Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Sea Urchin Warriors 20 Years Of Mandatory Education Manual
Chapter 399: Sea Urchin Warriors 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual
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It was quite strange though. The sea urchin before Song Shuhang's eyes had a cold expression on his face and seemed extremely aggrieved and angry while speaking...

But after only a glance, Song Shuhang could tell that he was reciting from memory!

It was a conclusion he had reached by relying on his rich life experiences. Song Shuhang felt that he might have met someone in his forgotten memories that was acting like this, reading in all seriousness a pre-prepared draft or simply reciting lines from memory. Therefore, he was able to make the current judgment based on the knowledge acquired back then!

"You you actually stole my lines! You damned sissy!" the sea urchin warrior bellowed. When one was reciting from memory and was suddenly interrupted, they would sometimes forget what they were saying, and that was what happened to this sea urchin warrior.

As for that 'sissy', it was because Song Shuhang still had Chu Chu's voice...

After forgetting his lines, the sea urchin warrior became angry out of shame.

He loudly shouted and extracted two needles from his waist area, charging toward Song Shuhang. He grabbed the needles tightly and thrust them forward, toward Shuhang. "You damned human! I'm the powerful poisonous urchin warrior of the sea urchin race, you're dead meat!"

Song Shuhang lifted the treasured saber Broken Tyrant and used a basic saber technique to ward off the attack, using the sharp blade of the saber to cut off the needles in the hands of the sea urchin warrior. Luckily, the opposite party reminded Song Shuhang that he was a poisonous sea urchin. Otherwise, he might have just punched him.

The sea urchin warrior in front of Song Shuhang was in the First Stage Realm and had at most opened his Nose Aperture. He was much weaker than Shuhang.

When the needles were cut off, the sea urchin warrior didn't panic.

He knew that his black needles weren't particularly resistant. Moreover, he never relied on them in fights. His main method to kill enemies was poison! As long as he could injure his enemy and leave as much as a scratch on their body, it would be his victory!

He had a lot of confidence in his deadly poison, and at this time, he was already in range!

"Round Dance Chop!" The sea urchin started to rotate and changed into a ball, rolling toward Song Shuhang.

It seemed that all sea urchins really liked this move. Regardless of their cultivation level, they liked to turn into a ball and roll.

Song Shuhang had already experienced this move in the Chu Family earlier.

He knew that sea urchin warriors were very dangerous while using this technique. As if that wasn't enough, the needles on their bodies would quickly regrow even if they were cut off. Unlike Soft Feather, Song Shuhang didn't have a powerful armor to protect him. Therefore, he couldn't possibly face this move head-on...

However, the move was lacking in some areas. For example, the sea urchin warrior wouldn't have a good field of vision while using the move, and there were many blind spots that one could take advantage of.

Song Shuhang used the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk and appeared to sluggishly take a few steps back, but in truth, he instantly retreated twenty meters back.

This distance was more than enough.

In the next moment, Shuhang slightly spun his wrist, and the picture of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven's saber intent appeared in his mind.

"Flaming Saber Technique!"

Blazing flames started to burn on Broken Tyrant.


A crescent-shaped flaming saber qi slashed toward the sea urchin warrior.

Although he didn't remember it, on the mysterious island, Song Shuhang was able to blow off the head of a huge eagle even though the Flaming Saber was in the shape of small flame tongues.

The strength of this sea urchin's body couldn't be compared to that of the huge eagle back then.

The flaming saber qi hit the body of the sea urchin warrior, cutting through it like a knife cutting through butter. The spiky ball was divided into two halves.

The upper and lower parts of the sea urchin's body rotated and flew about, finally falling to the ground with a thump he was cut in half at the waist area.

The black needles on his body got completely melted by the flaming saber qi.

The sea urchin warrior was dumbfounded, as though he had yet to realize that he had been cut in half.

In the next moment, he clenched his teeth and bellowed, "You you are dead! You unexpectedly dared to kill another sea urchin warrior!"

Since he was a human-monster hybrid with a cultivation of the First Stage, the sea urchin warrior didn't immediately die after getting cut in half. Thereupon, he stretched out his hand and pointed his finger at Song Shuhang while bellowing.

For some reason it felt as though he was reciting from memory this part too.

Unfortunately, he forgot his lines halfway through his speech. Although he thoroughly studied these lines earlier, now that he was about to die, his mind was completely blank and he couldn't think of anything.

Therefore, the sea urchin warrior stretched out his shivering hand and took out a booklet from his robe.

He flipped through the pages of the booklet until reaching the one he was looking for.

Then, he looked at Song Shuhang again and said in a hateful tone, "You killed two sea urchin warriors your family your friends will all suffer due to the anger of the sea urchin warriors! Remember my name I'm the glorious poisonous urchin warrior Sui Qianjun! This name will appear in the nightmares you'll have... every night ahahaha ahahahaha"

Even that final laughter seemed to be something he read from the booklet.

After laughing, this special-type of sea urchin, the poisonous urchin warrior Sui Qianjun, tilted his head and died.

"..." Song Shuhang.

In the next moment...

After making sure that the poisonous urchin warrior was really dead and his aura had dissipated, Song Shuhang cautiously approached him.

Since the enemy was poisonous, he didn't dare to be careless and used the tip of the saber to poke him.

After poking it for a while, two ugly small stones dropped from the body of the poisonous urchin warrior. These two small stones seemed to contain a certain amount of spiritual energy and made one feel comfortable just by looking at them.

Song Shuhang tore off part of his clothes and used them to wrap the two small stones, putting them in his pocket.

Next, his vision fell on the booklet in Sui Qianjun's hands.

Song Shuhang could unexpectedly read and understand the characters written on the booklet.

Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual, Volume 1 Part 1.

This booklet wasn't written in the language of the monster race.

It used two rows of characters, one in simplified Chinese and the other in traditional Chinese. It was very easy to understand.

It seemed that their innate ability to leave on others the 'Mark of the Sea Urchin Slayer' wasn't the only thing they had. This race was rather up-to-date!

When he died, Sui Qianjun was on the page introducing the rules the sea urchin warriors had to follow.

On a side, there was a row of handwritten characters: 'You're dead! You unexpectedly dared to kill another sea urchin warrior! (short pause) Remember my name, I'm the glorious poisonous urchin warrior Sui Qianjun! This name will appear in the nightmares you'll have every night! Note: remember to laugh at this point: ahahaha, ahahahaha.'

"..." Song Shuhang.

What a fearful enemy!

Song Shuhang flipped through the Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual. The majority of the booklet was about the rules sea urchin warriors had to follow and contained all sorts of mourning dialogues.

Amongst these mourning dialogues were often sentences such as: 'we'll kill your family', we'll kill your friends and relatives', kill yourself and apologize'.

"..." Song Shuhang.

What a fearful race!

After flipping through the booklet for a while, Song Shuhang reached the end and saw something that piqued his interest.

Detailed explanation of the Sea Urchin Warriors' Aura Concealing Technique.

An aura concealing technique?!

Speaking of which, when the poisonous urchin Sui Qianjun made his appearance, Song Shuhang was able to notice his presence only when he was ten meters away from him and he was only a cultivator of the First Stage Realm!

Shuhang had already reached the state where he had his mental energy detection always active!

Even though he was one realm higher than the enemy and had the detection of his mental energy active, he was able to sense him only when he was in a range of ten meters. Was this due to the Sea Urchin Warriors' Aura Concealing Technique?

Thereupon, Song Shuhang curiously flipped through the technique, starting to examine it.

Song Shuhang quickly read the content of three pages and sighed with emotion. "This technique to conceal one's aura is rather interesting."

Sea urchin warriors had an innate camouflage ability, just like chameleons...

And by relying on their camouflage ability, they developed a unique 'aura concealing technique' that belonged solely to their race. After using the technique, their mental energy, qi and blood power, and true qi would be completely concealed.

Afterward, they would use the hypnotic effect of their mental energy: 'I'm only a sea urchin, I'm only a sea urchin' and camouflage as ordinary sea urchins.

After concealing their aura, sea urchin warriors would blend with nature and completely disappear from the radar of cultivators of the same rank, becoming very difficult to find.

Even if the other party was far stronger than them, they would only see them as ordinary sea urchins under the induction of their mental energy...

The effects of this aura concealing technique were better than ordinary aura concealing techniques.

Luckily, the poisonous urchin warrior Sui Qianjun didn't train this technique to perfection otherwise, even if he were to get into a range of ten meters from Shuhang, he would only think that an ordinary sea urchin was approaching him.

Eh? Wait. There is something wrong with this situation!

If he were to notice that a sea urchin was approaching him, he would get somewhat vigilant, right?

Let's think about it. If a sea urchin were to get out of a nearby grove and approach you, you would find the scene rather strange, wouldn't you?

After all, it's not like they were in the middle of the ocean.

This aura concealing technique was good only if used in the middle of the water.

"This Sea Urchin Warriors' Aura Concealing Technique doesn't seem too difficult to use. Although it seems to require a high control of mental energy, I have the True Self Meditation Scripture, and I can be ranked in the upper-middle tier amongst cultivators of the same realm in regards to mental energy control. The mental energy requirements shouldn't be a problem. The only problem is that I don't have an innate camouflage ability like sea urchin warriors" Song Shuhang said.

It was very unfortunate. It was a rather good aura concealing technique, and he just happened to lack one.

Forget it I'll ask the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group whether there are some missions for me to complete. After all, I've reached the Second Stage Realm now, and I should be able to complete some.

After completing the missions, he was planning to ask for an 'aura concealing technique' as a reward~

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

Next, he grasped the brooch on his chest the same brooch that gave birth to all those embarrassing memories earlier.