Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 404

Chapter 404 The Seniors Of The Group Using Misdirection
Chapter 404: The seniors of the group using misdirection
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"Practicing your saber skills? Your words reminded me of something." Northern River's Loose Cultivator took out a copy of the 'Daily Cultivator' from his robe and pointed at one of the articles. "According to this article of the Daily Cultivator, a blood demon is about to descend onto the Earth. The place where it's going to descend just happens to be the northwest of China, which is approximately our current location. Given the time, it should be about to land. If our luck is good, it might even fall somewhere close"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's eyes suddenly lit up. "A blood demon? What is its rank? If it's only of the Third Stage, it wouldn't be able to take even one of my attacks."

His Seventy-Two Swift Saber Strikes were incredibly powerful. Except for Su Clan's Seven, he wasn't afraid of any fellow daoist in the group that was still in the Fifth Stage Realm. If the cosmic demon was of the Third or Fourth Stage, he could defeat it with one blow.

"It should be strong enough to satisfy your needs. According to the predictions, it should have a strength comparable to the Sixth Stage Realm. Given the special constitution of cosmic demons, even if it's only in the early period of the Sixth Stage, it should be able to burst forth with a strength comparable to cultivators at the peak of the Sixth Stage Realm. Too bad that its intelligence quotient is too low and it can't properly use its strength. It should be perfectly suited to your needs, a very good cannon fodder." Northern River's Loose Cultivator lifted the Daily Cultivator and smiled.

After hearing this much, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's eyes lit up. "It would be great if this blood demon could land close to our position!"

It was difficult to find better cannon fodder than the blood demon if one wanted to try their skills.

Although its rank of the Sixth Stage was a bit high, it wasn't that much of a problem. After all, there were several fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group reunited here. Venerable White alone was at the Seventh Stage Realm, and there were several other cultivators of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm.

If the blood demon were to descend close to their position, they could happily hunt and kill it!

"Ahahaha. Such being the case, Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless might as well pray for the blood demon to descend next to us." Cave Lord Snow Wolf teased him.

Then, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had a sudden epiphany.

Then, under the dumbfounded gazes of the other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he took a small incense burner and lit some incense. Next, he turned toward Venerable White and made a wish with a solemn expression on his face.

"..." Venerable White.

It seemed that the other members of the group weren't mistaken about Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. In regards to death seeking matters, Thrice Reckless was like a goldfish. He had a memory of three seconds and would soon forget previous bad experiences.

Far-off in the sky, an adorable cosmic demon was currently descending from the sky.

This cosmic demon belonged to the blood demon subcategory, which was a powerful species amongst cosmic demons. Its body was made of blood, and this alone made it immune to physical attacks. Its self-recovery ability was also top-notch.

Moreover, as long as the enemies were injured and bleeding, the blood demon's blood-sucking ability would automatically activate, starting to absorb the blood of the nearby enemies. With that, it would both recover from its injury and strengthen itself.

It was precisely for this blood-sucking aura that the blood demon was somewhat difficult to deal amongst cosmic demons.

Cosmic demons had a relatively low intelligence quotient, and their brains couldn't really process thoughts. Their intelligence was even lower than that of wild beasts.

And even among them, the blood demon subcategory excelled at being stupid perhaps it was because even their brain was made of blood fluid instead of cerebrospinal fluid?

The blood demon had no concepts such as 'where I come from or where I'm going now'. As soon as it appeared, it would search for a place to land. After landing, it would start searching for food to eat its fill. After eating its fill, it would evolve and keep repeating the above-mentioned actions until someone came and killed it.

This blood demon had a humanoid shape, and its height was fifteen meters. It looked like a person made of red-colored mercury. The blood composing its body had a certain sense of reality and moved and rippled from time to time.

At this time, it was curled up into a ball and was descending from the sky.

While falling, it smelt a very nice scent.

This scent really piqued its interest.

Therefore, the blood demon instinctively adjusted its trajectory and headed toward the place this nice smell was coming from!

Time slowly passed by.

The sharp-eyed Cave Lord Snow Wolf saw a red dot high-up in the sky that was slowly descending. "Eh? Is that the blood demon?"

F*ck, is the blood demon really falling to this place?

Is wishing something in front of Senior White so effective? Such being the case, should I also wish for something? I hope Senior White will give me his blessings so that I can advance to the Sixth Stage next year!

Just kidding. Something like advancing to the next realm must be done step by step!

"Ahahaha, the blood demon really descended here!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber lightly grasped the saber hanging at his waist. In the next moment, he completely restrained his aura, just like a sharp blade that was sheathed.

He was building up strength. After all, a blade was sharpest when just unsheathed!

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple squinted his eyes and looked at the red dot, saying, "It's indeed the blood demon. It has a humanoid-form, and its fifteen meters tall. Its strength is at the Sixth Stage and it's getting closer and closer. From the looks of it, it's going to land somewhere close! Thrice Reckless, use your taunt move!"

"..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

Taunt? The hell is that? I don't have such a move!

"Senior Yellow Mountain, can you aggro the blood demon and bring it over here so that we can beat it to a pulp?" Fairy Dongfang stepped into the void, and her long-sleeved dress fluttered in the wind. She was a bit tired of doing nothing. Thrice Reckless wasn't the only one that had benefited from the exchange earlier; all the fellow daoists benefited a lot and were itching to get some action.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded and said, "Sure. You guys get ready. I'll aggro the monster!"

Soon after, True Monarch Yellow Mountain soared into the sky and dashed toward the blood demon.

At the same time, in the northwest area of China, more than forty cultivators were flying all over the place.

The majority of these cultivators were of the Third or Fourth Stage, and some even at the Second Stage. There were plenty of loose cultivators and experienced disciples from sects, as well as elders of medium-sized sects.

Most of these cultivators were here to have fun or pick the leftovers after the battle. After killing the cosmic demon, the winners would take away the valuable treasures or parts of its body, leaving behind the things that were of no use to them.

The leftovers of the cosmic demon's body weren't of any use to powerful cultivators, but they were incomparably precious treasures for small loose cultivators.

Moreover, it was a blood demon of the Sixth Stage this time. Even if they were to pick up a random part of its body, the average cultivator would profit from it.

As for personally killing the blood demon they could only dream of it. This blood demon had a strength comparable to that of the Sixth Stage, and unless those cultivators of the Third or Fourth Stage had particular cultivation techniques, they wouldn't be able to defeat it even if it stood still!

"Now then, the blood demon should be about to land, right? How come there isn't a group led by True Monarchs to catch it?" a loose cultivator asked in puzzlement.

"This time, it was supposed to descend in a rather remote area. Moreover, there was only one day to prepare. Is it possible that the powerhouses of the True Monarch rank are not here yet?" another loose cultivator said somewhat worried.

True Monarchs would sometimes close up for hundreds of years what would they do if the blood demon of the Sixth Stage were to descend next to them and there were no powerhouses of the True Monarch level nearby to fight it? Wouldn't all the cultivators that were here to watch the show and pick the leftovers die a horrible death?

"Don't worry. Each time a cosmic demon descends, big sects would send some of their people to deal with it. So, there shouldn't be problems" Someone tried to lighten the mood. Now then, what if these people were actually late?

Just as they were in deep thoughts, some of the sharp-eyed cultivators saw a red dot in the sky.

"It's here! That red dot is the blood demon, I'm not mistaken!"

"Where is it going to descend?"

"Should we really go check it out if there isn't a senior cultivator of the True Monarch rank around?"

The group of cultivators was a bit hesitant. If there wasn't a True Monarch around they would be in danger, right?

But amongst these cultivators, there were some strange wobbling forms with weird smiles on their faces.

They were precisely the 'servants' of that mister!

"What a bunch of idiots the place where the blood demon is going to descend has changed. These guys will become the meal of the blood demon before the True Monarchs are here, becoming the energy it needs to evolve!" The mister looked at the scene through his puppets and laughed in his heart.

It's about to land. This blood demon will turn into a natural calamity and shake the world!

The puppet stretched its hand toward the sky, assuming a very awe-inspiring pose!

But right at this time, a big net suddenly appeared in the sky and caught the blood demon.

The blood demon didn't even have the time to dodge when it was firmly wrapped in the net.

Next, the net started to shrink, and the blood demon crazily fought back.

But the more it was struggling, the more it was getting entangled in the net.

Soon after, the blood demon, who was originally descending with a curved trajectory, was pulled by the big net to a certain place. Its new trajectory resembled that of a stock graph.

The mister who was watching the scene through his servants was speechless.

Did the Daily Cultivator mistakenly report the rank of this blood demon? For some reason, it didn't seem really that strong it was casually pulled down with a net as though it was some sort of big fish...

Whatever, let's just go there and see!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain was worthily the founder of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. After catching the blood demon with the net, he used his physical strength alone to pull it down.

Cosmic demons were literally muscle heads, and their forte was precisely their great physical strength. But now, this blood demon turned out to be inferior to True Monarch Yellow Mountain even in that field.

"Come down!" After arriving at a good location, True Monarch Yellow Mountain stretched out his hands and opened the big net, throwing the blood demon to the ground.


The blood demon crashed to the ground, and clouds of dust rose toward the sky.

"Roar, roar, roar" The blood demon crawled out from the hole in the ground, roaring like a wild animal. It was thoroughly enraged!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn't descend to the ground but continued to hover in the sky.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple faintly smiled. Just as True Monarch Yellow Mountain was aggroing the monster, he walked around the area where the Grievance Settling Platform was held and arranged a huge formation. It was both to prevent the blood demon from escaping and to stop the attacks of his fellow daoists from destroying the surrounding area.

"Snow Wolf, use your freezing spells! I'm going in!" the already ready Thrice Reckless bellowed and soared into the sky. "Big fellow, get a taste of my saber!"