Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Advancing To The Second Stage True Master Realm
Chapter 382: Advancing to the Second Stage True Master Realm
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Is it possible that Deng Yima threw an 'accelerating' pellet instead of a 'slowing' one?

No, that's not it if it was a simple accelerating effect, the two supervisors would have noticed something was amiss and stopped the battle.

Right now, their eyes were gleaming, sizing up the two who were in the midst of fighting. They didn't seem to have the slightest intention to stop their exchange. It appeared that the two supervisors were also under the effects of the 'acceleration'.

On the Grievance Settling Platform.

The fight between 'Chu Chu' and Ye Tang got more and more intense.

In a mere second, the sword and the saber clashed more than forty times.

Unknowingly, they had been battling for more than six minutes. However, both parties did not seem exhausted even after fighting so fiercely it looked as though they were engaging in a normal battle.

If it was a mere accelerating technique, they would have exhausted their strength already, True Monarch Yellow Mountain thought to himself.

This scene was indeed strange.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain pinched his chin and pondered

If one wanted to replicate what was happening on the Grievance Settling Platform, they would need to find a way to raise: the speed of thought processes, reflexes, physical speed, and all the other abilities in one go! It almost felt as though time itself had accelerated.

Wait a minute, time acceleration!

It can't be, right? The technique unleashed by an ordinary pellet involves something as scary as time?

On the Grievance Settling Platform.

"Rolling Stone Sword!" Ye Tang roared. His sword was akin to an unstoppable stone, rolling in Chu Chu's direction. During the fight, he had already used three different sword techniques, each one stronger than the other.

On the other side, Chu Chu only had the Flaming Saber! After tossing and turning, all she used was that ordinary saber technique.

But what made Ye Tang feel like vomiting blood was that even though she was using only that Flaming Saber Technique, he was unable to defeat her. On the contrary, he felt that she was getting stronger and stronger as the battle progressed.

Wasn't she heavily wounded and able to battle only due to stimulating her potential?

In that case, why did he feel that Chu Chu was absolutely fine and that she did not suffer any injury at all? Why was she was getting more and more energetic as they continued fighting?


The Rolling Stone Sword was once again blocked by the Flaming Saber.

Ye Tang felt the energy within his opponent's body surge. The strength and power behind her attacks only got stronger. Additionally, every time Chu Chu swung her saber, he faintly heard the cry of a whale.

Was Chu Chu continuously getting stronger?

In other words was her power continuously recovering?

Ye Tang clenched his teethhe was a Second Stage True Master himself and yet he could not defeat Chu Chu who was in the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm.

Dammit, if she keeps restoring her strength, wouldn't she end up returning to the Second Stage Realm? By then, wouldn't I lose for real?

Moreover, both parties had already fought for nearly an hour, no?

I can't let this drag on, I need to get rid of her in one go!

This will be the last blow!

Ye Tang shouted and abruptly leapt into the sky. While jumping, he seized the opportunity to gather all his true qi.

Next, he decided to execute his strongest sword technique, the Mountain Cutting Sword Technique, which could erupt with the gathered true qi in one gothe power it possessed would be more than double his usual power.

This technique also boasted a powerful penetrating effect. Even if it was blocked, the true qi would be able to penetrate the opponent's body, causing internal injuries.

Without a cultivation of the Second Stage Realm, the opponent would be unable to block the true qi that penetrated his or her bodymere qi and blood energy was of no use!

This sword attack would decide victory or loss!

At the same time, he gave Chu Chu a sidelong glance. How was she going to deal with his strongest attack? Even up to this point, she wasn't willing to draw her sword?

Indeed, she wasn't!

Chu Chu's hands held the treasured saber tightly, and flames started to burn on the blade of the saber once again. Perhaps because her power was gradually recovering, the flames on the saber no longer consisted in a thin and weak layer. Instead, they were raging and blazing. This time, it looked like a real 'Flaming Saber'.

However an ordinary technique like the Flaming Saber would definitely be unable to contend against his next blow. He would be the winner of the first category of the Grievance Settling Platform!

"Mountain Cutting Sword Technique!" Ye Tang roared. This time, he proudly shouted the name of his sword technique.

He attacked Chu Chu with a power capable of destroying mountains.

Chu Chu wasn't scared and continued to attack with her saber.


The heavy and loud sound resembling that of a temple's bells resounded, traveling far into the distance. It was a lot louder than that of any of the blows they'd exchanged earlier.

"Aaah!" Ye Tang erupted with his whole strength and took advantage of the moment the saber and the sword collided to transform his true qi into sword qi, attempting to pour it inside Chu Chu's body. This sword qi would completely destroy her meridians, making her unable to fight.

The qi and blood energy of a cultivator of the First Stage was unable to resist the might of true qi!

As expected, the moment Chu Chu blocked the 'Mountain Cutting Sword Technique', her entire body stiffened.

She furrowed her brows, and both her hands went numb. Thereafter, the treasured saber in her hands fell to the ground

"It's over!" Ye Tang said in a low voice as he exhaled a mouthful of bad air.

Ultimately, he was the winner!

But just as he heaved a sigh of relief, Chu Chu suddenly stomped on the ground.

In the next moment, Chu Chu's small body had already appeared right before him.

She attacked, and her fists were akin to a barrage of meteors bombarding his body. A whale's cry accompanied each fist.

It was a combination of the 'Basic Fist Number Two: Meteor Fist' and the 'Huge Whale's Technique'.

Chu Chu's attack was sudden and explosive.

Ye Tang had lowered his guard, and his body received every blow of the Meteor Fist at its full power. Every punch was akin to a metal hammer pounding on his body!

"Aaaaaah~" Ye Tang cried out in pain and was sent flying.

When he landed on the ground, there were fist marks all over his face and body. The power of the fists penetrated his body, injuring his internal organs.

"How can this be how can you still move! The meridians in your body should have been destroyed by my sword qi!" Ye Tang clenched his teeth, staring at Chu Chu and wondering why she seemed unscathed.

He had clearly poured the sword qi and true qi inside her body...


Ye Tang widened his eyes.

He saw that the qi and blood energy on Chu Chu's body gradually dissipated and substituting it was a huge amount of pure 'true qi'.

Her strength returned to the Second Stage Realm?

'Chu Chu' looked at him, wearing a peaceful smile on her face. When he was fighting against Ye Tang earlier, the seal of the 'Qi Storage Expanding Technique' engraved in his body by Senior White unknowingly started dissipating.

During the battle, the qi and blood energy in his five big apertures once again poured inside his dantian.

The embryonic form of the dantian that got condensed during the previous time, when Shuhang's promotion was forcefully stopped, was further expanded by the second wave of qi and blood energy!

Ultimately, all the qi and blood energy within the dantian transformed into a cyclone of true qi.