Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 398

Chapter 398 The Emerald Green Kasaya
Chapter 398: The emerald-green kasaya
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As soon as the words 'Song Shuhang' and 'medicinal pills' were brought up, the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group immediately thought of Medicine Master.

However, Medicine Master was unaware that Song Shuhang had advanced to the Second Stage, and it was hence impossible that he had prepared medicinal pills of the Second Stage rank for him. Moreover, he was one of the people that had guided Song Shuhang back then and rewarded him with the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique and the True Self Meditation Scripture. He didn't really need to give him another gift.

Venerable White remembered that Song Shuhang had been practicing the 'fire controlling art' for a while. After breaking Shuhang's Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan, Senior White decided to teach him the fire controlling art so that he could refine 'qi and blood pills'.

But Song Shuhang had yet to learn how to refine qi and blood pills when he reached the Second Stage Realm already...

Up until now, Song Shuhang only knew how to prepare the 'body tempering liquid'.

Venerable White pondered for a moment and said, "Medicinal pills are fine."

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group immediately heaved a sigh of relief. They finally found something that Song Shuhang needed. Otherwise, they would have had no other choice but to give him spirit stones as a gift, which would be rather embarrassing.

"In that case, it's settled. We'll gift him medicinal pills. Now then, which medicinal pill can let a cultivator have twice the result with half the effort while in the Second Stage Realm? Which sect has good medicinal pills?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple replied, "Little friend Song Shuhang just advanced to the Second Stage Realm. Therefore, it's better if he uses medicinal pills that are not too violent or strong. I recommend the medicinal pills produced by the Starry Pavilion. Their 'Starry True Qi Refining Pills' are quite good. The newly promoted disciples of the Second Stage of my sect also use those medicinal pills. Moreover, the Starry Pavilion is continuously improving these medicinal pills, and their Starry True Qi Refining Pill has already reached the 6S edition. There are 30 pills in one bottle, and one pill per day is more than enough to practice. I can provide him with six bottles that should last him for around six months."

True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded and said, "The Starry True Qi Refining Pill 6S edition isn't bad. Next, we need medicinal pills that can help him recover true qi in the midst of a battle. Which sect has good medicinal pills of this type?"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator replied, "I know about a good medicinal powder with that effect, the 'Snow Lake True Qi Powder' of the Snow Lake Sect. After taking this medicinal powder, the user would feel a chill and recover a great amount of true qi at the same time. Moreover, it has next to no side effects. It can be taken at intervals of half an hour, which is very short. The only downside is that it has to be mixed with water before the use, and it's not too convenient to drink it in the middle of the battle. The Snow Lake True Qi Powder has also been improved and should be already at the 7th edition."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber evilly smiled and said, "That isn't really a problem. If it's not convenient to drink it during the battle, one can directly hold it in the mouth and swallow it when they're short of true qi! This is the method I used back in the days!"

"In that case, we can just give little friend Song Shuhang a dual-type medicine to recover true qi. One in the form of powder, the Snow Lake True Qi Powder 7th edition, and the other in the form of a pill. With that, he can prepare for all eventualities," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said with a smile.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber clapped his hands and said, "Then, I'll recommend a medicine with the opposite nature of that of Northern River's, the 'Volcano Pill' of the Raging Fire Sect! After swallowing this pill, one would feel as though they had eaten hot chili sauce, feeling a raging fire inside their body. The quantity of true qi recovered is also quite good. It's something worth trying."

"Good. So, six bottles of both Snow Lake True Qi Powder 7th edition and Volcano Pills." True Monarch Yellow Mountain noted down. "Finally, some medicine to treat critical wounds. Any recommendations for that?"

Cave Lord Snow Wolf waved his hand and said, "For external injuries, our Snow Wolf Cave has the 'Tiger Bone & Bear Gall Paste'. Its effects are pretty good. I can give little friend Song Shuhang ten packages, and if he likes it, he's welcome to buy it the next time! Our version was also improved and is now at the A8 edition."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple faintly smiled and said, "Such being the case, I'll also recommend the homemade medicine of our Ancient Lake Temple. Our temple is a daoist sect of the righteous path, and the 'Gentle Dao Pill' we produce is a mild-tempered medicinal liquid with almost no side effects. It has currently reached the 5th Star edition, and its effects are excellent. There are twenty pills per bottle, and I also can give little friend Shuhang ten bottles."

"Good. Ten packages of Tiger Bone & Bear Gall Paste A8 and ten bottles of Gentle Dao Pill 5th Star edition." True Monarch Yellow Mountain noted down.

All these medicines were enough to last for around half a year.

After half a year, Song Shuhang would have to rely on his own strength to obtain other cultivation resources or medicinal pills.

"These medicinal pills are enough for completing the task of receiving Senior White." True Monarch Yellow Mountain smiled, satisfied. Actually, the value of these medicinal pills had long exceeded the worth of the gift Yellow Mountain estimated earlier.

Even core disciples of big sects would receive only a pill per month of something as precious as the Starry True Qi Refining Pill 6S. If they wanted more, they had to complete missions on behalf of the sect or search for natural resources on their own.

Now, Song Shuhang managed to obtain six bottles in one go, which would last for half a year even if he used one pill per day.

The value of the other medicines wasn't below that of the Starry True Qi Refining Pill 6S!

Since Song Shuhang seemed to lack nothing, the members of the group subconsciously raised the number of rewards after all, if they were to give him a small reward, it would feel as though they were being cheap.

"Finally, I have to reward little friend Shuhang for taking care of Doudou for so long," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said as he gently patted Doudou's head.

Doudou opened his mouth and bit Yellow Mountain's wrist.

"Doudou, let go. Even if I'm a Sixth Stage True Monarch, these bites of yours are rather painful," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said calmly.

"Wuwuwu!" Doudou bit even harder.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain used his other hand to pat Doudou's head. "I really don't know what to do with you. Always acting like a spoiled brat."

"Wuwuwu" Doudou rolled his eyes Spoiled brat your sister! If I could open my mouth and sing the song of the stupid Yellow Mountain, I would make you go crazy!

Dammit! Wait until I can speak again, I'll make a recording of the song of the stupid Yellow Mountain. Afterward, if Yellow Mountain dares to mute me again, I'll simply play the recorded version!

Northern River's Loose Cultivator heartily laughed and said, "True Monarch, have you already thought of a good gift?"

Now that even medicine pills were taken care of, what was Yellow Mountain going to gift to Song Shuhang?

"I already have an idea as to what to gift him," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said calmly, "I was thinking of gifting him body protecting clothes."

For cultivators, magical treasures, magical clothes, and flying swords (or other weapons) were the three most important things.

Song Shuhang already had magical treasures and flying swords, but it seemed he lacked magical clothes...

True Monarch Yellow Mountain was truly shrewd! Earlier, he didn't mention 'magical clothes' on purpose!

All the fellow daoists turned their heads around and asked Venerable White, "Senior White, does little friend Song Shuhang have magical robes or the likes?"

Venerable White pondered for a moment and finally shook his head.

It seemed Shuhang didn't have magical clothes.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator continued and asked, "True Monarch, have you already found suitable clothes?"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded and said, "Yes, I have a set of pretty good magical clothes in mind. Originally, I was uncertain whether to gift him magical clothes or a magical staff. But after knowing that he already had a flying sword and a flying saber, I can only gift him magical clothes."

The picture of a beautiful emerald-green kasaya resurfaced in his mind!

It was a defensive kasaya of the Second Stage rank manufactured with the emerald-green silk of a spirit beast. It was water-proof, fire-proof, and arms-proof. After putting it on, even without activating its defensive powers, it could block the bullets of small firearms. If you were to activate its defense, even a rain of bullets wouldn't pose a problem!

It was a very suitable equipment for Song Shuhang.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain clapped his hands and said, "It's settled then. Everyone has half a day to gather the necessary medicinal pills. Afterward, I'll send someone to pick them up and send them here together with the tractors for the competition and the kasaya."

The members of the group took out their phones one after another and called their disciples or other members of the sect.

If they had medicinal pills, they would bring them out. If they didn't, they would buy them.

Venerable White rested his chin in his hand as he looked at his busy fellow daoists.

Senior White was somewhat worried.

All that had to be gifted was now gifted. If he wanted to gift something to Shuhang, what could he gift him?

Weapons, treasures, clothes, medicines, cultivation and movement techniques, practicing inside a secret realm aside from all that, what else was there to gift? A partner, money, and an immortal cave was it possible that he had to find Song Shuhang a girlfriend or gift him an immortal cave where he could practice?

But finding a girlfriend wasn't easy, let alone an immortal cave where he could practice Song Shuhang's strength was still low, he couldn't protect the immortal cave even if he obtained one. If he weren't to keep his eyes open and someone were to snatch it, it may give rise to unnecessary problems.

Whatever, it was better to let things run their course.

He would surely find something to gift him!

At this time, Song Shuhang had encountered some problems on his way back to the Grievance Settling Platform.

A guy wearing a black daoist robe and a body full of needles was blocking his road How come I chanced upon a sea urchin warrior even though I already left the territory of the Chu Family?

"Boy, I can sense the blood of my brothers on your body. You killed my companions, right?" The spiky guy coldly gazed at Song Shuhang and said, "You're dead. You don't have any way out now, you can only die!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

From the looks of it, it seemed that this sea urchin warrior had followed the Mark of the Urchin Slayer on his body to find him...

"Hmph. All the people that have been soaked with the blood of a sea urchin warrior are enemies of our sea urchin race! Fleeing is useless. No matter where you go, we'll still find you and kill you! Not only you, even your family members and the people related to you will be implicated. They'll also die in the hands of the sea urchin warriors!" the sea urchin warrior said in a grave tone, his expression ruthless.

Although it seemed he was mourning the loss of his companions, the sea urchin warrior was actually reciting these lines from memory. These lines were taken from the Manual of the Sea Urchin Warrior.

After reciting from memory the long line, the sea urchin warrior gasped for breath and continued, "But if you obediently let me"

Song Shuhang suddenly shouted, "But if you obediently let me cut your head off, we sea urchin warriors will forgive your family members!"

The sea urchin warrior was shocked. "...You actually stole my lines!"