Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Strange Phenomena Appearing While Discussing Profound Principles
Chapter 403: Strange phenomena appearing while discussing profound principles
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By using this formation, he would be able to lure in the blood demon and make it change its trajectory. He was confident in making it land within a range of 5000 meters from the designated location.

Since you want to follow the clues and get to me, I'll quickly gather all the scrolls and destroy them after I'm done examining them! Then, I want to look which trail you're going to follow!

The mister closed his eyes while still holding the 'Daily Cultivator'. It was a special method to get in touch with his other puppets.

In the surroundings of the Chu Family.

Three figures identical to those 'servants' from before quietly converged together. They wore the same clothes as average people and had a lifeless look in their eyes. While they were walking, it felt as though their bodies were balloons full of water, faintly swaying.

Under that mister's long-distance control, the three servants found a remote place and started to engrave the formation onto the ground.

After drawing the formation, the three servants cut their throats and used their fresh blood to fill the grooves the formation was made of.

Very soon, the small formation activated. After getting into action, the formation started to emit a particular aura that would attract the blood demon over there...

Everything was ready now he only had to wait for the blood demon to appear!

Now that all preparations were complete, the mister slowly restored his calm and muttered to himself, "Finally, to prepare for all eventualities, I should prepare an escaping technique as well. A pro swindler must always have a few ways to retreat in case of emergency."

In the front of the Grievance Settling Platform, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were currently exchanging their experiences.

Since they were all gathered here due to Venerable White's disposable flying swords, they took advantage of the opportunity and decided to chat a bit. After all, it was pretty rare for them to reunite like this!

Thereupon, the seniors sat in a circle and started to share their recent cultivation-related experiences.

It was the perfect time to ask about things they were confused about. With a Venerable like Senior White here, it was possible to receive answers to many of their questions.

Although it was possible to communicate while being thousands of miles away with the advent of the Internet, cultivation-related problems could only be perceived through senses and not through words.

If they were having difficulties understand the explanation, they could just have the other seniors directly demonstrate it, which was far better than words alone!

At this time, Venerable White was explaining in detail some difficult cultivation-related matters to his fellow daoists. He explained the profound in simple words and some like Northern River who were on the verge of breaking through felt enlightened and intrigued. Their understanding toward the process of breaking through deepened quite a bit.

When Song Shuhang returned to the Grievance Settling Platform, he saw a shocking scene.

Spiritual energy was visible to the naked eye and had condensed on top of the heads of the seniors, changing into mystical clouds.

Some of the spiritual energy was scattering and turning into fog, moistening the myriad things of the universe.

Beneath the feet of the seniors, small and tender shoots of grass quickly grew up, turning into a lawn of green grass.

Moreover, the nearby flowers were blooming and dying at a very fast pace.

There were white lotuses as well that were continuously blooming around the seniors.

Afterward, Song Shuhang saw that the real Chu Chu and other disciples of the Chu Family had fallen into a lethargic sleep; they were currently soundly sleeping on a side.

What's happening?

When he got a bit closer, he heard several strange voices beside his ear. Those voices were holy and sacred, but they didn't belong to the seniors. These voices were unconsciously generated while the seniors were exchanging with the principles of the world.

At this time, the enlightenment stone on Song Shuhang's body slightly shook.

He felt a refreshing feeling shroud his mind. Although he couldn't understand what the voices were saying, after hearing them, he felt enlightened about some fields in which his cultivation was 'lacking'.

Song Shuhang greatly benefitted just from hearing the several seniors exchange their experiences. Luckily, he had the enlightenment stone with him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gained anything by hearing these voices generated from the resonance between heaven and earth.

"All the seniors are really incredible," Song Shuhang muttered to himself. Soon after, he tried to approach them.

But when he took five or six steps forward, he felt a huge pressure weight on him.

This pressure was incredible, and it was even stronger than the one Yu Jiaojiao faced while jumping through the dragon gate back then.

Song Shuhang almost tripped and fell to the ground!

When discussing profound principles, powerful cultivators would give birth to strange phenomena.

Weaker cultivators were unable to approach them, and if they tried to forcefully get closer, they would have to face a huge pressure. And if one's realm wasn't high enough, their will to further cultivate might be affected as they heard the exchange.

That was the reason the seniors of the group put the surrounding disciples of the Chu Family to sleep; it was to avoid affecting them.

But Song Shuhang had just become a cultivator, how could he possibly know about these things?

Luckily, Senior White stopped his explanation after noticing that someone approached them. After turning his head around and seeing that it was Song Shuhang, he faintly smiled and waved at him.

Song Shuhang immediately felt his body become lighter, and all the pressure from before disappeared!

After heaving a sigh of relief, he trotted toward Venerable White and sat next to him.

The seniors of the group faintly smiled, and after glancing at Song Shuhang, they returned to their discussion.

The things they were discussing were too profound for the current Song Shuhang to understand. As he tried to listen, Shuhang felt as though he was looking at the truth through a layer of mist. After hearing for a while, his brain felt dizzy, as though it was about to explode. He had no choice but to stop listening.

After pondering for a moment, he took out the enlightenment stone and sat still next to Venerable White after he took out the stone, it was much more effective than just being in his pocket.

Since all the people around were seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Song Shuhang was bold enough to take out the enlightenment stone.

While surrounded by the discussing seniors, the enlightenment stone resonated with the principles of heaven and earth and gave rise to a strange 'enlightening' effect, pouring all the knowledge into Song Shuhang's mind. Just as Song Shuhang was lost in thoughts, a miraculous glow flashed through his mind.

Likewise, the nearby seniors also felt their comprehension abilities becoming stronger. Their minds were brimming with countless ideas. All kinds of different inspirations surged forth like an endless stream, and their conversation became much more smoother.

"Strange, my state of mind seems particularly good today..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber suddenly said.

It wasn't only Thrice Reckless, the other seniors also felt the same.

After seeing the confusion of his fellow daoists, Venerable White faintly smiled and pointed at Song Shuhang who was currently lost in thoughts.

After looking at Song Shuhang, they saw that he was holding an unremarkable stone in his hands with a tender green onion growing on it.

This stone looked very ordinary! Did it have some special origin?

Northern River's Loose Cultivator furrowed his brows and tried to guess. "Is that the enlightenment stone?"

"Correct." Venerable White smiled and nodded.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said, "The enlightenment stone? No wonder I felt that my state of mind was so good today. Eh? Wait a moment is this enlightenment stone little friend Shuhang's?"

Venerable White nodded again.

"..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

"..." Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

"..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

"..." All the other seniors.

Earlier, when they were discussing what they should gift to Song Shuhang, they felt that he was loaded as f*ck for a cultivator of the First Stage. They didn't expect that he had something like the 'enlightenment stone' too.

In the world of cultivators, something like the enlightenment stone was akin to a portable cheating device!

Although its effects would become weaker and weaker as the cultivator became stronger, in cases like today's where many seniors were reunited and discussing profound matters, even if it added a tiny bit of 'enlightenment', it was enough to let everyone greatly benefit from it.

Sometimes, one needed only a small enlightenment during these profound discussions to break through the bottleneck holding them back.

"Little friend Shuhang's luck is really good," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said after a while.

Perhaps Senior White's luck had changed from heaven-defying to heaven-destroying after he advanced to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm?

The difference between the two was that one simply went against the will of the heavens, while the other treated the heavens like its personal plaything.

After knowing that little friend Song Shuhang had the enlightenment stone his house was bound to have many guests.

If the fellow daoists in the group needed the effects of the stone, they could visit his place for a while. And if Song Shuhang was willing, he could 'rent out' the stone at small intervals of time, making a steady profit out of it.

"Wealth is bound to invoke jealousy. It's fine if the fellow daoists inside the group know about it, but this matter about the enlightenment stone mustn't spread outside the group," Northern River's Loose Cultivator reminded. Since he was a loose cultivator, he knew that although one could greatly benefit from treasures, they could also bring a disaster upon the owner.

The fellow daoists of the group were trustable people, but if the news were to spread out, it might reach the ears of someone with ill intentions.

"That's natural. All those present are seasoned people and know about that," Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

It sure was lucky that the Nine Provinces Number One Group was such a special group of cultivators.

"It wasn't only a reminder to you guys, it was a reminder to little friend Song Shuhang as well," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said to Song Shuhang. "The enlightenment stone is a very precious item, and its value surpasses your imagination. Therefore, don't show it in front of others as to avoid someone with evil intentions targeting you."

"Thank you for the reminder, Senior Northern River. I'm well aware of it," Song Shuhang said earnestly. He took out the stone only because all those present were cultivators of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and the disciples of the Chu Family were in a deep slumber.

After all, even Lady Onion tried to snatch away his enlightenment stone back then. If her strength hadn't been so low, Song Shuhang might have lost the stone already. Shuhang had been very meticulous about this matter since that time.

But when he spoke, Shuhang used Chu Chu's sweet voice.

The seniors looked at Song Shuhang one after another with gazes full of compassion.

"It's good if you know," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said.

After that, since they now had the strengthening effect of the enlightenment stone, the seniors of the group kept discussing for quite some time.

After taking care of all the doubts that were gripping their hearts, they concluded their discussion. All of them seemed extremely satisfied.

"At this time, it would be wonderful if there was some good tea available," True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said.

"It would be even more wonderful if a good cannon fodder were to come here so that I could practice my saber skills on it! I have so many inspirations right now; my saber is itching to get into action!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.