Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Blood Bone
Chapter 408: Blood Bone

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Cosmic demons didn't only have great endurance; they carried many treasures on their bodies as well.

One of the best things about them was that they would drop items after their death.

Regardless of the type, each cosmic demon would drop spirit stones, medicinal materials, and other refinable materials.

If one's luck was good, a high-level cosmic demon might drop magical weapons and magical treasures as well.

These magical weapons and treasures were manufactured in a rather strange way, completely different than how treasures or weapons were forged in the world of cultivators. However, cultivators only needed to modify them a little in order to use them.

Some senior cultivators guessed that cosmic demons might be related to the era of the previous Wielder of the Will or that they were products of an even more remote era. Some thought that they might come from other worlds or timelines.

There were many different opinions about the origin of cosmic demons.

Since they were brainless creatures, cultivators couldn't discover anything useful by reading their memories with mind-reading techniques. As a consequence, their origin became a big mystery in the world of cultivators.

Venerable White got ready to open the loot box.

He stretched out his hand and rummaged through the pile of blood pearls. Soon after, a blackened staff appeared in Venerable White's hand. It was unknown which material it was made of, but it seemed very hard and heavy.

"An embryonic form of a staff-type magical treasure. After refining it a bit, it would be possible to obtain a pretty good staff. Moreover, it's made of a very special material. I can guarantee that it would be very hard. Who wants it?" Venerable White asked.

Dharma King Creation raised his hand and said, "If no one needs it, I would like to have it. Senior White, you can keep looking and see how many treasures you can find. If the total number is somewhat low, I'll put on the table an equal number of spirit stones to compensate everyone's loss."

Dharma King Creation's sect, the Warring Buddha Sect, had another worldwide famous technique aside from the Warring Buddha's True Body, the World Overturning Staff Technique. The material this rough staff was made of wasn't bad. After properly refining it, it would turn into a fine staff that would perfectly match Dharma King Creation's style.

"Sure, you can take it. At the time, we'll calculate whether or not you have to compensate your fellow daoists." Venerable White threw the rough staff toward Dharma King Creation.

Venerable White continued to rummage through the pile and said, "A magical ring of the ice attribute. It should have the power to strengthen ice-type techniques. Cave Lord Snow Wolf, it's yours!"

Cave Lord Snow Wolf took the magical ring and grinned.

Venerable White kept searching and said, "A thin red-colored piece of silk. Although I don't know what use it might have, it seems very suitable for Fairy Dongfang Six!"

Venerable White threw the red silk toward Fairy Dongfang. This red silk would surely look very good on her while she was dancing.

Venerable White kept searching. "Eh? These are medicinal materials. I think I've seen this herb before. It was called green... or cyan-something? I don't remember its complete name, but I remember that one can produce a medicinal pill from it after adding some other materials. This pill can help one increase the chances to break through the bottleneck to the Sixth Stage Realm. Northern River, you seem to need it. Take it."

On the scene, only Northern River's Loose Cultivator was close to breaking through the Sixth Stage.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator happily took the medicinal material. With this thing, his chances to break through would increase by at least 10%.

Venerable White kept searching. "A small defensive amulet. Oh? This item is somewhat strange Hmm? It's not bad, actually. It's a protective amulet that contains a little bit of 'luck'. It can increase the luck of its owner by a certain degree. Who wants it?"

This thing was somewhat similar to the small dragon tail in Venerable White's possession.

"Me, me, me! I want it!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber quickly raised his hand and took a deep breath. He felt that he had been very unlucky for the past few days and that everything was going wrong for him.

Even today, he doomed himself with that slash from before. Therefore, if he could obtain an item that could increase his luck, regardless of its use, it would at least let him have some peace of mind. Hopefully, under the protection of this item, the hits of his fellow daoists would hurt less.

"Good, you can take it." Venerable White threw the small defensive amulet toward Thrice Reckless.

Afterward, Venerable White kept pulling out treasures one after another.

Medicinal materials, magical treasures, weapons, there were all sorts of items.

Very soon, all the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group on the scene obtained a treasure. Even True Monarch White Crane, who did nothing the whole time, obtained two strange pieces of metal that could be used to forge weapons as a consolation prize.

Doudou and Yu Jiaojiao also received two small treasures. Yu Jiaojiao received a pearl that increased the strength of water-type techniques, while Doudou received a black collar of unknown use. It just happened to be similar to the dog collar he was tricked into putting on before.

"Now then, I don't think cosmic demons are supposed to drop so many high-level items..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain held his chin. In normal circumstance, one would be lucky if they could find three, four magical treasures and some spirit stones on the body of a cosmic demon after killing it.

Finding six, seven magical treasures was already a huge stroke of luck.

In the last several hundred years, True Monarch Yellow Mountain didn't remember of any cosmic demon that had dropped ten or more treasures.

But right now Venerable White had already found a great number of them more than fifty!

Although it was a special variety of cosmic demon, the blood demon, and its strength was comparable to the Sixth Stage, it was still exaggerated that more than fifty treasures dropped from its body!

"Senior Yellow Mountain is also surprised?" True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said. "When Senior White took out the sixteenth treasure, I was already speechless. But then I thought to myself that it was about Venerable White, so no matter how many treasures he pulled out, it was completely reasonable and not in the least strange."

"Is it possible that Senior White is secretly taking out treasures from his spatial equipment and giving them to everyone? No matter how I look at it, fifty treasures are just too much. Where did this blood demon hide all those items?!"'When the bright moon appears' also known as Scholar Drunken XXX said.

"Is it possible that this cosmic demon was previously a 'merchant' or something similar to have so many treasures with it?"

"Fellow Daoists, you're overthinking."

At last, Venerable White pulled out a huge pile of spirit stones with all different sizes and types. "Oh, it seems there are no more treasures. Only spirit stones are left. Such being the case, I'll keep the spirit stones! Right, there is still Shuhang. Shuhang, come here. Take some spirit stones as a consolation prize."

After saying this much, Venerable White casually threw three spirit stones toward Song Shuhang.

Although Song Shuhang hadn't participated in the battle and only acted as a spectator, there were cases where the onlookers received a share as well. It was something to rejoice about.

"Thank you, Senior White." Song Shuhang took the three spirit stones with a smile. So, these were spirit stones? They felt soft to the touch when he squeezed them between his fingers.

After looking at the spirit stones, Song Shuhang immediately recalled the poisonous urchin warrior Sui Qianjun. Aside from the Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual, Song Shuhang found two grotesque small stones on his body. They looked very similar to these spirit stones, albeit much smaller.

Were they also spirit stones?

"I'll keep these blood pearls as well. I want to study them and see if they can be of any use." Venerable White waved his hand, making all the blood pearls and spirit stones on the ground disappear. It seemed he stored them away in his spatial equipment.

After the pile of blood pearls disappeared, Venerable White discovered that there was another small thing on the ground.

It was a bone-shaped object, its color deep-red.

"Eh? There is also this thing?" Venerable White picked the bone and looked at it for a while, not understanding what it was. "What is this thing? I feel ripples of soul energy come from it."

The people on the scene shook their heads. Strange items would often drop from the bodies of cosmic demons. A lot of cultivators had rare items in their hands but didn't know their use and could only store them away. Perhaps this thing was also a treasure?

Venerable White swung the red bone and turned his head toward Cave Lord Snow Wolf. "Snow Wolf, it's a bone. Do you want it?"

"..." Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

He quickly shook his head he was a snow wolf, not a snow dog!

"Oh, I asked the wrong person. I should have asked Doudou." Venerable White had a sudden realization and turned toward Doudou, saying, "Doudou, this blood-red bone seems very good to chew, do you want it?"

"Woof woof woof woof!"

'No, I would prefer some pork-flavored dog food!' was what Doudou wanted to say, but what came out was a series of weak barks. He was still muted by True Monarch Yellow Mountain and had yet to recover his voice.

Thereupon, Doudou bared his teeth with a depressed look on his face and shook his head.

"Wahahaha! Doudou is very cute when he can't speak. Doudou, if you were not to speak for the rest of your life, your cuteness would increase by at least 100 points!" The nearby Thrice Reckless laughed loudly.

"Woof woof woof~" Doudou jumped and turned into a three meters long beast. Soon after, it dashed toward the baboon version Thrice Reckless and used his sharp teeth to bite on his head with lightning speed.

But when Doudou put strength into his bite, he was unable to damage Thrice Reckless' head...

"Ahahaha! Naive! Did you think I didn't prepare? No move can work on Thrice Reckless Mad Saber twice! I put up a very good defense around my head, it's too tough for you to break! Wahahaha!" Thrice Reckless laughed out loud once more.

But halfway through his laughter, Doudou's saliva started to flow down, and since he was biting Thrice Reckless' head, it flowed directly on his face...

"..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

Thrice Reckless quietly shot a glance at the defensive amulet hanging around his neck Wasn't this gadget supposed to increase his luck? Or perhaps his luck had already a value of -1000 and this small amulet only added 1 point, hence having no effect?

Venerable White asked around, but none of the fellow daoists seemed interested in this red bone

Actually, many of them were interested in the bone, but they were too embarrassed to ask for it. After pulling out so many treasures, Venerable White only kept a bunch of spirit stones for himself. None of them had the courage to ask for the bone.