Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 375

Chapter 375 What Miss Soft Feather Says Is Reasonable
Chapter 375: What Miss Soft Feather says is reasonable!
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Song Shuhang felt that something was amiss Senior White, why did you turn your head around to look at me? You promised Miss Chu Chu you'd allow her to go onto the platform, but why did you say 'sure' while facing me?

Chu Chu also sensed something was offit was clearly she who beseeched him, so why did Venerable White turn around to face Song Shuhang?

But no matter what, even if she had to sacrifice her lifespan or pay an even greater price to fully erupt with her latent capacity, as long as she could fight on the platform and win the first category of the Grievance Settling Platform for the Chu Family, she would have no regrets.

Hence, Chuchu prostrated on the ground and expressed her gratitude, "Senior, thanks for your help."

On a side, the Chu Family's leader wanted to say something but hesitated. Ultimately, he sighed... he felt that he was entirely unable to interrupt their conversation.

"Yeah, come with me. Let's look for a suitable place at the back. In a while, Chu Chu will be able to go on stage," said Venerable White.

Thereafter, Venerable White stood up and walked towards the back of the Chu Family's camp. There was a temporary tent there, which was originally meant for treating the injuries of the disciples fighting on the Grievance Settling Platform. It was a place that could hide them from the public eye.

Chu Chu got up with much difficulty and took a deep breath, preparing to follow Venerable White. She had not fully recovered from her injuries. Earlier, she had already used all her strength just to sit up straight, how would walking be easier?

The nearby Song Shuhang immediately reached out with his hands to support Chu Chu, then followed behind Venerable White. She was a strong woman, and Song Shuhang understood her too well, even better than her own mother. Also perhaps it was because he dreamt about Chu Chu's life experience the day before, but Song Shuhang felt a natural sense of intimacy with Chu Chu and her family.

"Thank you," Chu Chu said softly. And just like that, Song Shuhang supported her, and the two of them caught up with Venerable White, entering the tent together.

After Venerable White left, the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One group immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator looked at the baboon in a black robe next to him and asked out of curiosity, "Speaking of which, Thrice Reckless, why are you still in the form of a baboon? Why didn't you undo True Monarch Yellow Mountain's illusory art?"

"Who is Thrice Reckless?" The baboon version Thrice Reckless Mad Saber laughed coldly, running his fingers through his hair. "I am Su Clan's Seven!"

...What kind of joke was that? Previously, he had fallen from the sky stark naked. Even if he was beaten to death, he didn't want to assume his real appearance again...

"Pfff~" Fairy Dongfang Six could not help but laugh out loud.

At this time, True Monarch Yellow Mountain said calmly, "Everyone, please do not make a ruckus. We have to think of a way to placate Senior White I have a feeling that Senior White definitely wouldn't call us here from afar just for us to enjoy the flight on the disposable flying sword. For all we know, there might be something scary brewing behind the scenes."

After True Monarch finished speaking, the fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group all swallowed their saliva one by one.

"Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is the best, don't you think?" asked Cave Lord Snow Wolf cautiously.

"The monk may escape, but the temple can't escape with him. Even if you can escape today, you might not be able to escape tomorrow," said True Monarch Yellow Mountain calmly.

"So, what should we do?" Fairy Dongfang asked.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain replied, "I don't know either. Hence, we need to discuss it together."

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group fell silent.

At this time, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber approached Soft Feather, his monkey face full of sadness. "Speaking of which, Miss Soft Feather, you have gotten us into trouble this time."

Soft Feather blinked her eyes and asked out of curiosity, "What relation does it have with me?"

"Because you uploaded the 'Senior White's expressions package' within the group!" answered Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

The surrounding seniors silently noddedthe 'expressions package' was the main source of the tragedy!

"That expressions package... isn't it nice?" Soft Feather asked cautiously.

"It is nice but, because of that expressions package, everyone was brought here by Senior White's disposable flying swords!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said sullenly.

After hearing that, Soft Feather replied with another question in a curious tone, "Isn't it because you seniors courted death? Apart from flooding the group chat with Senior White's emotes, you even used them as profile pictures."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber replied, "Ah, what I mean is, it was all because of the existence of the expressions package!"

"That's why I'm saying that you can't put all the blame on me." Soft Feather said earnestly. "I merely shared Senior White's expressions package in the group if you seniors only quietly downloaded the expressions package for your own enjoyment, there would be no problems. But you guys courted death by constantly flooding the group with them, and even changed your profile pictures. So, isn't it only logical that you would prepare yourselves to face Senior White's punishment? Senior Thrice Reckless, don't tell me you don't even have a bit of self-awareness?"

"Ah?" Thrice Reckless sensed something was amiss. Soft Feather's words were quite reasonable and serious. "Don't tell me that you're self-aware of your actions?"

"Of course," Soft Feather said matter-of-factly. "We are not children anymore. Of course we need to be responsible for every action we make. When I sent the expressions package to the group, I was aware of everything I heard my father once say that Senior White has a hobby of using disposable flying swords to send people straight into space. Hence, I've long prepared myself to be sent into space by Senior White I even prepared a spacesuit, as well as fasting pills. I have done all sorts of preparations, and I've kept them in my size-reducing purse since a long time ago!"

As she finished speaking, Soft Feather's eyes glowed brightly, her face full of anticipation and longing. She really wanted to be sent straight into space by Senior White on a disposable flying sword.

Thrice Reckless turned his head around and looked at his fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Afterward, he looked up to the starry sky at a 45-degree angle complex emotions were welling up in his heart.

Soft Feather's reply was reasonable, and Thrice Reckless was left entirely speechless in other words, so many fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number Group shot themselves in the foot because they had little to no 'self-awareness'?

"Ahem, don't get sidetracked right now, we should rack our brains and think about how we can cheer Senior White up!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain brought everyone back to the main topic. This was the most important thing at hand. They definitely had to bring out the adorable nature of Senior White... no, they had to make Senior White happy again in order to get him to forget the 'Senior White's expressions package' incident.

At this time, Doudou said joyfully, "If you want to make Senior White happy again, I have a neat trick. Woof, woof."

Right now, he had the size of a small pekingese, and there was also a palm-sized Yu Jiaojiao riding on his back. This combination was especially cute.

"What kind of trick, Doudou?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked curiously.

Doudou happily replied, "Hehehe, I will tell you if you call me 'master' three times, stupid Yellow Mountain. Woof!"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain sighed deeplyhow did he raise such a stupid dog?

"Doudou," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said in a serious tone, "the girl from the Chu Family who was laying on your back is named Chu Chu, right?"

"So what?" Doudou asked in response.

"Doudou." True Monarch Yellow Mountain's tone became even more serious. "I heard that your friend, a female cat monster in Beijing, is also called Chu Chu, correct?"

"They only have the same name." Doudou snorted coldly.

"Doudou," True Monarch Yellow Mountain continued, "I heard that you have an online wife, and that wife also has the two characters 'Chu Chu' in her name?"

"Stupid Yellow Mountain, you're spying on me? Woof!" Doudou shouted with all his might.

"Do you still want me to continue? You stupid pekingese with a Chu Chu complex! Do you really want me to reveal and expose your inner and darkest dirty secrets that should never see the light?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain stared at Doudou with his torch-like eyes.

Doudou couldn't help but shrink back.

"Do you know what to do next?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain said coldly.

Doudou pondered for a bit, then lay on the ground with zero dignity as he said, "I'm sorry, Lord Yellow Mountain!"

"I can't hear you, and your tone is not sincere!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain said coldly and arrogantly.

"I am sorry, Lord Yellow Mountain. Woof, woof. I am Lord Yellow Mountain's little loyal Doudou Lord is a generous man; please forgive me my past wrongdoings. Woof, woof!" Doudou cried loudly.

"Very well. Go on and tell me the secret to make Senior White happy!" said True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

"Song Shuhang is preparing to shoot a movie when he mentioned it to Venerable White, the latter looked very interested," answered Doudou.

At this time, Yu Jiaojiao hurriedly raised her hand and said, "I know about this matter as well. I even know that there's a writer that writes interesting stuff, and we're going to kidnap him and put him into a small black room, making him write the script."

When Northern River's Loose Cultivator heard it, he suddenly sighed with emotion and said, "It's a suggestion made by little friend Song Shuhang? Hehe, seems like he had a hard time over the past two days!"

That was also true Song Shuhang was the one who started the whole 'Senior White's expressions package' thing. He had been spending the past few days with Venerable White. After the whole expressions package incident, one could only imagine little friend Shuhang's plight. It must have been really hard on him if he actually thought of shooting a movie to please Senior White.

"Shooting a movie? Seems like a good idea!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain clapped his hands. "In that case, let's take action and provide adequate support to little friend Shuhang and create a movie that would stir the whole nation!"

"Would that be enough to satisfy Venerable White? Why don't we play it safe a little let's create a movie that would stir the entire world!" suggested True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple.

The fellow daoists within the Nine Provinces Number Group all supported this idea.

At this time, True Monarch Yellow Mountain secretly heaved a sighhe actually managed to subdue Doudou this time around. Speaking of which, does Doudou truly have a 'Chu Chu complex'? There is definitely a story behind it. It seems I need to dig out more information to make sure. It would be the best blackmail material to use against Doudou.

Yes the 'secrets' True Monarch referred to were merely a scare tactic he employed to deal with Doudou.

Just as the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group were talking amongst themselves, the last battle of the second category on the Grievance Settling Platform came to an end.

Chu Family's Chu Yong was defeated.

Even though Xu Zheng's junior brother received an injury from the supervisor earlier and got hurt, after the beast-like fellow got patched up, he still managed to defeat Chu Yong easily.

"The Illusory Sword School is the final winner of the second category of the Grievance Settling Platform." When the supervisor announced the results, he secretly glanced at the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group sitting in a row in the camp of the Chu Family.

He was worried that when he announced the results, it would cause unhappiness amongst them.

The pressure was too great!

Supervising the conflict on the Grievance Settling Platform this time was so goddamn difficult!

"Next, the matches of the first category of the Grievance Settling Platform shall begin. Participants from both sides, please step onto the platform," said the other supervisor