Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Gathering The Scrolls To Summon The 1s Edition
Chapter 406: Gathering the scrolls to summon the 1S edition
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As soon as Thrice Reckless said those words, Venerable White was stunned and blankly stared at his fist. Afterward, he silently took his hand back. What Thrice Reckless said wasn't wrong. Although this blood demon was a tank with a lot of HP, it would surely die if Senior White were to punch it.

Thereupon, Venerable White silently returned next to Song Shuhang, his expression disappointed.

Since he couldn't join in the fun and beat the blood demon, he got bored and brought the guided missile over to his position, starting to fiddle with it again.

This time, no one tried to prevent Venerable White from researching the missile. The fellow daoists that were supposed to stop him from researching this dangerous thing were currently happily playing with the blood demon...

The remaining ones were either interested in seeing Venerable White study the missile or were like True Monarch White Crane, who would raise its feet, hands, and wings and approve of whatever Senior White was doing. Even if Venerable White decided to destroy the moon, White Crane would prepare a spaceship to deliver Senior White there and help him destroy the moon.

Thus, no one prevented Venerable White from tearing apart the missile this time.

Inside the formation arranged by True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, each fellow daoist of the Fifth Stage ganged up on the blood demon, even Doudou and Yu Jiaojiao inserted a claw or two.

This blood demon was so pitiful that one could only lit a candle for it.

Although cultivators treated cosmic demons as bosses spawning in the countryside, this blood demon had been particularly unlucky. It had yet to land when it was caught and beaten up by a group of True Monarchs and Spiritual Emperors.

The blood demon angrily roared again and again. But it was the only thing it could do.

It didn't matter from which angle or position it attacked, the shining Dharma King Creation would appear in its front and promptly block all its attacks.

The fellow daoists of the group happily tested all the new things and attacks they learned earlier on the body of the blood demon.

On a side, Yellow Mountain, Fallout, Ancient Lake Temple, and the low-profile 'When the bright moon appears' were giving their fellow daoists pointers on the new skills and moves they learned.

"Fairy Dongfang's move wasn't bad. Once it's perfected, it might turn into a powerful killing technique. If she were to increase the quantity of true qi used by 10%, she should be able to break through the critical point, increasing the strength of the move even further!"

"Fellow Daoist Creation's Warring Buddha's True Body has reached a completely new level! Since it's already this strong, would it reach a strength comparable to the Seventh Stage Realm once he breaks through the Sixth Stage Realm?"

"Thrice Reckless, you goddamn baboon you used a slash earlier and got tired? Don't you have the word 'thrice' in your name? Shouldn't you attack at least three times before stopping?"

"..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

The scene was very lively overall.

Venerable White silently looked at his fellow daoists having fun and continued fiddling with the missile.

Soon after, Song Shuhang approached Venerable White and said, "Senior White, you forgot to change my voice back."

Song Shuhang felt that Venerable White was a bit depressed. Therefore, he thought of diverting his attention.

"It's not a problem. It will return to normal once the effect of the medicine wears off," Venerable White said without lifting his head.

It will return to normal once the effect of the medicine wears off? That's good.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief and added, "Senior White, there is another matter. Earlier, when Soft Feather and I barged into the Chu Family, we discovered a few 'sea urchin warriors' lying in ambush in there. Then, we even met a strange guy in the secret room. Luckily, Soft Feather's father, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, was on the scene and was able to snatch one of the scrolls from that guy."

After explaining to Venerable White what happened in the Chu Family, Song Shuhang took out the scroll of the 'sword technique', hoping to pique Senior White's interest. After all, he was an ordinary university student not too long ago, and he felt rather scared seeing Senior White silently fiddle with a missile.

"Oh? Is that the 'sword technique' of the Chu Family? Let me see." Venerable White's interest was finally piqued. He threw the half-disassembled missile on a side and took the scroll from Song Shuhang's hands, starting to examine it.

"Senior White, can you see anything interesting in there?" Song Shuhang asked.

In the dreamland, Chu Chu was able to derive her own personal sword technique from those four pictures. Perhaps because he didn't have the talent to infer things just from looking at pictures, Song Shuhang wasn't able to realize anything even after looking at the pictures for a while. Even now that he had retrieved one of the scrolls, he couldn't see anything interesting on it aside from Li Tiansu's cool pose.

Venerable White examined the canvas, and after pondering for a moment, he said, "It's an ingenious trick. I cannot make out the content with only one scroll. Each picture should be hiding a formation, and once all four are reunited, the formation should activate and the true content become visible."

Does that mean it wasn't due to my comprehension skills being too low? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Shuhang, you just said that the other three scrolls were taken away by the strange guy, right? Therefore, as long as this scroll is in 'Chu Chu''s hands, he should try to find a way to snatch it, correct?" Venerable White said after pinching his chin.

Song Shuhang replied, "From the expression he had when he left, he seemed rather unwilling to let go of this last scroll. Actually, it doesn't matter if he plans to come back or not. After all, Venerable Spirit Butterfly seemed very interested in that Star Shifting Formation. He should pay him a visit in the next couple of days."

"Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly entered the fray? Ahaha, interesting. In that case let me join in as well. I'll spice up things a little." Venerable White faintly smiled and stretched out his finger, engraving a series of runes on the back of the scroll with his spiritual energy.

Finally, the runes assumed the shape of a 'flying sword'.

Song Shuhang looked at the familiar 'flying sword' and asked, "Senior White, where have I seen these runes before?"

"This is the new 'disposable Song Shuhang 1S edition'. Compared to the previous '001 edition', it has a few extra features. At first, I was thinking of engraving the 'disposable meteor sword 001 edition'. But the runes of that version are a bit complicated, and I feared they might affect the scroll itself," Venerable White explained.

After hearing the names of all those disposable flying swords, Song Shuhang's heart twitched the 'disposable Song Shuhang edition' also got an upgrade?

True Monarch Fallout and the nearby fellow daoists had to forcefully suppress their laughter after hearing these names.

Afterward, they all looked at Song Shuhang with gazes full of compassion. Little friend Song Shuhang really had it hard.

"Shuhang, even if we keep the scroll, there is not much use to it. After Chu Chu wakes up, give it to her so that she can bring it back to the Chu Family. If that strange guy seizes the chance to steal it, the disposable Song Shuhang 1S will activate once all four scrolls are reunited, bringing that guy directly in front of me," Venerable White said.

Would that guy 'pew~' his way to Senior White?

Ah! For some reason, it sounds very cool.

Just think about it! The strange guy finally managed to reunite the four scrolls and was getting ready to summon Shenlong ugh, wait. He was getting ready to thoroughly study them to uncover their mystery when the 'disposable Song Shuhang 1S edition' activated, bringing both him and the scrolls high up in the sky. Then, after breaching all the obstacles blocking his path like someone that was trying to jump through the dragon gate, he would fly and fly until arriving in front of Venerable White!

It would be a truly magnificent scene!

Except for the name 'disposable Song Shuhang 1S edition', everything else was absolutely perfect.

"Sure. Once Miss Chu Chu wakes up, I'll give her the scroll so that she can bring it back!" Song Shuhang held his thumb up in approval.

Next, he thought of another matter and said, "Senior White, I also met a few 'sea urchin warriors' on my way back. It seemed they wanted to massacre the cultivators of the Illusory Sword School and collect 'true blood'..."

"They wanted to collect 'true blood'?" Venerable White slightly furrowed his brows and said, "Do they want to use it to untie a seal or bring something back to life? Sea urchin warriors, huh where have I heard this name? After the members of the group are done playing with the blood demon, ask them if they know something about this matter. As for the Illusory Sword School they are still a school of human cultivators. After the blood demon is taken care of, we'll take a look at their situation."

"Fine." Song Shuhang nodded and looked at the seniors of the group.

The poor blood demon was continuously roaring, but its voice was much weaker than before. Its original size of the fifteen meters was also reduced to ten meters.

Moreover, all the powerhouses of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank had yet to take action!

"That cosmic demon is rather pitiful," Song Shuhang muttered.

On a side Venerable White squatted down and started to fiddle with the missile once more.

Very soon, the guided missile was disassembled into many parts.

"So that's how it is. The principle behind it is rather interesting." Venerable White held his chin and examined the missile for a while. Then, he started to reassemble it.

The assembling process was much faster than the disassembling one.

In the time it takes to breathe a few times, Venerable White had already reassembled the missile. "Done. I've learned many new things from it!"

Venerable White seemed very satisfied.

"Senior White, wait a moment. What about those several box-like things next to your foot? Or those big screws? And that pipe as well... what about them?" The sharp-eyed Song Shuhang immediately saw those objects lying next to Venerable White's foot.