Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Committing Suicide With A Weird Smile
Chapter 388: Committing suicide with a weird smile
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"You want to notify them? Too late!" the petite figure said while gritting its teeth. It had already contacted its companions and four of the men guarding the entrance were rushing over here!

Soft Feather swung the butterfly-shaped sword in her hands and said gravely, "Senior Song, don't worry about me. Go notify them!"

Song Shuhang shook his head. "Since we've been discovered already, there is no need to do things covertly."

After saying this much, he opened his mouth and roared.

It was the roar of a lion...

Song Shuhang's voice was deafening and spread in all directions as he said, Enemy attack! Beware of the poisonous fog in the core area!

Song Shuhang's straightforward character was kicking up. Since he was going to shout, better to do it in the most direct and resounding way!

The voice echoed again and again...

The sound of the lion roar slowly faded away all the people in the Chu Family must have heard it!

Now, they only needed to see how much the cultivators of the Chu Family would take to react.

Actually, Song Shuhang wasn't really relying on the disciples of the Chu Family to solve the situation. Their average strength was too low. On his way here, most of the cultivators he saw were of the First Stage, and only some of them were of the Second Stage.

Even if they came here all together, it would be very difficult to deal with those five men. Moreover, that strange fog was still surrounding the core area. How were the disciples of the Chu Family going to deal with it if they didn't have the Turtle Breathing Technique? Would they use gas masks?

Song Shuhang's real objective was to use that roar to alert the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. However, he didn't know if they would hear his voice.

After all, there was a certain distance between the Chu Family and the Grievance Settling Platform...

"You b*tch! I'm going to kill you!" The petite figure didn't expect Song Shuhang to suddenly roar. It angrily jumped down from the pavilion, and two black needles emerged from its palms. The needles were imbued with monster qi and true qi; it wanted to kill Shuhang.

Soft Feather coldly snorted and took a step forward, blocking the path of the petite figure.

"Eat my sword!" Soft Feather shouted in a lovely voice. The butterfly-shaped sword in her hand thrust forward, and the sword light divided into ten streams that enveloped the petite figure.

Her swordsmanship was exquisite and the sword light was like a net, completely enveloping the petite figure and not letting it get away.

However, that petite figure didn't seem to intend to get away.

It directly dashed toward the net formed by Soft Feather's sword.

"Round Dance Chop!" In the next moment, it started rotating and countless needles suddenly emerged from its body, completely covered it. Since it was spinning, it changed into a ball of needles. After losing some of its needles, it was finally able to break through Soft Feather's net.

"No matter how strong your armor is, there are bound to be places that are not protected! I'll roll over you!" The petite figure sneered and started to roll faster and faster, heading toward Soft Feather.

While it was happily rolling it didn't notice that Soft Feather was holding a talisman in her hands.

Then, just as it was about to bump into her, Soft Feather calmly stretched out her hand and pasted the paper talisman on its body.

As for that deathly rolling ball of needles she completely ignored it and didn't even try to dodge.

The ball kept rolling as it bumped into Soft Feather's arm. However, it was completely blocked by a layer of pale golden light. The attack was unable to break through Soft Feather's defense.

At this time, the talisman was still attached to the creature's body.

"Boom!" Soft Feather lightly shouted.


Flames shot toward the sky, engulfing the ball of needles in the process and turning into a ball of fire.

"Aaaaaaah~" the petite figure cried out in pain.

Soon after, its cries kept getting weaker and weaker... until they disappeared.

After a few seconds, the petite figure was lying on the ground half-dead, completely charred black. It opened its eyes wide and stared at Soft Feather and Song Shuhang with an unwilling expression in its eyes.

"Dam mit" the petite figure said with the last bit of its strength.

The petite figure was like an average player that had continuously killed monsters to get experience, reaching the Third Stage Realm with much difficulty.

One day, it tried to kill another player of similar level but unlike it, that player was very rich and loaded with money.

The other player needed only two ordinary attacks and a high-level item to destroy it.

Dammit! What was so good about rich players?! Well, surely their equipment!

"Were you able to determine its race?" Song Shuhang took a step forward and asked.

At the same time, he glanced at a not too far away place. After seeing that their companion was defeated, the four stout men howled again and again, speeding toward Shuhang and Soft Feather's position.

"I can't really tell its race perhaps it's not a pure-blooded monster beast, but a human-monster hybrid?" Soft Feather said.

After saying this much, she turned her head around and looked at the four roaring stout men, saying, "Senior Song, pay attention to your safety!"

Then, the Valkyrie-mode Soft Feather excitedly welcomed the four stout men.

"Kill me" the petite figure on the ground said to Song Shuhang with an agonized voice.

Song Shuhang shook his head. Senior Medicine Master might be interested in this strange creature. After all, he was looking for test subjects...

"Aaaaaah!" The petite figure suddenly growled, and a needle shot out from its chest, heading toward Song Shuhang!

Perhaps because it had already exhausted its strength, the speed of the needle wasn't too fast.

Song Shuhang subconsciously waved the treasured saber in his hands and cut the needle down.

The needle was perfectly cut in half. One piece fell next to Song Shuhang's foot; the other spun a bit before finally piercing the throat of the petite figure.

"Gaaah" The petite figure emitted a pitiful cry and fresh blood gushed out, spurting on Song Shuhang's body.

Soon after, it looked at Song Shuhang with a self-satisfied expression on its face, revealing an ugly smile.

In the next moment, its vital energy was cut off and it died.

"Did it commit suicide?" Song Shuhang furrowed his brows.

The creature had a strange smile on its face before dying. It felt as though it had already succeeded in what it was trying to do.

Did it use a curse before dying?

Song Shuhang touched his chest; the ghost spirit in his Heart Aperture was unmoved. If it were a curse, the ghost spirit would have immediately come out.

So, it's not a curse?

Or perhaps the ghost spirit didn't react because it's upgrading?

Forget it. Whether or not it's a curse, I'll just ask the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to give me a check-up once I go back.

Song Shuhang came to this conclusion after pondering for a moment.

In his front, Soft Feather and the four stout men were already battling.

These four stout men were also at the peak of the Third Stage, and they seemed slightly stronger than the petite figure Soft Feather defeated earlier with the talisman.

After seeing their companion getting roasted by Soft Feather with a talisman, the four stout men were especially careful while fighting hand to hand against her.

It was unknown which race they belonged to, but those needles were continuously popping out from their bodies and seemed infinite in number.

With that, every part of their body was a weapon, and it could be used to launch powerful attacks.

But the defensive power of Soft Feather's beautiful armor was just too high. No matter how much the four men attacked, they were unable to put even a scratch on her.

On the other hand, Soft Feather was easily chopping the needles growing on their bodies using the combination of her excellent swordsmanship and the butterfly-shaped treasured sword. After just a few rounds, the four men were full of wounds.

It was truly a depressing sight!

But right at this time, the stout men battling Soft Feather raised their heads and looked in Song Shuhang's direction.

Immediately after, they saw Song Shuhang standing next to the corpse of their companion, his body dyed with the fresh blood of their friend.

The four stout men roared like wild beasts, "Roar~"

Their eyes became bloodshot and their attacks fiercer.

"Companion dead revenge, revenge!"

One of them tried to slip away quietly. He wanted to get past Soft Feather and attack Song Shuhang.

"Their attacks become stronger when they're angry. This ability is somewhat similar to bloodthirst," Soft Feather said softly. "But I won't give you the opportunity to attack Senior Song!"

After saying this much, she used her sword light once more, firmly binding the stout man that was trying to get past her.

After being tied down in place by Soft Feather, the four stout men restlessly roared.

"I'm almost done preparing, get a taste of my move!" Soft Feather shouted. Soon after, she held her sword with both hands and used it to pierce the ground!

Even without using talismans, she was still a cultivator at the peak of the Third Stage that would soon face the heavenly tribulation; her strength was outstanding!

"Explosion!" Soft Feather didn't use any cool or intimidating pose, she merely shouted with her lovely voice.

In the next moment, thousands of sword lights shot out from the ground!

These sword lights were very concentrated, making it impossible for anyone to dodge them.

The four stout men growled as needles continuously grew on their bodies, completely wrapping them up.

"Round Dance Chop!" They used the same move as their companion before. Their bodies started to rotate, and they turned into balls.

They used this technique to oppose the endless stream of sword lights that was shooting up from the ground.

The needles and the sword lights collided, continuously cutting each other off.

But the four stout men could produce an endless amount of needles, quickly replacing the broken ones.

Soft Feather opened her delicate hands, revealing four talismans.

Just as she was getting ready to gift a talisman to each of them she felt a sudden sense of crisis.

She didn't hesitate and quickly extracted her butterfly-shaped sword from the ground, using it to ward off the incoming attack.


A loud sound echoed, and Soft Feather was forced to retreat due to the strength of the attack. Glued to her butterfly-shaped sword was a continuously revolving silver needle.

Soft Feather looked at a distance place, toward the entrance of the ancestral temple where the last stout man was standing.

The person that shot the silver needle over here was precisely that man. However, he didn't merely shoot it here; he used a flying sword controlling technique to send the needle here.

In other words, the remaining stout man was a cultivator of the Fourth Stage.