Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Chu Chus Smile
Chapter 376: Chu Chus smile
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Only the disciples below the age of sixty could participate in the matches of the first category.

The disciples below the age of sixty in both the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School had been rather unlucky. Most of them were still trying to jump through the dragon gate.

In the Illusory Sword School, one of their disciples had tried to jump through the dragon gate seventeen times, failing each time. After failing, their realm decreased until it reached the Fourth Aperture Nose Aperture Realm. Only by diligently cultivating again would they have another possibility to jump through the dragon gate.

Even though it was just a small bottleneck, the dragon gate had blocked more than 6% of the cultivators. The main victims were loose cultivators or those part of small sects who lacked resources. Some people had tried to break through this bottleneck for their whole lives without success.

The Chu Family was rather lucky to have a genius like Chu Chu.

On the other hand, the Illusory Sword School didn't have a single cultivator below the age of 60 that had reached the Second Stage, and all the participating disciples were at the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm.

The first two disciples the Chu Family sent were also at the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm.

Since the disciples of both sides were well-matched in strength, the outcome would be decided by their equipment and performance at the moment.

The one with better weapons or techniques was more likely to win.

The supervisor of the platform announced the start of the battle.

The disciple sent on stage by the Illusory Sword School was a three meters tall giant that possessed some special bloodline.

In comparison, the disciple of the Chu Family was much less awe-inspiring. His stature was ordinary and his foundation technique solid. It was someone with experience.

For the matches of the first category, the hopes of the Chu Family were pinned on Chu Chu.

A battle between First Stage cultivators might be exciting for the average man, but for the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, it was rather boring.

The fact that the techniques of both factions were relatively low-level made them feel even more dispirited.

At this time, the leader of the Chu Family was pacing back and forth outside the tent in the rear.

He wanted to know how much of her strength Chu Chu had recovered. She didn't need to recover all the strength, having the strength of the Second Stage First Dantian Realm was enough to defeat the disciples of the Illusory Sword School.

Soft Feather also stealthily appeared beside the tent. She wanted to retrieve the brooch from Song Shuhang and change into Chu Chunying, fighting in her stead. The mere thought of stepping onto the Grievance Settling Platform and defeating all the disciples of the Illusory Sword School was enough to get her excited.

But even after a while Chu Chu, Venerable White, and Song Shuhang didn't come out of the tent.

"Are they not done yet?" Soft Feather was confused. Hence, she stretched her hand and opened the tent, taking a look inside.

What she saw inside was a stretch of boundless yellow sand.

"An illusory reality?" Soft Feather withdrew her hand and took a step back. Venerable White unexpectedly used the illusory reality inside the tent! Was it so difficult to forcibly bring out Chu Chu's latent capacity?

At this time, inside Venerable White's illusory reality.

Venerable White didn't forcibly bring out Chu Chu's latent capacity he merely took some of her blood and put it inside a small bottle. Afterward, he put all kinds of medicinal materials in the bottle as well.

How was Venerable White planning to make Chu Chu recover her strength?

Then, he took his mobile phone and dialed Medicine Master's number. "Medicine Master, did someone contact you?"

Medicine Master's voice transmitted from the other end. "Yes. The day after Purple Mist brought those test subjects over, a person tried to contact me through various fellow daoists. They wanted to know what was the ransom for the prisoners."

"So, did you obtain that thing?" Venerable White heartily laughed.

"Yes. Just like you instructed, I told him that he could have only two prisoners back and that the price was the first two volumes of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. After bargaining back and forth for a day, he came alone and took three of the prisoners with him while leaving behind the technique," Medicine Master said and also added, "Senior, do you think that the other party did something to those volumes of the technique?"

"That's for sure but it doesn't matter. I just want to understand the logic behind this technique. Send me the first two volumes of the technique so that I can take a look. As for the following matters, I'll look for you in a while and take care of them as well. Hehehe additionally, inspect the bodies of the other test subjects. If I'm not mistaken, there should be a problem with their bodies. The true qi in their bodies should have been quietly absorbed by someone else," Venerable White said with a smile.

"Senior White, I understand." Next, Medicine Master asked another question, "I'll send you the technique first. Is it fine to send it online?"

"You can apply some casual security measures and send it to me. After all, it isn't one of our techniques," Venerable White replied.

Medicine Master nodded and hung up.

Very soon, he sent the pictures of the first two volumes of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique through the instant messaging program to Senior White.

Venerable White downloaded the file and started to scroll through the pictures on his phone. Since the first two volumes contained techniques suitable for cultivators of the First and Second Stage, it took him a very short amount of time to read the file.

After he was done reading, he closed his eyes and started to ponder...

Soon after, Venerable White reopened his eyes, and golden rays of light shot out of them. Countless golden runes appeared in the space in front of him. The runes kept rotating until they formed thirty-three rings that were continuously revolving in front of Senior White.

"I see this is indeed a very interesting technique." Venerable White laughed and stretched his hand out, starting to move it in the air.

He removed pieces of the rings and modified some of the runes.

These were the 'mistakes' that the opposite party had intentionally left within the technique, and Venerable White was now fixing them. It was merely a technique of the First and Second Stage, and if there were mistakes, Venerable White could easily find and fix them.

The revision was complete.

"Shuhang, stretch out your hand!" Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang stretched out his arm toward Venerable White.

Venerable White moved his hand and the golden runes fell on Song Shuhang's palm, changing into several animals. Bull, sheep, horse, pig, dog, lion, tiger, wolf, fox, bear, ape, chicken, wild goose, hawk, snake, rabbit, whale, shark, turtle, crab, shrimp and so on, for a total of thirty-three animals.

The animals floated above Song Shuhang's hand for a while before heading toward his palm.

Bull, sheep, horse, pig, dog, lion, tiger the animals orderly clashed against his palm. But when they came in contact with his skin, they changed into mist and dissipated.

The following animals kept advancing and slamming against Song Shuhang's palm, disappearing one after another.

Song Shuhang looked at Venerable White with a confused expression on his face, but Senior White faintly smiled at him and didn't say anything.

Thereupon according to its turn, a mini-whale also bumped against Song Shuhang's palm. But unlike the others, it didn't disappear. On the other hand, it seemed as though it had come back to life and started to wag its head in complacency, spurting out some steam from the hole on top of its head.

"Eh? It seems that the chapter of the whale is suitable for you." Venerable White faintly smiled.

Chu Chu's corner of the mouth twitched. Recently, she had had awful experiences with whales! That deathly hug, the sound of her bones breaking, and Whale Eight's perverted laughter were still flashing in her mind.

"In that case, note down this part of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique; the chapter of the Huge Whale," Venerable White said as he made another motion with his hand. The ring of golden runes appeared once more, and the revised version of the technique hovered before Song Shuhang's eyes. The runes orderly arranged themselves, forming the complete volume of a technique.

Song Shuhang silently memorized the content of the technique.

The Huge Whale's Technique contained a special method to revolve one's qi and blood, and allowed the user to erupt with an explosive power comparable to that of a whale through the regulation of the qi and blood in the five apertures.

"All is ready. Now, you only need to drink the medicinal blood inside this bottle to change into Chu Chu and participate in the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform," Venerable White said as he passed the bottle to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang:

Didn't Venerable White say that he would forcibly bring out Miss Chu Chu's latent capacity and let her participate in the battles on the Grievance Settling Platform? How come I have to transform into Chu Chu and fight in her stead now?

As though he had read Song Shuhang's mind, Senior White explained, "I indeed have a method to forcibly bring out her latent capacity but given her current condition, she will die shortly after I'm done; nothing will be able to save her."

"So do you want Miss Chu Chu to burn out her life to participate in the battle? Or do you prefer to assume her appearance and fight in her stead?" Venerable White asked.

I will die? Chu Chu was stunned. She had been taking the process of forcibly bringing out one's latent capacity too lightly after all, it was a method that cultivator used in life and death situations to die together with the enemy. The consequences of using such methods were extreme.

Song Shuhang looked at Chu Chu and then at the serious-looking Venerable White, opening his mouth wide.

Two minutes later.

The tent opened.

Chu Chu's face was still slightly pale, but her steps were firm as she walked out of the tent. The power of qi and blood was surging on her body; she looked in good health.

She was wearing a brand-new black skirt, and a short sword was tied to her thigh. She was also carrying a long wrapped weapon on her back.

"Chu Chu, how are your injuries?" As soon as he saw Chu Chu come out of the tent, the leader of the Chu Family became happy.

Chu Chu faintly smiled at the family leader but didn't reply.

Meanwhile, on the Grievance Settling Platform.

The gigantic disciple of the Illusory Sword School laughed complacently. Afterward, he raised high the second disciple the Chu Family sent to battle and smashed him against his knee!

The disciple of the Chu Family was like a little chick, completely unable to revolt. After receiving the knee attack, he screamed pitifully and softly fell to the ground, not getting up again.

Two consecutive losses.

The giant arrogantly laughed.

The other disciples of the Chu Family were triggered after seeing this scene Dammit, if Senior Sister Chu Chu weren't injured, you wouldn't dare to act so arrogantly!

At this time, a tall and slender figure walked across the camp of the Chu Family, heading toward the Grievance Settling Platform.

The steps of this figure were heavy.

After seeing the figure, the disciples of the Chu Family immediately thundered, "It's Senior Sister Chu Chu! It's Senior Sister Chu Chu!"

The figure turned around and made a complicated smile at the cheering disciples of the Chu Family.