Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Because Of You The Green Grass Smells Even Better
Chapter 393: Because of you, the green grass smells even better~
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"Hehe. Rather than controlling, I just slightly researched the 'power of space' due to a certain coincidence." Venerable Spirit Butterfly smiled. "Didn't you say earlier that I was a well-informed senior? Then, I can't possibly disappoint you, right?"

As he was speaking, Venerable Spirit Butterfly used one hand to grab the 'sword technique' scroll from the mister's hands. In the midst of the mister's reluctance to admit defeat and rage, he slowly pulled the sword technique away from the 'Star Shifting Formation'.

"Bastard... my sword technique! It belongs to me, it's mine!" Mister frantically grabbed the scroll of the 'sword technique'.

That sword technique was an important part of his future plans; he couldn't let anyone take it away. Mister used all his strength to grab onto the 'sword technique'.

But how could his strength be compared to that of an experienced Venerable? His struggle was for naught.

The sword technique was ultimately pulled out of the 'Star Shifting Formation' by Venerable Spirit Butterfly. But it wasn't only the scroll the arms of that mister were pulled out as well.

In the process of vying for the 'sword technique', both his arms got cut off by the chaotic space around the 'Star Shifting Formation' and pulled out of it by Venerable at the same time.

However, they weren't human arms. They resembled machinery were those arms some magical treasure?

Venerable Spirit Butterfly casually tossed the scroll towards Song Shuhang together with those arms.

Song Shuhang opened Li Tiansu's scroll and speedily verified the authenticity of the content.

"Aaaaaah!" At this time, the mister let out a beast-like roar; his body quickly sunk into the ground, leaving behind the top half of his head.

When Song Shuhang opened the scroll, he realized he only had one scroll in his hands. He immediately called out, "Senior Spirit Butterfly, there is only one scroll, there are still three more on that fellow's body!"

And at this time that mister's head had already disappeared within the 'Star Shifting Formation'. After his figure disappeared, the blood-soaked formation started burning up, turning into ashes.

"There is no need to panic, little friend Shuhang." Venerable Spirit Butterfly pinched his chin and smiled. "Those three sword technique scrolls were secretly exchanged by him during the process of our fight."

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Senior Spirit Butterfly, you didn't do this on purpose, right?

"There is something on that fellow's body that piqued my interest. Don't worry, the sword technique scrolls would not be lost. If you're free these couple of days, let's look for him together, how about that?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly laughed.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and nodded his head. Senior Spirit Butterfly's curiosity was rather exuberant.

Fortunately, they managed to keep one of the scrolls. Song Shuhang opened the scroll and looked at itit looked like the same as the one he saw in Chu Chu's dreamland.

However, be it because it was not a complete set, or because there was only one scroll, the ghost spirit in Song Shuhang's heart aperture was very calm and quiet, displaying completely no reaction towards the scroll.

Song Shuhang scrutinized it all overhe really couldn't see the secret hidden within the scroll.

Ultimately, he could only drop it. He rolled up the scroll before securing it to his back properly.

At this time, the six disciples of the Chu Family asked, "Senior Sister Chu Chu, what do we do about the other three scrolls?"

"There is no need to panic. In the next few days, this senior and I will definitely get it back," answered Song Shuhang.

Perhaps his current appearance was very popular amongst the disciples of the Chu Family. After his assurance, the disciples quietened down.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked at the bloodstained ground and said, "Let's leave this place."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly turned around and left the hidden room.

Song Shuhang and Soft Feather followed close behind.

Following behind them were the six disciples of the Chu Family.

Before the six disciples of the Chu Family left, they brought out the two corpses of the traitors as for the skins of the four servants, they were left behind untouched in the hidden room.

When they were leaving, a lot of disciples of the Chu Family that were wearing gas masks appeared. They were on their way to the hidden room.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly furrowed his eyebrows he did not want to be seen by so many disciples of the Chu Family.

"Little friend Shuhang, I'll leave first to meet with the fellow daoists of Nine Provinces Number One Group. I will let you handle all these disciples of the Chu Family." Venerable Spirit Butterfly smiled at Song Shuhang.

After finishing his sentence, without waiting for Song Shuhang's reply, Venerable Spirit Butterfly's figure had already disappeared without a trace. At the same time, Soft Feather likewise disappeared. She could not even react when her father brought her away.

Song Shuhang was left behind all alone in front of the door to the ancestral temple.

Song Shuhang stared at the huge group of the disciples of the Chu Family in front of him; the corner of his mouth twitched.

Behind him, the six disciples of the Chu Family with gas masks carrying the two bodies came out of the hidden room. "Senior Sister Chu Chu, where did the senior and that young lady go?"

"They had some matters to attend to, they left first," Song Shuhang replied.

In front, a group of disciples surrounded them and they all asked Song Shuhang, "Senior Sister Chu Chu, did something happen in the hidden room?"

"Senior Sister Chu Chu, where are the intruders?"

"Senior Sister, where are the enemies? They dare to come to our residence to stir trouble, we'll kill them!"

"Senior Sister Chu Chu, are the spiky fellows on the floor the enemies?"

With everyone talking at once, as well as chanting 'Senior Sister Chu Chu' Song Shuhang felt his liver hurt.

He raised one hand up in the air, indicating for everyone to shut their mouths. "Everybody, be quiet. As everyone has seen, several intruders already died, but one of them managed to escape this matter had temporarily come to an end. As for the rest, let's wait for the family leader to take care of it."

Miss Chu Chu was rather popular in the Chu Familythe disciples at the scene quieted down.

"Now, quickly send someone to the Grievance Settling Platform and get some of our seniors to come back here and think of a way to dissipate the strange fog.

As for the disciples who are wearing the gas masks, form a rescue team and carry those who lost consciousness out of the fog zone. If any of them are injured, treat their wounds.

Seal off the hidden room's ancestral hall, and do not let anybody enter. Stay vigilant, and make sure to prevent people with ill intentions from taking advantage of the chaos to plunder."

Song Shuhang used Chu Chu's identity to give orders. Apart from those, he could not think of anything else that he needed to do for now. After all, he was only but an ordinary student it had not even been two months since he became a cultivator. They couldn't expect him to act as the leader of a clan and hold down the fort all by himself.

In reality, Song Shuhang had already done exceptionally well. After he gave a couple of orders, the remaining members within the Chu Family residence started to get busy in an orderly fashion.

After waiting for the Chu Family members to split up and get busy, the six disciples that followed into the hidden room used a soft voice to ask Song Shuhang, "Senior Sister Chu Chu, how did these two disciples of the Chu Family end up in the hidden room?"

"When I entered the hidden room, they had already been killed." Song Shuhang shook his head.

The six disciples wearing the gas masks clenched their teeth and said, "Damned bastards!"

"Senior Sister, we'll carry off the corpses of our two senior brothers to a secure place." There was sorrow within their voices.

Song Shuhang nodded.

Even the life of cultivators was sometimes very frail...

Just as the six disciples carrying the corpses were about to leave, one of them suddenly stopped his tracks and started scratching his body.

"Strange, it's so itchy!" said the Chu Family disciple.

It seemed like a fuse, the rest of the disciples started scratching their bodies at the same time, while saying, "It's so itchy, it's so itchy!"

Song Shuhang asked, "What's the matter?"

"So itchy." The six disciples started to tear their clothes and used all their might to scratch their body.

When one of the disciples tore the thick outerwear she revealed a huge patch of pure white skin. It was a female cultivator.

"Poison?" Song Shuhang immediately thought of the final burst of dust that was spurted in the hidden room at the end.

Next, he looked towards the two corpses.

Ah, that was it even though the dust got dispersed by Venerable Spirit Butterfly, the dust was still in the hidden room. A lot of it must have landed on the two corpses.

And the disciples of the Chu Family who were in the process of moving the two bodies got poisoned as a result.

It was a tyrannical poison.

Song Shuhang said, "Use your qi and blood energy, see if it can expel the toxin."

All six of the disciples were cultivators of the First Stage Realm.

After hearing what he said, they activated the energy in their apertures and tried to curb their pain and itch. However, there weren't any results. When they used their qi and blood energy, it made their bodies even more in pain and itch instead.

"Tolerate it, do not scratch. Place the corpses at one side don't let anyone else come in contact with the two corpses," Song Shuhang called out.

The disciples immediately understood and hurriedly placed the two corpses of their comrades at the side.

"You guys scatter around and do not move heedlessly," Song Shuhang said to the six disciples.

After finishing his sentence, he carefully stepped ahead and approached one of them. At this time, if the six shook their bodies because of the itch, the dust particles would definitely land on his body.

After he took a step forward, he went in front of one of the disciples and reached out his finger and 'pressed' onto his wrist, maintaining some space between his finger and the wrist to prevent actual skin contact.

Thereafter, Song Shuhang used the true qi in his dantian and carefully channeled it into that disciple's body.

The true qi in his body, which came from practicing the buddhist techniques 'Basic Buddhist Fist Technique' and 'True Self Meditation Scripture', had a restraining effect on poisons.

However, it was his first time channeling his true qi into another cultivator's body. Hence, he was still unfamiliar with the process.

When the true qi followed the wrist and got channeled into that disciple's body, Song Shuhang could feel his vision becoming clear. He felt that he could 'see' the condition of the other party via the true qi as it advanced.

Such an odd feeling Song Shuhang faintly felt as though he had realized something.

The true qi circulated one round around the disciple's body.

Even though the poison did not get expelled from his body, it was subdued by the true qi, helping the disciple suppress the feeling of pain and itch.

It was good that it was effective.

Later, he would ask the Nine Provinces Number One Group seniors to find out more about what the poison was, and find a solution to deal with it.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief in his mind. Thereafter, he said to that disciple, "Don't worry, even though I've just suppressed the itch, later I'll..."

He initially wanted to say that he would look for a few seniors to deal with the poison in his body.

But at this time that disciple hesitated for a bit. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he opened his mouth out of habit and sang, "Because because of you, the green grass smells even better~" 1