Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Venerable Spirit Butterfly Casually Passing By
Chapter 389: Venerable Spirit Butterfly casually passing by
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"As expected, one of them was a cultivator of the Fourth Stage Realm." Soft Feather wasn't surprised. From the very start, she knew that the strength of these stout men was between the peak of the Third Stage and the Fourth Stage.

Moreover, she had been paying attention to the last stout man standing in front of the entrance all along. When he made his move, he used a flying sword controlling technique. As she predicted, he was an existence of the Fourth Stage.

"Ah!" The sword qi on Soft Feather's butterfly-shaped sword exploded. She ruthlessly slashed, sending away that silver needle.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the four stout men stopped rolling and dodged Soft Feather's explosive sword qi attack. Earlier, they would have surely kept rolling toward her to crush her. But after seeing what happened to their companion, even if they had twice the courage, they wouldn't dare to roll Soft Feather to death, because it would spell their doom instead.

The four stout men gasped for breath and stared at Soft Feather. At the same time, they bitterly shot a glance toward Song Shuhang's position that butcherer was soaked with the blood of their companion!

At this time, the voice of the last stout man transmitted from far away. "Leave her to me. You lot take care of that other girl in the rear. Whoever gets soaked with the blood of our companions must be chased and killed at all costs! No matter where they hide or what their strength might be, they have to be eliminated!"

After saying this much, he used the flying sword controlling technique to control the silver needle and attack Soft Feather with it.

The other four looked at each other, their eyes bloodshot. Next, they tried to get past Soft Feather once more. They wanted to attack the Chu Chu version Song Shuhang.

Whoever gets soaked with the blood of their companions must be chased and killed at all costs? Song Shuhang silently looked at this clothes. Was this fresh blood some sort of mark?

Was it something like the 'Mark of the Dragonslayer' in novels? After the dragonslayer killed the dragon, a mark would be left on their soul. Afterward, all the dragons of the world would team up to kill the dragonslayer.

If it was something similar, it was going to be rather troublesome! He didn't want to be tracked down by the GPS of these guys all the times!

In the front, Soft Feather had a delighted expression on her face. She was having so much fun right now!

"Like I said earlier none of you is allowed to deal with Senior Song without my permission!" Soft Feather said in a domineering way. After that, she slashed once more with her treasured sword, making the silver needle fly away.

Afterward, she grabbed the long whip hanging around her waist with her other hand.

"Go!" Soft Feather lightly shouted.

It felt as though the whip had intelligence. One end remained coiled around Soft Feather's waist, while the other automatically stretched and attacked the four stout men. Soft Feather didn't need to actively control the whip, her thoughts alone were enough to give it orders.

As if that wasn't enough, the power of the whip was shocking. When it attacked those four stout men, it immediately broke their needles and tore their skin.

Afterward, the powerful whip forced the four men to retreat in Soft Feather's direction.

The four stout men cried out in pain after being whipped as soon as they tried to get away, they were stopped by the whip and forced to retreat in Soft Feather's direction. Soon after, they were tied in place by the sword light too and forced to fight Soft Feather head-on.

"Ahahaha!" Soft Feather was getting stronger and stronger as the fight went on. Although she was fighting against five people, she still held the upper hand!

Far-off, the last stout man furrowed his brows. How is it possible for this human girl to have so many treasures? Dammit, we're running out of time. I need to speed things up.

He stretched out his hand and pulled a black needle out of his back. After it was pulled out, the black needle changed color, becoming silver. Unlike the other needles, this one was personally refined by the stout man and was a weird type of a flying sword.

"Go!" The stout man once more used the flying sword controlling technique. He controlled both needles at the same time and used the second one to keep Soft Feather's whip occupied, giving his companions the opportunity to kill Song Shuhang.

"Controlling two flying swords at the same time? Interesting!" Soft Feather smiled and said, "If you had used this trick earlier, you might have succeeded, but now it's too late!"

After saying this much, she suddenly jumped toward the sky, and the whip coiling around her waist turned into a ball, merging with her armor.

"With my current strength, I always need to prepare this move for a long time before using it~ I didn't think I would get to use it in a real battle..." Soft Feather muttered.

Seven mysterious bright runes appeared on Soft Feather's armor.

Afterward, the seven runes expanded, changing into sword qi. The sword qi had the properties of the seven elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning.

Immediately after, the seven sword qi also expanded, turning into seven clones of Soft Feather.

Then, as though they had passed through space itself the seven clones and Soft Feather's main body appeared beside the four stout men.

On average, two Soft Feathers were dealing with one stout man.

The seven-element sword qi merged with Soft Feather's butterfly-shaped sword, mercilessly stabbing the chests of the stout men from the front and the rear.

The four men didn't even have the time to react.

After the swords pierced their bodies, they stiffened and fresh blood gushed out. Soon after, they loudly fell to the ground, and it was unknown whether they still lived.

With just one move, she instantly defeated four enemies with a lot of HP that were almost as strong as her! Now it was clear why it took her so long to prepare this move.

Fresh blood soaked Soft Feather's seven clones but after completing the move, they all disappeared.

As for her main body, it was protected by a layer of golden light and wasn't tainted by the blood.

"Dammit!" the stout man standing afar bellowed.

In the end, he had no choice but rush toward Soft Feather and fight her head-on. At the same time, he controlled his two silver needles and used them to attack her.

"Ahaha!" The whip coiling around Soft Feather's waist coordinated with the butterfly-shaped sword in her hands, completely blocking the fierce barrage of attacks of the stout man.


Under the control of the stout man, the silver needle violently collided with Soft Feather breaking soon after.

Even if he refined the silver needle into a flying sword, its quality couldn't be compared with Soft Feather's sword.

It was only natural that it would break after a violent collision.

After that one last attack, Soft Feather was likewise forced to retreat.

The stout man was now in front of Soft Feather. He had a gloomy expression on his face as he held the undamaged silver needle in his hands.

"You two are dead." The stout man clenched his teeth in anger.

"Are you sure? You can't kill me with words alone!" Soft Feather waved her somewhat numb arm.

Even if her equipment was good, fighting against a cultivator of the Fourth Stage was very strenuous.

"You two dared to kill my companions! You don't have any way out now, you can only die!" the stout man said coldly.

Soft Feather stared at him and said, "Are you crazy?"

It was a life and death battle. If we weren't going to kill your companions, were we supposed to look at them and appreciate them? Or are you guys from a protected species in the world of cultivators and can't be killed like giant pandas?

The stout man stretched out his hand and removed his headgear, revealing a head full of needles. Except for the place around the eyes, everything else was covered with needles.

"All the people that have been soaked with the blood of a sea urchin warrior are enemies of our sea urchin race! Fleeing is useless. No matter where you go, we'll still find you and kill you! The proud sea urchin warriors will take your lives!" the stout man said with awkward Mandarin.

However, the general meaning was easy to understand.

As expected, it was something like the 'Mark of the Dragonslayer'! But these guys are actually sea urchin warriors! Does it mean that I've become a 'Sea Urchin Slayer' now? For some reason, it doesn't sound as cool as 'Dragonslayer' Song Shuhang thought to himself while holding the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in the rear.

Anyway, the fact that he had been marked was rather troublesome! Once everything was over, he had to ask the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group about this matter in detail.

"Not only you, even your family members and the people related to you will be implicated. They'll also die in the hands of the sea urchin warriors," the stout man continued his speech, his expression mad.

After hearing this much, Song Shuhang furrowed his brows. There was such a thing as involving family members?

"..." Soft Feather.

"But I'll give you an opportunity. Kneel in front of the corpses of my companions and let me cut your heads off. In that case, we sea urchin warriors will forgive your family members!" the stout man said, his expression ever more ferocious.

In truth, he was just trying to buy time with this speech.

He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with his companions.

There were other four sea urchin warriors hidden in the surroundings. Their strength was also at the Fourth Stage. As long as the five of them fought together, no matter how good the equipment of this girl was, she wouldn't be able to defeat them!

At the time, they would kill her in the most gruesome way!

Soft Feather was speechless.

Soon after, she pinched her adorable chin.

In the next moment, she put her butterfly-shaped sword away and heaved a sigh, saying to the stout man, "Since you want to kill my family, I might as well give you the opportunity."

The stout man was confused.

"I've decided to give you an opportunity to kill my family members!" Soft Feather stretched out her hand and pointed behind the stout man, saying, "Turn your head around, do you see that man?

That man is my father. If you want to kill my family, you should start with him. You can't say that I didn't give you the opportunity, right?"

The stout man coldly snorted. "Do you think you can fool me with these cheap tricks? If there was someone behind me, I would have noticed it already."

If this girl was thinking of launching a surprise attack or running away while he was turning his head, she was too naive. He wouldn't fall for such a trick!

" Why don't you turn your head and see. " A solemn voice echoed from behind the stout man. This voice was like a raging volcano that was about to explode.