Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 392

Chapter 392 There Is No Such Thing As An Absolute Defense In This World
Chapter 392: There is no such thing as an absolute defense in this world
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After the four servants pierced their chests with their palms, fresh blood gushed out. The volume of blood gushing out was incredibly large, almost resembling a waterfall. Although the wound was only of the size of a palm, in the blink of an eye, their entire bodies were drained of blood.

All the blood poured inside the formation drawn onto the ground, dying it in red at last, the bodies of the four servants became bags of skin and softly fell to the ground.

Were these guys human-shaped inflatable dolls filled with blood...?

In the center of the blood-soaked formation, that mister had a strange smile on his face. Blood flowed out of his neck like a fountain, quickly draining all the blood in his body.

But compared to those servants, who had only their skin left, that mister was in much better shape. At least, he still had a skeleton, and after the skin closely stuck to the bones, he turned into a mummified corpse.

"Hehe a special puppet that can be controlled with the power of blood? What an ingenious method," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said with a smile. Next, he stared at the formation arranged on the ground. However, he didn't seem to intend to stop it.

"They were puppets and not living things? No wonder they died in such a way!" Song Shuhang muttered. Then, he looked at the corpse of the mister in the center of the 'picture scroll formation'. At this time, he was still holding some pictures scroll in his hands!

As expected, the paintings of the 'sword technique' were their objective!

But now that those puppets dressed up as servants and this mister had committed suicide, how exactly were they planning to take away the four scroll pictures of the 'sword technique'?

Song Shuhang immediately gazed at the blood-soaked formation on the floor. Were they planning to use this strange 'picture scroll formation' to get out of here? At this time, the formation was in an active state and had been completely soaked in blood, emitting a strange red-colored radiance.

Although he didn't know what the purpose of the formation was, he knew that it was something this mister and his lackeys had arranged.

"Senior Spirit Butterfly, the four pictures of the Chu Family's 'sword technique' are in that guy's hand. We can't let him get away!" Song Shuhang shouted.

In his Heart Aperture, the previously calm ghost spirit became boiling hot, just like that time in the dreamland.

"Thump, thump, thump!"

His heart started to beat frantically.

The ghost spirit was struggling to get out of the Heart Aperture. It wanted to approach those four pictures as soon as possible. Those four pictures surely concealed a secret, a secret related to the loose cultivator Li Tiansu!

Song Shuhang gently touched his chest and used the True Self Meditation Scripture to calm himself.

Afterward, he grabbed the Broken Tyrant and rushed toward the formation on the ground he had to take back the 'sword technique' before the formation started operating!

But just as he was approaching the blood-soaked formation, the blood on the floor gathered into a bloody mass as though it had its own will. Afterward, the mass of blood changed into a rain of arrows and shot toward Song Shuhang!

"Shield!" Song Shuhang lightly shouted and raised his hands, activating the defensive ability of the ghost spirit. At the same time, he used the right hand to unsheathe the treasure saber Broken Tyrant, pouring his true qi inside the blade.

"Ding, ding, ding!" The blood arrows hit the shield as though they were solid entities, creating a melodious sound. After Song Shuhang advanced to the Second Stage, the small golden shield of the ghost spirit was also strengthened.

But under the barrage of arrows, the small golden shield resisted only one wave of attacks before crumbling.

"Flaming Saber!" Song Shuhang gravely shouted. He spun his wrist and recalled the scene of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven displaying the Flaming Saber Technique and unleashing heaven-burning saber intent. The blade rotated, and the blazing flames started to surge. Song Shuhang grasped the saber with both hands tightly and slashed in front of him.

The flames changed into a crescent moon-shaped saber light, slashing toward the rain of arrows along with its heaven-burning saber intent!


When the saber qi and the blood arrows came in contact, the blood completely evaporated due to the heat the Flaming Saber Technique that Scarlet Heaven passed onto Shuhang was very powerful.

After evaporating the arrows, the flaming slash directly headed toward the blood-soaked formation, ready to destroy it!

No matter what the purpose of the formation was, destroying it would surely be a good thing!

But just as the saber qi of the Flaming Saber Technique entered the range of the formation, it was cut open by an invisible force, changing into several small flames. Then, it was cut again and again, becoming smaller and smaller until completely disappearing...

Song Shuhang furrowed his brows a bit.

What kind of technique did the opposite party use to disperse the qi of his Flaming Saber Technique?

"Is this the space's ability to cut things?" the nearby Soft Feather said in puzzlement.

She felt that there was a chaotic space surrounding the blood-soaked formation, and all things that entered the area would be cut down by the power of space!

"Hmm it's indeed the power of space. Little friend Shuhang, don't be impatient. After all, good things only come to those who wait." Venerable Spirit Butterfly smiled and added, "This is a teleportation technique, and the surrounding 'rending space' is generated right before the start of the technique due to the connection between the main world and the area surrounding the formation breaking off. The broken connection gives birth to a 'chaotic space' that can act was as a layer of defense when the teleportation starts. Anyway, I didn't expect that I would get to see the power of space here, it's really surprising."

The power of space was something that only Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders could use.

But the opposite party wasn't a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender his strength was merely in the Fourth Stage Realm. Therefore, what kind of treasure or secret technique did he use to arrange a teleportation technique?

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was really curious!

Just as Venerable Spirit Butterfly was speaking, in the center of the formation, a bloody ray of light appeared in the eyes of the mummified mister. It seemed that the mister had a treasure with him that resonated with the formation arranged on the ground.

It was precisely by relying on this treasure that he was able to arrange this space formation.

The mummified mister slightly raised his head and strangely laughed. "Hehehe that senior over there seems really knowledgeable."

"Ahaha." Venerable Spirit Butterfly heartily laughed. "Are you done playing dead?"

"Since the 'Star Shifting Formation' already started, I'm currently inside the 'absolute defense' it generated. There is no need for me feign death anymore." The mister faintly smiled and continued, "Such being the case, ladies and gentlemen, as well as newly arrived disciples of the Chu Family, it's time to part ways for real this time!"

As soon as he said those words, six disciples of the Chu Family barged inside the room while wearing gas masks.

"Bastard! You dare to rob our family's sword technique?!" an impulsive disciple roared and rushed toward the formation.

Song Shuhang quickly stretched out his hand and stopped the disciple. "Don't go over there!"

Chaotic space surrounded the Star Shifting Formation, and even the qi of the Flaming Saber Technique was cut into pieces. This disciple would become minced meat if were to get too close to the formation.

"Senior Sister Chu Chu?" The disciple looked at Song Shuhang in puzzlement.

"That's a space formation, and all the surrounding area has become a mass of chaotic space. If you run over there, you'll die," Song Shuhang quickly explained.

"What should we do then? Can we only helplessly watch as they steal the sword technique of our family?" those disciples wearing gas masks said in a depressed tone.

"Don't be impatient. Good things only come to those who wait," Song Shuhang said with an enigmatic expression on his face. Then, he glanced at Venerable Spirit Butterfly who had his hands crossed behind the back. After seeing his calm expression, Song Shuhang was also relieved.

In the Star Shifting Formation, that mister strangely smiled.

"Miss Chu Chu from the Chu Family is really intelligent. What she said is correct, no matter how many of you rush over here, you're all going to die. It's not a surprise that you were able to comprehend the 'sword technique'; I have a very high opinion of you. If we meet again in the future, I'll allow you to become a member of my harem!" The mister admired Song Shuhang with his gaze while tightly hugging the picture scrolls.

Song Shuhang immediately shivered all over.

Soft Feather's cheeks bulged; she was trying her best not to laugh.

"Miss Chu Chu, let us meet again in the future. Goodbye, ladies and gentlemen. But before leaving, let me give you all a small present." The skinny mister smiled and snapped his fingers.


The small ball-shaped objects hidden in the corners of the room suddenly detonated, and a dusty material engulfed all those present.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly gently waved his hand, and a light wind started to blow, completely dispersing the dust.

"Hehe. The strength of this senior is really incredible. It's regrettable, but it seems that the gift won't be of any use now. Anyway, that gift was only meant as a joke, and it wasn't something lethal." As he was speaking, the skinny mister started to sink inside the Star Shifting Formation.

It felt as though he was merging with the earth.

The teleportation process had finally started.

The mister waved at Song Shuhang with a satisfied expression on his face.

But right at this time, Venerable Spirit Butterfly swaggered toward the Star Shifting Formation.

That mister, who had already sunk in the ground till the knees, looked at Venerable Spirit Butterfly in puzzlement. What was this powerful senior trying to do?

Although he knew that this senior was incredibly powerful, the mister had absolute faith in the lethality of the chaotic space surrounding the formation!

No one could break through that layer of chaotic space after the start of the formation. The only way to stop the formation was to destroy it before it was activated! Now that the teleportation process had started, no one could possibly stop him from leaving!

"Do you know something?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly smiled and said, "There is no such thing as an 'absolute defense' in this world, and the so-called 'absolute defense' is called that way only because people lack the strength or the methods to break through it."

"Hehehe. Technically speaking, you are correct." The mister laughed.

Then, the red light burning in his eyes suddenly shrank.

What had he seen just now? The powerful senior before his eyes stretched his hand out and pierced through the space of the Star Shifting Formation!

The absolute defense of the chaotic space didn't injure the arm of the senior in the slightest! Not even his clothes were damaged!

"Impossible! How can this be" The mister panicked. "Is it possible that you can control the power of space...?"