Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 401

Chapter 401 The 21st Century Good Neighbor
Chapter 401: The 21st-century good neighbor
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Was this lazy-looking fellow daoist joking? He wanted them not to resist and obediently get beaten up, and even planned to take a photo of them later and upload it onto the internet?

For someone that was only at the Fourth Stage Innate Realm, he had a really big tone! Did he think that they were pushovers or something?

The middle-aged Spiritual Emperor and the white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor exchanged glancesteaching this guy of the Fourth Stage a lesson wouldn't take too much time.

In that case, they might as well give him a lesson before leaving!

"Let me do it. There isn't much time left, I will end the battle in an instant," said the middle-aged Spiritual Emperor. At the same time, he took a step forward, gathering spiritual energy between his fingers. His attack power was stronger than that of the other Spiritual Emperor.

Liu Jianyi scratched the back of his head and exclaimed, "What a headache, even though I said it so clearly..."

Things were always this troublesome. Some of them were clearly simple, but achieving them involved a very troublesome process.

Did people not realize that it was a huge waste of physical and mental energy to process these matters?

Both physical and mental energy were very precious, wasn't it a shame to waste them? Moreover, there was the huge waste of timejust how great it would be to use the time spent on dealing with those things to sleep instead?!

"A mere Fourth Stage Innate Realm and yet, he has the audacity to behave like this," the middle-aged Spiritual Emperor said in a low voice. "It's a pity I can't use large-scale spells that would create huge fluctuations of spiritual energy however, to get rid of a small Fourth Stage like you, I don't have to use any strong spells."

"Fourth Stage Realm? Oh" Liu Jianyi was dumbfounded at first. Next, he clapped his hands and said, "Wait a moment, you guys! I'm so used to concealing my actual realm that I forgot about it."

In the next moment, strong spiritual energy erupted from Liu Jianyi's body.

The facial expressions of the two Spiritual Emperors immediately changed the other party was also a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

Even though his spiritual energy was weaker than theirs, it boasted much superior quality this was because the quality of his golden core was far higher than theirs.

Disguising as a pig to prey on a tiger?

"Now then, can you guys let me beat you up?" Liu Jianyi said in anticipation. As he was speaking, he took out his phone and a selfie stick. Firstly, he fixed his phone at the chosen angle and snapped a picture of him and the two Spiritual Emperors in the front.

After putting away the selfie stick and his phone, Liu Jianyi said, "Don't worry, I won't hit you too hard. At most you'd only get some superficial wounds that can be recovered in a couple of minutes. After beating you guys up, I'll take a picture for me to report back after completing my task. Thereafter, we go our separate ways. Good for you and me!"

"..." The middle-aged Spiritual Emperor.

"..." The white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor.

"..." Venerable Spirit Butterfly who was in midair.

The nearby Soft Feather blinked her eyes slightly.

Liu Jianyi's lazy appearance caused people to feel a rush of anger when they laid their eyes on himeven though Liu Jianyi only wanted to slack off, his speech and mannerism caused others to feel that he was despising and provoking the two Golden Core Spiritual Emperors.

The white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor barely contained his anger. "Fellow Daoist, I would like to know why you are making things difficult for us."

Liu Jianyi scratched his head and said, "Ah, I didn't tell you guys? Explaining myself is rather troublesome, but I'll tell you guys anyway.

Previously weren't you guys with the Illusory Sword Sect, supporting them? Thereafter, didn't you pressure the Chu Family camp with your power? Coincidentally, my little junior sister, the daughter of my master, was one of the guests of the Chu Family, and you scared her.

After that, my master got really angry. Hence, I need to beat you guys up to appease him.

I have already explained a lot. Why don't you obediently let me beat you up now? Besides, I am also very lazy, and I definitely wouldn't use too much strength and energy when beating people up."

As he spoke, Liu Jianyi lifted his sleeve. "I won't use any magical treasures, just my fists!"

"..." The middle-aged Spiritual Emperor.

"..." The white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor.

This fellow was really arrogant and had no respect for others!

"There's no point in talking more, if you want to beat us up, then use your power instead!" said the middle-aged Spiritual Emperor in a low voice.

The white-haired but healthy Spiritual Emperor also did not speak any further. He spoke with his actions instead, taking out a small flag.

Liu Jianyi was speechless.

I already explained so much, and yet, it was of no use? In that case, why did I waste my breath saying all that earlier?

Don't those two fellows know that speaking is also a waste of physical energy? Also, it is not only a waste of physical energy, but it is also a waste of salivaevery drop of saliva is part of the human body's precious water content.

Hence, battle was unavoidable.

Liu Jianyi vs. two Spiritual Emperors.

The middle-aged Spiritual Emperor took the initiative to attack, while the white-haired but healthy Spirit Emperor was in-charge of defenseboth had clearly defined roles and displayed flawless cooperation.

Liu Jianyi adopted a defensive tactic. He stood on top of the flying sword, adopting appropriate measures to counter the attacks. His defense was tight, and he'd launch attacks every now and then.

In the blink of an eye, both sides had already executed more than 300 moves.

Both sides had a tacit understanding and decided to avoid using large-scale spells or techniques.

The two Spiritual Emperors did not want to cause any huge uproar, especially since they were in the midst of escaping.

On the other hand, Lu Jianyi, as a person who believed in energy-saving and would use the most energy-efficient way to deal with things, avoiding large-scale spells and techniques that consumed a lot of energy..

Unknowingly, both sides had executed another 300+ moves.

The long barrage of attacks of the Spiritual Emperor brought no results. Liu Jianyi furrowed his brows slightly as wellif this dragged on, it might consume even more of his energy.

Hence, in the next moment, the situation had a sudden change.

"Butterfly-Phoenix Transformation!" Liu Jianyi shouted.

Thereafter, an illusion of a phoenix that was burning with flames appeared behind Liu Jianyi. Its wings were actually a pair of butterfly wings.

Following the appearance of the butterfly-winged phoenix, the light from the burning flames engulfed the entire space.

Within the space engulfed in the burning flames, the two Spiritual Emperors' senses were rendered useless, and their mental energy could not be extended beyond the scope of one meter. All their five senses and mental energy could feel was the aura and flames of the phoenix.

"Aaaaah." The two Spiritual Emperors issued waves of shrieks.

Thereafter, they lost their consciousness.

The illusion of the butterfly-winged phoenix vanished, leaving behind only charred smell in the air.

Liu Jianyi smacked his lips. "Bastards, making me consume two days' worth of calories... how long do I have to rest to recover that amount of energy?"

After sighing, Liu Jianyi approached the two charred Spiritual Emperors and used spiritual energy to support their falling bodies.

Taking down the two Spiritual Emperors went a lot more smoothly than expectedit was not because Liu Jianyi's power increased, but because the two Spiritual Emperors felt quite apprehensive during the battle lest they attract the group of seniors' attention and ended up using only 70% of their power.

And so, the sudden eruption of Liu Jianyi's power brought them down just like that.

After approaching them, Liu Jianyi brandished his fists and relentlessly punched and kicked the two Spiritual Emperors, causing them to be bruised and swollen.

"Despicable and also unreasonable, they forced me to waste so much energy," said Liu Jianyi. As he spoke, he increased the strength used to throw his punches and kicks.

He thoroughly beat them up into pig heads. Liu Jianyi nodded his head in satisfaction.

Then, he took out his mobile and the selfie stick, choosing the right angle.

He snapped more than ten pictures in a row. Liu Jianyi then published the pictures on the wall of his instant messaging app, feeling perfectly contented.

After he was done taking pictures, Liu Jianyi put away his phone and lay on his flying sword, preparing to fly back to the Grievance Settling Platform.

As for the two Spiritual Emperors .after losing the support of Liu Jianyi's spiritual energy, they fell down from the sky, creating two large pits at the small mountaintop below.

In the sky.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly pinched his chin. "So he had already mastered the Butterfly-Phoenix Transformation not long ago, that fellow told me he was still in the midst of practicing the 'Butterfly-Eagle Transformation' and even said he needed one more year to master the 'Butterfly-Phoenix Transformation'. In the end, he was planning to slack off for a year?"

It was bad, even his heart was starting to ache.

How blind was he that he'd taken Liu Jianyi in as his direct disciple?

The morning sun rose, and unknowingly, a new day had already begun.

From today onwards, he had to be stricter with Liu Jianyi.

The start of a new day.

Wenzhou City, Baijing Street.

After meditating for a few days, Song Shuhang's 21st-century good neighbor, 'Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist', came as a guest to Song Shuhang's residence and brought a lot of generous presents. At the same time, he wanted to find out when Song Shuhang was going to be back from his holiday.

After entering the house, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist received Mama Song's warm welcome.

Thereafter, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist heard a piece of heartbreaking news from Song Mama. "What? They lost contact with the plane Song Shuhang boarded?"

Mama Song thought that Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was worried about Shuahang's safety. Hence she hurriedly explained, "Yeah, I was extremely worried during that period, but you don't have to panic. Luckily, they landed on an island belonging to a good-hearted rich person. No one died and they're all safe."

Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist deeply sighed. Thereafter, he asked in a gentle tone, "Then, how long will it take for Shuhang to come home?"

"I don't know for sure. But it seems that that rich person's private ship has already set out for the island, so it should bring Shuhang and the rest back very soon." Mama Song laughedever since she found out that Song Shuhang was safe, she was in a very good mood.

"That's good, that's good." The 21st-century good neighbor 'Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist' smiled agonizingly.

Dammit, he only wanted to freeload the enlightenment stone and practice for a bit, why did things turn out like in a television series, having so many twists and turns?

Underground, 50 kilometers away from the Chu Family's residence.

There was a smelted underground cave here.

Within the smelted cave, there was a man-made pond of blood, surging with waves.

Suddenly, a figure with no arms emerged from the blood pond. It was the 'mister' from whom Venerable Butterfly had snatched one of the scrolls.

"Hehe, it looks like you're in dire straits." An elegant whitish figure appeared and ridiculed him.