Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Did They Take Drugs
Chapter 381: Did they take drugs?
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"Fellow Daoist you've got the wrong person," Fairy Lychee replied subconsciously, "I'm not Immortal Master Copper Trigram, I'm Fairy Lychee."

At the time, when her teacher gave her this dao name, she felt very ashamed whenever someone called her by that name. But after hearing it for a long time, she got used to it. If she was called Lychee, then so be it. At least, it was much better than her junior sister's name, Fairy Nectarine.

"Fairy Lychee? Ahahaha!" Deng Yima started to laugh. "I didn't think you would refuse to acknowledge your own dao name. Anyway, why didn't you call yourself Fairy Cherry while you were at it? And if you're Fairy Lychee, I'm Daoist Priest Pineapple!"

"Fairy Cherry is my junior sister, and Daoist Priest Pineapple is my senior brother," Fairy Lychee calmly replied.

"..." Deng Yima.

Soon after, he flew into a rage and said, "Even now, you still dare to make fun of me?! Fairy Copper Trigram, you're a shameless and mean person!"

'Fairy Copper Trigram' because they were currently a beautiful fairy maiden.

"That goes without saying! Copper Trigram is a mean and shameless fellow. An extremely evil bastard!" The nearby Northern River's Loose Cultivator swiftly approved. Then, he also added, "However you've indeed got the wrong person, Fellow Daoist. The person before your eyes has nothing to do with that Copper Trigram scum. The name of this fairy maiden is really Lychee. As for why you confused her for Copper Trigram, it should be because that degenerate assumed her appearance while performing divination for you. Is that correct?"

After seeing Deng Yima call Fairy Lychee 'Immortal Master Copper Trigram', Northern River's Loose Cultivator guessed what might have happened. He was sure that that bastard assumed Fairy Lychee's appearance and performed some trashy divination, getting a lot of bad karma. Although the world was big, it just so happened that one of the clients of the shady fortune teller ended up finding Fairy Lychee.

"Assumed her appearance?" Deng Yima opened his eyes wide.

"Indeed. That degenerate is an expert at changing his appearance. If he were to assume someone's identity, I too would find it very difficult to recognize him," Northern River's Loose Cultivator replied.

Now then, Copper Trigram unexpectedly assumed the appearance of a fellow daoist from the group to do his deeds... does it mean that he went around performing trashy divinations with my appearance too?

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group, the relationship between Copper Trigram and Northern River was pretty bad. Given Copper Trigram's shameless disposition, it wouldn't be strange if he had performed countless wicked divinations with Northern River's appearance! It was simply a fearful matter!

"Ahahahaha" Deng Yima madly laughed. Next, he muttered, "Since he swore that his divination was correct, I squandered my whole family property and rushed into the Black Tiger Secret Realm; even my life-bound flying sword got destroyed there! I did all that to obtain enough resources to break through. But I didn't think that all I would get were six semi-worthless items of not too high value Now, I can't even use my real flying sword while going out!"

It was really an awful experience...

When they heard Deng Yima's words, the people from the Nine Provinces Number One Group blushed out of shame. If that shady fortune teller got captured by the clients he swindled and was beaten half to death, all the people in the group would surely cheer.

His divinations were simply too wicked who knew how many people he had ruined already?

"And now, you're telling me that it wasn't even Copper Trigram's real appearance? Ahahaha..." Deng Yima strangely laughed. It seemed there was something wrong with him.

"Fellow Daoist, restrain your grief." Northern River's Loose Cultivator patted his chest and said, "How about waiting for a month? After a month, I'll capture that shady fellow and bring him in front of you so that you can ruthlessly beat him. Moreover, you can also ask him to compensate you for the losses he caused."

Right now, giving Copper Trigram a good beating was the thing Northern River's Loose Cultivator wanted to do the most.

"Ahaha, restrain my grief?" Deng Yima clenched his teeth and continued, "Changing appearances? Fairy Lychee?

Do you think you can easily hoodwink me just because I don't look too clever? Hehe, eat one of these pellets I found in the Black Tiger Secret Realm! Aaaaaah!" While roaring, Deng Yima took out a five-colored small pellet, throwing it toward Fairy Lychee.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said, "He lost his mind."

Even while facing so many Spiritual Emperors and True Monarchs, this guy still decided to attack the anger must have made him lose his mind.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, "He thoroughly lost his mind. Anyway, everything we said is true!"

True Monarch Fallout echoed, "Some things can't be changed no matter how much we wish. The truth is often known only to a handful of people, and even if you were to spread it, no one would believe it!"

Just as they were discussing, the five-colored pellet arrived in front of Fairy Lychee.

"Explode!" Deng Yima angrily roared. "Slowing Technique!"

This pellet was one of the treasures he found in the Black Tiger Secret Realm. He found six pellets in total and used one of them before. When he used that pellet, all living things in an area of ten square meters around the pellet were subjected to a powerful slowing effect. Under the effects of that terrifying slowing effect, all actions were slowed down. When he tried it on a wild beast, the beast took five minutes just to raise its paw!

The slowing effect could last up to ten minutes and he could do a lot of things in that time!

Speaking of which, it was rather sad.

The six pellets had very powerful effects but they were useless to him! He exchanged his whole family property for these six pellets! And to get a brand-new life-bound flying sword, he was forced to complete all the assignments of the sect and save spirit stones little by little.

Moreover since he used one of those pellets earlier, there were only five left. He wanted to sell the remaining ones in exchange for spirit stones, but he was unable to carry out the transaction. His plan was to sell them at a high price, but no one was willing to buy them.

As for selling them at a low price, he was the one not willing! After all, the exchanged his whole family property for these five pellets! F*ck!

Therefore, he clenched his teeth and decided to keep them for himself.

Now, they had finally come in handy!

However, Deng Yima's pellet didn't explode.

The beautiful Fairy Lychee stretched out her hand and gently moved it. The aura of a Sixth Stage True Monarch burst forth from her body. Soon after, a transparent and sparkling wall appeared in front of her. "Reflecting Crystal Wall!"

A Sixth Stage True Monarch?!

After the small pellet crashed against the transparent wall it bounced back as though it had hit an extremely elastic material.

Deng Yima subconsciously dodged the incoming pellet.

If the pellet were to hit him, and affected him with the slowing effect, he would be done for!

"Whizz!" The rebounded pellet brushed past Deng Yima, finally crashing against the Grievance Settling Platform.

Luckily, the supervisors arranged a defensive barrier around the platform earlier.

After the pellet crashed against the barrier, it splattered like an egg all over it. In the next moment, a strange mist came out of the pellet and shrouded the whole Grievance Settling Platform.

At the same time, True Monarch Yellow Mountain vanished from where he was, appearing behind Deng Yima.

Afterward, he gently stretched his hand out and poked on the back of his neck. In the next moment, Deng Yima opened his eyes wide and felt as though all the strength in his body had been sucked out. He fell to the ground with a boom.

He defeated me with only one move another True Monarch?

"Fellow Daoist, you're too impulsive. Hence, I'll need to forcefully calm you down!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain said coolly.

Deng Yima stared at him, his eyes full of anger.

"Being impulsive will only bring you trouble don't do something you might later regret," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said slowly.

Deng Yima's expression was as unyielding as before.

"Senior Yellow Mountain, what's the point of chit-chatting with him?" Fairy Lychee stepped out of the crowd and stretched out her hand, grabbing Deng Yima's leg. Afterward, she dragged him amidst the camp of the 'Nine Provinces Number One Group'.

Next, she beat him until his whole face was swollen.

Deng Yima screamed again and again.

After she was done beating him, she said, "Now, why don't you try to recall the Immortal Master Copper Trigram you met? Do you find any similarity with the current me?"

"..." Deng Yima.

"The best way to deal with hot-blooded fellows is by giving them a good beating. They usually calm down after a few punches," Fairy Lychee said coldly. She had the face of someone that had experience in this field.

Her fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group all forced a smile. Although Fairy Lychee was usually very cute, no one could stop her when she entered action. After all, she was someone that dared to go abroad alone to beat those scummy aboriginal deities!

"For now, be obedient and stay there. If you behave, I might bring you along to look for Copper Trigram," Fairy Lychee said coldly.

That shady fortune teller actually dared to assume my appearance and perform trashy divinations all around, ruining my reputation!

Immortal Master Copper Trigram, no one will be able to save you this time!

All those that pose as someone else just to smear their reputation must die!

On a side, the baboon-shaped Thrice Reckless Mad Saber felt somewhat uncomfortable. I didn't get infested by a monkey's lice, right?

"Wait a moment. Something strange is happening on the Grievance Settling Platform!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said at this time.

The various fellow daoists turned their heads around and looked at the bizarre scene occurring on the platform.

The mist shrouding the platform had already disappeared.

However, it seemed as though someone had pressed the fast-forward button on the Grievance Settling Platform. The battle between Song Shuhang, who was transformed into Chu Chu, and Ye Tang had suddenly become spectacular.

In the blink of an eye, Song Shuhang and Ye Tang exchanged more than 200 blows. They were both leaving behind several afterimages; their speed was incredible!

If the seniors from the Nine Provinces Number One Group weren't all powerful experts, they would have been confused too by this sudden change!

On the platform, the sword and saber were continuously clashing, sending out metallic sounds.

Movement techniques as well as saber and sword techniques were all pushed to the limit, allowing them to be all over the place.

The radiance of the Flaming Saber was also frequently flashing!

It felt like the battle between two Third Stage Battle Kings.

"What's happening?" Cave Lord Snow Wolf blinked a few times. Did Song Shuhang and Ye Tang take drugs to become so powerful?

"It's very strange. The two of them are showing such an astonishing speed, and yet, the supervisors of the platform are completely unmoved..."

"It seems that the edge of the platform was affected by a strange magical technique."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain held his chin and tried to guess, "Is this the effect of that strange pellet?"

But wasn't that Deng Yima talking about a 'slowing effect' before throwing the pellet?

Did he throw the wrong pellet?