Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Song Of The Stupid Yellow Mountain
Chapter 409: Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain

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"Such being the case, Shuhang can take the blood bone. Don't look down on it. Since it's something dropped by a cosmic demon, it's surely a high-level item. Since the fellow daoists of the group don't want it, I might as well give it to you." Venerable White threw the blood-red bone toward Song Shuhang. "It's very hard. If you decide to raise a puppy, you can give it to the puppy so that it can chew on it."

Venerable White wasn't too interested in this strange object. Moreover, Senior White's treasure house was so full that he himself couldn't remember how many treasures he had, either. Even the treasure-houses of some large sects couldn't be compared to that of Senior White's.

Song Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he received the red-colored bone. It was a treasure dropped by a cosmic demon, how could he give it to a puppy to chew on it!

After the death of the blood demon, all the treasures were divided.

The members of the group gathered together once more and started to discuss what they had learned from the battle earlier only a certain big white and a certain reckless guy were left out.

The big white crane didn't seem to care. After all, it only cared about Venerable White.

But Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was a very talkative person! Hence, he felt uneasy when he was left out.

Just as they were chatting, True Monarch Yellow Mountain received a call.

Soon after, he said to his fellow daoists, "I just received news that the medicinal pills are ready. Additionally, 400 hand-guided tractors will be soon delivered here. Do you guys need something else too? If you need something, say it now so that I can deliver everything in one go."

He prepared so many hand-guided tractors so that the fellow daoists of the group could carry out the modifications and enhancements more conveniently.

After all, it was sure that there would be some failures during the modification process. Hence, True Monarch Yellow Mountain prepared several vehicles for each fellow daoist, allowing them to fully display their creativity. Moreover, the tractors weren't that expensive. When he bought 350 of them, they gave him another 50 as a gift.

"Senior Yellow Mountain, prepare a few tools to carry out the modifications as well," some of the members of the group said.

"Can you get some writing brushes to engrave fine formations? Senior White's proposal was too sudden, and I couldn't prepare properly!"

"I need a set of refining tools!"

The members of the group put forward their requests one after another.

"I understand. I'll tell the staff to prepare enough tools and send them here together with the tractors." True Monarch Yellow Mountain wrote down the requests.

Aside from when he appeared in the group to coldly 'hehe' at his fellow daoists and use the great muting technique, True Monarch Yellow Mountain was an exemplary group founder.

When the hand-guided tractor competition was mentioned, Venerable White's mood became excellent.

"Such being the case, I'll prepare the place where the competition will be held. Shuhang, come with me. On the way, we'll take a look at the Illusory Sword School too." Venerable White waved his hand at Song Shuhang.

Since the sea urchin warriors wanted to destroy the Illusory Sword School, it was better to take a look at the situation.

"Sure," Song Shuhang replied. Then, he suddenly thought of another matter and said, "Senior White, don't forget about Chu Chu and the others!"

"Right. Doudou, create an ordinary clone with your dog fur." Venerable White waved his hand at Doudou. "Then, after the technique affecting them is untied, use your dog fur clone to escort them back to the Chu Family."

Doudou replied, "Woof woof woof woof~"

"Speak properly," Venerable White said.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain snapped his fingers, and the technique muting Doudou temporarily disappeared.

Doudou opened his mouth and started to sing. "The fragrance of blooming flower baskets~ Hear this song of mine~ Come to the great Yellow Mountain~ It's a beautiful place with beautiful sceneries~ There are crops everywhere~ with a stupid Yellow Mountain all over the place~"

"..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Yellow Mountain stretched out his hand, getting ready to mute Doudou again.

Doudou quickly shut his mouth and said in all seriousness, "Senior White, an ordinary dog fur clone doesn't have too much combat strength. How about using a special one?"

"There is no need. An ordinary one is more than enough," Venerable White said with a faint smile.

What if the dog fur clone was too strong and managed to put on the run the guys trying to steal the sword technique?

After saying this much, Venerable White told Song Shuhang to place the scroll of the 'sword technique' on Chu Chu's body.

When Chu Chu and the others woke up, they had confused expressions on their faces. How did they exactly fall asleep?

It would be fine if only one or two fell asleep, but all of them? Was this the doing of these seniors?

They didn't know if it was a misconception or not, but they felt their bodies full of energy when they woke up. They felt as though their bodies were purified and thus much stronger. Some of the disciples of the First Stage felt that their apertures had loosened up a bit, becoming easier to open.

Although they were sleeping while the seniors were discussing, the condensed spiritual energy of the world and the strange phenomena helped them quite a bit.

In ancient times, when sages were explaining the way of heaven and earth, the listening disciples would obtain many benefits, and their cultivation realm would increase. It was what happened this time as well.

Venerable White said to Chu Chu, "Little friend Chu Chu, that scroll contains part of your family's sword technique. You can bring it back to your family first. In the meantime, the others and I will stay here after you're done dealing with what happened within your family, we'll come to your place as guests."

"Senior, I understand." Chu Chu quickly took the scroll of the 'sword technique'.

At the same time, Doudou's clone came over and put the severely injured Chu Chu on his back.

Before leaving, Chu Chunying said sincerely, "If any of you Seniors need help from us disciples of the Chu Family, you just have to ask."

If so many seniors were gathered, it meant they were planning to do something.

Therefore, if the disciples of the Chu Family could help them and form a good relationship with them, it was not impossible that they could obtain great success if one of the seniors took a liking to them.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain shot a glance at Chu Chunying and smiled as he said, "At the time, we might need the help of the disciples of the Chu Family. We'll compensate you with either spirit stones or other things."

Afterward, Doudou's clone carried Chu Chu and headed toward the Chu Family with the remaining disciples.

Soon after, True Monarch Yellow Mountain activated a small palace-shaped magical treasure to provide lodgings for his fellow daoists.

At the same time, Venerable White carried Song Shuhang and headed toward the place where he decided to hold the hand-guided tractor competition in order to prepare the terrain.

After all, an ordinary race track couldn't satisfy the need of cultivators.

Venerable White had a lot of ideas in regards to the track where the tractors would race. He was planning to place traps, labyrinth-like sections, and other dangerous things on the track to make the race more exciting for cultivators.

For example, explosions, explosions, and explosions!

Or flying up, flying up, and flying up!

In short, all sorts of stimulating attractions.

On their way, they would conveniently glance at the situation of the Illusory Sword School and see what had happened between them and the sea urchin warriors.

Right at this time, the cultivators that wanted to spectate the battle with the blood demon, as well that mister's servant, arrived around the area where the Grievance Settling Platform was held.

"Eh? Where is the blood demon?"

"Was it killed already? Wasn't that blood demon a monster with the strength of the Sixth Stage? Even if the opponent was a powerful Sixth Stage True Monarch, they would take a long time to kill it, right?"

"If the blood demon was killed there must be something left behind, right? How come I can't see anything?"

"Was it disintegrated directly?"

The group of cultivators looked from a certain distance toward the place where the Grievance Settling Platform was held and that palace-shaped magical treasure on a side, not daring to approach.

Just as they were discussing amongst themselves, the door of the palace opened.

True Monarch White Crane stepped out, its face pure and holy.

"Eh? It seems a lot of people came here!" True Monarch White Crane heartily laughed.

"It's Senior White Crane!" Some of the cultivators recognized True Monarch White Crane.

Aside from its cute look, True Monarch White Crane was also helping the with development in the West. Therefore, it had a certain popularity in the world of cultivators.

Male cultivators liked True Monarch White Crane because it would turn into a pretty woman if it were to fall in love with a male.

Female cultivators liked True Monarch White Crane because it would turn into a handsome man if it were to fall in love with a female.

Hence, there were a lot of its fans amongst the cultivators that had come here to spectate the battle.

"Ahahaha. Ladies and gentlemen, you arrived late. The blood demon was already killed. But since you came here from far away and endured many hardships, Senior White prepared a small gift for you all." True Monarch White Crane smiled and waved its hand.

Immediately after, a large number of blood pearls fell from the sky, and each cultivator received two of them.

Venerable White left these blood pearls to True Monarch White Crane before leaving in the past, whenever a cosmic demon was killed, the winner would leave behind the body of the blood demon so that low-level loose cultivators could benefit from it.

But this time, the body of the blood demon was completely transformed into blood pearls. Hence, Venerable White prepared some blood pearls for these cultivators.

After all, he had a lot of them.

Although they didn't know how to use these blood pearls, the cultivators could feel the pure spiritual energy within. This spiritual energy wasn't inferior to that of spirit stones. If they could extract it, these pearls would act as two high-level spirit stones.

Thereupon, each cultivator expressed their gratitude to True Monarch White Crane and left.

The puppets of that mister were also hidden inside the group.

He likewise received a pair of blood pearls. When he got them, he felt the aura of the blood demon come from them.

F*ck it was really killed.

The mister felt that he was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. Just how much time had passed before the blood demon was killed?

Such being the case, his plan also failed.

Without the blood demon causing trouble in the Chu Family, how was he supposed to get the scroll from Chu Chu's hands?

The mister rubbed his temples.

But just as he was in deep thoughts, he saw a very interesting picture through another puppet.

It was a picture from the puppet lying in ambush on the road linking the Chu Family and the Grievance Settling Platform.

From the eyes of the puppet, he saw that Chu Chu, several other disciples of the Chu Family, and a huge monster pekingese were heading toward the territory of the Chu Family.

At this time, Chu Chu was holding the last scroll of the 'sword technique' in her hands.