Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 395

Chapter 395 I Want To Hold A Hand Guided Tractor Competition
Chapter 395: I want to hold a hand-guided tractor competition
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"The Grievance Settling Platform has finally come to an end, what now?" The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group discussed amongst themselves in a low voice.

Right at this time, Chu Kangbo descended from the platform and headed toward them with large strides. He wanted to show his hospitality and ask them to be guests of the Chu Family. While at it, he hoped to befriend them too.

On the other hand, Liu Jianyi shot a glance at the evacuating people of the Illusory Sword School. Finally, his gaze locked the Spiritual Emperors that were previously backing the Illusory Sword School and oppressing the disciples of the Chu Family.

"Hmm I better catch those two if I do that, perhaps teacher's mood would improve, and I'll have more opportunities to slack off?" Liu Jianyi muttered to himself.

After thinking this much, he bid farewell to the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and quietly followed the evacuating people of the Illusory Sword School, keeping a close watch on the two Spiritual Emperors.

For the sake of slacking off, Liu Jianyi was giving his best.

Just as Liu Jianyi was closely following the two Spiritual Emperors, two figures quietly appeared behind him. They were Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Soft Feather.

Although Venerable Spirit Butterfly knew that Liu Jianyi had already reached the Fifth Stage Realm, he still felt somewhat uneasy when he decided to secretly follow those two Spiritual Emperors. Thereupon, Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Soft Feather likewise followed behind Liu Jianyi. Teachers were always like this... on one side, they wanted their disciples to find opportunities to improve themselves; on the other side, they were afraid that they would end up in a dangerous situation that was too much to handle.

Chu Kangbo arrived in front of the members of the group and warmly invited them to be guests of the Chu Family.

The members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group glanced at Venerable White Senior White was still fiddling with the laptop and ordering the expression packages of his fellow daoists. After seeing the scene, all the present took a deep breath.

It seemed that Venerable White still wanted to have some fun. Such being the case, they might as well go to the Chu Family, and after Senior White was done ordering the packages, they would wait and see what he had in mind.

But right at this time, a far-off disciple of the Chu Family sped toward them.

"Family leader, family leader! There was an accident!" the disciple of the Chu Family called out while running.

The leader of the Chu Family furrowed his brows and asked, "Chu Xueluo, calm down. What happened?"

After arriving in front of the group, the disciple named Chu Xueluo gasped for breath and said, "Family leader, someone sneaked into the secret room and stole the 'sword technique' of our family! Moreover, the enemy released a strange fog in the core area of our clan, many of the clansmen are currently unconscious!"

As soon as Chu Xueluo finished his report, the cheering camp of the Chu Family immediately fell silent.

Someone barged into the Chu Family and stole the sword technique?

The leader of the Chu Family hurriedly asked, "Where are those guys now?"

"Many of them were killed by Senior Sister Chu Chu and her friends, but one of them managed to get away with the sword technique..." While speaking, Chu Xueluo saw the real Chu Chu sitting next to Venerable White.

Chu Xueluo opened his eyes wide and said, "Eh? Senior Sister Chu Chu, how come you're here already?"

The real Chu Chu beckoned with her hand and said, "I'll explain later. What is the current situation in the family?"

Although confused, Chu Xueluo kept explaining, "Before I came here, the clansmen already mobilized. They treated those affected by the strange fog and sent a few people to guard the entrance to the secret room. Afterward, I was entrusted to come here and notify the family leader and the others."

After hearing this much, Chu Kanbgo said to the family leader, "Wenyan, bring the other clansmen back and take a look at the situation. I'll follow in a while."

Chu Wenyan nodded and said goodbye to the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, swiftly returning to the Chu Family with the majority of the clansmen.

Chu Kangbo forced a smile and said to the members of the group, "Originally, I was planning to invite you to the Chu Family to show you my hospitality, but I didn't expect that there would be a sudden accident"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled and said, "Fellow Daoist Chu, no one can predict unexpected matters. You should take care of the matters related to your family first. As for us, we'll stay in the surrounding for a while, and we can visit you later. At the time, I hope you won't complain that we're too noisy."

"Ahaha, of course not. I'll leave Chu Chu, Chunying, and several other disciples behind to show you the way. After I'm done settling this matter, I'll ask you to give me another opportunity to show you my hospitality," Chu Kangbo said after cupping his hands.

The other members of the group smiled and bid him farewell.

Chu Kangbo operated his flying sword and quickly headed toward the territory of the Chu Family...

"What should we do now that we're unable to go to the Chu Family?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said. They couldn't just sit there and stare at the sky, right?

But right at this time, Venerable White spoke, "I want to hold a competition!"

"?" The members of the group turned their heads around and looked at Venerable White curiously.

"From what I remember, the flying sword competition that is held every ten years should be about to start, right?" Venerable White pressed the Enter key on the laptop, uploading all the source material regarding the expression packages of his fellow daoists in the group space. Then, he closed the laptop and looked at the members of the group.

"The flying sword competition? Yeah, it should be about time. Senior White, are you planning to preside over this session of the flying sword competition?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked out of curiosity.

Venerable White's eyes beamed. "No. After all, there isn't a category of the flying sword competition that I can participate in. Therefore, I decided to create a new event altogether!"

If Venerable White were wearing glasses at this time and were to push them up, reflecting the incoming rays of the sun the scene would have been even more perfect.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator asked out of curiosity, "A new event? Is it also related to flying swords?"

"No, it's not related to flying swords," Venerable White calmly said, "I was planning to hold a hand-guided tractor competition!"

Silence fell!

An awkward silence!

In an area of 100 square meters, even the sound of a pin dropping would be audible.

"Senior White, wait a moment. I think my ears had problems and I didn't hear correctly what type of competition is that?" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber cleaned his ears and asked.

"AHANDGUIDEDTRACTORCOMPETITION!" Venerable White pronounced every word clearly. Afterward, he also added, "That vehicle with four wheels and an open-topped container attached behind."

"Pfff~" Miss Chu Chu couldn't help but laugh.

Miss Chu Chu was the type of person that would laugh at the smallest thing. She immediately imagined the seniors before her eyesDaoist Priests, Great Masters, Fairy Maidens, Swordsmen, Fortune Tellers, Sabersmendriving hand-guided tractors.

Afterward, she imaged them picking up the crank and inserting it into the engine of the tractor, spinning it again and again to start it up...

That scene was simply too amusing.

After starting the tractors, black smoke would rise toward the sky. The seniors would finally sit on the vehicles, shaking along with them as they were speeding along the road, competing against each other.

I need to stop my chest hurts. I forgot that I'm still seriously injured, laughing too much would open up my wounds again.

So painful, but I can't stop laughing I'll really get an internal injury...

All the members of the group were dumbfounded.

They even cleaned their ears, hoping that they had misheard.

When they imaged themselves driving hand-guided tractors, they were unsure how to describe the scene properly.

But that wasn't the main problem! The main problem was that Venerable White wanted to hold the competition together with the 'flying sword competition' that was held every ten years!

Each time, a myriad of cultivators would reunite to either participate or spectate the 'flying sword competition'. There were simply too many people to count.

Such being the case, the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were too ashamed of driving hand-guided tractors in front of everyone.

At the time, this matter regarding the hand-guided tractor competition would spread in the entire world of cultivators through the mouths of the spectators!

No, no, no, no!

They absolutely couldn't let Venerable White hold this hand-guided tractor competition!

They had to think of the perfect excuse to stop him.

"Senior White, hand-guided tractors are too slow, and they can reach a speed of 20-30 km/h at most. Can we change the vehicle and pick something not as boring? For example, sports cars?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator was worthily the always online holy warrior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. He found a good excuse and immediately took the lead, launching his offensive against Venerable White!

"That's why I'm not going to hold a normal hand-guided tractor competition," Venerable White said calmly. "All the hand-guided tractors would be modified. Be it either through magical techniques, runes, formations, or mechanical improvements all methods to improve their speed and resistance are allowed! As long as the vehicle remains a hand-guided tractor, everything is allowed. Therefore, speed is not a problem."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator -1000 HP, KO'd.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber followed right after and said, "Senior White, hand-guided tractors can only run on land. This competition isn't going to be as interesting as normal flying sword competitions!"

"You don't need to worry about this point, either. I've already thought of a solution." Venerable White stretched his hand out and pointed toward a distant place. "Driving only on land is indeed rather boring. Therefore, we should give the tractors the ability to run on the surface of the water. At the time, we'll choose a location near the sea. Only the first half of the competition will be on land, and one portion will be held on the surface of the sea. We can consider even more exciting patterns if you wish! Anyway, I'm sure that it will be rather fun to drive on the surface of the sea and cleave through waves and wind!"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber -1000 HP, KO'd.

Next, True Monarch White Crane stood up. Up until now, it had been shrinking into a corner and trying not to draw the attention of the other members since it was the main cause of everything.

But now, it stepped forward courageously!

"Senior White!" True Monarch White Crane said earnestly.

All the fellow daoists couldn't help but shot a glance at True Monarch White Crane. At this critical moment, White Crane suddenly stepped forward? Was the sun rising in the west?

Venerable White responded, "Hmm?"

"Senior White! I raise both my hands, feet, and six wings to approve of this idea of yours. This hand-guided tractor competition seems really exciting. I approve of it, and I want to be the first one to participate!" True Monarch White Crane said with a solemn expression on its face.

All fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group clenched their teeth. Was it allowed to give rise to sudden traffic accidents during the hand-guided tractor competition? If it was allowed, several fellow daoists were thinking of involving True Monarch White Crane in a lot of traffic accidents that it would remember for the rest of its life.