Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Its Her Immortal Master Copper Trigram
Chapter 380: Its her, Immortal Master Copper Trigram!
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Song Shuhang had a calm expression on his face. Only after advancing to the Second Stage Realm would he have the opportunity to deal with this Ye Tang easily!

Moreover, it just so happened that the opponent also recently advanced to the Second Stage True Master Realm. He was the best opponent Song Shuhang could use to temper himself. Ye Tang was strong enough to put Shuhang under a lot of pressure, but also not so strong that he could kill him with one move. He was the best sparring partner possible.

Under pressure, he would be able to quickly condense an embryonic form of the pseudo-innate true qi thanks to the Huge Whale's Technique!

After thinking this much, Song Shuhang decided to go on the offensive.

Due to the qi and blood revolving technique of the Huge Whale, the faint cry of a whale echoed whenever Song Shuhang performed an action. Soon after, a thin layer of flames started to burn on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant once more...

After seeing that 'Chu Chu' didn't draw her sword, rage filled Ye Tang's heart. He coldly snorted and tightly grasped his sword, pouring his true qi into the sharp end. "Since you refuse to draw the sword, I fear you won't have the opportunity anymore!

Originally, Ye Tang wanted to experience the might of the mysterious 'sword technique' of the genius of the Chu Family. But now, he changed his mind and decided to take care of her in one go, without giving her an opportunity to fight back!

After all, defeating the genius of the Chu Family, Chu Chu, was something to be proud of.

The fight on the Grievance Settling Platform suddenly reached the climax!

In the sky...

An anxious-looking man was chasing after the streak left behind by the 'meteor shower', hence heading toward the Grievance Settling Platform.

This man was Fairy Dongfang's pursuer, Liu Long.

Liu Long was a bit depressed right now. Dongfang was especially happy today and even decided to dance for him. But just as she was dancing, she suddenly coiled her way toward the sky and changed into a meteor, disappearing at the horizon while screaming.

The whole scene was so strange that Liu Long couldn't react at all!

Next, he stepped on his flying sword and chased after Dongfang, crossing thousands of mountains and rivers in the process.

Incidentally, while he was chasing after Dongfang, other meteors also brushed past him.

These meteors had several points in common they were very fast, had a strange flight pattern, and were accompanied by the screams of men or women. The scene was same as that of Fairy Dongfang shooting up toward the sky. It seemed that a lot of people ended up like her?

Was it a strange case of groups of people coiling their way toward the sky? Which senior played this prank on them?

Regardless of what happened, I have to catch up to Dongfang first! Liu Long thought to himself while rushing forward with his flying sword.

Then, just as he was flying at full speed, he saw another figure not too far from him that was likewise chasing after the streak of the meteors.

Even though this cultivator was chasing after the meteors with all his might, his speed wasn't too fast. It wasn't because his cultivation realm was low, it was because the flying sword beneath his feet was rather peculiar.

How could one describe it?

The flying sword had a humanoid form. It was wearing tight-fitting blue clothes, as well as a red cape. Moreover, it wore those red underpants on the outside too...

It wasn't that the flying sword had suddenly changed into a person. The flying sword was forged in a way that it would resemble a person.

Aside from their life-bound weapons, cultivators possessed other weapons too.

A few years ago, it was in vogue to modify one's spare flying swords. In the end, that trend turned into a frenzied large-scale competition where cultivators modified their extra flying swords, changing them into computers, fridges, household appliances, keyboards, etc. As long as they found something interesting, they would modify their flying sword into that. The only limitation was one's imagination...

However, these modified flying swords were good only to have a laugh. The modified flying swords were surely interesting, but they were slower than their counterparts.

The cultivator ahead must have had rather peculiar tastes to change the shape of his spare flying sword into that of 'Superman'. If he were to turn his sword visible while flying, the people below might really think that Superman was flying in the sky...

That cultivator seems rather interesting, Liu Long thought to himself.

However, he felt that there was something amiss that guy seemed to be chasing after the meteors with all his might. In that case, why wasn't he using his life-bound flying sword instead of this weirdly shaped spare flying sword? Or had he lost reason and modified his life-bound flying sword directly?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Liu Long caught up with the cultivator.

"Fellow Daoist, are you also chasing after those meteors?" Liu Long asked. Perhaps this fellow daoist was like him and had traversed mountains and rivers to chase after a beautiful fairy maiden?

After hearing Liu Long's voice, the man turned his head around and nodded, saying, "Yes! Are you also chasing after them?"

It was a fellow daoist with spiky hair and a chubby face, his build short and slight. Perhaps due to his chubby face, he seemed rather friendly.

"My name is Liu Long, and I come from the Tian Mountain Range Sect." Liu Long faintly smiled and asked, "Fellow Daoist, could it be that someone important to you also changed into a meteor and flew away?"

"Liu Long of the Tian Mountain Range Sect! I have heard so much about you, I'm honored to meet you." The chubby cultivator looked at Liu Long, somewhat surprised. Was this Liu 'good guy' Long? In the world of cultivators, he was renowned as a very kind-hearted man. He didn't think he would meet him here.

Soon after, the chubby cultivator also introduced himself, "I'm Deng Yima from the Snow-cold Sword Manor. There is indeed someone very important to me who flew away in that meteor shower. I found her with much difficulty, and I won't let her get away!"

When he said the last part of the sentence, the chubby cultivator seemed very excited, and it almost felt as though he was pledging that he wouldn't let the other party get away!

After hearing this much, Liu Long was moved. Was this fellow daoist the same as him, chasing after his beloved?

Since they were in a similar situation, they might as well help each other out, right?

Thereupon, Liu Long asked, "Fellow Daoist Deng, did something happen to your life-bound flying sword?"

After all, Deng Yima's Superman-shaped flying sword was rather embarrassing.

After hearing this question, Deng Yima took a deep breath, and an aggrieved expression appeared on his face. "Yes, I run into difficulties. At the moment, I can only use this flying sword!"

One could clearly feel the sadness and bitterness concealed in his tone. It seemed that Fellow Daoist Deng had experienced something tragic in the past...

"Such being the case, I can give you a ride!" Liu Long said. "After all, we're both chasing after the meteors!"

After hearing these words, Deng Yima asked somewhat embarrassed, "Won't I slow down your speed this way?"

"Don't worry. As long as I'm carrying only one person with me, it won't influence my speed too much." Liu Long heartily laughed.

Deng Yima clenched his teeth. This time, he was truly in a hurry and wanted to catch up to 'her' as soon as possible. After finding her with much difficulty, he didn't want to let her get away. Hence he had no choice but to accept Liu Long's kind intentions.

"In that case, I'll engrave Fellow Daoist Liu Long's benevolence in my heart! If you need my help with something in the future, I'll surely help you!" Deng Yima said earnestly. Afterward, he put away his Superman-shaped flying sword and jumped on Liu Long's flying sword.

"Hehe, it's nothing. You don't need to think too much about it." Liu Long faintly smiled. Given his disposition, he would probably forget about this matter very soon.

Liu Long had helped countless cultivators during his life. Wouldn't it be tiresome to remember each and every one of them? Moreover, he wasn't helping people so that they could owe him favors.

On the Grievance Settling Platform.

Just as the battle between Song Shuhang and Ye Tang was about to reach the climax...

Liu Long and the chubby Deng Yima descended in a place that was in the middle of the two camps.

The fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group raised their heads and looked at Liu Long. Northern River's Loose Cultivator, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, and Dharma King Creation nodded at Liu Long. It seemed they knew each other.

Liu Long smiled in reply and swept the fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group with his gaze, blinking a few times So many fellow daoists changed into meteors and flew over here?

Very soon, he found Fairy Dongfang amidst the group!

"Fairy Dongfang!" Liu Long happily said as he ran toward her.

Fairy Dongfang shyly smiled and waved her hand at Liu Long. Earlier, she thought that the coiling flight feature was Liu Long's doing. Hence she felt a bit embarrassed right now.

After seeing Fairy Dongfang, Liu Long was so happy that he completely forgot about the chubby Deng Yima that came here with him.

But Deng Yima didn't seem to mind. He likewise swept the fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group with his gaze. Deng Yima wasn't friends with the members of the group; hence, he didn't know much about them.

If the various fellow daoists were to announce their names, Deng Yima might recognize some of them.

Very soon, he found his target!

He stubbornly stared at Fairy Lychee I'm not mistaken, I've found her! It's her!

Big eyes, good-looking, carefree disposition, and two cute dimples appear on her cheeks whenever she laughs! There is no doubt, I've finally found her!

It's definitely her!

Even if she were to turn into ashes, I would still recognize her!

On the other side, Fairy Lychee, who was now wrapped in True Monarch Yellow Mountain's robe, raised her head and gazed at Deng Yima with her big eyes, somewhat confused.

She could feel the blazing flames burning in the eyes of the opposite party. It seemed as though he wanted to burn her alive.

Fairy Lychee blinked a few times. She racked her brain, but couldn't remember anything about this chubby cultivator!

Deng Yima pointed at Fairy Lychee and said in a low voice, "I've finally found you!"

"???" Fairy Lychee pointed at herself and asked, "Were you looking for me?"

"Don't play dumb. Do you think I'll let you off just because you're playing dumb?" Deng Yima clenched his teeth in anger and roared, "YOU DAMNED IMMORTAL MASTER COPPER TRIGRAM!!!"

Fairy Lychee:

I am Immortal Master Copper Trigram now?