Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Look At Things From Another Angle
Chapter 390: Look at things from another angle!
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As a matter of fact, we have to use a different angle to observe and comprehend some things Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

"Impossible!" The stout man got a huge shockhe was a cultivator of the Fourth Stage Innate Realm with a monster bloodline. Moreover, his mental energy and senses were far keener than those of any human cultivator of the same realm.

But when he checked the place behind him, he felt that there was absolutely nothing there there was simply no trace of any aura at all.

Nevertheless, the solemn voice of a man suddenly transmitted from that place!

A person actually managed to avoid the detection of his senses and mental energy, quietly standing behind his back?

Absolutely terrifying. Just how strong was this guy to do something like that?

The stout man subconsciously rolled to one side he wanted to get away from the person behind him as soon as possible!

While he was rolling, his eyes glanced at the area behind him.

Standing right there was a man with his hands behind the back. He was wearing green-colored clothes, and he was so handsome that people probably didn't feel worthy of being his friends.

At this moment, that man furrowed his brows. His mood could be read with a glance it was really bad!

When the stout man was frantically rolling away, the man said in a deep voice, "When... did I allow you to roll away?"

It was a mere question, and the man didn't even move a finger. But these words of his seemed inviolable.

Just as though an 'immobilizing spell' hit him, the whole body of the stout man stopped in the rolling position where his head was below and legs on tophe was frozen in place. He could not roll forward nor backward!

The stout man got a scare. What was happening? Why was his body unable to move?

What is happening? Quick, move, dammit! My body, you'd better start moving! the stout man shrieked in his mind. But every muscle and vein of his body seemed to be trembling in fear. Under such circumstances, his body was completely unable to cooperate with his brain.

What's happening, and just what is the strength and realm of this man?

One sentenceall it took for him to lose the ability to resist was one sentence!

"Based on how useless you are, you dare to keep saying that you want to kill my entire family?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly said in a cold voice.

As he was speaking, a spirit butterfly quietly appeared on Venerable's shoulder.

The spirit butterfly gently flew past the stout man; its beautiful wings were similar to a sword light, slitting the man's throat in an instant.

Fresh blood splattered, painting the beautiful spirit butterfly in a bright shade of red.

That spirit butterfly lightly flapped its wings, and its body immediately absorbed the fresh blood. When the bright red fused with the color of its body, it made it look even more beautiful.

The gaze of the stout man gradually lost focus, and he maintained the 'rolling' position until his death...

The spirit butterfly flew back and perched itself on the Venerable Spirit Butterfly's shoulder, lightly flapping its wings.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly nodded in satisfaction. "Remember this aura from today onwards, do not allow living things with such a bloodline within 500 kilometers from the Spirit Butterfly Island."

In other order words, if the bloodline of a 'sea urchin warrior' appeared within 500 kilometers from the Spirit Butterfly Island, even if the creature was passing through without any ill intentions, it would get killed off mercilessly.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had little interest in these human-monster hybrids known as 'sea urchin warriors' and had no desire to conduct any research on them either.

Thereafter, Venerable Spirit Butterfly did not even deign to glance at the stout man's corpse. Instead, he turned his head around and looked at his daughter, Soft Feather.

In the instant he turned his head around, it was as though he had swapped faces. Earlier, his expression was serious and unhappy, but now he abruptly beamed with happiness, appearing gentle and kind. He lightly called out, "Soft Feather."

"Father." Soft Feather laughed, waving to him.

She felt rather uneasy meeting her father like that. After all, she'd secretly snuck out from the Spirit Butterfly Island. She had placed herself into a huge box, and sent it out via express delivery, remember?

A daughter who'd escaped from home, facing her father who came from thousands of miles away such a situation would be at least somewhat awkward.

"Have you played enough this time around?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly narrowed his eyes, smiling.

When he smiled, Soft Feather was immediately relieved. She knew that if her father smiled like that, it meant that he wouldn't care about her running away.

"Hehe. Father, you're the best." Soft Feather was like a swallow returning to the nest after learning to fly. She pounced toward her father while still wearing the armor, giving him a bear hug. If not for his prowess, Venerable Spirit Butterfly would have tumbled to the ground after bumping into that heavy chunk of metal.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly stretched out his hands and hugged his daughter. Then, he knocked on her helmet. "You, really"

Originally, Venerable Spirit Butterfly had attempted to compose various speeches in his head to reprimand his daughter, but when he saw her acting like a spoiled child, he could not bring himself to scold her even one bit.

Thereafter, Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked at the bloodied 'Chu Chu', who stood not far from Soft Feather.

"Soft Feather, is that a new friend of yours?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked.

Soft Feather laughed and said, "Nah, that's Senior Song, I previously told you about him!"

"Little friend Song Shuhang?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked at Song Shuhang once again. This young lady wearing a black skirt was that 'little friend Song Shuhang' who was added to the Nine Provinces Number One Group by accident?

...Strange, he remembered that the Song Shuhang mentioned by his fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One group was a man!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly knew that he did not have dementia, and he definitely remembered that Song Shuhang was a man!

But what was up with this young lady wearing a black skirt?

Venerable looked at Song Shuhang once again from head to toe, scrutinizing him.

Eh? Wait a moment wasn't that one of the gadgets he made for Soft Feather earlier, the shapeshifting brooch?

That small brooch had the ability to change one's appearance. Soft Feather was very fond of it when she was little.

But recently, a highly-skilled fellow daoist used a formation to strengthen the illusory power of the 'shapeshifting brooch'. Hence, Venerable Spirit Butterfly was unable to see through the illusion created by the brooch at first glance.


Light flashed within Venerable Spirit Butterfly's eyes. Soon after, he easily saw through the guise created by the 'shapeshifting brooch' and saw Song Shuhang's real appearance.

It was a young man that was approximately 180 centimeters tall, with decent facial features and an eye-catching, shiny bald head. On the whole, he looked rather fine and kind.

But what caused Venerable's mouth to twitch was that Song Shuhang was wearing a short black skirt and stockings, with a short sword tied to his thigh.

A pervert who likes cross-dressing! Venerable Spirit Butterfly immediately gave little friend Song Shuhang a striking label in his mind.

He'd never thought that Song Shuhang, the object of the unanimous praises sung by the fellow daoists in the group, would turn out to be someone with a fetish for cross-dressing!

"Hello, Senior Spirit Butterfly." Song Shuhang learned the way the Nine Provinces Number One seniors saluted and used it to greet Venerable Spirit Butterfly respectfully.

When he was lurking in the chat a few months ago, he discovered that Soft Feather's father was a forthright and kind senior. However, while Venerable Spirit Butterfly was a good man, he liked to nitpick about small details. He might argue with you over some hardly noticeable matter for half a day.

Hence, when he was having an exchange with Senior Spirit Butterfly, he needed to pay close attention to his every movement. He couldn't be like Senior Thrice Reckless, continuously causing trouble in front of Senior Spirit Butterfly!

Aside from that, Song Shuhang bitterly laughed after speaking. That was because Venerable White changed his voice with a spell. The moment he opened his mouth, what came out was Miss Chu Chu's sweet voice.

The corner of Venerable Spirit Butterfly's mouth twitched. "Hello, little friend Song Shuhang."

Forget about cross-dressing he even changed his voice!

Even though the fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One sang praises of little friend Song Shuhang, and the fellow daoists who met him personally also sang praises of him, right now, Venerable Spirit Butterfly felt that little friend Shuhang was not quite normal!

Was it really good for his own daughter to be friends with this guy who had a cross-dressing fetish? Venerable Spirit Butterfly couldn't help but worry for his daughter. It had been said that a person's circle of friends was very important, his adorable daughter wouldn't be influenced in a bad way, right?

Wait a moment!

Some things should not be judged merely based on appearancesone had to use a different angle to consider them!

From another point of view, Soft Feather being together with this pervert who was into cross-dressing made him feel more relieved than her being together with a warm, kind, and somewhat handsome cultivator!

Indeed, compared to the gentle and amusing 'Senior Song' that his daughter had been talking about all the time, the crossdresser version of 'Senior Song' before his eyes made him feel more relieved.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly pinched his chin and nodded silently.

For some reason, Song Shuhang felt his hair stand on endhe felt that Venerable Spirit Butterfly's gaze was rather odd.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

Wait a minute, the brooch is Venerable Spirit Butterfly's invention. That is to say, he should be able to see through my guise! In that case, the funny gaze he shot me would be naturally understandable.

Song Shuhang did not want to be mistaken for a pervert who liked dressing up as a girl. Hence, he opened his mouth, preparing to explain to Senior Spirit Butterfly the reason behind him taking on 'Chu Chu's appearance'. At the very least, he wanted to leave a proper impression on Senior Spirit Butterfly and didn't want to be mistaken for a pervert.

Just as Song Shuhang was about to explain, the expression in Venerable Spirit Butterfly's eyes suddenly changedhis eyes were filled with happiness, and his gaze became extremely kind.

"Hahahaha." Venerable Spirit Butterfly laughed and said, "I've often heard my daughter talking about you, little friend Shuhang. And when I was talking to some of the fellow daoists, they also mentioned you. Today, after finally meeting you, I can tell that everyone's judgment of you was indeed correct. I can sense a kind of 'gentle' and 'peaceful' aura from your body."

After Song Shuhang stepped into the Second Stage Realm, he did not have the time to practice a technique to restrain his aura. Hence, the mental energy emitted from the True Self Meditation Scripture naturally transmitted the kind aura of a good person.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly's face was filled with strong emotions. "For Soft Feather to have a friend like you, I'm relieved."

Such a huge compliment from Venerable Spirit Butterfly practically made Song Shuhang feel overwhelmed by the flattery!

On a side, Soft Feather looked curiously at her own fatherher sharp sixth sense told her that her father might have gone crazy at this time...