Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 402

Chapter 402 A Blood Demon Boss Suddenly Spawning In The Countryside
Chapter 402: A Blood Demon Boss suddenly spawning in the countryside
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

The mister stood up inside the pond. The blood inside the pond flowed backward, entering his body. Soon after, he recovered all the blood he lost while in the Chu Family, restoring from his mummified state.

"Weren't you trying to break through to the Fifth Stage Realm? How come you have come here?" the mister asked, his tone loathsome.

While he was speaking, two figures that resembled the servants that were with him in the Chu Family came forth while holding arm-like objects in their hands as well as a few mechanical tools.

The mister didn't move and waited for the two servants to use the mechanical tools to assemble and disassemble the place where his arms were supposed to be. After a while, two lifelike arms had appeared on that mister's body.

The mister clenched his fists, trying to adapt to his new artificial arms.

The fluttering white figure waited for the mister's arms to recover and with a faint smile, said, "Hehe my main body has already started to break through to the Fifth Stage Realm. However a small problem arose while I was breaking through, and I now need a certain treasure that was snatched away by an interesting fellow daoist. Therefore, I have been thinking of a way to get the treasure back or to simply find a replacement."

After saying this much, the figure came out of the shadow; it was precisely Limitless Demon Sect's Young Master Hai. His current body wasn't real but illusory. It was some sort of 3D projection. Behind the projection was standing another figure dressed-up as a servant that was holding a gem in its hand. It was the gem that projected Young Master Hai's 3D picture.

"Tsk, tsk. Young Master Hai, who usually has everything under his control, actually made a mistake?" the mister sneered.

"There is no such thing as perfection." Young Master Hai laughed and didn't mind mister's provocations.

The mister coldly snorted and said, "Stop being mystifying."

"Hehe. Too bad you don't understand the delight of it," Young Master Hai said happily, casually sitting on the edge of the pond. "Anyway, I've come here to carry out a transaction."

"What do you want to trade?" the mister said. Although he hated Young Master Hai, business was still business.

"I want to use the 'Blood God's Evil Saber Formation' to carry out a transaction with you. After all, we're both 'blood cultivators' and belong to the same category. If you were to condense a life-bound Blood God Saber, it would surely come in handy while breaking through to the Fifth Stage Realm, right?" Young Master Hai said with a smile.

The mister was a bit surprised after hearing these words. Young Master Hai wanted to hand over the Blood God's Evil Saber Formation? Wasn't that formation the very reason he was now breaking through the Fifth Stage Realm?

As though he had realized mister's confusion, Young Master Hai faintly smiled and said, "Although the life-bound Blood God Saber was the base I relied on to break through, it was only a temporary base. Moreover, it's not even a technique of our Limitless Demon Sect as long as the terms are good, why not trade it?"

"Fine. What do you want in exchange?" The mister was obviously interested.

"I was thinking about the 'Blood Sea Jade'. Although I'm reluctant to admit it, it's unlikely that I'll be able to retrieve the Blood God Crystal from the hands of that youngster. Hence, I need something as a replacement," Young Master Hai said with a smile.

"The Blood Sea Jade, eh? Hehe your appetite is really big." The mister coldly smiled.

"Yes, but the terms should be still acceptable." Young Master Hai shrugged his shoulders and continued, "The only reason I'm doing this is that I don't have enough time otherwise, I would have used the Blood God's Evil Saber Formation again and obtained more Blood God Crystals, truly a pity. If anything, you're the one benefitting from it. You can trade a Blood Sea Jade for a life-bound Blood God Saber that can sharply increase your strength. Your luck is really good!"

"Hehe." The mister snorted and said, "You have a point there, and I have no reason to refuse this trade. Now then, how do you want to carry out the transaction?"

"As usual. You can use a puppet to deliver the Blood Sea Jade to one of the branches of the Limitless Demon Sect, and I'll hand over the Blood God's Evil Saber Formation in exchange." Young Master Hai's projection started to fade slowly.

It wasn't their first time carrying out a transaction. Hence, there was no need for too many useless details.

"Fine, got it." The mister waved his hand and hinted for Young Master Hai to leave.

"In that case, I shall take my leave." Young Master Hai projection became more and more pale. However, before disappearing, he asked out of curiosity, "I'm curious about something though in whose hands did you suffer a loss this time? I remember that you prepared this matter regarding the Chu Family for quite some time. Although your ability to strategize is quite revolting, your ability to deceive others is outstanding. Given your skills, you should be able to trick everyone and make them run in circles."

"Sometimes, being too curious isn't good, Young Master Hai!" The mister clenched his teeth.

"I'm even more curious now. Since there is some time left before I disappear, how about telling me what happened? Who knows, I might even be able to help you? My mood is quite good today," Young Master Hai said with a smile.

After a short pause, the mister snorted. Next, he stretched out his hand and pressed on his chest, revealing a light screen.

He had to admit that Young Master Hai was superior to him in certain fields.

On the screen were displayed the events that took place in the secret room of the Chu Family.

An armed to the teeth Soft Feather, a calm-looking Venerable Spirit Butterfly, 'Chu Chu', as well as 'mister' who had activated the Star Shifting Formation appeared on the screen,

On the screen, 'Chu Chu' extracted a one meter long saber and dashed toward the Star Shifting Formation with great momentum.

After seeing this scene, Young Master Hai's face stiffened a bit.

If he wasn't mistaken that treasured saber was the most precious weapon of the Moon Saber Sect.

Its name was Broken Tyrant and the blade was around one meter long. It was forged from heavy metals within a thunder pond and was extremely durable. It was much harder than other weapons of the same rank. It could even cut the body of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage.

Originally, it was the weapon used by the master of the Moon Saber Sect, Ba Qianjun. In the end, it should have fallen into the hands of that youngster called 'Stressed by a Mountain of Books', right?

What an interesting development.

Is this matter also related to that 'Stressed by a Mountain of Books'?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Venerable Spirit Butterfly pierced the space around the Star Shifting Formation with his bare hands, forcefully snatching the scroll away from the mister.

After this last scene, the video ended.

The mister silently switched off the screen and looked at Young Master Hai, waiting for his analysis.

After a short pause, Young Master Hai said, "There were four scrolls in total. You used a technique of the 'Thousand Hands Sect' to hide the other three, right?"

The mister nodded. Aside from being someone who specialized in 'blood cultivation', he was very proficient in the stealing techniques of the Thousand Hands Sect too.

At first, the Thousand Hands Sect wasn't inferior to the Penniless Thief Sect and was another paradise for thief cultivators. But unlike the still prosperous Penniless Thief Sect, the Thousand Hands Sect started to slowly decline. Right now, their heritage was almost extinguished.

"I'll give you a sincere advice. Quickly do whatever you have to do with those scrolls. Whether you want to make a copy or examine them to discover the secret they conceal, do it as soon as possible. Once you're done, destroy them or throw them as far as possible. Cut off any relation you might have with these scrolls." Young Master Hai faintly smiled and said one last sentence before completely disappearing. "That's all I have to say."

After hearing these words, mister's expression immediately changed.

He quickly understood the meaning of Young Master Hai's words the other party had probably done something to the scrolls, and that powerful cultivator was likely planning to follow the scrolls to find him.

"F*ck," the mister secretly cursed.

After a short moment, his expression became firm. He grasped the newspaper and stared at its contents.

"You want to follow the trail to get to me? In your dreams! At first, I was planning to lead that thing over here and catch it together with those idiotic sea urchins, extracting the source blood both from them and the cultivators of the Illusory Sword School but now, I'll have to lead it here in advance."

The newspaper was the 'Daily Cultivator'.

He was reading an article about the 'cosmic demon'.

The cosmic demon, also known as 'extraterrestrial demon' amongst cultivators, was a strange creature of unknown origins. These creatures were like meteors, and each year, a few of them would fall onto the Earth.

Some of them would burn to ashes as soon as they entered the atmosphere.

But some whose luck or strength was good enough would successfully descend onto the surface of the Earth.

Ordinary human beings couldn't see cosmic demons, and they too weren't particularly interested in ordinary human beings or animals.

What they were looking for were strong cultivators, monster beasts, ghost cultivators, aboriginal deities, and other similar beings with a high quantity of spiritual energy. After finding them, they would hunt and kill them in order to eat them and increase their strength.

After hearing this much, these creatures appeared rather fearsome, right?

But in truth cosmic demons were something very good for cultivators!

Each cosmic demon had several treasures on its body. These treasures didn't belong to 'this world', and there were of many different kinds.

After killing a cosmic demon, the gains would be pretty good.

Regarding cultivators, cosmic demons were like game bosses loaded with items casually spawning in the countryside. It was worth to group up and hunt them.

If one's luck was good, it was possible to receive things that would give lifelong benefits!

According to the article, the cosmic demon was of the 'blood demon' category this time. The Daily Cultivator estimated that the strength of this blood demon was at the Sixth Stage Realm if not above.

Cosmic demons had rather low intelligence, and even their brain was one of the muscles of their body. On the other hand, this allowed them to display a fighting capacity that was superior to their rank.

The Daily Cultivator suggested forming a group with two or more cultivators of the Sixth Stage as the leaders, as well as twenty or more other cultivators of the Fifth Stage to slay the blood demon.

"I have to make the blood demon descend next to the Chu Family and have it eat their cultivators to become even more powerful. Then, I can use it to stall that powerful cultivator the Chu Family invited. After that, I can try to look for an opportunity to get the last scroll from Chu Chu's hands," the mister muttered to himself.

He had a special formation that would lure in the blood demon once it was activated.

It was a very incredible formation.