Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Lets Watch Together The Meteor Shower Descending Onto The Grievance Settling Platform
Chapter 373: Lets watch together the meteor shower descending onto the Grievance Settling Platform!
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"What is fellow daoist Thrice Reckless trying to do? He's not wearing any clothing Aaaaah~" Dharma King Creation asked in puzzlement while spinning.

"Did my sight get blurry after rotating for so long, or is there someone else next to fellow daoist Thrice Reckless? He looks very familiar! Aaaaah~"

"You're not mistaken. There is indeed someone else. Is that Scholar Sober Eye? Aaaaah~"

"Don't get his name wrong! That's Scholar Sober Star! Aaaaah~"

At this time, a fairy maiden with a tall and thin stature wearing a dancing dress quickly caught up with the group. It was precisely Fairy Dongfang who was previously dancing on the Tian mountain range. She joined the conversation and said, "Stop sowing confusion. I remember that the first word of that scholar's name was related to 'wine'. Perhaps it was 'brew'? His name should be Scholar Brewing Liquid! Eh? Why are the two of them hugging each other? And Thrice Reckless is even naked! He is tearing the clothes of the scholar as well... gaaaaaaay! Ahahahaaaaaaah~"

While this perverted scene was going on, Fairy Dongfang quickly surpassed the others and took the lead, becoming the first person that would reach the coordinates Venerable White set. Her flying sword had the 'infinite acceleration' feature, and it was especially fast.

"..." Dharma King Creation.

"..." True Monarch Fallout.

"Fellow Daoists, you should stop giving the poor scholar random names just because you can't remember the real one." At this time, a man dressed up like a loose cultivator zigzagged his way toward the group of people. He was still holding a laptop in his hands, and one could faintly see the interface of the Nine Provinces Number One Group on the screen. After saying this much, he shot a glance at the small piece of paper glued to the corner of the screen and said, "Since we can't remember his dao name, we can use his online username for now When the bright moon appears!"

"Brother Northern River, you're also here. Aaaaah~" A man with snow-white hair and a flying sword with the 'rattle-drum' flight pattern also converged with the group. At this time, he was hugging a cute snow-white wolf. The body of the small wolf was covered in bubbles it seemed that the man was giving the small wolf a bath when they were seized by the disposable flying sword. The poor wolf had already fainted, and its eyes were still spinning.

The man dressed up like a loose cultivator was precisely the always online holy warrior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

At this time, some of the sharp-eyed fellow daoists saw on the screen of Northern River's Loose Cultivator's laptop that Immortal Master Copper Trigram had sent a message not too long ago: "Today, I was in the mood and decided to perform a divination for several fellow daoists. I discovered that all of you would receive a blessing from the heavens. I wish everyone good luck!"

F******ck, it's that shady fortune teller! Speaking of which, why wasn't he sent flying over here as well?

Northern River's Loose Cultivator waved at the man with snow-white hair. "Brother Snow Wolf, you're also here! Aaaaah~ ...the rotation is about to staaaart~"

As they were chatting, more and more fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group started to converge in the meteor shower...

The acquainted fellow daoists forced a smile and started to greet each other.

Very soon, more than forty fellow daoists converged in the meteor shower.

"Eh? There is another fellow daoist coming over," Cave Lord Snow Wolf shouted.

Then, everybody saw the gloomy expression of the newly arrived fellow daoist. He was still holding a bowl of rice in his hands; he was having a meal when the disposable flying sword 'kidnapped' him.

"Eh? It's True Monarch Yellow Mountain!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator exclaimed after seeing the newcomer.

The newcomer was precisely the founder of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

He seemed to have a certain prestige amongst the members of the group. As soon as he appeared, several members of the group greeted him one after another.

"So many of you were sent flying?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain calmly looked at those present. Then, he ate a mouthful of rice and asked, "Now then, was everyone delivered here by Senior White's disposable flying swords?"

"Yes, yes! Aaaaaah~" Northern River's Loose Cultivator replied.

"..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain continued, "Right, didn't you guys use Senior White's emotes as profile pictures? Then kept spamming them in the chat for the past few days?"

"Ahaha ahaha" Several fellow daoists laughed hollowly.

Originally, they all thought that the principle of the masses not getting punished by the law would apply here. Since there were so many people using his emotes, they thought that Senior White wouldn't go to each fellow daoist's place and punish them. No one imagined that he would send a disposable flying sword to each of them and reunite everyone in one place.

"It seems that all the fellow daoists that received the gift did something of the sort. That's the main reason you received that disposable flying sword in the first place." After saying this much, True Monarch Yellow Mountain deeply sighed. "But why the hell did I receive one too?"

For the past few days, he secretly looked at the events unfolding in the group. Since he was aware of the principle of 'you won't die unless you seek death', he didn't do anything reckless. He controlled himself and didn't download the Senior White's expression package, didn't use Senior White's emotes in the chat, and didn't use his emotes as avatar either.

Such being the case why did he also receive a disposable flying sword?

Was it because he was the founder of the group?

Or perhaps Senior White had an extra gift and conveniently sent it to him?

True Monarch Yellow Mountain forgot that he also sent a picture of Senior White in the group. It happened when he asked Soft Feather: 'Whose are those two hands in the picture?' after posting the image of the twin-tailed Senior White.

However True Monarch Yellow Mountain wasn't blessed with a disposable flying sword because he sent that picture in the group.

Senior White sent him that disposable flying sword on a whim.

After reuniting all the fellow daoists, Venerable White wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to hold the 'hand-guided tractor competition'. Therefore, how could someone like True Monarch Yellow Mountain miss such an important occasion?

And how could they easily gather the fifty, sixty hand-guided tractors necessary for the competition without him?

Therefore, since he was at it, Venerable White conveniently sent a gift to True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

After seeing that the fellow daoists in the front were steadily increasing in number, True Monarch White Crane took another deep breath.

All of them were busy at home when the disposable flying swords kidnapped them, bringing them away. Whenever it recalled that it was itself that delivered those gifts, it became a little panicky.

It's over!

While flying with the 'windmill' flight pattern, True Monarch White Crane dialed Medicine Master's phone number with its shivering hands. "Uwah, uwah, uwah Dear Brother Medicine Master Aaaaah~ ...can you prepare the best hospital bed you have for me...? Aaaaah~"

Medicine Master was busy with that memory loss problem lately and rarely got online. Therefore, he was fortunate and avoided the calamity!

"What?" Medicine Master's confused voice transmitted from the other end. "Brother White Crane, what are saying?"

"I think Aaaaah~ ...I think I'll need a hospital bed very soon anyway, see you soon!" True Monarch White Crane resolutely hung up. Then, it spun and spun until it caught up with the other fellow daoists.

Soon, the other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group also noticed True Monarch White Crane.

"Hehe, it's True Monarch White Crane," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said with a sinister smile.

"Hehe, it's True Monarch White Crane," Cave Lord Snow Wolf reiterated.

"Hehe, it's True Monarch White Crane," True Monarch Fallout echoed.

A series of 'hehe' echoed in the sky.

Inside the meteor shower, many fellow daoists looked at True Monarch White Crane with strange smiles on their faces and hehe-ed at it.

True Monarch White Crane felt a huge pressure and it took another deep breath.

Perhaps I should take advantage of the chivalrous hearts of male cultivators and change into female form? After seeing that I'm in female form, they might hold back a bit?

In front of the Grievance Settling Platform.

All those present looked with a confused expression on their faces at Venerable White, who was now holding his hands high. They were wondering what this 'gift' this senior cultivator was talking about was.

The people in the Illusory Sword School camp were especially uneasy.

The school head of the Illusory Sword School, Xu Zheng, unconsciously got closer to the two Spiritual Emperors. He was continuously trying to bolster his spirit. Nothing can go wrong. After all, we invited two powerful Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors as support!

Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperors were powerhouses that would directly become elders or peak lords even inside large sects or schools.

The Chu Family was one of the weakest family in the world of cultivators. How was it possible for them to invite a powerful supporter that would help them keep up appearances?

When he thought about this point, Xu Zheng calmed down a bit.

"It's here!" Venerable White faintly smiled while standing on his flying sword. He saw that a meteor shower was quickly approaching the Grievance Settling Platform from a faraway place.

Behind Venerable White, the corner of Song Shuhang's mouth twitched again and again.

He felt that the scene where the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were wailing and falling from the sky in the form of a meteor shower was simply too beautiful he didn't even dare to imagine it!

At the same time, he shot a glance at Soft Feather. She had been very lucky to escape this calamity.

But he remembered that Venerable White prepared a gift for her earlier, and there was even the name 'Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather' written on it! If Soft Feather didn't receive the gift, who received it? Who was 'pewed~' toward the sky with the coiling flight feature in her stead?

As though she had felt Song Shuhang's gaze, Soft Feather looked at him and smiled; her smile was beautiful.

Next, she pointed at her head with her finger and said something. After reading her lips, Song Shuhang discovered that it was: 'Senior Song, your shiny bald head is beautiful! It's adorable, and it really suits you!'

"..." Song Shuhang.

Can we not mention my bald head?

Soft Feather smiled and asked the nearby Doudou, "Doudou, what is this 'gift' Senior White mentioned?"

"Hmm" Doudou's voice became heavy and his eyes profound as he said, "It's a meteor shower!"

"A meteor shower?" Soft Feather's eyes immediately lit up. Should she make a wish?

It's here? The people on the edge of the Grievance Settling Platform looked at Venerable White once more, their expressions still confused. Even after looking around, they didn't notice anything amiss in the surroundings.

Just as they were in deep thoughts, they felt a terrifying pressure descend from the sky!

This pressure was so big that everyone felt as though the sky was about to collapse and crash onto them.

Those whose cultivation was weak felt that breathing was becoming more and more difficult, as if something was blocking their noses.

What was happening?

The two supervisors of the platform raised their heads and looked at the sky the origin of this pressure was a large number of Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors, as well as cultivators of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, who had gathered together!

In the ceremony their Eternal Sword Sect held every hundred years, where all the talented people were reunited, there would be a similar pressure.

Did it mean that a large number of Spiritual Emperors and True Monarchs were coming over?

Just as they were thinking, a dazzling meteor shower appeared in the sky. It was bright to the point of being eye-blinding!

Beautiful! The same thought welled up in everyone's heart.

But as the meteor shower approached their position, those present noticed that there were strange screams mixed within it...