Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Where Did Song Shuhang Go
Chapter 385: Where did Song Shuhang go?
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What a grand lineup!

Given his cultivation, the grandfather could easily see a huge amount of spiritual energy fluctuating and forming an enormous cyclone of spiritual energy on top of the heads of cultivators seated in rows.

The spiritual energy within a radius of fifty kilometers was forcefully pulled in by the cyclone. Ultimately, it was channeled into the bodies of those cultivators.

It was a shocking lineup! It probably had enough power to attack some big sects.

"Wenyan, who are these seniors?" asked the grandfather in a slow voice.

Wenyan was the name of the Chu Family's leader.

"Grandfather, these should be the friends of little Chu Chu." The family leader Chu Wenyan was not certain speaking of which, where did she go after she finished her battle? And also, what did Chu Chu actually experience during the period of time she was venturing outside that she got acquainted with so many powerful seniors?

The grandfather nodded, sheathing his flying sword at his waist. Thereafter, he tidied up his appearance before going over to the cultivators of the 'Nine Provinces Number One Group".

"I'm Chu Family's Chu Kangbo, pleasure to meet Fellow Daoists and Seniors." The grandfather of the family leader bowed from the way he dressed, it could be seen that he was a scholar in the pastas far as manners and courtesy were concerned, he nailed it all.

"Hello, Fellow Daoist Chu." Most of the cultivators of the Nine Provinces Number One Group smiled and returned the bow. However, Chu Kangbo's strength truly startled them.

A Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor! Even if the rank of his Golden Core wasn't highat most two or three dragon patternshe was still a genuine Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

A small faction like the Chu Family actually had a Spiritual Emperor within their ranks. He should have had a very lucky encounter to have reached this stage.

With a Spiritual Emperor around, there was absolutely no suspense for the last round of the Grievance Settling Platform.

The difference between the Fourth and Fifth Stage was a big qualitative change.

"After the end of the battle, you're all welcomed to my residence to have a drink together!" Chu Kangbo was polite and thoughtful, and when he spoke, he looked like a pedantic scholar.

The fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces number One group smiled in response. Most of them had lived longer than Chu Kangbo, and if we were talking about being pedantic, they were probably worse than Chu Kangbo.

On the other side, Elder Jian Yuanhai of the Illusory Sword Sect was completely dumbfounded this member of the Chu Family that came from nowhere was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor? Was this the same Chu Family he knew?

It was completely different from the intel they received!

Just as the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and Chu Kangbo were talking, two figures approached the Grievance Settling Platform from afar.

One of the figures was standing with his hands behind his back, and the other figure was supported by the flying sword.

They were Venerable White and Chu Chu.

"Senior White!" When all the fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group saw Venerable White, they immediately got up and greeted him loudly and saluted. They were afraid that if their salutations were a tad slower, Venerable White might remember them. At that point, it'd be over for them.

Venerable White smiled and nodded. After his eyes scanned the crowd, he asked, "Where did Shuhang go?"

Previously, when Miss Chu Chu was in the tent, she wanted to solve a physiological issue.

After all, Chu Chu was only a Second Stage cultivator, and she had not reached the realm where she could live without eating or drinking. In certain aspects, she was pretty much the same as ordinary human beings.

But on the outside, Song Shuhang had changed into her appearance to participate in the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform. Hence, she couldn't openly get out of the tent.

Moreover, she could not heed the call of nature on the spot in the tent.

At last, Venerable White used an invisible technique and secretly brought Chu Chu to a nearby location to let her take care of it.

Sometimes, women were more troublesome than men.

And when Venerable White brought Chu Chu back, he realized that the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform had ended and Song Shuhang was nowhere to be found.

Where did Song Shuhang run off to in that short instant?

At this time, Northern River's Loose Cultivator answered, "Senior White. After the end of the second category of Grievance Settling Platform, little friend Shuhang headed toward the rear to look for you. Afterward, I saw him secretly leave with Soft Feather. I'm not sure where they disappeared to."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber immediately commented, "It's good to be young!"

All those present threw glances at Thrice Reckless if Venerable Spirit Butterfly were to hear those words, Thrice Reckless would be done for.

"Oh." Venerable White nodded.

Since he left with Soft Feather, then he didn't have to worry about Song Shuhang getting lost.

After the end of this battle, he would bring Song Shuhang to the hidden room in the Chu Family and settle the karma with Li Tiansu's from before. Then, this whole matter regarding the Chu Family would finally come to an end.

After that, Venerable planned to tell everyone that he wanted to organize a 'hand-guided tractor competition'.

As he was thinking, Venerable waved his fingers, and the flying sword landed, placing the heavily wounded Chu Chu on the ground.

Chu Kangbo also looked at Venerable Whitethis senior sure looked very pretty, making it hard for people to move their eyes off him! Ugh, it wasn't that. He meant that the aura of this senior was practically as vast as the skywith his cultivation level of the Fifth Stage, he could not even tell what the realm of this senior was. He had no idea which terrifying level his strength had reached.

"Chu Kangbo is honored to meet you, Senior. I am extremely grateful that you took care of our descendant!" Chu Kangbo made a 90-degree bow towards Senior White.

Chu Chu was also quite lucky that she could actually get acquainted with such a powerful seniorher future would definitely be better than his.

Venerable White smiled at Chu Kangbo and said, "It was a slight effort, please do not stand on ceremony."

After he completed his sentence, Venerable White went to the area between the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword Sect's camps once again and reached out his hand to pull out the missile from the ground. With just one hand, the enormous and heavy missile was picked up.

Next, Venerable White carried the missile back to the Chu Family's camp with one hand. There was one more category left to fight on the platform, and since he was free, he wanted to disassemble the missile and learn about its internal structure.

Perhaps it could give him some inspiration to create a new edition of the 'disposable flying sword'.

When the disciples of the Chu Family saw the powerful senior carry the missile, they immediately swallowed their saliva. Each and every one of them subconsciously retreated a couple of steps back.

The members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group broke out in a cold sweat.

Chu Kangbo was puzzled. Was the weapon in the senior's hand real? What was he planning to do?

Just as Chu Kangbo was pondering, the supervisor on the Grievance Settling Platform called out, "The last category of Grievance Settling Platform shall begin!"

Illusory Sword Sect's Jian Yuanhai stepped onto the platform.

The grandfather of the Chu Family's leader, Chu Kangbo, also stepped onto the platform!

This was the battle that'd decide the fate of both parties!

Meanwhile, in the territory of the Chu Family.

Without any warning, thin smoke engulfed the core region of the Chu Family.

In the core region, all the Chu Family's disciples who inhaled the smoke fell to the ground and became unconscious.

A moment later, two disciples holding a pearl in their mouths quietly appeared in the area.

Behind them, ten figures appeared one after another.

The person leading them was a man dressed like a teacher from ancient times. He was fanning himself with a folded fan, wearing a confident smile on his face.

Behind him, there were four servants, carrying scrolls in their hands and painting brushes on their backs.

And after them, there were five strange men. They were rather big-sized, but they weren't the obese type.

The five men were wearing black clothes and masks that only revealed their eyes.

But this wasn't the strange partthe strange part was that sharp black needles were sticking out from their headgear. Not only on their heads, but there were also black needles sticking out from the sides of their bodies.

There was also a thin layer of monster qi on their bodies

"Mister, right in the front is the entrance to the hidden room. However, the key is carried by the family leader, and we were unable to get it. Additionally, there is a defensive formation set up at the entrance, so even if we had the key, we would be unable to get in," said the two disciples of the Chu Family.

"Don't worry about it, you guys did well. After this ends, both of you will have a share in glory and wealth. If you have the desire to join a stronger sect, we can help you achieve that." The mister waved his folded fan and smiled. "We don't have much time, we managed to lure that old fellow out of the Chu residence with much difficulty, so we need to use our time wisely."

After his speech, 'mister' stepped forward and aimed the fan towards the keyhole of the hidden room's entrance.

That mister barely moved, but the keyhole started turning just like that, the door to the hidden room actually got opened.

Thereafter, that mister opened his folding fan and lightly tapped a couple of times at the empty space in front.

Just like that, the defensive formation of the hidden room quietly undid itself.

Such a technique that was able to undo restrictions was not much different from the well-known Penniless Thief Sect's technique.

After undoing the secret technique, the mister said to the two disciples of the Chu Family, "Do you want to go in with us?"

The two disciples nodded vigorously.

Inside the hidden room lay the mysterious 'sword technique'. After this, if they depended on the powerful memory all cultivators enjoyed and managed to memorize the 'sword technique', their future would definitely be bright.

"In that case, both of you please follow me." The mister smiled, and said to the strange five men decked in needles, "All of you keep a lookout nearby if any of the Chu Family members approach this area, get rid of them in an instant."

"Yes!" the five strange men answered in a muffled voicethe sound of their voices was very strange, as though they were talking underwater.

The mister nodded. Thereafter, he brought his four servants and the two disciples of the Chu Family into the hidden room.

When they entered the hidden room, the corners of his lips rose. "The mysterious sword technique, hehe..."

This was not as simple as just a mysterious sword technique there was a huge secret hidden within it.

"The territory of the Chu Family is in the front!" The corners of Soft Feather's mouth rose and she put away her phone.

She had marked and saved the address of the Chu Family residence on the map of her phone so there wouldn't be any hiccups or mistakes on their journey there!

Song Shuhang looked aheadthe Chu Family consisted of an ordinary small mountain village that was hidden deep within the mountains