Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Where Did Senior White Go
Chapter 384: Where did Senior White go?
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After getting off the platform, Song Shuhang quickly passed through the camp of the Chu Family.

In the meanwhile, several seniors from the Nine Provinces Number One Group winked at 'Chu Chu' and smugly smiled.

Song Shuhang looked at them and forced a smile Seniors, your image! You have to pay attention to your image!

A while back, when he first came in contact with the seniors from the group, he felt that they were completely different from the 'immortals' in his imagination.

At the time, he was wondering whether he was the one misunderstanding things, because it was impossible for cultivators to be like that...

Afterward, when he became more familiar with them, the idea of 'cultivators' he had in mind was thoroughly destroyed. The picture of celestial immortals and beautiful fairy maidens elegantly flying in the sky without a care for mundane affairs existed only in his imagination!

When he saw the seniors wink at him smugly, he remembered that he was wearing girls' clothes. Given their disposition, he was sure that nothing good would come out of it.

'Shuhang, the black skirt you wore earlier really suited you.'

Song Shuhang was wondering when such a message would appear amidst the chat logs of the group chat.

He was afraid to imagine what would happen in the next days!

After forcing a smile, 'Chu Chu' waved at the cheering disciples of the Chu Family. Afterward, she quickly headed toward the rear of the camp, where the tent was situated.

Venerable White and the real Chu Chu were still there, waiting for his return.

After arriving before the tent, Song Shuhang discovered that Soft Feather was standing at the entrance, lost in thoughts.

"Soft Feather, what are you doing here?" Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and waved as a habit.

But when he spoke... he used the charming voice of a girl to do so. This was why he refused to speak earlier. Venerable White made thorough preparations and even changed his voice. But just the thought of using a girl's voice to speak made Shuhang feel unwell.

If people considered Immortal Master Copper Trigram's disguising technique high-level, Song Shuhang felt that Venerable White's wasn't too far behind. Copper Trigram specialized in disguising himself because he was often chased after performing those wicked divinations, but what about Venerable White? Why was he so good at using disguising techniques? Was it an innate talent?

Soft Feather turned her head around and looked at 'Chu Chu' in puzzlement. Afterward, she said, "You're Oh, right. You're Miss Chu Chu!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

After faintly sighing, in a low voice so that only Soft Feather could hear him, he said, "It's me, Song Shuhang!"

"Eh? Eeeh? Eeeeeh?" Soft Feather exclaimed in surprise.

"Let's go inside!" Song Shuhang grabbed Soft Feather's hand and entered the tent.

After opening the tent, Song Shuhang saw that there was a stretch of yellow sand inside. The floor of the tent had changed into sand.

However, Venerable White and the real Chu Chu were nowhere to be found!

"Eh? Where is Senior White?" Song Shuhang looked at Soft Feather in puzzlement. Speaking of which, Soft Feather's legs were really long. Even if he was Chu Chu's carbon copy right now, he discovered that Soft Feather's legs arrived at his waist when she was standing up, their height being about the same.

F*ck, why the hell am I thinking about this nonsense right now?

"Eh? Senior White disappeared?" Soft Feather called out in alarm. She had been waiting outside the tent for Senior White to come out this whole time. But when she peeked inside the tent, she only saw a stretch of yellow sand. Hence, she believed that Senior White activated the illusory reality and didn't enter.

"Senior White didn't come out of the tent?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

"No, I've been waiting for the whole time here for Senior White and Senior Song to come out, but in the end, only Miss 'Chu Chu' came out. By the way, Senior Song, why did you assume Chu Chu's appearance?" Soon after, she blinked and her eyes suddenly lit up. "Oh, I understand! Senior Song must have had my same idea! You replaced Miss Chu Chu and participated in the battle in her stead, right?"

"Correct!" Song Shuhang deeply sighed. After searching in the tent for a while, he didn't find his old clothes.

How could he change into his original form if he didn't have his clothes? He absolutely didn't want to change back into his original form while wearing a black skirt! He wasn't a pervert!

"Senior Song, what are you looking for?" Soft Feather asked.

"My clothes while taking away the real Chu Chu, Senior White conveniently took my clothes as well!" Song Shuhang sighed.

Soft Feather silently nodded. Then, she shot a glance at Song Shuhang, who now had Chu Chu's appearance, and decided to thoughtfully let him keep the 'shapeshifting brooch' for now.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, "Let's go look for Venerable White!"

"And where should we look for him?" Soft Feather asked out of curiosity.

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang replied, "In the Chu Family!"

After thinking about it, the only place where Venerable White could be was that mysterious secret room in the depths of the Chu Family! In the surrounding area, only that place could pique Senior White's interest.

"Good, I'll show the way. I know where the Chu Family is located!" Soft Feather volunteered.

"Let's go!" Song Shuhang said.

Then, the duo left the tent and quickly headed toward the location of the Chu Family as for the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, they were ignored and left to dry in the sun next to the Grievance Settling Platform.

Before the Grievance Settling Platform.

The two supervisors rearranged the strengthened barrier around the platform.

The match of the last category was about to begin!

At this time, a sword light rapidly approached the airspace of the Illusory Sword School's camp, descending next to Xu Zheng.

The man riding the sword light had white hair and lot of wrinkles on his face.

It was precisely that Fourth Stage elder of the Illusory Sword School, Jian Yuanhai. As a cultivator of the Fourth Stage, Jian Yuanhai should have had a life expectancy of 550-600 years.

However, Jian Yuanhai repeatedly used a mysterious technique to stimulate his latent capacity and obtain explosive power when he was young and roaming the world. Therefore, although he was only around 300 years, his lifeforce was already exhausted, and he looked very old.

"Elder Jian, you're finally here!" Xu Zheng heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down as soon as he saw the elder arrive.

When he saw Xu Zheng's appearance, Jian Yuanhai got a scare. What was the deal with this pig-like appearance?

Luckily, Xu Zheng's aura was still the same. Otherwise, he would have already cut down this humanoid pig with his sword. Hence, he asked, "Xu Zheng, what's the deal with your appearance?"

Xu Zheng forced a smile and explained to the elder what happened.

Jian Yuanhai's complexion got more and more ugly as he listened to the story. Then, he nodded and looked at the two Spiritual Emperors that had now pulled some distance between them and the Illusory Sword School. Outsiders were outsiders. It was unlikely that they would put their life at risk for the Illusory Sword School.

Next, he shot a glance at the camp of the Chu Family.

"Oh my..." Jian Yuanhui inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Those almost fifty Spiritual Emperors sitting in a row thoroughly shocked him.

Since when had Spiritual Emperors become common to the point that even the Chu Family could invite fifty of them to boost their morale?

And amongst them there seemed to be some people with immeasurable strength, whose level was even above to that of Spiritual Emperors?

Jian Yuanhai felt his scalp go numb How was the Chu Family able to invite so many monsters?!

Had they known that the Chu Family could invite so many powerful cultivators earlier, the Illusory Sword School would have never dared to pick a fight with them! Actually, it didn't even matter if these Spiritual Emperors had come here only for a stroll or not.

After all, they had willingly come from thousands of miles away just to spectate the matches taking place on the Grievance Settling Platform. What if they had a sudden change of mood and decided to side with the Chu Family, conveniently destroying a small faction like the Illusory Sword School in the process?

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret!

Since they had chosen this road, they could only walk it till the end. They had already thoroughly offended the Chu Family; hence, they might as well secure their victory in the third category.

Then, as the winner of the Grievance Settling Platform, they could ask the Chu Family to hand over a copy of the 'sword technique'. At this time, they didn't dare to ask for the original version; a copy was more than enough.

In the worst case, they could just change the location of their school! As long as they had the 'sword technique', they could try to reach the Fifth Stage Realm only those that dared to brave risks would reap the benefits!

After thinking this much, a firm expression appeared in Jian Yuanhai's eyes.

He wanted to win the last category of the Grievance Settling Platform!

Just as Jian Yuanhai was in deep thoughts, a sword light also approached the camp of the Chu Family.

The sword light descended next to the leader of the Chu Family.

After it descended, a dignified man wearing a scholar's cap and scholar's clothes stepped down from the sword. The complexion of this man was somewhat pale, as though he hadn't seen the sun for quite some time. He looked like someone that had yet to completely recover from a serious illness.

Someone that can ride a flying sword? The disciples of the Chu Family curiously looked at this man wearing scholar's clothes that had appeared out of nowhere. None of them recognized him.

However, they felt that the facial features of this man were very similar to those of the leader of the Chu Family. Was he also a person of the Chu Family?

If he was a member of the Chu Family, he was at least a cultivator of the Fourth Stage since he could ride a flying sword!

"Grandfather!" The family leader rushed toward the man. After his grandfather was seriously injured twenty years ago, it was his first time coming out of secluded meditation!


Is this the grandfather of the family leader?

As expected, he was a member of the Chu Family! The people of the Chu Family had again found hope! They still had an opportunity to win the last category of the Grievance Settling Platform!

At the same time, some senior members of the Chu Family suddenly recalled a certain matter a hundred years ago, a senior of the Chu Family brought a 'sword technique' back to the clan.

That senior also said that the 'sword technique' could potentially let the user reach the Fifth Stage Golden Core Realm.

After carefully recalling this fact they felt that the person that brought the 'sword technique' back was precisely the grandfather of the family leader!

After bringing back the 'sword technique', the grandfather of the family leader left the clan once more to roam the world; no one heard of him afterward.

They didn't expect that he was still alive.

This was a really pleasant surprise.

The grandfather smiled and nodded at the family leader. Afterward, he shot a glance at the camps of the Illusory Sword School and Chu Family.

In the next moment, he saw the powerhouses from the Nine Provinces Number One Group sitting in a row.

Since he flew over here in a hurry, he didn't properly pay attention to his camp earlier only now did he see the shocking lineup that had gathered in his own camp!

Truly a dazzling view!