roared.

The other supervisor from the Eternal Sword Sect coldly snorted and released his sword qi as well. The sword qi reached the frenzied man in the blink of an eye and slashed at him, sending him flying.

The sword qi left a deep wound on his chest, deep enough that even bones were visible.

"Manage your people well. Otherwise, don't blame me for being heartless!" The supervisor from the Eternal Sword Sect snorted.

The school head of the Illusory Sword School didn't seem to care. He beckoned with his hand to disciples and told them to bring his junior brother back.

On the other side, the people of the Chu Family were infuriated.

"Hmph!" At this time, the two Spiritual Emperors in the Illusory Sword School's camp lightly snorted, calmly releasing their aura to suppress the people of the Chu Family once more...

But right at this time, a meteor came down from the sky at an extremely high speed.

The sharp-eyed supervisor standing on the left saw through the meteor-like thing and exclaimed in surprise, "A missile!"

Why was a missile suddenly rushing toward them?