Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 372

Chapter 372 What A Coincidence Fellow Daoist Is Also Flying
Chapter 372: What a coincidence! Fellow Daoist is also flying!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"What's happening?" Fairy Lychee turned pale with fright. No one touched the defensive formations of her immortal cave. Where did this flying sword beneath her body come from?

Soon, her sight fell on that gift Venerable White sent; it had already opened.

"..." Fairy Lychee.

I remember now! It's one of Venerable White's disposable flying swords!

Just as she was thinking, the disposable meteor sword 001 shot upwards.

"Stop!" Fairy Lychee's eyes teared up Let me change my clothes at least!

At this time, she was wearing a sexy silk nightgown. If she were to fly like this, everything would be exposed!

Unfortunately, the disposable flying sword didn't have any intelligence and wouldn't stop just because Lychee said so. On the contrary, it started to spin even faster and made her shot upwards and bump into the ceiling of the immortal cave.

Luckily for her, the formation protecting her immortal cave wasn't an old model like that of Thrice Reckless. It was a new formation that could automatically recognize its master. Just as Fairy Lychee was madly spinning, the formation opened on its own and created a tunnel for her to pass.

Next, the flying sword brought Fairy Lychee high up in the sky.

Fairy Lychee's flying pattern had the special 'jet-propelled' feature her speed would suddenly increase after small intervals of time...

"Aaaaaah~" The melodious scream of a fairy maiden echoed throughout the starry sky.

On the faraway Tian mountain range.

A fairy maiden with a long-sleeved dress was dancing. Her dance was beautiful and very pleasing to the eye.

A young and handsome man was sitting beside this fairy maiden. He was attentively watching the fairy maiden dance, without even blinking.

They were both very good-looking. Such a beautiful couple would make everyone feel envy.

The name of this fairy maiden was Dongfang Weiliao, and since she was ranked sixth in order of age amongst her junior and senior sisters, she decided to use 'Dongfang Six' as her nickname in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

The name of the male cultivator was Liu Long, and he wasn't Fairy Dongfang's lover, but just her pursuer...

Just as Fairy Dongfang was gracefully dancing, a flying sword suddenly slid beneath her jade feet and brought her up in the sky.

Is this a new dancing style? The male cultivator vigorously clapped his hands.

When Fairy Dongfang saw Liu Long vigorously clap his hands, she smiled shyly. Is this a surprise from this blockhead?

But as she was acting shy, the flying sword beneath her jade feet flashed.

Coiling flight feature, activate!

"Aaaaaah~" Fairy Dongfang's beautiful face lost color as she started spinning and shot up into the sky!

The male cultivator below, who was still clapping his hands, opened his eyes wide in shock. After a short moment, he shouted, "Dongfang~"

In the sky, Fairy Dongfang was spinning so fast that she felt dizzy.

"Liu Long, stop it immediately! Otherwise I won't forgive you!" Dongfang's cry echoed from the sky.

But Liu Long was in a dilemma. Stop it? Stop what? Isn't that flying sword Dongfang's?

At this time, Fairy Dongfang called out once more, "Aaaaaah~"

Afterward, she turned into a meteor and flew far away with a whiz. Her flying sword had the 'infinite acceleration' feature. It didn't do anything else besides continuously increasing her speed. She disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye.

"Dongfang~" On the Tian mountain range, Liu Long used his own flying sword and pursued the meteor at full speed.

Dear, fly slowly~
Be careful of the thorny roses ahead~ 1

On the border between the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea.

On the Spirit Butterfly Island.

A huge butterfly flapped its wings and came over, delivering a flying sword to Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly took the sword and picked up the gift fellow daoist White wanted to give to Soft Feather.

In the end, he chose against opening the gift.

"Go, fly to Liu Jianyi." Venerable Spirit Butterfly activated the delivering flying sword and set Jianyi's coordinates as the destination.

But just as he was about to send off the flying sword, the gift suddenly opened!

"..." Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

The gift opened, but I didn't do anything! It did everything on its own!

Is it already time for the surprise?


Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly sighed. Such being the case, he made his daughter miss the surprise.

Afterward, he forced a smile.

Forget it. I'll make it up to Soft Feather in one way or the other and make her happy.

Now then, let's see what this surprise was...

Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked inside the box and saw a wooden flying sword. Above this sword were inscribed Venerable White's unique runes.

Isn't this one of those disposable flying swords? Is this the surprise that fellow daoist White wanted to give to Soft Feather? Venerable Spirit Butterfly thought to himself.

Just as he was in deep thought, the wooden sword started to hover...

Since 'Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather' wasn't in the surroundings, the sword didn't find her.

Thereupon, it soared into the sky and headed toward the destination Venerable White set earlier since it couldn't find Soft Feather, none of its special features activated. It acted like a normal flying sword and returned by Venerable White's side.

No, I can't let it get away! This is Soft Feather's gift! Venerable Spirit Butterfly thought to himself.

Therefore, he moved and appeared beside the flying sword, firmly grasping it.

"Buzz" After it was blocked, the disposable flying sword struggled a few times.

But it was still suppressed by Venerable Spirit Butterfly in the end.

It was a disposable flying sword that Venerable White had casually manufactured. Therefore, it was not strange if someone like Spirit Butterfly, who was also a Venerable, easily dealt with it.

After stopping the flying sword, Venerable Spirit Butterfly started to examine it.

"Eh? It's a bit different from fellow daoist White's other disposable flying swords, isn't it? It this a new type of disposable flying sword? Fellow daoist White's talent is really outstanding in this field," Venerable Spirit Butterfly muttered.

He once exchanged letters with Venerable White and studied formation runes together with him, gaining an understanding of his level in regards to runes.

That was why he told Soft Feather that Venerable White could be ranked amongst the first three in the current generation of cultivators in regards to runes and formations!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had a deep understanding of Venerable White's disposable flying swords. But unlike Senior White, he wasn't at the level where he could casually take a tree branch and manufacture a flying sword.

After carefully observing the wooden sword, Venerable Spirit Butterfly discovered that there were several runes that he didn't recognize.

"Are these runes the surprise fellow daoist White wanted to give to Soft Feather?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly muttered to himself.

In that case, should I activate the runes and take a look? Perhaps after knowing the effect of these runes, I can try to reproduce a flying sword with the same features as compensation for Soft Feather?

Said and done. Venerable Spirit Butterfly carefully poured his spiritual energy inside the wooden sword. Since he had a deep understanding of disposable flying swords, he didn't damage the runes on the sword while pouring his energy inside.

Very soon, the wooden sword emitted a dazzling light.

"Done!" Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly smiled. Afterward, he lightly jumped, stepping onto the flying sword.

In the next moment the coiling flight feature activated!

"Eh? This seems a very innovative way to ascend to the sky!" Venerable Spirit Butterfly calmly said while holding his chin and madly spinning. The speed of rotation was a bit too high and made one's vision blur.

Next, the meteor-like effect activated!

Soft Feather's flying sword was similar to that of Thrice Reckless and had the 'windmill feature' that would allow it to move in circles while flying.

"Oh, this rotation seems somewhat difficult to bear," Venerable Spirit Butterfly appraised.

Will Soft Feather like such a surprise?

Earlier, he indeed heard his daughter say that she wanted to go bungee jumping, ride the roller coasters, and experience other stimulating and exciting things...

Kids these days like to have fun in strange ways. Venerable Spirit Butterfly sighed with emotion.

Anyway, this rotation seems a bit too quick do youngsters like it this way?

Now then, where is the sword flying heading to?

Korea, beneath a huge mountain. Next to Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram's immortal cave.

"Boom~ boom~ boom~"

The entire world was shaking, and it felt as though everything was coming to an end. Mountains were collapsing, and the earth was splitting.

Is it a nuclear bomb?

What the actual f*ck, why the hell is a nuclear bomb exploding here?

Iron Trigram had an epiphany. Perhaps this was precisely his tribulation?

The formations on the edge of his immortal cave were crumbling one after another and his strength wasn't comparable to that of Scholar Xian Gong at the time. Even if he had arranged many formations, they weren't as strong as that of Scholar Xian Gong's. Moreover, the nuclear bomb exploded right beside his residence...

At the time, even Scholar Xian Gong narrowly escaped death. Therefore, Iron Trigram felt that it was over for him.

He was already having a hard time dealing with the crumbling mountain and the splitting earth. As soon as the shock of the explosion reached him, he was a goner!

I'm done for. This time, I'm really done for.

But right at this time, a sword light suddenly appeared beneath Iron Trigram's feet.

Coiling flight feature, activate!

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

Fifty or so sword lights simultaneously shot toward the sky from various locations in China and the neighboring islands.

These fifty sword lights coiled their way toward the sky while accompanied by all sorts of screams.

Some of these voices belonged to men and women; others to males and females; and some neither to a man nor a woman.

For example True Monarch White Crane.

At this time, it was tightly holding the disposable meteor sword 001 edition and flying in the sky with the 'windmill' pattern.

"Is this Senior White's surprise?" True Monarch White Crane took a deep breath.

I'm done for!

It recalled the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group...

It felt that it was indeed over for it! It was going to die for sure this time!

White Crane personally delivered the gifts, and the fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group even gave it small gifts for its efforts...

Very soon, the fellow daoists that shot up from those various locations in China converged in the sky, heading all together toward the Grievance Settling Platform.

All the fellow daoists were quite strong, and even while spinning, they could clearly see each other.

"Aaaaah~ Fellow Daoist Creation! You're also flying! Aaaah~"

"Aaaaah~ What a coincidence! Fallout, you're also flying! Aaaaah~"

"You guys are also here! Aaaaah~ Ah, I see Fairy Lychee in the front! She's also flying! Aaaaah~"

"Ahahaha, it's fellow daoist Ancient Lake Temple! Cough I can't see clearly, what is that thing in the front? A stark naked Thrice Reckless my eyes!"