Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Fellow Daoist Medicine Master Prepare Another Two Beds
Chapter 394: Fellow Daoist Medicine Master, prepare another two beds!
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"..." Song Shuhang.

All the cultivators he recently met had a rather eccentric personality. Why couldn't he just meet slightly normal cultivators? For example, the ones that had high integrity and bearing and didn't care in the slightest about worldly affairs!

"Hehe." The Chu Family cultivator who had a brain fade just now made a hollow laugh.

Song Shuhang sighed and used the same method on the other disciples, temporarily suppressing the effects of the poison. Next, he told them to defend the entrance of the secret room.

Since it was better for them not to get in touch with other people, it was wise to have them stay here and defend the entrance while he was out looking for help to cure their poison.

After settling the matter, Song Shuhang put the scroll on his back and headed toward the Grievance Settling Platform. Hopefully, the family leader wouldn't get a heart-attack after hearing that the 'sword technique' had been stolen...

Before leaving, Song Shuhang conveniently borrowed the clothes of one of the disciples.

He was planning to look for a remote place to change his clothes and remove the effects of the shapeshifting brooch after leaving the Chu Family.

Then, he only needed to look for Senior White and have his voice changed back.

Today's experience would surely become part of his black history, part of those awful experiences he couldn't bear to recall.

As soon as he learned the 'memory sealing technique', the first thing he would seal was this damned memory! It was such an awful memory that it made him feel an indescribable amount of shame!

In the meantime, on the Grievance Settling Platform.

The battle between Illusory Sword School's Jian Yuanhai and Chu Family's Chu Kangbo was about to end.

Jian Yuanhai wasn't Chu Kangbo's match. Even if the latter was seriously injured and had yet to recover, just by relying on the difference in realm, he was able to suppress Jian Yuanhai completely.


Sword qi flashed out, and a magical technique followed with all its power. Soon after, a powerful explosion echoed.

Jian Yuanhai was sent flying by the attack. His face was deathly pale, and the right arm holding the sword was blown to pieces by Chu Kangbo's sword qi, making it impossible to heal it. Even his flying sword was broken in half due to the technique Chu Kangbo unleashed in the next moment.

After losing his dominant arm, Jian Yuanhai's fighting capacity greatly diminished. He became one of the weakest cultivators amongst the Fourth Stage Realm.

"You lost," Chu Kangbo said in a grave tone.

Jian Yuanhai fiercely coughed, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He didn't merely lose his right arm, he even suffered several internal injuries unless he got his hands on a miraculous medicine, it was unlikely that he would get past this year's winter.

"I admit defeat." Jian Yuanhai deeply sighed. As soon as he said those words, he who did not have much left to live became even older; it felt as though he could die at any moment.

At this time, disciples of the Illusory Sword School had unsightly expressions on their faces, while the disciples of the Chu Family were loudly cheering and shouting, letting out all their pent-up feelings.

The supervisor of the Grievance Settling Platform, Eternal Sword Sect's Peng Shenghai, declared, "The winner of the third category of the Grievance Settling Platform is the Chu Family."

Although the general level of this session of the Grievance Settling Platform wasn't too high, the two supervisors from the Eternal Sword Sect felt physically and emotionally exhausted after completing their task.

Luckily, the Eternal Sword Sect dispatched two Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors to oversee the matches. Two cultivators of the Fourth Stage Innate Realm wouldn't have been able to deal with today's session.

Who would have thought that the Chu Family would suddenly produce an old ancestor of the Fifth Stage Golden Core Realm? Moreover, they didn't expect that the Chu Family could successfully invite so many powerful cultivators at once.

After announcing the end of the match, the duty of the two supervisors had finally come to an end.

Soon after, the other supervisor, Peng Qianyin, said, "According to the rules of this round of the Grievance Settling Platform, the Chu Family can put forward its terms to the Illusory Sword School!"

After hearing these words, Jian Yuanhai really felt his heart twitch. Originally, he was planning to defeat the Chu Family on the Grievance Settling Platform and have them hand over their 'sword technique'.

He didn't expect that it would be his Illusory Sword School that would lose. Moreover, it lost thoroughly.

Given the disposition of the Chu Family, they would likely ask the Illusory Sword School to move away from his stretch of land. Afterward, they would occupy the former territory of the Illusory Sword School and take over the spiritual land they used to cultivate. Jian Yuanhai investigated the Chu Family earlier, and from what he learned, the leader of the Chu Family intended to put forward this request after the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform.

Would the Illusory Sword School have to leave the founding place of their sect where they had stayed for hundreds of years?

"Put forward our terms? I almost forgot that the Grievance Settling Platform had such a rule." Chu Kangbo laughed. Then, he stretched out his finger and said, "My terms are very simple. I want the Illusory Sword Scripture of the Illusory Sword School!"

Since Chu Kangbo made his appearance, it meant that his injury had recovered for the greater part. With his strength of the Fifth Stage Realm, he wasn't afraid of the Illusory Sword School.

Now, it was the Chu Family's turn to suppress the Illusory Sword School. If the Illusory Sword School knew its limitations, they would automatically move away from this stretch of land. Otherwise, Chu Kanbgo wouldn't stand on ceremony and get into action.

Whatever the Illusory Sword School did to them in the past weeks and months, the Chu Family would return it a hundredfold. After all, the Chu Family wasn't a buddhist sect and wasn't kind-hearted and forgiving.

After hearing these terms, Jian Yuanhai was dumbfounded. The Illusory Sword Scripture was their school's treasured technique. Although the level of this technique wasn't too high and could only let one reach the Fourth Stage Innate Realm, its offensive power was still quite good. But if we were to consider only stances, it was an average sword technique amongst other techniques of the same level.

"Impossible!" Jian Yuanhai subconsciously roared. How could they let someone else have the most precious technique of their school?

If the Illusory Sword Scripture were to spread in the outside world, could the 'Illusory Sword School' still call itself that way? At the time, they might as well change their name to Illusory Sword School 2.0!

"Hehe." Chu Kangbo laughed and didn't pay attention to Jian Yuanhai. He turned toward the supervisor and said, "I've put forward my terms. Now, I hope you supervisors would uphold justice."

The two supervisors silently nodded and said, "We'll truthfully report this matter to our superiors after returning to the sect. We can guarantee that the Illusory Sword Scripture will be in our hands within a week."

"I really admire the impartiality of you fellow daoists." Chu Kangbo cupped his fists and ignored Jian Yuanhai's protests. What was the point of protesting now? And what was the point of having supervisors if the rules weren't going to be respected?

"We're just doing our job. Brother Chu is too polite." Eternal Sword School's Peng Shenghai faintly smiled and saluted Chu Kangbo. "Since the Grievance Settling Platform has come to an end, our task has also come to an end. Now, we need to return to our sect and report everything that has happened. Brother Chu, we'll take our leave then."

Afterward, the two Spiritual Emperors of the Eternal Sword Sect headed toward the camp of the Chu Family and bid farewell to the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

After all, so many powerful people were sitting in a row and couldn't be easily neglected.

After saying goodbye, the two Spiritual Emperors rode their flying swords and disappeared on the horizon.

Now the battle of the Grievance Settling Platform was truly over.

The members of the Chu Family cheered even more loudly.

On the other hand, the people of the Illusory Sword School, Jian Yuanhai included, had deathly pale looks. They slowly started to vacate the place with helpless and miserable expressions.

Only the pig-headed Xu Zheng stared at the Chu Family with hateful eyes.

He was tightly grasping his phone. On the screen was a message he received from that mister earlier: 'The plan succeeded.'

People of the Chu Family, be happy while you can...

You'll have plenty of time to cry once you discover that your 'sword technique' was stolen Xu Zheng thought to himself.

After the end of the battle, a sword light flashed in the sky, and a flying sword descended into the camp of the Chu Family.

The newcomer was Liu Jianyi. He was here to deliver Iron Trigram.

After arriving in front of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Liu Jianyi placed Iron Trigram down and greeted them. "Jianyi greets all the Seniors."

After seeing the disciple of an old friend, True Monarch Yellow Mountain teased him, "It's Jianyi. Have you been properly slacking off lately?"

"Ahahaha." Liu Jianyi forced a smile.

"Eh? Isn't this Copper Trigram's beloved disciple? Iron Trigram? What exactly happened to him, why is he injured so heavily?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator asked after seeing Iron Trigram's condition.

Liu Jianyi quickly explained, "My teacher met fellow daoist Iron Trigram on his way here. After seeing that he was gravely injured, my teacher decided to save him and bring him here."

"From the looks of it, he seemed to have been injured by a powerful explosion. In which dangerous place did this poor guy end up?"

"These injuries seem somewhat familiar for some unknown reason, they remind me of Scholar Xian Gong..."

"Now that you mention it, they do indeed look similar."

"Was this poor guy really hit by a nuclear bomb? Now, which fellow daoist has some free time and can deliver him to Medicine Master's place? While you're at it, remember to notify Copper Trigram as well so that he can pay the medical fee to Medicine Master," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said.

"He's Copper Trigram disciple? And one has to notify Copper Trigram to go to Medicine Master's place?" The eyes of the nearby Fairy Lychee immediately lit up. She quickly raised her hand and said, "Me, me, me! I'll deliver him to Medicine Master's place. I'm very free recently, grr!"

That last sound was Fairy Lychee expressing her anger.

"Such being the case, we'll trouble Fairy Lychee." Northern River's Loose Cultivator gave the thumbs up.

"Fellow Daoists, since a life is at stake, I'll immediately depart. Little Lychee will leave first!" Fairy Lychee cupped her fists and saluted her fellow daoists before summoning her flying sword and ascending to the sky together with Iron Trigram.

On her way, Fairy Lychee quickly took out True Monarch Yellow Mountain's phone she currently didn't have her phone with her, so she borrowed Yellow Mountain's.

Next, she sent a message to Immortal Master Copper Trigram: "Fellow Daoist Copper Trigram, quickly head toward Medicine Master's place. Your disciple Iron Trigram was seriously injured. Additionally, remember to bring along enough money to cover the medical expenses."

Afterward, she sent a message to Medicine Master: "Fellow Daoist Medicine Master, get ready two of your best hospital beds."

"?" Medicine Master replied with a question mark. Why were so many fellow daoists asking him to ready hospital beds lately? Even White Crane booked one earlier, what was happening?

"Copper Trigram's disciple, Iron Trigram, was seriously injured and he needs to be hospitalized, while the other one is for fellow daoist Copper Trigram himself! :senior_white_smile:" After sending the message, Fairy Lychee's mood improved greatly.

After pondering for a moment, she lifted the phone and took a selfie. Her originally cloudy mood had finally cleared up; her current state of mind was excellent!

Medicine Master scratched his head in puzzlement and said to the nearby Riverly Purple Mist, "Purple Mist, prepare two beds. It seems that Copper Trigram and Iron Trigram are seriously injured."

"Sure," Riverly Purple Mist replied straightforwardly.