Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Ostracized By His Fellow Daoists
Chapter 405: Ostracized by his fellow daoists?
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Since the blood demon possessed the strength of a Sixth Stage and was a tank with a lot of HP, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber attacked without reservations. If he was going to strike, he would use all his strength!

The saber was unsheathed!

Saber light flashed, and within an area of fifty meters, even the sunlight was overshadowed! Within that area, nothing except for the saber light unleashed by Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was visible!

The saber light was extremely quick!

Thrice Reckless' saber technique was incomparably fast, and its speed had long exceeded that of the 'Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor' rank.

A blood demon of the Sixth Stage was unexpectedly unable to react to Thrice Reckless' saber! The blood demon didn't even have the time to defend itself!

The saber light hit right on the head of the blood demon, leaving behind a deep gash that went from its forehead to its chest. The cut was very deep, and it almost cleaved the blood demon in half!

This blood demon had the strength of the Sixth Stage, and if we considered the toughness of its body alone, it could be compared to a mid-level Sixth Stage cultivator.

In other words if Thrice Reckless were to make a surprise attack against a cultivator of the Sixth Stage, he would be able to leave a deep wound on them if the attack landed! His fighting capacity had already surpassed his rank!

"Roar~" the blood demon crazily roared due to the pain. It clenched its fists and attacked the baboon-shaped Thrice Reckless in front of him.

At the same time, blood tendrils appeared around the wounded area and started to slowly drive out the saber qi permeating the wound in order to heal it. Although such an injury could kill other living beings, it wasn't any different than an ordinary external injury for a blood demon.

"Holy shiet! I just wasted my strength with the attack earlier, and even my hands feel numb," Thrice Reckless shouted after landing on the ground. He wasn't afraid of the incoming attack of the blood demon.

At this time, Cave Lord Snow Wolf shouted from the rear, "Icy Cold Tornado!"

He was currently holding two wolf-claw-shaped scepters in his hands. After shouting, Cave Lord Snow Wolf displayed an ice-type technique.

Even if it was summer, the temperature sharply dropped within an area of hundred meters, and a layer of ice quickly appeared on the surface of the earth. In the air, the cold qi condensed and turned into ice crystals, finally transforming into balls that floated in front of Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

Afterward, Snow Wolf stretched out his hand and pushed forward the ice crystals in front of him!

In the next moment, the icy balls turned into a twenty-meter-tall tornado that rushed toward the blood demon.

However the speed of the icy tornado wasn't very fast.

Given its speed, it would be only halfway before the attack of the blood demon reached Thrice Reckless. The blood demon would have enough time to punch Thrice Reckless several times before the tornado affected it.

Then, just as the fist of the blood demon was about to land on Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's body, a stout figure suddenly appeared next to him.

It was another member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Dharma King Creation.

Song Shuhang had no idea when Dharma King Creation moved and appeared next to Thrice Reckless. It almost felt as though he was always there.

"Ahaha, let me test the strength of this blood demon." Dharma King Creation laughed and criss-crossed his hands, assuming a defensive stance to block the incoming fist of the blood demon.


The fist of the blood demon ruthlessly smashed against Dharma King Creation's arms, and the terrifying impact created a huge shock wave.

Dharma King Creation almost looked like a nail; half of his body was hammered into the ground after the attack!

"Ouch, this is really something. What an incredible power." Dharma King Creation laughed; blue marks had appeared on his arm.

"Can you hold on? If you can't, you should transform!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber sheathed his saber again in order to build up his strength once more.

"Roar, roar, roar~" The blood demon got even angrier after seeing that its fist was unable to crush to death those two ants. It joined its fist together and tried to hammer Dharma King Creation once more.

"Ouch, a joint attack with two fists! It seems I have no choice but to transform, I won't be able to resist otherwise." Dharma King Creation forced a smile and loudly shouted afterward.

The spiritual energy around his body started to churn, changing into an explosion of golden light that spread in all directions. Next, Dharma King Creation's hair was lifted by the spiritual power, shooting high up in the sky!

This scene was enough to make one's blood boil with excitement!

After seeing this scene, Song Shuhang immediately thought of something. Is he going to transform into a Super Saiyan?

"Boom, boom, boom~"

Dust rose toward the sky and the earth split.

The muscles on Dharma King Creation's body bulged, and his size increased of three times. In the next moment, even the clothes he was wearing exploded. Except for his indestructible leather pants, nothing was left. After the clothes were gone, his huge muscles were finally visible.

Even his clothes exploded!

Next, a golden radiance started to spread from his feet. Then, just like those fictional characters doing cool transformations, Dharma King Creation got shrouded in a golden metal-like luster.

The golden light kept rising until it reached Dharma King Creation's head!

Will his hair also turn golden? Is he really going to transform into a Super Saiyan? Song Shuhang closely observed Dharma King Creation; he was extremely excited at this time.

Although Super Saiyans were a bit old, they were still very cool!

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Finally, the golden light reached Dharma King Creation's scalp.

Next, his pitch-black shining hair shot up into the sky flew very high and finally fell to the ground...

...Scattering in all directions.

What was left behind was shining big bald head!

"Pfff~" Song Shuhang immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Wasn't he supposed to transform into a Super Saiyan? How come he became bald?

"That's why I hate using the Warring Buddha's True Body I lose both clothes and hair after each use!" Dharma King Creation touched his bald head, his expression aggrieved.


Right at this time, the joint fist attack of the blood demon brutally pounded on his head.

This time, Dharma King Creation didn't assume a defensive stance and stood still, letting the blood demon hammer his head with its fists.

The huge fists clashed against Dharma King Creation's smooth golden head.

"Dong~" A loud metallic sound echoed.

Soon after, another shock wave followed it was much stronger than the one created by the fist earlier.

After the attack...

Dharma King Creation merely tilted his head after the blood demon attacked it; the sound of muscles and bones moving transmitted from his neck area.

"Not bad. This fist was also very powerful. This strike really warmed up my body!" Dharma King Creation clicked his tongue in admiration.

"So strong!" Song Shuhang said. The powerful fist of the blood demon was only able to tilt Dharma King Creation's head a little after a frontal clash? Was this senior really in the Fifth Stage Realm?

The nearby True Monarch Fallout faintly smiled and explained to Song Shuhang, "No need to be surprised. Attacks of this level can only serve as a warm-up for Fellow Daoist Creation. What Fellow Daoist Creation practices is the Warring Buddha's True Body of the 'Warring Buddha Sect'. Amongst body tempering cultivation techniques, it's ranked in the first ten in the whole world of cultivators. This technique is extremely difficult to practice, and given Fellow Daoist Creation's talent, he would have already reached the Sixth Stage Realm like me if he were practicing another technique. Although his strength is still in the Fifth Stage Realm, the toughness of his body is comparable to the Sixth Stage rank once the Warring Buddha's True Body is active. Actually, it might even be stronger than that of ordinary True Monarchs!"

In other words, it was another senior that possessed a fighting capacity higher than his rank!

Just as they were speaking, Cave Lord Snow Wolf's 'Icy Cold Tornado' finally hit the body of the blood demon. Although the name of this magical technique seemed rather ordinary, its effects were anything but ordinary.

The cold wind swept the blood demon, and beautiful icy flowers made of cold qi bloomed on its body.

The beautiful icy flowers were like real plants. The cold qi changed into rhizomes that took root on the body of the blood demon. Its body wasn't only damaged by the cold, but also by the flowers that took root on it, continuously sucking out its energy and using it to bloom and become even more luxuriant.

If the enemy were a creature with intellect, they would have removed these flowers as soon as possible.

But the intelligence quotient of the blood demon was too low. It let the flowers take root and bloom on its body, not caring in the least.

Under the effects of the tornado, the speed of the blood demon decreased by 30%the scene looked like a movie in slow-motion.

"What an incredible ice-type technique." Song Shuhang sighed with emotion once more. Cave Lord Snow Wolf was the highest authority in regards to ice techniques in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

This ordinary-looking 'Icy Cold Tornado' had been personally modified to perfection by Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

"Fellow Daoist Snow Wolf is very talented with the ice element." True Monarch Fallout nodded and smiled. "Moreover, ice-type techniques can be used to attack, defend, and support. It's a very versatile element. In battle amongst cultivators, it's very important to use flexible techniques. Sometimes, even a small technique can change the course of the entire battle. Now then, little friend Song Shuhang is already a cultivator of the Second Stage. When you have free time, you should check your affinity. Your affinity with the elements is very important and will determine which techniques you'll be able to practice in the future."

Song Shuhang nodded his head slightly he had already advanced to the Second Stage Realm, so he could start learning a couple of useful spells.

There are many things I would like to study. Later, I must show up in the Nine Provinces Number One Group a lot and get familiar with everyone. Now that I'm at the Second Stage, I can already start taking on the missions prepared by the seniors.

"Ahahaha! Fellow Daoist Snow Wolf, well done! Now, I'll take care of the frontal attacks of this blood demon. You guys can go ahead and use your skills. If you have any new skill or move you want to test, now is the time!" Dharma King Creation heartily laughed.

He bumped his metal-like fists against each other, sending out a metallic sound, and dashed toward the blood demon.

The other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group also laughed and prepared to get into action and display all the things they comprehended earlier.

The glint of sabers and swords flashed, and all sorts of dazzling techniques were displayed.

Right at this time, a figure standing next to Shuhang bravely stepped forward. He blew some air on his fist and likewise prepared to get into action.

In the sky, the sharp-eyed Thrice Reckless immediately spotted the figure and shouted, "Senior White, wait a moment! You can't make your move! Otherwise, none of us would be able to have fun anymore!"

Venerable White stiffly raised his fist.

Did his fellow daoists ostracize him?