Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 407

Chapter 407 A Beautiful Saber Attack
Chapter 407: A beautiful saber attack
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"Oh, those! Those things were superfluous. I can't put them back into the missile now, and it's also possible that they were ruined during the disassembling process... but you don't have to worry! I used a simple formation to replace their functions. There won't be any problem!" Venerable White said self-satisfied while patting the newly assembled missile. Then, he also said in a low voice to Song Shuhang, "Moreover, I also added two attack-type formations to the warhead of the missile. If the missile were to explode, other than the damage caused by the explosion, it would inflict damage from a powerful lightning explosion as well. In a while, once we find the headquarters of the Limitless Demon Sect, we can test its strength."

Song Shuhang got a scare he felt that the missile was already scary enough, and now, Venerable White even added an attack-type formation to it? It was like adding fuel to the fire! If this thing were to explode, what kind of terrifying power would it have?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, something unexpected happened. Perhaps because Venerable White used too much strength while patting the missile, the vertically-standing missile tilted to the right, starting to fall toward the ground.

"Senior White, it's falling!" Song Shuhang quickly shouted. It was a very dangerous gadget that had undergone Venerable White's modification. There was a chance it might explode if it were to fall down.

"Don't worry, I'm here." Venerable White laughed and stretched his hand toward the missile. Venerable White could stop something of this size effortlessly. Therefore, there was no need to be worried.

But right at this time, a figure rushed over from a distant place and supported the falling missile with its hand. Its pose was very cool.

It was True Monarch White Crane!

White Crane had been paying attention to Venerable White the whole time so that it could help him if there was a need to!

Therefore, as soon as it saw the missile falling, it rushed over and supported it with its hand.

"Senior White, you don't have to worry. With me here, nothing bad will happen!" True Monarch White Crane said as it held its thumb up in approval.

"Senior White Crane, you did very well!" Song Shuhang also held his thumb up and praised White Crane.

True Monarch White Crane was very pleased with itself.

Venerable White was speechless.

It wasn't because of True Monarch White Crane. It was because he realized he made a mistake while assembling the missile.

The missile was emitting black smoke at this time.

It meant it could explode at any time!

"White Crane, throw that thing away," Venerable White said. Although he was reluctant to admit it, it seemed he had committed a mistake while reassembling it. "It might explode!"

"Eh?" True Monarch White Crane was stunned at first. Then, it said loudly, "It might explode?"

True Monarch White Crane put the missile on its shoulders and looked all around. It was trying to find a good place to deal with it.

Very soon, its eyes lit up.

The blood demon! Since the missile was about to explode, it was better to throw it at the blood demon.

"Everyone, get out of the way! I'm going to use a powerful move! Aaaah!" True Monarch White Crane loudly shouted.

Next, it used all its strength to throw the modified missile toward the blood demon.

All the fellow daoists were happily beating the blood demon when they saw a smoking missile flying toward them.

"" Northern River's Loose Cultivator opened his eyes wide.

"F*ck! Fellow Daoist White Crane, you're courting death! Why did you throw a missile here?!" Cave Lord Snow Wolf bellowed.

Fairy Dongfang narrowly dodged the missile and screamed, "Senior White Crane, stop causing trouble!"

The missile almost hit her!

"Launching a missile toward a blood demon is of no use. Senior White Crane, go play somewhere else!" Dharma King Creation roared.

But right at this time...

True Monarch Fallout who was previously explaining things to Shuhang suddenly shouted, "Everyone, get out of there! It's something Venerable White personally modified!"

But True Monarch Fallout was just halfway through his speech when Thrice Reckless casually turned around and unsheathed his treasured saber.

"Senior White Crane, stop causing trouble with that useless missile! You should go on a side and spectate, leaving the blood demon to us!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber shouted.

Just as he was speaking, he assumed a cool pose and attacked.

This technique was worthy of being called 'Seventy-Two Swift Saber Strikes'. In a mere instant, Thrice Reckless slashed seventy-two times.

The beautiful saber lights intertwined and covered the missile like a net.

But just as he used the attack, Thrice Reckless finally heard True Monarch Fallout's words...

What? The missile was modified by Venerable White?

"..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

I'm f*cked!

At this time, he wished he could open his mouth and gobble down that net of saber lights! But it was too late the dazzling saber lights reached the missile and cut it into bits.


A huge explosion followed. The range of the explosion covered both the blood demon and the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

"Aaaaah! Thrice Reckless, it doesn't end here!"

"Dammit! Thrice Reckless, you almost killed me!"

"Did you do it intentionally? Thrice Reckless, were you plotting this together with White Crane? Ouch, f*ck! Fellow Daoist Creation, quickly stop the blood demon. This bastard seized the opportunity to throw a fist at me. So painful."

"Uwaaah you're dead, Thrice Reckless!"

"Aaaaah! This year's limited edition dress I bought from the 'Silk Gauze Sect' is ruined!" Fairy Dongfang screamed.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber held his saber and stood in the wind with a confused expression on his face. He felt that he was done for this time.

Far-off, True Monarch White Crane was still in the throwing-missile pose. It hadn't expected that Thrice Reckless would such use a beautiful saber attack to screw itself too. Eh? Wait a moment. Am I not dead already? Such being the case, I don't have to worry about seeking death anymore.

Straight ahead, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's calamity had just started.

After the missile exploded, the 'lightning explosion' magical formation Venerable White engraved on it also activated.

"Buzz, buzz, crack, crack~" A mass of purple lightning burst forth from the center of the explosion, condensing into a purple ball.

Although it was just an experimental product, the purple lightning still had a killing power comparable to that of the Sixth Stage.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber bore the brunt of the attack. The lightning explosion didn't hit his body directly, but some of the overflowing electricity found its way to him and charred his body black...

Had the lightning explosion hit Thrice Reckless directly, he would have passed the next few months on Medicine Master's sickbed.

Luckily, the person who engraved the formation on the missile wasn't too far away.

"Extinguish!" Venerable White lightly shouted.

After Venerable White shouted, the lightning element inside the explosion quickly weakened, and the ball changed from its original gigantic size to that of a fist.

At last, the electricity kept getting weaker and weaker until it disappeared.

Thrice Reckless opened his mouth and exhaled a mouthful of black smoke. This mass of black smoke perfectly described his current mood.

"Roar, roar, roar~" The roar of the blood demon echoed.

The missile suddenly exploding disrupted the coordination of the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Dharma King Creation, who was in charge of keeping the monster at bay, lost his grip on the blood demon.

The blood demon immediately seized the opportunity and ran with all its might, using its superior physical strength of the Sixth Stage and durable body to break through the encirclement of the members of the group.

Soon after, it headed in Song Shuhang's direction. Since it was heavily injured, it needed to eat something to replenish its strength.

Although its intelligence quotient was very low, it still had a little bit of instinct.

The blood demon needed to replenish its strength as soon as possible. Therefore, it looked for the weakest lifeform. On the scene, Song Shuhang and Chu Chu were the ones with the lowest cultivation.

Since Chu Chu was a bit further, the blood demon decided to aim for Song Shuhang!

Thereupon, it rushed toward him and tried to catch him with his big hands.

"Don't let it run!" the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group bellowed.

But in this life and death crisis, the blood demon burst forth with an incredible speed.

Even Yellow Mountain and Ancient Lake Temple, who were in the sky overseeing the scene, were unable to stop the blood demon in time.

In the front, Venerable White pinched his chin and clicked his tongue.

Then, he stood up and stretched his fist out, blowing some air on it.

When they were discussing earlier, he thought of an interesting fist attack. At first, he thought he wouldn't have the opportunity to use it. Little did he know that the blood demon would suddenly rush toward his position and give him a chance.

"Roar, roar, roar~" the blood demon madly roared as it rushed forward.

However, it had yet to approach Song Shuhang when Venerable White raised his fist and lightly jumped, appearing on the top of its head. Thousands of runes were rotating around the fist, looking like chains.

In the next moment, Venerable White finally launched his fist attack.

The fist had yet to reach the body of the blood when the head of the latter started to dissipate. Just like a strong wind blowing over a pile of sand, the head of the blood demon changed into countless grains.

After falling to the ground, the grains condensed and turned into several blood-colored pearls, emitting "ding, ding, ding" sounds while hitting the ground.

Venerable White's fist slowly descended, and the body of the blood demon kept turning into pearls as though a meat grinder was mincing it.

Two breaths later.

The originally ten meters tall blood demon disappeared without a trace. The blood pearls on the ground were the only proof that a pitiful blood demon had crossed the atmosphere and arrived here.

Venerable White took his fist back and held his chin. From his pensive expression, it seemed he wasn't completely satisfied with the effects of this fist.

In the rear, the seniors of the group wanted to cry. They didn't expect that Venerable White would be able to ultimately use his fist attack and spoil the fun.

Was it fate?

"I need to improve this move further. It actually wasted a lot of spiritual energy. When it was turning the body of the blood demon into energy crystals, at least 30% of the energy was wasted," Venerable White muttered to himself.

Song Shuhang picked up one of the pearls and asked in puzzlement, "Do blood demons turn into blood pearls after their death?"

He sensed pure spiritual energy coming from these beautiful pearls.

"It was an experiment." Venerable White smiled and said, "I was trying to turn the blood demon into something akin to 'spirit stones', but the result wasn't too good. Now then, let's take a look at which treasures the blood demon brought here with it."

Now that the boss was defeated, it was time for the loot!