Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Grandpa Chu
Chapter 383: Grandpa Chu
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After the true qi changed into a cyclone in his dantian, it continuously revolved, tickling him. After each rotation, both the quality and the quantity of the true qi in his dantian would increase.

Additionally, the qi and blood energy in his five apertures was endlessly pouring into his dantian as well, changing into true qi.

Unlike qi and blood, which was illusory, true qi was a material entity. The cultivator could directly perceive its existence through the senses, and if Shuhang were to stretch out his hand and feel his abdomen, he would feel the vibration caused by the rotating true qi.

Aside from opening his dantian and giving rise to that cyclone of true qi, during the previous battle, Song Shuhang continuously used the revised version of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique Venerable White gave him. After the usage of the Huge Whale's Technique, a very special true qi condensed in his dantian. This true qi had the shape of a needle and stood still in the center of the cyclone of true qi.

It was the embryonic form of the 'pseudo-innate true qi'. As long as Song Shuhang diligently developed it during the Second Stage Realm, it would greatly help him until he reached the Fourth Stage Innate Realm. With the help of this 'pseudo-innate true qi', he would be able to keep up with those elite disciples from big schools and sects.

"Your strength was restored to the Second Stage Realm?" Ye Tang asked as he lay on the ground, tightly grabbing his sword with an unyielding expression.

'Chu Chu' faintly smiled at him. Her mood seemed quite good at this time.

Ye Tang struggled to get up, but it was all useless. With that final sword attack, he consumed a lot of his stamina and true qi. Afterward, he also received a powerful blow in the face from Chu Chu. He didn't have any strength left.

Therefore, he unwillingly closed his eyes it was his loss. Although he held the upper hand, he still managed to lose this battle where he was supposed to win easily.

"The winner of the first category of the Grievance Settling Platform is the Chu Family!" the supervisor of the platform said in a grave tone with both hands placed on the sword.

'Chu Chu' heaved a sigh of relief it was finally over.

Since she was wearing a skirt, whenever the strong wind caused by the sword qi swept over, she felt a cool feeling down there. Moreover, she couldn't even raise her legs to use powerful kicks. Otherwise, she would get exposed...

But now, she wouldn't have to worry about the damned skirt, the cool feeling, or about being exposed anymore!

Off the Grievance Settling Platform.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said, "The strange power permeating the Grievance Settling Platform disappeared. It seems that the effect of the pellet came to an end!"

"It lasted for around ten minutes," Fairy Lychee added.

The effects of the magical technique unleashed by the pellet lasted for quite some time!

"It wasn't an ordinary speed accelerating technique, right?" True Monarch White Crane interjected.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple confirmed, "Yeah, its effect was just too comprehensive. To replicate what happened on the platform earlier, you would need to fuse several types of magical techniques. Senior Yellow Mountain, what do you think?"

Since Venerable White had carried Song Shuhang away and had yet to return, True Monarch Yellow Mountain was the strongest and the most experienced amongst the members of the group present here.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain held his chin and said, "I have something in mind, but I'm not sure how accurate my guess is."

"Stupid Yellow Mountain is trying to act all mysterious, woof!" Doudou interrupted him and conveniently reminded him of his existence.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain glanced at Doudou and laughed.

Doudou's body immediately stiffened. Yellow Mountain's smile really scared the shiet out of him. Dammit, Yellow Mountain unexpectedly got me by the balls!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain stopped acting mysterious and replied, "The technique we saw earlier might be related to 'time', but further research is required to confirm this theory and discover the details. After our little friend gets off the platform, we can ask him what he experienced over there and make a few hypotheses out of it."

"Time?" The fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group revealed surprised expressions on their faces. If they were really related to 'time', the value of those pellets was immeasurable!

"Little friend Shuhang finally ended the battle. He was able to fight against someone of the Second Stage with the strength of the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm, and in the end, he even turned the tide and won the match. It seemed he had a few tricks up his sleeve huh?" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was sighing with emotion when he opened his eyes wide.

Halfway through his speech, his eyes widened, and he stubbornly stared at 'Chu Chu' on the platform.

"Am I seeing things? He is unexpectedly a Second Stage True Master Realm?" Thrice Reckless didn't dare to believe his eyes.

Wasn't a cultivator of the First Stage supposed to jump through the dragon gate before advancing to the Second Stage? What happened on the Grievance Settling Platform earlier? He became a True Master in the middle of the battle?

Since he didn't think that Shuhang would suddenly advance in realm, Thrice Reckless didn't keep a close watch on his cultivation realm. Only after the two contestants separated and the battle ended did he notice that Song Shuhang's aura had changed.

Northern River, who was currently sipping his tea, also stared at Song Shuhang, spurting everything out.

"He really advanced to the Second Stage Realm!" Cave Lord Snow Wolf said.

"Eh? You noticed it just now? I thought you noticed it earlier but didn't bring it up intentionally," True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said at this time. "I've been paying attention to his conditions all along. Just as they were battling, the qi and blood in his five apertures poured inside his dantian. Then, it changed into a cyclone, making him successfully advance to the Second Stage."

"He didn't jump through the dragon gate?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator asked.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple shook his head and said, "He didn't. He advanced to the Second Stage directly."

"...Did we just spectate a live cheating session?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator wondered aloud.

"Is it possible that Senior White discovered a method to let people advance to the Second Stage without having them jump through the dragon gate?"

"How can such a fearful method exist?"

"If that's the case, I immediately want to become Venerable White's disciple and act like those cute novice daoists!"

"My heart is aching! At the time, I had to go through a lot of hardships to jump through the dragon gate!"

"Stop creating unnecessary confusion. It's probably nothing so exaggerated," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said. "I think it might be the Qi Storage Expanding Technique."

As expected of Yellow Mountain. He was knowledgeable as well as a fast thinker.

The eyes of the other members immediately lit up. They almost forgot about the Qi Storage Expanding Technique!

"The Qi Storage Expanding Technique? Such being the case little friend Shuhang had already advanced to the Second Stage, right?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator muttered.

"As expected, he still cheated!"

"As expected, I still need to ask Senior White if there is some place left on his thigh so that I can climb on it!"

"While I'm at it, I might as well ask Senior White if he's in need of a disciple."

"As expected, I'll still need to ask Venerable White if he lacks someone to warm his bed!" True Monarch White Crane said at this time.

All the members of the group turned their heads and stared at True Monarch White Crane speechlessly.

When the nearby disciples of the Chu Family saw Senior Sister Chu Chu's mighty attack that sent Ye Tang flying, they immediately burst into cheers.

At the same time the expressions of the disciples of the Illusory Sword School turned ugly.

Things were changing too quickly. A moment ago, it felt as though Ye Tang was about to win. But then, the tide turned and he lost. What was wrong with these sudden changes? They were enough to give someone an heart attack.

The school head of the Illusory Sword School clenched his fists. Now that they had lost the first category, they would have to fight it out in the third category.

Such being the case, it was time to ask the strongest elder of the Illusory Sword School to enter the action.

In the Chu Family.

Although they lost the 'second category' earlier, Chu Chu gave her all and finally obtained victory in the first category!

The news quickly reached the members of the clan.

After hearing about Chu Chu's victory, the members of the Chu Family relaxed a bit, but they couldn't cheer up yet.

A loss and a win.

In other words, there was still one last category leftthe third category.

In this category, both parties would send their strongest cultivator to decide the victor.

The strongest member of the Chu Family was its leader, a cultivator of the Third Stage Realm.

While the strongest member of the Illusory Sword School was an elder of the Fourth Stage that could ride a flying sword.

Unless the lifespan of that elder suddenly was exhausted and he died, there was no way the Chu Family would be able to win.

The members of the Chu Family were discussing the topic amongst themselves.

On a hospital bed, Chu Xiong from the Furious Buddhist Sect, who was bitten until gravely injured, clenched his fists tightly. If he hadn't lost earlier, the Chu Family would have obtained two consecutive victories and wouldn't need to participate in the upcoming battle.

It was due to him being so weak that the Chu Family was now in a hopeless situation.

At this time did they still have any hope of winning?

In front of the Grievance Settling Platform.

'Chu Chu' picked up her treasured saber and slowly descended from the platform.

The leader of the Chu Family took a step forward and said solemnly, "Good girl, you did well. Now, rest and try to recover from your injuries. Leave everything else to me."

'Chu Chu' nodded and faintly smiled at the family leader.

Being called a 'good girl' made Shuhang's heart twitch in pain.

After 'Chu Chu' left the platform, the people of the Illusory Sword School propped Ye Tang up and brought him off the stage as well.

The two supervisors adjusted the strength of the barrier for the final battle. Since a cultivator of the Fourth Stage would participate in the upcoming battle, they needed to strengthen the barrier.

Before the platform, the leader of the Chu Family clenched his fists tightly. It was the final battle, and regardless of victory and defeat, he couldn't lose to the Illusory Sword School in imposing manner.

But right at this time, his phone rang.

When he looked at the phone, and saw who the caller was, his hand stiffened.

"Grandfather?" the family leader said in a low voice after picking up the call.

Over twenty years ago, the grandfather of the family leader was on a trip outside when he returned to the Chu Family gravely injured. Since that moment, he continuously stayed in secluded meditation, his life and death unknown. The family leader didn't expect to get a call from him at such a critical moment.

"Don't worry and leave the last battle to me." A dignified voice was transmitted from the other end.

"Grandfather, your injury" The family leader seemed somewhat reluctant.

"My injury has recovered for the greater part. Moreover, it's time to take a stroll outside." The dignified voice continued, "Send me the coordinates of the platform, I'll head over there immediately."

"Grandfather, in that case, try not to force yourself beyond your limits" The family leader heaved a sigh and sent the coordinates of the platform to his grandfather.

In the next moment, a sword light drilled out of the territory of the Chu Family, heading toward the Grievance Settling Platform. A dignified man wearing a scholar's cap and a scholar's dress was standing on the sword light.

Soon after the man left...

A member of the Chu Family quietly took his phone and made a call. "Mister that old fogy just left!"

"Good, get ready to enter into action!"