Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 40

Chapter 40 This Is A Pretty Fine Poison Dragon Grass
Chapter 40: This is a pretty fine Poison Dragon Grass

Please refrain from doing that. Song Shuhang immediately protested, Three days ago, Soft Feather sent two teachers to the hospital and one of them is still being treated there. The other one is the English professor with the cane that Senior saw just now. Senior, if you too were to send another teacher to hospital, anyone would think that something supernatural is going on.

Huh? Soft Feather did it already? *Tch* That complicates things. If I send another teacher to the hospital, Ill appear too violent. Medicine Master pinched his chin, with a regretful expression, What a pity, this brilliant scheme had already been employed by someone else.

Song Shuhang continued to speak, To add to that, this isnt a good place to refine the Body Tempering Liquid. My roommates could come back at anytime. If they find out that they reason you dragged me here from the classroom was to refine some so-called medicinal pills, theyll definitely send us both to the Da Shi Shan mental hospital.

There was no need to question the extent of the good guy streak his friends possessed; they would definitely do such a thing.

Medicine Master sighed. Thats why normal people are so troublesome. Little friend Shuhang, why not discard the mortal world and come join the sects in our group. All of the sects in the chat group are pretty good, and can be ranked highly in Huaxia. For example, Da Luo Sect, Worlds Edge Roaming Cloud Temple, Spiritual Butterfly Island, Mysterious Yellow Sword Sect are all very famous names.

I will think about it. Song Shuhang replied. Perhaps, one day in the future, he will choose to enter a sect, but now wasnt the time.

Following the sayings of cultivators, since he hadnt cut ties with the mortal world and his thoughts were not clear, he was not yet suitable to join the cultivators sects and focus on cultivation.

Anyway, are you truly not free this afternoon? If you really cant make it, how about I just create some incident so that the whole school will cancel classes? That way, we can avoid rousing any suspicion, Medicine Master very calmly offered a suggestion that would make peoples hearts quake.

Senior Medicine Master, please absolutely refrain from doing such a terrifying thing, Song Shuhang said sternly. I just need to take a day off. Ive even prepared the leave of absence slip.

If you take leave, wont that affect your studies? Will you be able to catch up with other students? Medicine Master asked anxiously.

Comparing the progress of my own studies to a schoolwide accident, I wonder which one is more serious?

Please relax, for the few classes I miss, I can catch up by just borrowing notes off a random classmate. Recently, Ive put a lot of effort into studying. Song Shuhang promised.

Thats great. Then, lets find a place to refine medicine so we can start work on the Body Tempering Liquid! Medicine Master said.

How about we leave the school to see if there are any apartments for rent? Song Shuhang replied. He had originally planned to rent a room anyway so he might as well take this opportunity to do it.

Yes, that makes sense. We definitely need to rent a house. I might stay over here for a few days which wouldnt be pleasant without a place to rest. Medicine Master nodded and said. Well then, shall we set off now?

Medicine Master was an impatient man. This characteristic was the same in and out of the chat group.

Okay, lets go, Song Shuhang said as he dug out his wallet and credit card.

When he was retrieving his wallet, he saw the pot of Poison Dragon Grass next to his computer.

So he raised his voice and asked, Senior Medicine Master, previously in the chat group you mentioned that you were collecting Poison Dragon Grass, do you still need any now?

I bought some from my friend in the group but their quality were very average, not all that great. It falls somewhat short of the quality I need for my experiments so I can only make do and proceed first. You have some Poison Dragon Grass? Medicine Master queried.

Yeah, right here. Song Shuhang pointed at the Poison Dragon Grass next to his computer.

To tell the truth Song Shuhangs luck was truly extraordinary. Fifty-six years ago, the thing that Spiritual Butterfly Respected Sage used to maintain the array was precisely the Poison Dragon Grass. If it had been some other medicine, Medicine Master definitely wouldnt lack it.

Only now did Medicine Master discover the pot of purple-colored Poison Dragon Grass. Interesting! Ive been in this room for quite a while yet I didnt notice this Poison Dragon Grass!

One must know that Medicine Master has been handling medical ingredients for more than five hundred years. No matter deep in the mountains or ancient forests, as long as spirit medicines grow, he can find those herbs even with his eyes shut. But this bundle of Poison Dragon Grass had been displayed for so long next to Song Shuhangs computer yet from the moment he entered the room till now, he hadnt noticed it.

What peculiarity does this Poison Dragon Grass have?

When his train of thought flowed to this point, Medicine Master stepped next to the Poison Dragon Grass and carefully observed it.

Sniff sniff, pinch pinch, pull off the tip of a leaf to taste.

Not bad at all, this bundle of Poison Dragon Grass has been growing in a place abundant with spiritual energy for at least fifty to sixty years and been used as to maintain an array as the eye. Its quality is best amongst the best. Because it had been used to maintain an array, it seems to have developed some mutations, gaining the ability to conceal its presence. This is why I couldnt detect it initially, Medicine Master smiled. This kind of quality was exactly what he was looking for. Moreover, the grass had mutated so it was quite valuable.

Song Shuhang asked, Does this Poison Dragon Grass conform to Seniors needs?

Its exactly what I need then, are you intending to sell this Poison Dragon Grass to me? Medicine Master gazed at Song Shuhang, with a smile he said, However, I need to make this clear to you first. In itself, the Poison Dragon Grass is a comparatively precious medicinal ingredient, while this particular Poison Dragon Grass is of even greater value than the usual. For example, the value of the two chests of medicinal ingredients that Soft Feather sent you combined wouldnt be a tenth of this Poison Dragon Grass. Therefore, are you sure you want to sell it to me?

Theres no real point in me keeping it anyway. Besides, were it not for Senior sending out the modified pill recipe for Body Tempering Liquid for free, I wouldnt have the chance to truly come into contact with cultivation. Said Song Shuhang.

Medicine Master shook his head, Even if you didnt have my pill recipe, as long as you stayed in the Nine Provinces (1) Group, it would only have been a matter of time before you truly came into contact with the truth of cultivation. Also, that pill recipes value varies from person to person. However, as youre just a loose practitioner in the early stages of cultivation, you only have yourself, that pill recipe definitely cant compare with the value of this Poison Dragon Grass.

Medicine Master carefully raised up the pot containing the Poison Dragon Grass, then his hands came together and the Poison Dragon Grass disappeared.

Song Shuhang cocked his head in curiousity and asked, Space ring? Storage bag?

It isnt anything like those expensive space equipment, that sort of space equipment deals with space rules, a fifty cubic meter storage bag would require all of my assets. Medicine Master laughed out loud and said, What I have is merely something similar, an inferior space magic. Its a medicinal field that every pill master must master. This method can only be used to transfer medicinal ingredients, nothing else can be transferred in. When you cultivate up to the fourth stage or above, you should also learn this little trick, its very easy to grasp.

Song Shuhang nodded as he seemed to understand but also seemed to not understand.

Come to think of it, I initially wanted to just find some inspiration from you to perfect the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid. Then while Im at it, teach you the basic sword technique, meditation technique and how to complete your hundred day foundation building. I didnt expect that you would actually prepare such a big gift for me. Like this, Im too embarrassed to teach you the meditation technique and basic sword technique I had initially prepared. As Medicine Master said that, he took out his phone, and logged into the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

He wasnt someone who would take advantage of a junior. Song Shuhang had given him a high grade Poison Dragon Grass, so he intended to get him two techniques of higher quality at the very least, it had to be better than the common goods he currently had on hand.