Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Foundation Building Techniques
Chapter 41: Foundation building techniques

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Medicine Master: @Roaming Cloud Monk Tong Xuan, Great Master Tong Xuan, fourteen years ago cave exploration, Vajra Foundation Fist Technique,True Self Meditation Scripture, lend it to me once. Price, discuss next time.

Song Shuhang stood beside Medicine Master and watched him enter this string of words, and felt anxious for him. Even if punctuations were included it was close to fifty words, and Medicine Master spent five minutes repeatedly writing and deleting, he even wrote to the point where his forehead was covered with sweat.

At this moment, Shuhang finally understood why Medicine Master shortened his messages in the chat group. But if writing was so tiring, why didnt he just use voice?

As soon as Medicine Master sent this message, Nine Provinces (1) Group quickly became lively.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner joked, Huh? Brother Medicine Master requested the use of two foundation techniques, could it be that you want it for little friend Shuhangs hundred days of foundation building? These two techniques are really decent. Could it be that Brother Medicine Master has been fed the soup of bewitchment by little friend Shuhang like Soft Feather had been?

Spiritual Butterfly Islands Soft Feather speedily sent a pouting emoticon, Senior North River, I definitely wasnt fed soup(guan tang)!

Enema(guan chang)? Mad Saber Three Waves was very excited, because Soft Feathers father finally stopped tormenting him, and left for Spiritual Butterfly Island yesterday! He had been stifled for so many days, the moment he saw the words fed soup, his brain immediately had many crude jokes bubble up. How fantastic! He immediately prepared to shoot a few into the chat group.

Dont invite death, Brother Three Waves. North Rivers Loose Practitioner once again reminded, Right now you can log into a chat account simultaneously using a cell phone and a computer.

What if Soft Feathers father was logged into her account right now via his phone?

Mad Sabers Three Waves expression immediately changed, and he quickly returned to lurking. Oh my god, I actually forgot about this! With Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sages abilities, if he finds out that Three Waves dared to make a crude joke like enema(guan chang) to his daughter, he would definitely jump off the plane and return to torment him.

Medicine Master laughed out loud, and his fingers swiped on the phones screen at lightning speeds. However, only after a long while did he manage to post these words, High grade mutated Poison Dragon Grass, worth it!

Roaming Cloud Monk Tong Xuan got online, and first sent a smiley. Soon after, he sent an image of a small sword.

Alright! Medicine Master replied.

The exchange between these two was simply baffling.

Spiritual Butterfly Islands Soft Feather: Dear Seniors, are Vajra Foundation Fist Technique and True Self Meditation Scripture very good?

This is a technique from Vajra Temple from eight hundred years ago. Although it was for their disciples to build their foundation, the Vajra Foundation Fist Technique has a might that rivals a 1st Stage martial technique. Amongst foundation building techniques, it can be considered to be quite good. North Rivers Loose Practitioner explained, Its a pity that the Vajra Temple had already lost all inheritors, and faded away into the rivers of history. Many profound techniques were lost.

Medicine Master nodded in a satisfied manner, then went offline, and turned off the phones display.

Next, he walked to the dormitorys balcony, lifted his hand and pointed a finger towards the sky.

Song Shuhang curiously watched his actions, without any idea of what he was about to do.

Very quickly, ten minutes passed

Medicine Master maintained that pose motionlessly, as if he was a sculpture.

Song Shuhang was thinking of walking up to ask him what was going on.

At this time, Medicine Masters eyes shone, he released a light groan from his mouth, and a scarlet light began to emit from the finger he pointed towards the sky with.

To be honest, that posture looked cool.

But in Song Shuhangs eyes, Medicine Masters finger was like a piece of heated iron, like a movie character that accidentally smashed his finger with a hammer, and had his finger turned big and red from special effects.

Alright, its settled! Medicine Master proudly smiled.

? Song Shuhang expressed bewilderment.

Medicine Master saw the look of bewilderment on Shuhangs face, and explained, I just set coordinates with Great Master Tong Xuan, in four to five hours, Great Master Tong Xuan would be able to have the Vajra Foundation Fist Technique and True Self Meditation Scripture sent over.

Great Master Tong Xuan is also coming over?Song Shuhang asked.

Nope, what would he come here for? Ive already set coordinates with him, so he can just use a flying sword to send the books. Medicine Master proudly said.

Oh. Song Shuhang nodded. A scene appeared in his mind: In the deep old forest, a senior monk who had achieved the dao, silently smiled, drew out a short sword from his monks robe, then tied a bundle onto the short sword, several secret martial arts manuals were contained inside.

Some kind of secret martial arts manual, it should be of the thread bounded type, or even the more ancient kind of animal skin scroll would be acceptable.

Then, the senior monk aimed his finger at the sky, and linked coordinates with a far away old friend.

After that, the senior monk slapped the short sword, and with a *whoosh*, the short sword charged towards the sky with the bundle, looking dashing and unrestrained.

So awesome, flying sword book transfer. What stage of strength do I need to be able use a sword to fly? Song Shuhang secretly envied in his heart.

Flying using a sword, compared to this, sitting on a plane is nothing.

The skies are forever a mans romance!

Lets go, well first find a place to stay off campus, then refine a batch of Body Tempering Liquid! Do you want to bring your induction cooker and hot pot with you? Medicine Master inquired.

Song Shuhang was conflicted for a long time, but in the end he still dragged out his black suitcase, and placed the two items inside. After all, he was adept at using this induction cooker and hot pot. Furthermore, if the place they find doesnt have a stove or a hot pot, or if the stove and hot pot were of a different brand, it might very well cause his refinement of the Body Tempering Liquid to fail.

Next, he opened up his storage cabinet, intending to take out a set of Body Tempering Liquids medicinal ingredients.

Little friend Shuhang, you need not bring medicinal ingredients. Since it was I who called you for help, the medicinal ingredients required for this will naturally be covered by me. Medicine Master quickly stopped Shuhang; what a joke, no matter how you put it he was still a pill master with some reputation. After inviting someone to help test a pill recipe, if he still needs that someone to bring out his own medicinal ingredients, wouldnt others laugh their heads off?

Song Shuhang silently nodded, and locked the cabinet back up. This wasnt the time for him to show off, as he only had thirty-two sets of medicinal ingredients. According to Senior North River, these thirty-two sets of medicinal ingredients could very possibly be insufficient to meet the requirements for his hundred days of foundation building. Therefore, he should save when he could.

He pulled his little suitcase, and asked while walking, Lets go, when it comes to renting an apartment, do you have any demands?

Medicine Master replied, A quiet place, with good sound proofing. Otherwise it would require a sound barrier array, which is more troublesome.

Song Shuhang looked at his own wallet, and calculated his living expenses. Mommy Song sent him three thousand RMB every month for expenses. After all, life wasnt like how it was two decades ago. In the past, college students only needed a thousand RMB to live lavishly.

In this situation where I dont have a part-time job, Ill just rent an apartment for the short period of a month.

For around five hundred to six hundred, I should be able to rent a small apartment. Song Shuhang mumbled.

Medicine Master was immediately against this suggestion, Wouldnt a five hundred a month apartment be too small? At the very least, it must be a standalone, large apartment building. Otherwise I wouldnt even be able to put down my pill furnace.

Standalone? It also needs to be humongous. Senior youre referring not to a flat, but a whole apartment building?

Song Shuhang forced a smile and answered, Renting an apartment building could be over ten thousand a month, I dont have that kind of money.

I would naturally be paying, theres no such thing as having you pay when Im asking for your help! Medicine Master quickly stopped him, as a senior, how could he let a junior spend so much money for him?

Alright then, lets properly go find one. This close to the school, there really arent many large standalone apartment buildings. Once Song Shuhang thought about renting a huge standalone apartment building, the type that costs tens of thousands a month, his heart began to ache. But at the same time, there was something he was puzzled by.

By the way, Senior, do you guys have a job like ordinary people for financial resources? Song Shuhang had been thinking for the past few days that since the people in the group didnt cut themselves off from the rest of the world, used things like cellphones, computers, the internet, and modern goods. They wouldnt use something like gold bars to pay, right?

Of course we have our own sources of finance, we arent cut off from the world after all. Im not very clear as to the others sources of financing, but my profession of being a pill master itself satisfies my day to day needs of money. Medicine Master nodded as he answered.

When he spoke to here, he looked at Song Shuhang, then asked with a smile, Whats up? From your tone, you seem to be distressed over money in the mortal world?

Song Shuhang nodded honestly, After coming into contact with cultivation, I realize that I may need a lot of money. At the very least, I had been considering since yesterday whether or not I should rent a room outside of the school to protect the secret of being a cultivator and for the convenience of refining pills. But, in order to rent a house, I have to consider how to obtain the money required.

He shamefully talked about his thoughts of taking up a part-time job.