Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 378

Chapter 378 The Second Stage True Master Of The Illusory Sword School
Chapter 378: The Second Stage True Master of the Illusory Sword School!
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I only have to defeat these guys from the Illusory Sword School, right? Chu Chu gazed at the camp of the Illusory Sword School; there were two more contestants left to defeat.

Send them here so that I can quickly take care of them!

After I take a look at Li Tiansu's canvases in the secret room, everything will be settled.

Something that was supposed to be easy... turned out to be so complicated in the end...

In the camp of the Illusory Sword School.

The school head Xu Zheng took a deep breath. At this time, he was wearing a blue daoist robe. It was the courtesy of a sensible disciple that gave his own robe to the school head, allowing him to cover up his embarrassment.

Xu Zheng felt somewhat uneasy. There was something very, very wrong with this whole situation! Since the gravely injured Chu Chu returned here alive, the whole situation took a wrong turn!

At first, everything was proceeding according to that mister's predictions. But now that Chu Chu had returned, everything was thrown into chaos.

After taking a deep breath, Xu Zheng tried to calm himself first, he had to deal with these matches of the first category.

Therefore, he said in a grave tone, "Although she received a serious injury and her strength decreased until the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm, Chu Chu's fighting experience and mindset of a Second Stage cultivator are still there. It's not strange that Lu Guan lost to her. Shu Ze, go on stage. Don't act rashly and don't try to deal with her using sheer physical strength, just take your time. She used a special method to forcibly bring out her latent capacity, but the effects won't last for too long. The more you can drag it out, the better it is."

In the back, a disciple with long legs replied in a grave tone, "I understand."

This disciple was specialized in movement techniques, as well as dodging short-range attacks. He was the best choice if they wanted to stall for time instead of fighting the enemy head-on.

The battle on the Grievance Settling Platform continued.

The second disciple sent by the Illusory Sword School, Shu Ze, stepped onto the platform. In the meantime, their medical staff moved the wounded giant off stage.

"Illusory Sword School's Shu Ze requests Miss Chu Chu to give him some pointers!" After getting on the stage, Shu Ze didn't impatiently attack Chu Chu but started to greet her he didn't forget his objective, take time!

No matter which method he used, he just had to drag it outeven a few seconds were fine. As long as he could hold on, he would obtain victory!

In the front, Chu Chu faintly smiled and, just as before, didn't reply.

"I hope Miss Chu Chu will show mercy and merely knock me out. Hopefully, I won't have to pass the next few months on a hospital bed!" After saying this much, Shu Ze started to put some distance between Chu Chu and himself.

Chu Chu furrowed her brows. This guy really liked to chit-chat!

Just as the battle between Chu Chu and Shu Ze was about to start, Xu Zheng quietly made a call.

The call quickly connected.

The school head Xu Zheng said impatiently, "Hello. Mister something unexpected happened."

A gentle sound was transmitted from the other end. "Don't be afraid. I've been paying attention to the scene the whole time. Even if a few things changed, everything is still under my control. Don't get impatient and hang up the phone. Let's communicate through text messages."

The gentle and earnest voice calmed Xu Zheng down.

Thereupon, he hung up and started to communicate with the opposite party via text messages.

Beep, beep, beep. That mysterious mister quickly sent a message: "Let the matches on the Grievance Settling Platform run their course. The fact that Chu Chu was able to participate in the competition was out of my expectations, but we've already won a category. Therefore, nothing will happen even if you lose this one; it won't affect my plan too much. Anyway, you need to gain some time before the start of the third category. I need to take care of some matters in the meantime and draw an important person out of the Chu Family. In short, you don't have to worry. Everything is under my control, and after this matter is over, the benefits you'll obtain will exceed your imagination."

"Mister, the Chu Family managed to invite some powerful reinforcements. I fear something unexpected might happen," Xu Zheng quickly replied. Those powerful cultivators sitting in a row made him feel an incredible pressure!

The mysterious mister tried to comfort him. "Those people aren't the reinforcements of the Chu Family. The Chu Family doesn't have that much power. You don't have to worry, everything is within my calculations!"

After hearing this much, Xu Zheng finally calmed down.

On the Grievance Settling Platform, Chu Chu furrowed her brows and looked at the playful and lively Shu Ze.

Since the start of the battle, this guy had done nothing but chit-chat and jump around like a monkey, not approaching her in the least. What was he trying to do?

Seconds and minutes passed by.

Chu Chu rubbed her temples. Wasn't he tired after jumping around for so long?

Even the supervisors of the platform started to frown.

Everyone could see that Illusory Sword School's Shu Ze was energetically jumping around while trying to provoke Chu Chu.

If she weren't to personally take action, this guy would probably jump around until the seas ran dry and the rocks crumbled...

Chu Chu took a deep breath.

In the next momentROAR!!!

The thunderous roar of a lion spread in all directions from Chu Chu's mouth; the sound wave seemed to have materialized and rippled through the area.

The whole Grievance Settling Platform trembled under the effects of this deafening roar. As if that wasn't enough, the sound wave was imbued with the power of the 'Illusory Sound', making it impossible for the opponent to defend against it.

If not for the defensive barrier surrounding the platform, the roar of the lion would have affected many people from the camps of the two factions.

On the Grievance Settling Platform, Shu Ze, who was still happily jumping, felt as though lightning struck him. His mind became blank, and his legs lost strength, causing him to fall to the ground.

Immediately after, Chu Chu took a step forward and easily knocked him out.

After his spirit collapsed, Shu Ze didn't even have the strength to defend himself...

Chu Chu won!

After two consecutive losses, the disciples of the Illusory Sword School didn't have a good complexion.

On the other hand, the people of the Chu Family were loudly cheering.

Since they had found something interesting, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group weren't as bored as before.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said, "Hmm, it's the Buddhist Roaring Lion's Technique."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber replied, "If we add the fact that he already has the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique and the True Self Meditation Scripture"

"As well as that big bald head" True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple added.

"It seems that little friend Shuhang has decided to become a buddhist cultivator" True Monarch Yellow Mountain said as he pinched his chin.

Such being the case should he gift Shuhang something related to this aspect?

Perhaps he could gift him a kasaya with powerful defensive abilities? Little friend Shuhang should like it a lot, right?

Just as they were discussing, the last disciple of the Illusory Sword School stepped onto the Grievance Settling Platform, his expression calm.

"Illusory Sword School's Ye Tang. I request Miss Chu Chu to give me some pointers." This disciple was a middle-aged man with a thin stature. The robe of the Illusory Sword School draped over his shoulders seemed too big for him; it felt as though it was about to fall.

Chu Chu smiled at him because except for smiling, she couldn't do anything else.

"I would like to clarify something before the start of the match. I'm different from my two junior brothers you fought earlier..." Ye Tang took a deep breath and slowly unsheathed the long sword hanging around his waist. "...because I've already reached the Second Stage True Master Realm!"